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Slapen Is Voor Apen 11.0 (2019)

The Dutch are a bunch of funny people. Me being one of them, living here in the UK, it makes me miss the funny language. Like used in the mix here. You cannot translate this into another language and still make it rhyhme. Sleeping is for monkeys. In Dutch it works beautifully. In English, not so. But are we here today to talk about languages and rhyhming words, or are we talking about music, mr TCD? Well, it's about the music, and today's mix is presented to us by Monkey Kong.

A Rawstyle/Hardcore mix. 45 minutes of monkey madness. Exactly what you want to hear on this Easter weekend. Thankfully it's not filled with dreadful holiday season music, but you can still have something to listen to, prescribed by me. And you know what I'm saying makes sense all the time, right?

They used very interesting tracks from a wide variety of artists, and towards the end of the mix we go a little bit faster and rougher. If you enjoy Rawstyle music, just check out this tracklist:

01. Ran-D - The Power Of Now

02. Atmozfears & Sub Sonik - Enya

03. Warface & Sub Sonik feat Carola - Set Me Free

04. Rejecta - Deserve To Die

05. Bass Chaserz feat Evelien van Buren - Dusk Till Dawn

06. Kronos - K Message

07. E-Force & Kronos - Higher Force

08. Requiem - The Reckoning

09. Warface & Rooler - Game Time

10. E-Force - Boomstick

11. E-Force - The End

12. Artifact - Aftermath

13. Bloodlust - Imma Boss

14. Warface - I Need You

15. Avoc - Who I Am

16. Neroz - Break Your Crew

17. Ncrypta & Thyron - Surrender

18. Warface & Artifact - Let The Show Begin

19. Ncrypta - Psychopathic

20. Ncrypta - Dead King

21. Krowdexx - Victim Of Society

22. Rebelion - Rise Again

23. Malice & Unkind - Prefix For Death

24. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone (N-Vitral Remix)

25. Dither & Deadly Guns - Playing With Fire

26. Radium & Angerfist - Reason To Hate

It's going to be hot today, so why not get the barbecue ready, and make sure you've charged your portable speakers, so you can play this whilst cooking/baking your food items? (yes, you can tell I never do the cooking in our household). Whatever you do today, make sure you do it with banging tunes surrounding you.

These monkeys are here to entertain us. Normally they are caged and through shite at us, but these monkeys don't. Well, unless you think Rawstyle is shit. In that case they are indeed like genuine monkeys. But if you like Rawstyle, it's worth checking this mix out. And give them a like of a follow, whatever floats your boat.

I've got no negative feedback, so go and check out this monster mix. It's monkey business, you know?

DJs: Monkey Kong

Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Hardcore

Mix Info: Slapen Is Voor Apen 11.0

Length Mix: 00:45:52

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Monkey Kong - Soundcloud Page

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