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Makina 2 (2022)

A few months ago, DJ Skyline uploaded a nice mix, all focussed on the 200th release on Scarred Digital. And now he's back with yet another mix. Yes, he did another UK Hardcore mix (the third instalment), but I'm more interested in this Makina mix. As I'm not 100% familiar with the music, I had to do some research. I came across this short video from the BBC, where they were talking about how popular it is up North. But that still didn't answer my question. So I had to Google it a bit more, and it was interesting to find the roots of it all... Spain...

It started back in the late 80s in Spain, and obviously grew over the years. As it's known for being a sub genre of Hardcore, and it being similar to UK Hardcore, it might be something you are into? DJ Skyline's mix does contain records so similar to UK Hardcore, it's difficult to distinguish them from each style, as they could work in both styles. It does sound a tad different, but only in the slightest.

I'm not familiar, but will happily listen to it. And Skyline's mix contains so many unknown records (and artists) to me, I am jumping in this mix completely blind. But the main question is, is it worth it?

If you like UK Hardcore and a bit of cheese, this mix might be perfect for you. Or if you are from up t'North (is that the way to spell it?), you already know the style and love it. I'm just going to give you the tracklist now, and it might persuade you?

  1. Deivid Sound - Reborn

  2. xavi BCN vs Kroma - Up Da Beat

  3. deneb - Oriental Fantasy II

  4. Elmo - Age Of Wonder

  5. M+ - 2k16 Rework

  6. yoldi psicotic - Memories

  7. Irish Kappa - The Wheel Of Time

  8. fires - 680 Ohm Base

  9. Rodger Hard - Makina Propeller

  10. Alex Slim - Knights And Pirates

  11. MasonicAMV - Gucci

  12. MasonicAMV - Circus

  13. Rodger Hard - Poison Synth

Wow. A tracklist with artists I've never heard of before. I've never looked at a tracklist and it not doing a single thing to me, it doesn't make me happy or sad. It's just like a blank piece of paper. The names don't ring any bells, so I can't judge them at all. What I can judge, is the music.

The music is good! Really cheerful, happy, and uplifting. Yes, it does sound a lot like UK Hardcore, but it's doesn't fully copy UK Hardcore. It does sound slightly different. Bit more bouncier, bit more happier. And it's been an hour of happiness, that's for sure.

Skyline's mix is interesting, and certainly had the bounciness I needed this morning. It's happy, chirpy, and extremely bouncy. It's given me enough energy for the rest of the day.

I will certainly check out his first instalment, but for now I'm all over this mix, and I will go on a hunt on Soundcloud to find more of these. Really cool mixes. And the best song in this mix has to be 'Up Da Beat'.

DJ: Skyline

Genre/Style: Makina, UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Makina 2

Length Mix: 01:01:15

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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