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Lockdown Mix - Old School Bassline (2021)

Time for wobbling tunes! Are you ready for some 4x4/Bassline anthems? Just a quick 30 minute mix by Vamos. A regular contributor to this page, without him even knowing it lol. I know that one of his mixes was already reviewed a few days ago, but I had to review another mix I only found the other day, which had a tracklist, and it had already received raving reviews. 15.4k+ plays so far, and a lot of love for this mix. But the reason why people love it is obvious. Who doesn't love oldschool Bassline, 4x4 music? If you don't, why the freaking hell are you reading this review?

I am a Bassline fan. You know it, and I know it. And I do miss the sound from around 2010. It was so damn good, so wobbly. And it demolished a few of my car speakers though, but it was oh so worth it. And even in 2023 I do appreciate the Bassline/4x4 sound. And leave it to Vamos to create a mix that contains the classics. Only a handful of records were selected, and the mix is only 30 minutes long, so if you are looking for something longer, go and look for yourself on Vamos' Soundcloud channel. There's more for you all to appreciate.

As much as I love Bassline music, I am the whitest person on God's given Earth. I am one of those people who love the music, but don't understand what certain words mean. And most words anyway, I mumble, because I don't really grasps what the words mean. What's a 'bum brownin'? 'Mussy mad'? Why is he mad? Why is the brand G-Star so important? £17.50, what's so important about that? Yeah, I'm truly white. Let me just enjoy it, sitting in the corner. I'm not going to skank on the dancefloor (have I used the word 'skank' correctly?)

You now want to know which tunes are in this mix?

  1. TS7 feat Trilla - Goin' In (Vamos Dub)

  2. Freddo - Memories

  3. TS7 - Flip Flop VIP

  4. Nastee Boi - Mussy Mad 09

  5. Subzero - Be With Me

  6. DJ Pantha vs Lil Silva - Lick Doon Seasons

  7. TRC feat Trilla & Asher - Wobbler Part 3

  8. 1st Born feat Slick Don - Bum Brownin

  9. Subzero - Sho Sho Dub

  10. Vamos - Trilla Dub Mashup

  11. Ussy - Next Hype

  12. TS7 - Smile

  13. Burgaboy - Dutty Wine

  14. JTJ - It's You

  15. Dyno feat Slick Don - Skank Skank

  16. Bassboy - Hmm Yess

  17. 1st Born feat Sleeka - Shake To Da Left

When I pressed play and heard the first few tunes, I was immediately transported back in time. This mix has been a trip back in time, like a teleporter. I feel like Back To The Future. It's been a pleasant journey back to the glorious years!

Vamos' set was recorded during lockdown. Do we remember what we did during lockdown? It feels like an eternity ago, in my honest opinion. But yeah, not only did he provide us with a mix, but also a nice message :'wash your hands!'. Still applies in 2023, keep washing those hands. And then skank.

Did I use it correctly? Or am I not worth using those terms?

All jokes aside, this is yet another wicked mix by Vamos. I really appreciate his enthusiasm for Bassline/4x4 music, and the mix is really tight. Some tiny mixing errors, but nothing to worry about.

I also love the 'Trilla Dub Mashup'. That's one bad ass tune. Trilla's voice was so unique, and you could recognise his voice out of a thousand others. But you could do the same with Slick Don's voice. Well, my point isn't really clear, is it? Fuck it. I did like Trilla's voice. There, I've said it.

Download this absolute monster of a mix, and appreciate the glory days! Take a trip down memory lane!

DJ: Vamos

Genre/Style: Bassline, 4x4, UKG

Mix Info: Lockdown Mix - Old School Bassline

Length Mix: 00:30:28

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 615 MB

File Type: .wav

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 2822kbps

Release Year: 2021

More Information: Vamos - Soundcloud Channel

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