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Paranoizer - Back 2 1996 Mix (2019)

1996 was a wonderful and memorable year for Hardcore music. Not only did we get a year full of awesome music, but Happy Hardcore became big. You might disagree and think I'm talking bollocks, but I am not. For me Happy Hardcore is as good and big as Early Hardcore. Back then the lines were thin between both styles: just look up some CD collection and those focussed on the 'harder' side still had a few Happy Hardcore records on them, and visa versa. 1996 was a tremendous year, because the music was good. Still produced with basic materials, but to me it has left a mark like no other style since. It was so good, and 23 years later I'm still loving it.

Paranoizer made this mix, with records from 1996. It would be weird if he used completely random records from other years if the title pointed out that he is playing only records from '96. Oh, nearly forgot to say that 1996 was the year when Thunderdome had their finest event: just check Thunderdome '96 live CD and you'll know why I am mentioning this CD. All in all, a fantastic year. And obviously a good year to make a mix of it.

This mix contains shitloads of records from labels such as Mokum Records, ID&T, Cenobite Records, K.N.O.R. Records, Coolman Records, Bad Vibes Records, Hellraiser Records, and more. So at first glance it's not going to be boring. An hour long mix with 31 records. Paranoizer's selection is really ace, and worth a listen. Just glance at this tracklist and you'll know why I'm excited to the core.

01. Crypt - Rise And Shine

02. Da Grimreaper - We Control Da Sound

03. DJ Rob & Tim B - Bleeding Ears

04. Nosferatu - The Future

05. Insane - Supa Dupa

06. Predator - Dubplate Style

07. Tails, Noizer & Waxwezle - House Of Pain

08. Tellurian - Fucked Up Motherfuckers

09. Trickster - White Line

10. Nosferatu - Artcore DNA

11. 3 Da Hardway - Original Rude Boyz

12. Beyonder - The Mind Is A Labyrinth

13. DJ Delerium - I Was Born Hardcore

14. Omar Santana - Track Attack

15. Revolution Team - Let's Hit The Boomstick

16. Tellurian - Hardcore Junkies

17. Sim, Wax & B-Ernd - Plain & Simple

18. X-Caliber - Sanzia

19. Body Parts - Love In The First Degree

20. SPC Hardcore - Original

21. DJ Promo - Hardcore Still Lives

22. DJ Waxweazle - Hardcore Power

23. The Scrumbleheads - How It Sounds

24. Future Shock - Really Strange

25. Future Shock - Scratch Is So Nice

26. Lady Dana & Skorp vs Bass-D & King Matthew - The Execution

27. Jeremy - Throw?

28. Lords Of The Underworld - Loose Control

29. DJ Dano - Fuckem All

30. Disciples Of Annhiliation - Wanna Be A Gangster

31. Stickhead - Check This Mutha Down

Obviously Paranoizer's collection is slightly different to us normal ravers. In this case I'm talking about the track selection: I do know around 90% of the records, but Paranoizer has added a few unknown gems to this mix. Never heard of The Scrumbleheads, Future Shock, X-Caliber, Insane, and Crypt. Fuck, that's more than 10% of this mix. But does it make me feel less Hardcore? Nah, I would say it makes me feel more Hardcore. This urge to explore new music has always stayed within me since 1994, so to hear records from 1996 creep up in 2019 is always good. Never too old to learn, eh?

So, we are in 2019, and Hardcore is still alive (fuck you Update Magazine, who's still alive, eh?). This mix is living proof that we have embraced Hardcore, and that it's not going anywhere. Hardcore is here to stay, and I'm glad. This might be a mix focussed on a year long gone by, but it's still dedication and admiration that keeps us ravers moving. I do love the unique sound that came out of the scene around 96. It was such a magical year, and I fully understand Paranoizer's mix and why he selected this year.

I've got only love to give. No hate or anything for this mix. 31 amazing records, and they all made me love Hardcore even more. OK, it' now called 'Early Hardcore', but I still love it, no matter what kind of label you stick on it.

The mix is just perfect. You need to soak in all these awesome tunes. But it does make me wonder what happened to most of those DJs/producers? Where have they gone? Oh, how I miss the 90s sound.

Best record? Oh boy, that was a difficult one this time. But as I said in the first paragraph (or second, who cares) I'm a Happy Hardcore fanatic, and therefore I select 'Let's Hit The Boomstick' as my favourite. An all time classic.

Thank you Paranoizer for this wicked and truly mind boggling mix!

DJ: Paranoizer

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: BACK 2 1996 MIX

Length Mix: 00:58:29

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Paranoizer - Soundcloud Page

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