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Mega Music Dance Experience - The Glamorous Edition - The 1995 Yearmix

The Dutch, aren't they a lovely bunch? In the wonderful world we call music we created a lot of amazing things. Gabber is one of those things (could be Germany, but it's always a debate between us and the Germans), raves were made humongous by us, etc. And seeing as I'm currently going through my whole collection, we made some memorable CDs too! One of them is called 'Mega Music Dance Experience - The Glamorous Edition - The 1995 Yearmix'. That's a mouthful, but the actual album is worth a mouthful.

Don't ask me the history of Mega Music Dance Experience. I'm not bloody Wikipedia. But I remember as a teenager listening to these albums throughout the 90s, and also visiting one of their events with a good friend of mine, Tom. We already felt so much older compared to all the kids there, but we saw a few live acts. I think it was in Utrecht, I am not sure. It wasn't great, to be fair, but we went. For me the legacy of MMDE are the albums. In my possession there are a few of those. Don't know why they stopped doing them: they could have become a global phenomena.

This 1995 yearmix was exactly what I needed to hear this week. It contains the finest records from that year, including a bonus record by the mighty 2Unlimited. It was the year of extremely cheesy music, yes. But also memorable and timeless dancefloor smashers. This mix has also got those records so underrated, it's sad to NOT hear them on the radio anymore. Let me show you the tracklist: you'll be amazed of the records.

Again, if you are Dutch, you might know this, Mega Music Dance Experience. It's definitely a 90s thing. And seeing as this is the month of reminiscence, why not got back in time, eh?

CD 1:

01. D.W.P. - Veronica Introduces The 95 Experience 1

02. The Nightcrawlers - Surrender Your Love

03. Morel's Groove - Officer, Where's Your Brother

04. Dominica - Gotta Let Go (D.W. Remix)

05. MC Sar & The Real McCoy - Another Night (US Top 40)

06. The Bucketheads - The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)

07. Livin' Joy - Dreamer (luvdub Edit)

08. Faithless - Salva Mea (Save Me)

09. The Original - I Luv You Baby (D.W. Remix)

10. Sister Bliss - Oh! What A World

11. Alex Party - Don't Give Me Your Life

12. Mighty Dub Kats - Magic Carpet Ride

13. 740 Boys - Shimmy Shake

14. The O.T. Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down

15. Celvin Rotane - I Believe (New Radiomix)

16. Umboza - Cry India

17. The Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom

18. Sueno Latino feat Valera Vix - Vicoisa

19. Tom Wilson - Techno Cat (Perplexer Remix)

20. 2Unlimited - Kids Like You & Me

CD 2:

01. D.W.P. - Veronica Introduces The 95 Experience 2

02. La Bouche - Be My Lover

03. Lick feat Kentucky Martha - I'm The Girl of your Dreams

04. Me & My - Dub I Dub

05. Scatman John - I'm A Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Bop-Bop)

06. The Nightcrawlers - Don't Let The Feeling Go

07. DJ Bobo - Freedom

08. Double Vision - Knockin'

09. Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)

10. Haddaway - Fly Away

11. Cappella - Tell Me The Way (House Mix)

12. Scatman John - Scatman's World

13. Herbie - Right Type Of Mood

14. Snap feat Summer - The First, The Last, Eternity

15. Scooter - Move Your Ass!

16. Technohead - Head Sex

17. DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More

18. DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky

19. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - The Bird (Exclusive 95 Remix)

20. Technohead - I Wanna Be Hippy

You might dislike the tracklist, and you might think this old grandad music. If that's your perspective, you are too young. But for those born in the 70s/80s, this was the music that got us going. And made us happy. And made us dance in our bedrooms. And if I'm honest, I can sing out these anthems at a karaoke event. They just stick more in your mind: the present day top 40 records do not have the power. Nor are they good (Baby Shark anyone?).

I love albums with an intro, and they were good. Both CDs continue with the party vibe, and the cheese factor remains high. But it's our guilty pleasure. We've seen it lately, with Hardstyle remixes of Scatman John's records! Even though it's cheesy as hell, we still love it. This era was dominated by music in progress. We didn't know what was happening, but looking back at it, this music paved the way for future styles to emerge.

The second CD ends with a few Happy Hardcore records. This kind of build up reminds me of the House Party collection. They started doing that, and after a few albums they decided to give us a full on Hardcore album, which got me into Gabber/Hardcore.

This CD has a lot of memories. On disc one the best record has to be 'Surrender Your Love'. The Nightcrawlers, what happened to them? And on the second disc it has to be 'Tell Me The Way' by Cappella. Also: what happened to them?

A few shit records, like the exclusive 2Unlimited record, and DJ Bobo's record. But still a memorable album. One I will be playing over the years over and over again. Guilty pleasure, yes!

Ps, I found a video of the actual event. It's shocking. But you will find out why!

Artist: Various Artists:

Genre/Style: House, Euro House, Pop, Happy Hardcore

Album Info: Mega Music Dance Experience - The Glamorous Edition - The 1995 Yearmix

CDs: 2 (two)

Length Album: 72:06 + 71:35

Tracks: 40 (fourty)

Label: EVA

Product Number: 74321 327172

More Information: -----

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