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Progression Sessions Tribute Mix mixed by Protocol (2023)

I love being surprised. I am a huge fan of surprises, so when I saw this mix the other day, I had to jump on it, and let it surprise me. And it certainly did. Another mix by Protocol, who's given us plenty of excellent mixes over the last couple of years. But now he has ventured into the Drum and Bass world. A world so unique and cool, I always tend to fall back to this wonderful world. But now, which area of this world did Protocol drop us in? What has he got in store for us today?

As much as I love Drum and Bass, I still have a lot to learn. And today Protocol is teaching me a lot. He introduces me to the world of Progression Sessions. A CD series that started back in 1997 and continued until 2004. 7 years of Drum and Bass. Most of the series were done by LTJ Bukem, and I do remember seeing these in our local CD store, but as I wasn't into DnB back then, I just never took any interest in them. I should have paid attention and showed my interest, because the mix you are about to listen to, is specially dedicated to this series.

I've now listened to this a few times, and it has made me regret not purchasing these discs back in the day. I feel like a blooming idiot. At least I'm not too late to appreciate good/excellent music right? And Protocol's mix is dedicated to this Progression Sessions, and it's an hour and 45 minutes long, and has only got 16 records. So be ready for a nice, long, and relaxing mix. Not a megamix with a billion records in 10 seconds. Protocol has carefully selected the songs, and mixed them together neatly!

But which records did he pick, huh? You are curious, like George now, right?

  1. Cedar - Equinox

  2. Big Bud - A Way Of Life

  3. Intense - Eastern Promise

  4. LTJ Bukem - Rhodes To Freedom

  5. Makoto - Butterfly

  6. MC Conrad - Energetic Poetry

  7. Makoto & Akira - Mind Vision

  8. MC Conrad - Futures Call

  9. Seba - Soul 2000

  10. Motive One - Cosmik

  11. Nookie - Innerspace

  12. PFM - The Western (Mike Ricochetts Mix)

  13. Nookie - Solstice

  14. Rantoul - The Ladder

  15. PHD & MC Conrad - Presence

  16. Rantoul - Default

This has been a lush experience. I am now sitting here in my office, and I'm relaxed. As relaxed as a human can be. And as many times I've already listened to this mix, I am still enjoying it. You can't go wrong with Drum and Bass, you never can go wrong. That's just a fact.

It's a damn cool mix, very suitable to today, looking at how cold it is outside. We need something that matches the outside, and this mix is certainly cool as cucumbers. Protocol's appreciation mix for Progression Sessions is truly one you need to check out. It's nearly 2 hours of pure pleasure for your mind, body, and soul.

At no point during this mix does it become a nuisance. I've been sitting here, hoping I could flaw this mix in one way or another, but I simply cannot. All the tracks are solid as a rock, and it's all been mixed together flawlessly. And of course the quality of the tunes is important too, and each track selected (and mixed) is one solid anthem.

This has been nearly 2 hours of pure bliss, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I should have picked these albums up when they were hot, and I regret not doing it. Thanks to Protocol to make sure I'm fully onboard the Progression Sessions train, and I will certainly never get off the train. This train can go on forever and ever. And obviously I am on the hunt to find more mixes dedicated to this series. Because, you know why, this mix has been ace!

DJ: Protocol

Genre/Style: Drum and Bass

Mix Info: Progression Sessions Tribute Mix mixed by Protocol

Length Mix: 01:45:16

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 240 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2023

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