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Raw Is War #12 XTRA RAW | By Melvje (2018)

It's nearly Christmas, and wherever you go, Christmas tunes are hitting you. I like Christmas, no word of a lie, but Wham!, Mariah Carey, and all the other tunes are really doing my nut in. You want (like me) to hear something different. Just some breathing space from all the festive tunes. We have deserved a break, be it for an hour. An hour is long enough; just enough for you to get your feet back onto the floor.

Melvje. Who doesn't know him? Well, he's made a new mix, called 'Raw Is War', and it has reached the twelfth edition. Don't know if I reviewed any of these mixes before on my old website: I have reviewed mixes by him before, but this mix series,doesn't ring a bell. But the premise is the same: Hardstyle/Rawstyle tunes being mixed together nicely. And people seem to like it a lot: he's got plenty of followers on Soundcloud, and a lot of plays in a short notice. So why not join the madness, and say 'fuck you Christmas'?

If there are trolls looking, don't worry: it's only for an hour. After that we can go back to the jolly and festive tunes by Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, and more. But give us some space, eh? Give us some Rawstyle.

Well, it's time to show you the tracklist. And it's madness.

01. Hard Driver feat Zsen - Get It Started

02. Phuture Noize & B-Front - The Solution

03. Frequencerz - Alright

04. Gunz For Hire - Sicknezz

05. Deviouz - Corruption

06. Enemy Contact - Earth In Me

07. Sledgehammers & Mrotek - Iron & Steel

08. Sledgehammers - Hammertime

09. Sledgehammers - Creation

10. The Purge - Bonecrusher

11. The Purge - Control Your Anger

12. Chris One - Mind Of A Killer

13. Genox - Conquest

14. Act Of Rage & MC Jeff - Subject Hostile (Official Shockerz 2018 Anthem)

15. Warface feat Sovereign King - This Is Vengeance

16. Warface - The Drop

17. Warface - Black Seas

18. Warface - CASH

19. Warface & Delete - Game Over

20. Warface - Play No Games

21. Warface - Supreme Imperial

22. Warface & Dither - Get With It

23. Warface & Rebelion - Detonated

24. Eminem - Without Me (Rebelion Bootleg)

25. Rebelion - Corruption

26. Warface & Malice - Your Betrayal

27. Krowdexx - Gravedigger

28. Unresolved - Never Again

29. Hardfunction - Living Raw 2.0

30. Sonic Illusion - F#CK Your Pleasentries

31. Kloon - Darkside

32. Heatwavez & Multilator - Devastate

33. Svdden Death x AFK - BZZRK (Expulze Remix)

34. Crytum & Klaus Kaz - Lost

35. Riot Shift - Boundaries

36. Upriser - Jealous

37. Horseplay - L.A.B.

38. Killshot - Beastmode 2.0

39. Radical Redemption - Sacrifice

40. Chaotic Hostility & Imperatorz - Samurai

41. Warface & N-Vitral present BOMBSQUAD - Troublemaker

Is it just me or is Melvje a huge fan of Warface? This looks like an appreciation mix to me. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! We all love a bit of Warface. It's filth, and that's what we like!

Anyway, however you look at this, it's a brilliant mix. Yet again has Melvje done it, a superb Rawstyle mix, containing a lot of filthy anthems. It's like it growing more and more on me every single day. It's not as 'simple' as some might call it. Rawstyle is here to stay. It's a bit like when Gabber emerged: it was rough and not many understood it. But it has grown into something magical, something beautiful. And at that exact stage is Rawstyle right now.

Even though Melvje knows a thing or two about Rawstyle, doesn't mean he's always 100% right. In this mix there are 2 records I really dislike. The Eminem song, and the actual first song of the mix. Not really original, are they? Just originals with a kick underneath it. So Melvje has done alright to be fair. He's 96.4% right.

All jokes aside: besides these two records the mix is really tight, and has made my car journeys much more pleasant. Especially when a nasty beat would kick in and I wasn't expecting it. That freaked me the fuck out. In a good way, don't get wrong. But it was so pleasant to hear. Honest to God. And I do not talk about God that often in reviews.

A score which you would expect. If you love Warface/Rawstyle you don't need to look any further: here's a mix you would really appreciate! It's filth. And oh so sex!

DJ: Melvje

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle

Mix Info: Raw Is War #12 XTRA RAW

Length Mix: 01:11:21

Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 163 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

More Information: Melvje - Soundcloud Page

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