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Oki Doki @ Slipmatt 30 Years Of Rave Tour - 19th October 2019 - Perth

Uncle Slippers 30 years in the game, who would have thought that? Unbelievable! I remember meeting him for the first time a few years ago, and since that moment he's been a legend to me. And also when he started doing his Facebook mixes, those were legendary. Slipmatt is a legend, and is celebrated all over the world. Also in Australia, where only a month ago he celebrated his 30 years in the game with his own party!

The set I'm about to talk about is by someone who I've never heard of before. Oki Doki? That's my catchphrase for everything! Okey dokey. But it turns out I was bigging up this artist! Well, Oki Doki played alongside Fuxxy, Hutcho, Next Jen, Dair, and Diminish. And of course the grandad of the scene, the oldest person at any rave: Slipmatt. When I spotted this mix, I went straight onto it, with an open mind. Well, I have to, I'm a blogger. But the set really surprised me!

I was expecting oldschool stuff, but I was wrong. All pleasantly sounding UK Hardcore songs! It turns out that this lady is the Queen of UK Hardcore and J-Core on the West Coast of Australia! I've never been, so I can not compare this title, but what I do know that this set is all you need to hear today! Happiness throughout!

01. Vinylgroover & Urban Noise - 2 Hearts As 1 (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

02. Impact & Resist - Someday (Fallon Remix)

03. Darwin & Jack In Box - Take You Down

04. Edit V - Burning Love (Darwin & Jack In Box Remix)

05. Dougal & Disco's Over feat Lokka Vox - Reflections

06. Darren Styles - Quiver

07. Al Storm vs Daniel Seven - Ouija

08. Jakka-B - Lost In The Rhythm (Relect Remix)

09. Darude, Ashley Wallbridge feat Foux - Surrender (Hixxy Remix)

10. Manian - Hold Me Tonight (Eufeion Remix)

11. Joey Riot, Klubfiller & Alex Prospect - Don't Know How To Make You Happy (Original Remaster)

12. Aethral - Still Alive (Freeform Remix)

13. Bananaman - Lucky Star

14. Vinylgroover - My Little Fantasy (Bananaman Remix)

15. Audiofreq - Dance 2 Music (Audiophetamine Edit)

16. Spyro - Love Comes Down

17. Aquagen - Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Scott Brown Remix)

18. Ben Defekt & Mike Enemy feat Nina Kray - Gotta Be You

19. Rob IYF - Euphoria (2019 Mix)

20. S3RL & Lisa - My Girlfriend Is A Raver

21. Da Tweekaz & Darren Styles - Heroes )170 Mix)

22. Douglas & Gammer - All The Tears I've Cried

A good looking tracklist, it has to be said. Diverse as well. Lovely selection by Oki Doki. And a good choice by Slipmatt to ask her to play at his event. I really enjoyed this set. Uplifting, happy, and all in all a nice UK Hardcore set.

It did contain a few records I've not heard before, and it made me pleasantly feel surprised when I heard them. A nice mash of UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, Freeform, and whatever you call the EDM side of UK Hardcore (EDMCore I'd like to call it). But is it worth listening to this? Yes. Hell yeah. I've been stuck in a traffic jam for nearly 3 hours, and I listened to this set at least 3 times. I had to stop off somewhere too, so that added another few minutes of Oki Doki's set.

There are a few records I do not like, but that's a personal thing. You might like them. Hell, you might even love them, but I'm not a fan of S3RL, or remixes of all time Hardcore classics like 'My Little Fantasy'. The original still remains the best.

But which record is the best? Well, that's a difficult question, because Oki Doki used a lot of amazing records to compose this mix. I pick 'Still Alive' by Aethral. Good tune, good vocals.

A nice set. Really the highlight of my day! A few small mixing errors and a few tracks I didn't like, but still appreciated the vibe this mix has generated! More Oki Doki please!

DJ: Oki Doki

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, Freeform

Liveset info: Recorded @ Slipmatt 30 Years Of Rave Tour

Length Mix: 01:00:35

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 139 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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