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SCAR Old Skool MetalHeadz Mix (2016)

Today is a day that just doesn't want to happen. It's going really slow, and I had difficulties getting out of bed. So damn tired, and I need a rest. I need a well deserved holiday, which me and the missus haven't had this year (or last year, or the year before). But before that happens, I need something to keep me going, and something keeping me awake, and on my toes. And you've guessed it: TCD has found a YouTube mix you will appreciate, and if you are struggling at the moment, this mix will certainly get you back onto your feet. An old skool MetalHeadz mix by SCAR. Yeah, you weren't ready for that, were you?

And the funny thing is? As I'm typing this sentence, 12 hours have gone by, and I've still not finished this review. Today has really been a long ass day, and even though I've listened to this mix over 10 times, I still didn't find the time and energy (and maybe urge) to finish this review. But it shows my dedication on finish what I've started. And also the fact that this is a dope ass mix, if I've been listening to it over and over.

I woke up this morning, feeling hungry for some Drum and Bass. One label always stands out, which is MetalHeadz. One of the, if not, the biggest label in the DnB scene. And over the years it's been at the forefront of many excellent and timeless tunes. DJ SCAR, who made this mix, took a handful of awesome records, and made this mix worth while.

It's a 52 minute long mix, with only 12 tracks, but that should be sufficient for you to get your DnB fix. And I've had this playing over and over, I certainly had my fix. This mix gave me goosebumps from the start, and made me feel more chilled than I already was. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to do today, seeing as I was feeling energy-less... But hey ho, what can you do?

  1. Dillinja - The Angels Fell

  2. Doc Scott - Unofficial Ghost

  3. Wax Doctor - The Step

  4. Adam F - Metropolis

  5. Asylum - Bass 2 Dark

  6. Doc Scott - Far Away

  7. Peshay - On The Nile

  8. Peshay - The Nocturnal

  9. Photek - The Rain

  10. Source Direct - Stone Killer

  11. Dillinja - Armoured D

  12. Dillinja - Jah Know Ur Big

This mix is dope. Seriously dope. Smooth vibes from the start to the end. And filled with the big anthems. Not the commercial successes, but a mixture of a bit of both: underground, and above ground records (if that makes any freaking sense).

Normally a MetalHeadz mix contains Goldie records, but not this one. It's mainly Doc Scott, Dillinja, Peshay, and a few others that are in this mix. But these are prolific producers, without a shadow of a doubt. And the tracks they made (and released) still remain wicked anthems. Wouldn't go amiss from any DnB event, right?

A certainly excellent mix for you to listen to, to wind down this Friday evening. Got absolutely nothing negative to mention, nor point out any issues with this mix. No errors, absolutely nothing wrong with this mix. So you know what I'll be saying next?

If you haven't checked this out already, do it now! Worth your time, trust me!


Genre/Style: Drum & Bass

Mix Info: SCAR Old Skool MetalHeadz Mix (2016)

Length Mix: 00:52:30

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2016

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