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Paranoizer - F**k The Corona Lockdown Mix (2020)

We all have to say it out loud. F**k the Corona virus! F**k COVID-19. We hate it with a passion. And we hate the fact that there are too many victims of this virus. As a world we should remain united, and remain safe. We can beat this horrible and disgusting virus. How? Well, at the moment there's no official cure, and there has been a lot of speculation in the media that certain pills might do the trick (which is obviously a hoax), but maybe, and I say this lightly, Terror might do the trick?

The Terror I am talking about, is obviously not the violent type. Well, it is violent in it's own way, but it's music. And the Terror today is presented to us by Paranoizer. His mix focusses on the harder style of Hardcore, and the title is suitable for 2020. F**k the Corona virus. He's absolutely right. We hate it with a passion, and maybe by raving extremely hard and fast, we might kill it? Kill it dead.

I don't mind the faster music, as long as it makes sense. And this mix does make sense. The wife disagrees, but what does she know about Terror, eh? She isn't a Terrorhead like I am.

So, lockdown can be a bitch, but can be a good one. We can stay safe, and rave extremely fast. So why not have a blast? Get your lasers out of the shed, blow off the dust of your stroboscopes, plug in the big speakers, and create your own Terror event. Have fun. Love it.

  1. Tripped feat Mikey Motion - I'm A Nice Guy

  2. Paranoizer - Mad Commotion (Striker Remix)

  3. Paranoizer - Back The Fuck Up

  4. SRB - Pedal

  5. Execrate - Sacrifice

  6. Paranoizer - STFU

  7. Paranoizer - Kick Some Ass

  8. Suicide Rage & Paranoizer - Fake Ass Bitches

  9. Nekrosystem - The Fucking Devil

  10. Paranoizer - Origami

  11. Striker - Digging In The Crates

  12. The Vizitor & Paranoizer - frontantipiepkicks

  13. SRB - I Take Your Brain

  14. The Vizitor - Simply Terror (Paranoizer Remix)

  15. Hard Infantry - Fuck His Wife

  16. Mithridate & Paranoizer - Headz Will Roll

  17. Red Ogre - Acceleration Force

  18. Dissoactive & Paranoizer - Klerelijers

  19. Execrate - Overflow From Hell

  20. Fiend & Virtue - Self-Destruct

  21. Paranoizer - Kill Him

  22. Noisekick - FHRITP (Nekrosystem Remix)

If you don't like fast music, you will certainly not like this. You will hate it with a vengeance. But that's OK. You might have clicked on this mix by accident, seeing as the tag on Soundcloud is 'Disco'. Good choice mr Paranoizer. Good choice.

It's obviously fast, and I really wanted to hear something this fast on this Sunday morning. Why not? A true Terrorhead can listen to it 24/7, 365 days a year. Even at Christmas we want to hear it. It might not be good music to listen to when you are trying to dose off to sleep, because your mind will remain in hyperdrive, but some actually can sleep to this. I've seen people at raves sound asleep next to the speakers. But that could have easily been because of other influences.

Anyway, is Paranoizer's mix any good? Yes. I really enjoyed the mayhem it has created in our household. I am the only one that likes the harder sound, so I drove everyone mad here. The pace remains fast from the first to the last record, and the mix also contains a few of Paranoizer's own productions. A good introduction, if you aren't aware of who he is, and what he's capable of.

The beats are fast, and I'm really hyped. My body is currently pumping blood around it at a staggering 250+ BPM. And I'm loving it. I wouldn't be able to dance to it anymore: I've got the COVID-19 body. Fat, overweight, and saggy belly. So if I dance to this, I would certainly create an earthquake, here in London.

Best record? The Vizitor's 'Simply Terror', remixed by Paranoizer. Wicked track.

Don't let your Sunday be ruined by COVID-19. Make sure you play this out loud. Wake up the whole damn neighbourhood. And if the police arrive at your door, just blame the virus. We should. Fuck COVID-19.

DJ: Paranoizer

Genre/Style: Terror, Speedcore


Length Mix: 00:49:04

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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