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Rotterdam Records The Classics Megamix - mixed by Jason S (2023)

For those that know me, I am not from Rotterdam. Nor am I from Amsterdam (which most people assume, but assume wrongly). I am from Limburg, a Southern province of the Netherlands. And I never fully understood the hatred between the two big cities. Maybe it's because I'm not a city boy, but I'm not someone who grew up on a farm (even though they might think otherwise), But there was always this rivalry between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and even Den Haag joined the battle too. To me it didn't matter one tiny bit, as I was only interested in the Hardcore that came out of these cities.

And Rotterdam, to me, was always associated with the rougher sound. More distorted. If it was distorted and had a distinctive sound, it was definitely from Rotterdam. In the mix you are about to listen to, you can determine each song's origin. Den Haag, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam, they all had their own sound, a characteristic sound. But the same applied to German Hardcore, Italian Hardcore, US Hardcore, and the list goes on and on.

But, in a strange way, the Rotterdam sound appealed to me a lot. I did not resent the sound at all. Some of the tracks are not my cup of tea (when they have to announce where they are from, I find that really irrelevant, but those were the times), but the generic sound still did. And to my amazement, a mix was posted on Jason S' Soundcloud channel. He used to be active on Mixcloud only, but he's made the jump to another cloud based platform, one that suits me the most. And his mix, as you rightly have guessed, it focussed on Rotterdam Records. And it's the standard megamix you expect from him. A 75 minute long mix with 50 records. Typical for Jason S, the megamix master!

  1. Jason S - Intro; It's Time To Go Back

  2. DJ Rob - 1992 Is For You (Parkzicht Base Mix)

  3. Stomach Basher - Wowy - Zowy

  4. DJ Rob - Rob's Interface (Uh... Mix)

  5. Euromasters - F..k DJ Murderhouse

  6. The Sound Of Rotterdam - The Final Experiment (Eruption Of Force)

  7. Pelgrim - Amen (Binnenweg Mix)

  8. Euromasters - Amsterdam... Waar Lech Dat Dan??? (Maastunnel Mix)

  9. Euromasters - Rotterdam Ech Wel! (Parkzicht Mix)

  10. Sperminator - No Women Allowed (Men's Room Mix)

  11. Rotterdam Termination Source - Feyenoord

  12. Holy Noise - The Nightmare (Let Me Hear You Scream)

  13. Bald Terror - Rotterdam

  14. Morlock - Der Energy (Noise)

  15. Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing

  16. Bald Terror - Drummachine

  17. Hard Attack - Way Aah

  18. General Noise - Rotterdam Subway

  19. Hard Attack - Bonzai

  20. Euromasters - Everybody Clap Your Hands

  21. Hard Attack - Bonehead

  22. The Agressor - I'm Coming (Hardcore Mix)

  23. German Division - Concerto Grosso

  24. Armageddon - You'll Never Be Mine (Hardcore Club Mix)

  25. King Dale - Utter (Hardcore Powermix)

  26. Evil Maniax - Powerfull Impact

  27. Hardliners - Motherfuckin' Breakbeat

  28. Sperminator - S-Fucking

  29. DJ Paul - Straight Outta Rotterdam

  30. Lenny Dee vs DJ Paul - Dope Man

  31. Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Rotterdam Mix)

  32. DJ Rob feat MC Joe - The Beat Is Flown

  33. Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - Bitch

  34. Speed Soul Brothers - Sandman (Slayer Of Death)

  35. Euromasters - Noiken In Die Koiken (Hoi)

  36. DJ Git Hyper & DJ Paul - Free Mess

  37. 2 Low 4 Zero - Fast (Radio Mix)

  38. Neophyte - DJ's Hardest

  39. The Nightraver - Noise

  40. King Dale - Fuckface (2 Fast For Mellow Mix)

  41. Hardliners - Pikke Poeli mellow

  42. Euromasters - Oranje Boven (Club Mix)

  43. Short Circuit - Mechanic

  44. Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - I Am The Master (Soul Version)

  45. Lenny Dee vs DJ Paul - Anti-Procrastination

  46. Neophyte - Recession

  47. Euromasters - Houw Je Bek (Galla)

  48. Neopyte - Kome Wij Uit Rotterdam

  49. Evil Maniax - We Are The Creators Of Hardcore (Rotterdam Mix)

  50. Neophyte - Back In My Brain

These tracks take me back to the golden years of Hardcore. A bit rough around the edges, but oh so gorgeous to listen to. A true trip back in time.

Some of the tracks you can hear in this mix have got to find their feet, as in, they still sound extremely house-y, and not really Hardcore-ish. But those were the early years. Slowly it turned into the rough Gabber/Hardcore sound we all love and adore. But yeah, don't you worry, Jason S has got our backs, and gives us yet another astonishing mix.

Am I wrongly assuming that Paul Elstak, Neophyte, Waxweazle, and a few others were all behind these records? It's like they used so many aliases during the 90s?

The roughness is amazing. Not all tracks are dope. But there are certainly some wicked anthems in here, that might sound a bit dated, but still would get the dancefloors in a frenzy. Especially in Rotterdam. I don't know if the love-hate relationship is still present in the Hardcore scene. But you wouldn't play these songs in A'dam back in the 90s: the crowd would demolish the place, in a bad way.

All jokes aside, all credit should go to Jason S, for making yet another wicked mix. You should check out his Soundcloud page, which has got so many megamixes, and they will all please you!

Best record? Bad Terror - Rotterdam. Big, speaker demolishing tune! Just rawness in one song, that's all there is. And I freaking love it!

DJ: Jason S

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Early Hardcore

Mix Info: Rotterdam Records The Classics Megamix - mixed by Jason S (2023)

Length Mix: 01:15:28

Tracks: 50 (fifty)

Stream/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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