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Revokez presents: Best of Keltek (2023)

It's Friday, and let's end the working week with a new mix. One very powerful and energetic mix. You will appreciate this mix. And it's yet another mix made by Revokez, who's recent Thunderdome mix was appreciated well by yours truly. But now he's doing a special mix. A mix, focussed on one of the Hardstyle legends who goes by the name of Keltek. If you are questioning yourself 'who is Keltek?', then this mix might not be for you. Or maybe this could be an introduction of some sort, but you need to be honest with yourself: are you into Hardstyle? If it is, please proceed by clicking 'play' on the below player. If not, have a wonderful day, and please move away...

So let's talk about this mix. It's a brilliant mix, with all tracks made or remixed by Keltek. You might know him from the early Psyko Punkz days, or you do not. That's all fine, but at least you acknowledged who he is. I was fully aware of Psyko Punkz, but to me Keltek came to my attention when he made Defqon.1 2019s official anthem, 'One Tribe'. What a beast of a track that was, and it made me want to hear more.

But he's not been sitting still: he's been a very busy bee. A lot of his own records are in here, and also a few collaborations, like with Sound Rush, Devin Wild, Radical Redemption, and more. Be prepared for some melodic and very euphoric Hardstyle anthems. It's going to be a good experience, if you've not heard of Keltek before.

Revokez has done some appreciation mixes before, and this one was bound to happen. You cannot talk about the greats in Hardstyle and not mention Keltek.

  1. Keltek - Dance The Way I Am

  2. Keltek - Oblivion

  3. Keltek - Down To Earth

  4. Keltek - Dark Sun

  5. Keltek feat Michael Jo - Down Like This

  6. Keltek - One Tribe (Official Defqon.1 2019 Anthem)

  7. Keltek feat Diandra Faye - Kingdom Comes

  8. Keltek - Awaken

  9. Keltek & Devin Wild - Creature

  10. Keltek & Sound Rush - One Of Us

  11. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Angels & Demons (Keltek Remix)

  12. Keltek - Echo

  13. Keltek - Edge Of Existence (Official Reverze 2019 Anthem)

  14. Keltek - Mask On My Face

  15. Keltek - Through The Night

  16. Keltek - Kick Off (Rebirth 2018 OST)

  17. Keltek - Valkyries

  18. Project One - Life Beyond Earth (Keltek Remix)

  19. Keltek & Psyko Punkz - The Apex

  20. The Prophet & Headhunterz - Scar Ur Face (Keltek Remix)

  21. Keltek & Radical Redemption - Kicking It

  22. Keltek & Psyko Punkz & Coone - Arriba

  23. Keltek - Spirit Of The Night

  24. Keltek - Turn To Dust

It's a glorious looking tracklist, that's for damn sure, but it's all about the music. And he knows exactly how to make music great. Really dancefloor anthems, or in this case, event anthems. He's made a few, including the Defqon.1, Rebirth, and Reverze anthems. A busy bee he truly is.

The tracks are all solid. These are the anthems you want to hear, when you are at a festival, sun is shining, drinks are in hand, and the speakers are near you. You need to hear these anthems, and without any energy drinks at hand, you are given so much energy, you will dance until the dusk of dawn, or whenever it is the event ends. But this is energy provoking music, that's for sure.

I feel something when I listen to this mix. A bit of nostalgia, to how Hardstyle used to be. A bit more melodic sounding Hardstyle. A bit more euphoric. A bit more uplifting. And Keltek's productions seem to make me move a lot more than other producers.

A wicked mix. Got nothing negative to say. All slamming records, and even though it is only an hour long, it's a brilliant hour filled with excellent music. Keltek is the way forward, ladies and gentlemen! Especially when you hear 'Echo'. What a big hit!

DJ: Revokez

Genre/Style: Hardstyle

Mix Info: Revokez presents: Best of Keltek

Length Mix: 01:08:04

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

More Information: Revokez - Soundcloud Channel

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