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Scarred 200 Mix

Scarred Digital. Recognise that name? One of the UK Hardcore labels who have been around for a decade now, and recently had their 200th release. A label run by Sc@r, and a stable force to be recognised. If you've not heard of the label, you might have been on a different planet. But don't worry, Skyline (who made this mix) has got you covered. And his 51 minute long mix contains 14 of the records of Scarred Digital's 200th release, which was a 16 record album, including a mix by Sc@r herself, and a t-shirt. And all that for £29.99. Still a few left, link below for you to click on, in case you are eager to get yourself this nice bundle.

I think the last time I heard/reviewed a Skyline mix, was when he did his Scott Brown dedication mix. That's a long time ago. But the other day, when I was scrolling my life away on Soundcloud, I spotted his latest mix, and I just had to jump on it. I am just a UK Hardcore fan, and couldn't let this one go by without acknowledging it. So this is me acknowledging it, and appreciating it.

I am a fan of Sc@r for many years, and have been following her label for a few years too. Her label has always been an interesting one: a nice platform for any inspiring UK Hardcore producer. If you've got talent, and love making happy UK Hardcore, you might have your song featured on the label (if not and Sc@r has got other criteria set, apologies).

On their 200th release they had 16 songs, and 14 of them you can find in this mix. 2 were left out, as they were a tad slower, BPM wise. Still 14 very fine UK Hardcore songs, from a wide variety of producers. Ready to see what Skyline has used for this dedication mix?

  1. Dan Edge - Addicted To You

  2. Sc@r feat Lara B - Until The End

  3. DJ Deluxe - I Want To Fly

  4. Simon Apex & Dair - Fade To Black (Breaks & Beats Mix)

  5. Danny R-Core - Uh Oh Oh

  6. X-Cyte - Who I Am (SD200 Mix)

  7. Wyld feat Zoe VanWest - Party Girl

  8. Sethrow - Brand New Sky

  9. Candy Kid - Ravers In The USA

  10. ViolonC - Hurricane

  11. Mansy & Lara B - Ocean Breeze (Dean-P Remix)

  12. Eazyvibe - Running Away For Good

  13. Mansy - Your Survival

  14. Assailant, Catseyez & Emoticon - Triggered

Oh, this shows my age. And my lack of UK Hardcore reviews. I do know a few names but the majority of these are unknown names to me. But I'll let the music speak to me instead. And the music, well, is very good.

There a lot of UK Hardcore, Breakbeat, and more in this mix. And it's a nice diverse mix too. Every song has got its own vibe, its own uniqueness. These 14 records aren't all the same. They all sound completely different, and it's good. We all get 14 different views on how to make UK Hardcore songs. And I love that. Not all following the same text book on how to make UK Hardcore anthems. And this enlightens my love for UK Hardcore even more.

There are some classics in here, classics in the making, and a few cheesy songs too. I even liked Sc@r's own song which she did with Lara B. But from the 14 songs I have to give credit to 'Your Survival' by Mansy. That's the one song that made me move the most.

A wonderful mix, a nice dedication mix. And if you are into this kind of UK Hardcore (it being lovely and happy), why not grab yourself this bundle (of joy)? Click on the link below, and it will take you directly to the page, where you leave your card details, and £29.99. Is it worth it? Don't know about the t-shirt quality, but the music is quality!

DJ: Skyline

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore

Mix Info: Scarred 200 Mix

Length Mix: 00:51:51

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year; 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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