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M-Project - HDM Mixtape 2019

I have not heard a mix by M-Project in a long while. Maybe the algorithm on Soundcloud has changed, and does not show me anything M-Project related, which is a pity: still follow this legendary producer. Mainly know as a J-Core and Powerstomp producer/DJ, but he has slowly changed his direction, his musical preference, and he's literally making everything now. Didn't he have a big release on a big label a couple of months ago? Rave Muzik? M-Project is big, and I'm not talking about his size. More like his posture, and his musical reach.

In his latest mix you do hear a bit of Powerstomp influence, but this HDM mix also shows what he's capable of. Not bound to just one style or genre, M-Project can do it all. And he's making EDM more interesting, turning it into HDM. Now, I've got to say that I'm not a fan of EDM in general, and those records selected by M-Project would normally be avoided by myself, but something deep down inside of me is asking if I can give this a go. Listen to M-Project's flipped records (well, the majority are).

Let me show you the tracklist and you will know immediately what I'm on about.

01. Vau Boy & M-Project - Pretend

02. Salvatore Ganacci - Horse (M-Project Flip)

03. KO3 & DJ DiA - Rainbow (M-Project Flip)

04. Joyryde - The Box (M-Project Flip)

05. Pegboard Nerds - Gunslinga (M-Project Flip)

06. RIOT - Jungle Fury (M-Project Flip)

07. M-Project & Signal - Cyber Bass Rave

08. RIOT - Overkill (M-Project Flip)

09. Metal One - Melodies Of Passion II (M-Project HDM Remix)

10. MOB - Midnight Daydream (M-Project Flip)

11. Pegboard Nerds & LugOOber - Bring Me Joy (M-Project Flip)

12. YUC'e - Future Candy (M-Project Remix)

13. Porter Robinson - Language (M-Project Flip)

I'm guessing that M-Project loves to make omelettes, seeing as he's the flipping master. Flippin' heck, the amount of 'flips' in this mix is astonishing. I think 85% of the records used are flipped. Flipped by the mighty M-Project.

Anyway, can I ask, before we talk about the music, what happened between 'Cyber Bass Rave'? Is it just me, or has the bass completely gone? Or is it a joke? Because I tried to reset the speaker and the prior and post record to this one both have clear bass. Can anyone advice me on this, what have I done? Are my speakers knackered? Time to upgrade? It's my birthday soon, so hurry up, I might be able to get this on my girlfriend 'to get' list.

Back to the music. There are a few absolute beasts in here. Also a few absolute kak records, but due to his flipping skills made slightly better, like 'Horse' by Salvatore Ganacci. I have actually thrown up when I saw his performances at Tomorrowland. The world's biggest joke, right? And he gets paid to be a clown? Should be in the circus, not at events where people pay good money to go ape themselves.

Ah well. I mentioned before that M-Project had a few records in here, which are beasts. There are three I really like: 'Melodies Of Passion II', 'Language', but the credit, all the credit, goes to 'Midnight Daydream'. Loving the flip, love the original, love the vocals. Love everything about this record.

Another wicked mix by Japanese's finest producer. A few extremely cool records, a lot of flips, and in general happy vibes. What more could you ask for? Download this right now!

DJ: M-Project

Genre/Style: HDM

Mix Info: M-Project - HDM Mixtape 2019

Length Mix: 00:35:17

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: 80.7 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

More Information: M-Project - Soundcloud Page

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