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Jumpstyle Megamix 2013

Jumpstyle. Who still listens to that? I don't know if there are still a few fans out there, but for those who still like the oldskool Jump sound from the early years, I found a nice mix for you all to listen to. With a fucking creepy picture. I do not understand the link between this creature and Jumpstyle, besides the 'tats'. But anyway, the music!

The mix I'm about to talk about, was made 5 years ago. By someone called Kain Morter a.k.a. DJ P.W.B. Never heard of the DJ before, or don't know what he does. But I came across his mix on Soundcloud by accident. I was looking for a Jumpstyle mix with a tracklist, and I think his came on top. But what kind of Jumpstyle was I looking for? Well, as the kids call it, I was looking for Retro Jumpstyle.

Now you might think that I lost the plot, but I haven't. I had this craving for the early Jumpstyle stuff. And DJ P.W.B.'s mix contains a few classics, and also a lot of unknown records to me.

Let's dive straight into the tracklist. I think that's the easiest way forward, eh?

01. Seb B - Out Going

02. DJ Groove - Come Back (DJ Groove TAG Mix)

03. Attractive - Attraction

04. Samuel Sanders - Temptation

05. Relic - The Hard Dancer

06. DJ LB - Cross Over (Original Mix)

07. DJ Frank - Story (Jump Mix)

08. The Bang Stylerz - This Is House Music

09. Wordenz - Game Star

10. Fly - Indian Feelings (Original Mix)

11. Freyo - High Density

12. Berliner Old Skool Posse - Dominator

13. Club St. D. - Dopamina (Jump Remix)

14. Deep Sounds - Chaos Theory

15. Oxley - A-One

16. DJ Sneak - Fear The World

17. Dirty Jack - Wake Up

18. The Retro Project - Das Boot (DJ Pat B Remix)

19. Polycarpus - The Organ Plaza

20. DJ Greg C - 10-Torsion (Original Mix)

21. Bad Boyz - Jump Up!

22. Furious Trax - Orbite

23. Jacky Core - La La Love

24. DJ Furax - Knobbers (Club Mix)

25. Dr Rude - Jump The Fuck Up

26. Da Boy Tommy - Kol Nedra 2005 (Da Hard Vocal Mix)

27. DJ Massiv vs The Rebel - 7 Ways To Blow The Box (DJ Greg C Remix)

28. DJ Danny - Rook 'N' Roll (Original Mix)

29. D-Trax - ILL (Straight Mix)

30. DJ Furax - In Concert (Jump Mix)

I have to say that I've got to give DJ P.W.B. credit for making this a really diverse tracklist. Don't know where he magically got these underground classics from, but they made my day. Especially those so dark and edgy. They are the classics I needed to hear.

The mix itself does contain some good moments, but also some bad moments. I do not have a clue what happened during 'Knobbers', but the sound got extremely distorted! Probably the levels too high. Never go red. Always remain in green, eh? And also some cross fading sections weren't on spot. But as P.W.B. said, it's a home mix. So I reckon it's made with a smile on his face, and he wasn't bothered about the sound quality.

Well, after judging the mix again, the amount of mistakes are sadly too high. The sound levels are throughout the mix extremely fucked up. That's sad, I would have given this mix higher. But the sound man, that's one thing you should look at.

Best record would have been 'Knobbers', if the sound quality was good. But instead I choose 'Game Star', panned on Youtube as a 'shite' record. But I like it.

This could have been a really wicked mix, but so many things are against it. I'm sorry. But this is a no-go for me.

DJ: P.W.B.

Genre/Style: Jumpstyle

Mix Info: Jumpstyle Megamix 2013

Length Mix: 01:19:51

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: DJ P.W.B. - Soundcloud Page

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