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Slow Down, Pleasure Up (2002)

This is one of those rare albums, not for sale, only available via promotional channels. And someone on Discogs pointed out to me how I did get this one: back in 2002 after raving the night away in the Amsterdam Rai at Innercity everyone leaving the building was given this CD. So it's not that rare: I reckon around 40,000 people must have been there. But it stands out for many reasons.

Firstly it was ID&T and a cigarette manufacturer who released this album. In the present day that would not be happening. People smoking is a definite no-no... and on this album you see exactly that happening. Like I would mind: an ex-smoker/current vaper. Anyway, it's different. But also the music: a progressive House album. Don't have many of them. But no matter how you look at this album: it's a genuine masterpiece! The music on it has stood the test of time.

According to the contributor on Discogs it was mixed by Ricky Rivaro. And it's a serious rollercoaster. A nice (and not forced) transition between each and every track. You can put this on in the background and enjoy it. And maybe have a cigarette (unless you don't smoke, and in that case you should NEVER smoke).

Let's slow down and let the pleasure go up.

CD 1 : Slow Down

01. Negrocan - Cadavez (Grant Nelson Vocal Remix)

02. Jon Cutler - It's Yours (Original Mix)

03. Michelle Weeks - The Light (Main Vocal Mix)

04. Lounge Conjunction - Feel It

05. Cleptomaniacs - All I Do (Original Cleptomaniacs Mix)

06. Hardsoul - La Pasion De Gozar

07. Negrocan - Aquela Esquina (Grant Nelson Club Mix)

08. Praful - Inspiracao (Hardsoul's Treatment)

09. 2 Elements feat Janna - Brazilian Nights (Dub Mix)

10. Simon Grey - One (Knee Deep Instrumental)

11. Dajae - Everyday Of My Life (Junior Jack Vocal Remix)

12. Gaspard - Good Enough (Vocal Mix)

CD 2 : Pleasure Up

01. Richard Earnshaw - People Are People (Dub Mix)

02. UBP feat Bobby Pruitt - We Are One (Jazz 'N' Groove Hands Up Dub)

03. Sessomato - Moody (Original Mix)

04. Adani & Wolf - Take Me Back (Boatcrew Remix)

05. Una Mas - I Will Follow (Full Intention Club Mix)

06. BBT - God's Child (Original Mix)

07. Bob Sinclar - Save Our Souls (BT's Edit)

08. G-Club presents Banda Sonora - Guitarra G (G Club Original Mix)

09. Junior Jack - Thrill Me (Original Mix)

10. Prax Paris - Under The Shower (Original Mix)

11. Silicone Soul - Right On (Instrumental)

12. Jaimy & Kenny D - Keep On Touchin' Me (Original Mix)

This is the kind of music that literally everyone can love. This isn't music that can be hated. I certainly know no-one who hates this. And I've played this many times over the years. 16 years old, still sounding excitingly fresh. Even my parents enjoy it. And that says something.

It was given to me for free after Innercity (well, spent at least a grand in there on drinks and merchandising, which I have lost over the years sadly), and I'm still grateful for ID&T and Camel for this compilation. It's really a cheerful, happy and enjoyable. And it's got so many great and yet underrated records on it. I'm watching Clubland TV every day hoping I get to hear these gems, but sadly it's all shit they play. This is music given to us by God himself.

Let's break the favorite record bit into two, seeing as there are two CDs. On the first the Cleptomaniacs record is truly gifted (a Stevie Wonder classic), but it's 'Good Enough' that makes me smile. Such a lounge anthem! I can close my eyes and picture myself in Korfu, Greece, sipping a nice cocktail whilst looking out towards the ocean, eating peanuts at the same time. So relaxing.

Second CD. Come on, that's a no-brainer: 'People Are People', the song this CD starts with. So effective and highly enjoyable. I'm not looking out towards the ocean anymore, I'm dancing in a lounge club, whilst the lasers penetrate my eye lids and the foam is up my neck. Oh gosh, I love this anthem so much!

A wonderful and relaxing CD. Whoever decided to make this compilation is a genius. If you can find a copy online, order it now! This won't be a disappointment.

Act: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Progressive House

CD Info: Slow Down, Pleasure Up

CDs: 2 (two)

Length CDs: +/+ 2 hours

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Label: ID&T

Product Number: 7005642

More Information: -------------

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