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Mysteryland - Live Recorded - June 16th 2001 - Six Flags Holland

Back in 2001 I went to this rave, you might have heard of it. It's called 'Mysteryland'. This absolutely epic event took place at Six Flags Holland. And at the time it was so damn cool: I think when you purchased a ticket for the event, you also had access to the theme park. Can't tell how much the entry was, but yeah, you had a whale of a time. Who doesn't want to be on a buzz, and in a rollercoaster, all at the same time? It was so damn unique. I really loved it. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I don't know who I went with, but what I do know is that we went by car. And once we entered the place, we were in the best place the world had to offer that day. With a big ass field for us ravers to dance on, and multiple areas we could dance in, you couldn't imagine a world outside of Mysteryland. Again, this event took place 19 years ago, so I'm not really aware who played what, when, and where. I wish I had that little foldable map from Camel. Yes, Camel still had some influence in the raving community.

Most of the event is a big blur. I did remember falling out with a friend of mine, but that's a whole different story. I did remember the weather turning nasty at one stage, and on Partyflock it stated that during Marco V's set it all came crashing down. Well, whenever it happened, I did remember many people rushing towards a safe and dry place. But hey ho, it was all in good spirit. You could expect such a thing; it's still the Netherlands, and not some country on the equator.

What made this CD so special, was the added VHS tape, which I sadly lost. Also the t-shirt I had. God knows where it is. But the VHS contained video of the actual event. Thankfully you can find everything online nowadays, and Youtube is our friend. But we are more interested in the music, aren't we? The music was good. And live. You can hear the crowd screaming and shouting. And probably me somewhere among the thousands of ravers.

The tracklist, if you have never seen or heard this CD before.

  1. Mo'Hawk - Source Of Contention (Intro)

  2. Fatboy Slim - Star 69

  3. Scanty - Get Next To The Opposite Sex

  4. Trisco - Musak

  5. Rhythmkillaz - Wack Ass MF

  6. DJ Peter Peter - Muscle Mary

  7. Harry ''Choo Choo'' Romero - Beats Vol. 2

  8. Stylus Trouble - Sputnik One

  9. Joy Kittikonti - Joyenergizer

  10. Mo'Hawk - Source Of Contention

  11. Blank & Jones - DJ's, Fans & Freaks (Marco V Remix)

  12. DJ Tiesto - Flight 643

  13. Out Of Grace - Obscura

  14. Justin K & DJ K Mixx - Northern Lights

  15. DJ Scot Project - O

Will you look at this? What a disappointment album it was at the time. I did remember the die-hard Hardcore fanatics being upset for not having a CD focussed on the style that made Mysteryland big in the first place. It was also the last year that they had a Thunderdome area (it did come back, many years later). But in 2000 they also did a 'normal' CD, not focussed on Hardcore either. So it might have gotten some lack of attention from the raving community, but not from me.

I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, but this sounds like it's a Marco V set? It could have easily been, but if I'm incorrect, do let me know. Oh, and also let me know if you've got a Mysteryland 2001 t-shirt for sale, or even a 1998 t-shirt for sale. I would appreciate it.

The actual CD is quite good, and versatile. But the main focus is obviously Techno and Trance, and it's one album that will always travel with me, wherever I go. I was here, and I've got fond memories of the event. So it will always be a highly praised CD for me.

It does have one error, as most ID&T CDs had at the time. Isn't Joy Kittikonti's track the 14th, and not the 9th?

Anyway, the music on the actual CD. It's live recorded, and that makes everything 100 times better. The crowd, you always need to hear the crowd making noises. That's just the best part of being at a rave. And you can hear them loose themselves several times throughout this recording, especially during the best and most underrated Trance anthem of all time: 'Obscura' by Out Of Grace, my personal favourite.

I really love this CD. It's not the best of all the Mysterylands, but it's certainly not the worst (many would follow, years after this event the quality of the CDs would go down the drain), but on a personal level, it takes me back to Six Flags Holland. I was young, innocent, and having the time of my life.

I cannot find a version of this album anywhere, so enjoy the video of the actual event. Might give you an impression on how things were back then. It was actually what was on the VHS tape, so the quality is really bad lol. But you can at least enjoy a few acts, like Safri Duo, Marco V, Pavo, Dana, Cosmic Gate, and more.

Artists: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Trance, Techno, Electro

CD Info: Mysteryland 2001 - Recorded @ Six Flags Holland

Length CD: 01:13:39

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Label: ID&T Music

Product Number: 7004292

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