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Snap! Attack - Best Of (1996)

During the 90s there were many big bands dominating the charts, but if you are talking about my youth, there were only a handful of groups/bands I followed. The one which I became a member of their fanclub of, was 2Unlimited. They broke up a week later, so I was gutted. But their legacy has not remained as high as anticipated, and to be honest I can't listen to their music anymore, so cheesy, and so Europop-ish. Another group I did follow, and still listen to, was Snap! . This German group had so many big hits during the 90s, and they dominated the charts all over the world.

I did have their first album as a cassette, and played it until the tape got ruined. But I still have their 'best of' album. Don't know when I purchased that, but it must have been late 90s. Snap! is one of those groups which grab you by your throat, and don't let you go. Controversial when needed (the famous 'I'm serious as cancer' shocked many people), but most of all, a very good Eurodance group. And not bound to one style! As you can hear on this album they re-developped themself over the few years they were active.

According to Wikipedia they were active from 1989! Now that's something I wasn't aware of. And that they are still active, but not releasing anything, just performing at 90s events. I would pay money to see them live, never had the chance during the 90s, because I was too young.

The tracklist is a must-see. If you were a young lad/woman during the 90s, these records will ring a bell, and make you feel euphoric.

01. Snap! - Power (7" Version)

02. Snap! - Ooops Up (7" Version)

03. Snap! - Cult Of Snap! (World Power Radio Mix)

04. Snap! - Mary Had A Little Boy (Radio Edit)

05. Snap! - Colour Of Love (Massive 7")

06. Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (7" Edit)

07. Snap! - Exterminate (Endzeit 7")

08. Snap! - Do You See The Light (Looking For) (7")

09. Snap! - Welcome To Tomorrow (Are You Ready?)

10. Snap! - The First The Last Eternity (Till The End) (7" Edit)

11. Snap! - World In My Hands (7" Mix)

12. Snap! - Rame (Original Version)

13. Snap! - Megamix (7" Edit)

During the succesfull years of Snap! they've changed a few times, a few artists came and went. But the music remained awesome! Who doesn't remember these anthems? Who doesn't remember dancing to these anthems when they were on the radio?

I don't know what the first record was I heard and loved, but I think it must have been 'Power'. It was their first number 1 hit in the Netherlands, and only 'Rhythm Is A Dancer' was another number 1 hit for them. They did have a lot of top 10 hits, but towards the end of 1995 their fame slowly started to fade away. Which was a pity.

We still have their hits to listen to, and their legacy. You can not dislike their music. And their music was powerful. They are considered to be 90s classics, and they are still ranked highly in lists depicting big 90s anthems. You can not buy a compilation without a Snap! record on it.

To me they made so many great anthems, but my favourite is 'Exterminate'. This to me is the ultimate rave classic! The beginning was so powerful, and the build up tremendous. Once that piano bit hits us, you know there's no way back. And the vocals are just extremely powerful.

Not every record on this album is ranked highly, like 'World In My Hands', and 'Rame'. These are the two records which didn't even reach the top 10 in the Netherlands. Not really my cup of tea, but still I would listen to them.

Snap! is one of the finest groups of the 90s. And this album is a must have. I've added the Youtube video of this complete album underneath the review. Worth a listen on this boring Sunday morning!

Act: Snap!

Genre/Style: Euro House, Pop Rap, Trance

Release Year: 1996

Album Info: The Best Of Snap!

CDs: 1 (one)

Length CD: 00:51:59

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Label: BMG

Product Number: 74321 38486 2

More Information: Snap! - Official Website

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