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On March 25th 2021 the world was told that Wayne Donnelly, a.k.a. Squad-E, Hypasonic, Doogie D, passed away. The UK Hardcore community all stood still, and commemorated the late and great producer/DJ Squad-E. This prolific producer gave us memorable anthems since the early 2000s, And he's been a stable force in the community. When the news broke, the whole world came together, and remembered the amazing person he was. You couldn't open a social media site without a message toward Squad-E. It was devastating, and caught people by surprise....

A year has gone by, and the people behind Ravers Reunited decided to release a special album. An album specially dedicated to Squad-E. The album is available now as a download, and it contains two discs: the first being unheard or unreleased Squad-E records, and the second contains tracks remixed by various other UK Hardcore producers. Many have put in a lot of effort to make it work, and made it a dedicated album. A very nice touch, and I'm guessing he would have loved it.

As mentioned before, this album's focus is Squad-E and what he had achieved during this active UK Hardcore years. He didn't just make UK Hardcore anthems: he was very active in other dance genres.

This special album contains 2 CDs with in total 40 records. And also two mixes, containing all these wicked anthems. A nice and personal touch, isn't it? Remembering Squad-E and what he's done for all of us. We've all danced to his tunes and some even sang out loud.

The 2 album mixes were put online roughly 2 days ago, and already have a lot of positive feedback, and messages stating they miss Squad-E. Most of us still can't believe it. It's been a year since his passing, but instead of drowning ourselves in sadness, let's all come together and rave in the name of Squad-E! Let's all hit the download button, and share this music with everyone around you! Put the volume way up high, and let the music reach the heavens, and let Squad-E know we do miss him a lot, and show him what his music meant to us all!

The songs on these two albums are:

CD 1: Unreleased/Unheard Squad-E Tracks

  1. Squad-E - Album Intro

  2. Squad-E & Re-Con - What Will It Take

  3. Squad-E - Illusion

  4. Squad-E - Never Let Go

  5. Squad-E - Only For You

  6. Squad-E - Rain

  7. Squad-E - Take A Look At Me Now (Rob IYF Album Mix)

  8. Squad-E - Whatever

  9. Squad-E & Ben Critic feat Kayleigh O'Neill - Live Forever

  10. Squad-E & Esline feat Lisa Abbott - Invisible

  11. Squad-E & Esline - Over Now

  12. Squad-E & Rob IYF feat Blue Eyes - Love Vaccine

  13. Squad-E & CS-1 - Much Better

  14. Squad-E & CS-1 - Heaven Sent You

  15. Squad-E & Ben Critic feat Danika Pink - Paradise

  16. Squad-E & Ben Critic - Plz Tell Me

  17. Squad-E - Beat Goes Boom

  18. Squad-E & Scoot - Missing

  19. Squad-E & Scoot feat Kerry Lou - Souls Collide

  20. Squad-E & Soot - I Believe In You (Ben X-Treme Remix)

CD 2: Squad-E Classics Remixed By Various Artists

  1. Access 3 - Promised Land (Klubfiller Remix)

  2. D-Code feat Emma - Like I Feel (Lloyd-E Remix)

  3. D-Code feat Emma Hughes - Love Is For Real (Nocturnal By Nature Remix)

  4. D-Code feat Emma - My Direction (Rob IYF & Al Storm Remix)

  5. D-Code feat Emma - Who Are You (Technikore Remix)

  6. Dave McCullen - Rave Heaven (SethroW Remix)

  7. Hypasonic feat Re-Con - Make Me Proud (Outforce Remix)

  8. Hypasonic feat Jorg Smid - Doesn't Matter (Al Storm & Rob IYF Remix)

  9. MOB & Squad-E - Say You Will Be Mine (M-Project Remix)

  10. Re-Con & Squad-E - Can't Buy My Love (Eufeion Remix)

  11. Squad-E - Lost Without You (Alaguan Remix)

  12. Squad-E - Show Me The Way (Rescue Remix)

  13. Squad-E - Stay (Mike Reverie Remix)

  14. Squad-E & Chris Henry feat Lisa Abbott - Untouchable (Hixxy Remix)

  15. Squad-E & Curphey - In My Dreams (Ganar Remix)

  16. Squad-E - Closer (Riko Remix)

  17. Squad-E feat Sarah Rowland - The Way You Look Tonight (Stu Infinity Remix)

  18. Squad-E feat Katrina Louise - Make You Mine (Rescue Remix)

  19. Squad-E vs Dougal & Gammer - You U Eye I (Rob IYF & Al Storm Remix)

  20. Wave - Magic Carpet Ride (Ben Defekt & Olly P Remix)

So many big names worked together to make this album work. But both CDs do work extremely well, and the end result is something the scene should be proud of. And certainly Squad-E is looking down and approving this album. Rave safe up in the heavens, mate!

It's always a risk to release 'unreleased' or 'unheard' songs, but for this album it works. A lot of gems in it. Those tracks should have been released, or played out loud at big events.

The second disc is also filled with gems, but they were already big dancefloor smashers before they were given the special treatment. The end result is a special album, dedicated to Squad-E, and the album works extremely well.

Ravers Reunited's idea has worked well, and will give us a special album focussed on the fantastic producer and DJ Squad-E. As I've said before, the album already has got a lot of positive feedback, and that's all you could ask for.

His input in the scene has been tremendous, and to show our respect, honour the man as much as we can. Play this as loud as you possibly can, and embrace the legacy left behind by Squad-E. Let's never forget him, and his musical genius. His name will continue to live on in the scene! RIP legend!

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore


Length CDs: +/+ 2 hours

CDs: 2 (two)

Tracks: 40 (fourty)

Release Year; 2022

Label: Ravers Reunited

Product Number: unknown

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