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Si Thompson - February Breakbeat & Hardcore (3-2-2022)

Last mix before I sign off, and start enjoying the festive season. I thought I'd end it with a nice Breakbeat mix, and one that I found a few weeks ago. It's not really Christmassy, but close enough, as the image above looks colourful and very festive. That's the only resemblance to the festive few days ahead. Everything else is just Breakbeat and Hardcore, and nothing else. And we need something to keep us going. Si Thompsons mix contains the right amount of excellent Breakbeat and Hardcore anthems, and you'll thank me later for sharing this.

It's not a brand spanking new mix, but age doesn't matter, does it? As long as it rocks, and this one rocks. I am always very enthusiastic about Breakbeat songs, and this mix has got a few that I recognised, and a few I might have heard/seen before, but never really paid attention to. Or not even heard before. Well, don't blame me for not knowing everything, as there's still so many great anthems out there I haven't discovered yet. Too much music, so little time.

Normally mixes by Si are short, but this one is a nice length. Roughly an hour, and a shit ton of amazing Breakbeat/Hardcore/Rave anthems from back in the day. And I should not continue talking bollocks, I should just dive straight into the mix, and show you what you are about to listen to, if you haven't already:

  1. Bass Selective - Drum Thunder

  2. Kid Andy & Nickle Bee - Push It To The Limit

  3. Kid Andy & Nickle Bee - I Am Crazy

  4. Freestyle & DJR - Feed Back

  5. Hedgehog Affair - The Pipe

  6. SMD 4 - Untitled (Side A)

  7. SMD 4 - Untitled (Side B)

  8. Austin - I Get High ('93 Remix)

  9. The Invisible Man - The End... (Drug Induced Psychosis Mix)

  10. Tango - Future Followers

  11. The Prodigy - Your Love

  12. Chaos & Julia Set - Scud Beats

  13. Unknown Artist - Above The Clouds ('21 Jungle Remix)

  14. DJ Kid Andy - Baby Stop Spinning Me Around (Sweet Girl's Mix)

A short list, but a powerful one. Si has picked 14 amazing records, and the result is a 55 minute long mix that will fly by before you know it. And of course, you cannot do a mix like this one and NOT have a Prodigy song in it. How could you do that? It's just impossible, right?

A solid mix, and it's not the first time I truly enjoyed a Si Thompson mix. There are plenty on his Soundcloud page, so if you are after more of this, there's plenty for you to look out for.

The tracks are solid, and the flow is very nice. I've got no negative feedback whatsoever.

And you might be thinking 'oh he's picking The Prodigy as his favourite'. And you'd be dead wrong. 'Scud Beats' is my favourite song in this mix. Slightly slower compared to the other songs in this mix, but a dope ass song nonetheless. A truly astonishing track.

Get on this right now, and check out hundreds of other mixes on Si's page. You'll love it!

DJ: Si Thompson

Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Rave, Breakbeat, Jungle, Hardcore

Mix Info: Si Thompson - February Breakbeat & Hardcore (3-2-2022)

Length Mix: 00:55:46

Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023


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