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Reclaim Your City 379 | Marc Acardipane (2020)

If you are a die hard Gabber/Hardcore fanatic, I do not need to explain who the Godfather of Hardcore is. Some might say it's Paul Elstak, or DJ Rob, but to me (and many others) it's Marc Acardipane. This German DJ and producer has been giving us music since 1989, and not only that; he has also used a shit ton of aliases. Some I knew, but the majority I didn't. Seriously didn't. I just went on Discogs to see if I was right about something, and I saw that his alias-list is seriously impressive. Didn't expect that. That I didn't know. But what I do know and underline, is his impact in the Hardcore scene.

He has major success throughout the years, mainly with his Marshall Masters alias. You know you have made it as an artist if Scooter rips your song, and ruins it forever. That's when you know you have reached ultimate stardom. Ultimate fame. All jokes aside, Marc has been at the forefront of Hardcore for many years, and to find this mix, containing only his tracks, is just subliminal. Exquisite. And it also contains a few, never released tracks. So a bonus for us all!

But he's not only been active in the Hardcore scene, also the Techno scene. So, what can you expect in this mix? Literally everything. Madness galore! It's made by the freaking Godfather of Hardcore. So the mix will be awesome.

The only time I have ever witnessed him, was back in 1998. Mysteryland Outdoor, mainstage. And I loved the set. I was 14 years old, all alone, among 25.000 ravers. And I had the time of my life. And Marc played the tunes for this teenager. He made my youth slightly better!

So this mix is going to be great. If you are a Marc Acardipane fan, you'll love the tracklist! It's lit!

01. Marc Acardipane feat Nasty Django - Play Da Same Ol' Song (Desperados Go West)

02. Marc Acardipane feat The Mover & The Horrorist - Flash Nights (Original Mix)

03. Marc Acardipane - C.S.W.K. (Original Mix)

04. Marc Acardipane feat Dusty Angel - A Trip - Ute 2 Belgium (Original Mix)

05. Marc Acardipane feat Dick Rules - Psycho (Original Mix)

06. Marc Acardipane feat Pilldriver - Doin' Drugs (Original Mix)

07. The Horrorist - Mission Ecstasy 2003 (Phuture Remix By Marc Acardipane)

08. Marc Acardipane - Intruder (Original Mix)

09. Marc Acardipane feat Marshall Masters - E-Day (Original Mix)

10. Marc Acardipane - Lost Angel (Original Mix)

11. The Mover a.k.a. Marc Acardipane - Track One (Original Mix / Remastered 2019)

12. Marc Acardipane feat Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never (Original Mix)

13. Marc Acardipane feat Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived (The Mover Remix II)

14. Marc Acardipane feat The Horrorist - Metal Man (Original Mix)

15. Marc Acardipane - One World No Future (Original Mix)

16. Marc Acardipane feat Marshall Masters - E-Ternal (Original Mix)

17. Marc Acardipane feat Marshall Masters - Return To Zero (Extended Mix / Official Mysteryland Anthem 1998)

18. Marc Acardipane feat Rave Creator - Into Sound (Marshall Masters Remix)

19. Marc Acardipane feat The Ultimate MC - Today Tomorrow Forever (Original Mix)

20. Marc Acardipane feat Rave Creator - A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuture Mix / Remastered 2020)

21. Marc Acardipane feat Mescalinum United - Jupiter Union (Original Mix)

22. Marc Acardipane feat Mescalinum United - The 2nd Coming (Remastered 2020)

23. Marc Acardipane feat Rave Creator - Wake Up (Original Mix)

24. Marc Acardipane feat Rave Creator - Another Black Sunday (Original Mix)

25. Marc Acardipane feat Rave Creator - Astral Demons 94 (Cold Planet Remix)

26. Marc Acardipane feat Tony G - Loveless (Underground Mix)

Now this is a proper tracklist and a half. Has given me finger RSI. Bloody Nora, that wasn't easy. Should have copy-pasted it. Instead I decided to type the whole bloody thing. Stupid ass. Anyway, at least I know all the tracks in here. Well, knowing them is a big word. I know of their existence.

There's a lot of exclusive records in here. Some so obscure, never even been released before. Some remastered, or remixed. But all focussed on the mighty Marc. The legend that is Marc Acardipane. You cannot go wrong. This man is a living legend, and I had the honour to witness him playing live. That has been a memory on its own. And even 22 years later I do appreciate his music, and his input into the scene I love.

Don't get me wrong, his Techno stuff is good too! But I do prefer his Hardcore side. Especially the melodic stuff. Who doesn't love his most famous anthem of all time: I Like It Loud? Which, funnily enough, isn't even in this mix. But to me, the music released around 1998-1999, holds the most memories. This is when I got active in the Hardcore scene: the year 1998 was the year I lost my Hardcore virginity. So melodic stuff, yes!

The best anthem? So many. But 'Intruder' and 'Return To Zero' are both my favourites. I just love these. Even in 2020 I am still feeling like that teenager, dancing in his living room, while listening to Hardcore on cassettes and CDs, using portable players (which never skipped, but ALWAYS did anyway). The good ol' days.

Marc is and will be the Godfather of Hardcore. The legend. And this mix is proof of his ongoing legacy. Hardcore will never die, nor will Marc's impact on our world. Without him, Hardcore wouldn't even be this big. We owe his so much. We owe him our gratitude for making these anthems. Marc, please never stop. You've made my past, present, and future! Hardcore 4 Life.

DJ: Marc Acardipane

Genre/Style: Techno, Hardcore

Mix Info: Reclaim Your City 379 | Marc Acardipane

Length Mix: 02:00:08

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 302.1 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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