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Ophidian - A Decade Of Enzyme Megamix 2001-2011 (2013)

If you are a true gabber, you know Enzyme Records. One of the most notorious labels in the Hardcore scene, they've been pushing the darker side of Hardcore forward for many years. And whilst I was listening to a mix earlier on Soundcloud, I was thinking 'what is actually my favourite Hardcore track of all time?'. And I didn't have the answer to it. But what I did have is an album which I loved and played over and over again. And it was 'Enzyme Injection 1'. Released back in 2002, when the label was really touching base in a growing scene.

That CD is part of my huge CD collection, and I think that it symbols my love for the darker side of Hardcore. It does contain underrated records, ones I truly miss in some 'best of Hardcore' mixes. And guess what kind of mix I found a few hours ago on Soundcloud? Well, you won't believe it (I'm being extremely sarcastic now): a Enzyme Megamix, containing records from 2001 until 2011, mixed by the magician Ophidian. I consider myself lucky, after finding it.

What I didn't realise was that it is a megamix. A proper megamix. No fooling around by Ophidian. He goes full in! The mix is only an hour and a half long, but he crammed in so many, you won't even noticed that within a space of 5 minutes you listened to 5 records or more. But it's Ophidian, and he's a magician. And he can do it properly.

The mix is 5 years old, and I only discovered it. I am ashamed. But at least I'm listening to it now, and I do hope you have got an hour and a half for this. Because it's a masterpiece.

01. Endymion - It's All Music

02. Enzyme X - Poison

03. Meagashira - End Of Line (Endymion Remix)

04. Nosferatu & Endymion - Broken Rules

05. Nexes feat Nosferatu - Welcome To Nexes

06. Hamunaptra feat Nosferatu - Soul Entrapment

07. Ophidian - Nurse

08. Knightvision - Apocalypse

09. Nosferatu & Ophidian - Psychiatric Ass

10. Meagashira - Lost In Music

11. Nexes - X-Plore

12. Hamunaptra - Neon Genesis Pt. 1

13. Ophidian - Butterfly

14. Ophidian & Hamunaptra - Whispers Of A Nameless Fear

15. Project Omega - Prednison Attack

16. Endymion - Pussy Motherfuckers

17. Enzyme X - Rauwkost

18. Enzyme X - Rattlesnake

19. Enzyme X - Optjenkere

20. Enzyme X - Skummes

21. Ophidian - Phaseshift

22. Nosferatu - NZMDFC 1

23. Enzyme X - Dissonant Poetry

24. Enzyme X - Nightbreed

25. Ophidian & D'Spyre - Reminiscence Of A Future War

26. Mindustries - Throes Of Rejection

27. Endymion - Rock The Part-E

28. Nosferatu - Cameltoe

29. Ophidian - The Middle Children

30. Enzyme X - Seconds From Disaster

31. Ophidian - Angel

32. Ophidian - Pepperspray

33. Ophidian as Raziel - To Destroy What Is Broken

34. Mindustries - Massdriver

35. Hamunaptra - Limytz

36. Sei2ure - The Sleepwalker

37. Ophidian - Predator & Prey

38. Nosferatu - Beaver Cleaver

39. Nosferatu - Knock Out

40. Ruffneck & Ophidian - All The Way Down

41. Enzyme X - Blood Omen

42. Endymion - Payback (D-Passion Remix)

43. Nosferatu - Bustin Da Crowd

44. Endymion - Bio

45. Ophidian - Pegasus

46. Nosferatu & Endymion - Pass The Bottles

47. Weapon X - Planet Rocker

48. Ophidian & Ruffneck - So Many Sacrificies

49. Weapon X - Coke Sniffer

50. Wedlock vs Comababy - Void Sector

51. Nosferatu - Project 5601

52. Endymion & Evil Activities - Vengeance

53. Endymion - Abduction

54. Nosferatu - Bloodlust

55. Ruffneck & Sei2ure - Armorgeddon

56. Ruffneck & Ophidian - Elegy (Nothing Can Last Forever)

57. Weapon X - Where My Party People At

58. Nosferatu & Evil Activities - Sick Of It All

59. Nosferatu & Ruffneck - Poop

60. Sei2ure - Rocket Fuel

61. Nosferatu & Endymion - Another Way Up

62. Endymion - Chaos

63. Enzyme X - Superfly

64. Nosferatu & Endymion - Judgment Day

65. Synapse - D.M.T.

66. Endymion - Anger (Ophidian Remix)

67. Nosferatu & Endymion - Drunk With A Gun (Evil Activities Remix)

68. Synapse & Ruffneck - Vows Of Doubt

69. Ruffneck & Synapse - Disruption Of Balance

70. Ophidian - Abandon

71. Ruffneck & Ophidian - A Decade Of Enzyme Mashup

The hour an a half have flown by. And it's an amazing journey. You would not wish for it to end, but it does. And when it ends, you get a mashup, one quality mashup. But all the 70 tracks before it will blow your mind. I knew the label excisted and that they released music over a decade, but the thing that amazed me was the amount of records I actually knew and love! And how dark they are, even if you compare it to nowadays music.

Obviously this is much better than Uptempo. This has more feeling to it, it generates more happiness to me. Ophidian, the magician, has made a wonderful megamix. But there's a sad side to this.

Some records are played too short. And these are the records I ADORE TO THE BONE. Like 'Apocalypse', ' Poison', 'Lost In Music', 'Cameltoe', 'Vengeance', 'System 5601', but the worst thing is the shortness of the greatest record released on this label: 'Soul Entrapment'. This was a record I actually had on vinyl, and the level of quality was beyond belief! This is still my favourite from this label. Wish this megamix was a bit longer, but then we wouldn't call it a megamix, would we?

I know he had to cram these all in. Still impressive though. 71 records in 1 hour and 31 minutes.

But all in all I can not complain. Ophidian has teased us all, and has made me want to go through my old collection and dig up those anthems. But 'Soul Entrapment' will be the first I will be playing out loud and let the whole neighbourhood hear it. And if they don't like it, I will devour their souls!

What else is there to say? A truly epic megamix by a wizard. If you dislike it, you are insane. Fact.

DJ: Ophidian

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, Darkcore

Mix Info: A Decade Of Enzyme Megamix 2001-2011

Length Mix: 01:31:35

Tracks: 71 (seventy-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Enzyme Records - Official Website

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