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Soundcloud - Your 2020 Playback

The year has finally come to an end, and we can look back at a weird year. With a few ups and downs, but for me it's been OK-ish. For me the year was filled with music, be it livestreams, live sets from years gone by, or just new mixes. And Soundcloud has played a huge part to me in 2020. It was my daily place for music. There might be other sources, like Mixcloud, Spotify, iTunes, etc, but Soundcloud remains my place to visit every single day. And I do mean every single day. I wake up, Soundcloud goes on. And throughout my working day, or even weekends, Soundcloud is on.

I only recently discovered this 'Your 2020 Playback' playlist thing on Soundcloud. Or just in general the 'Playback' playlist, which they have every single year. What this does, is reminds you of your most played tracks on Soundcloud. I don't know the formula behind this playlist, but it is interesting, to say the least. It shows you which tracks you have absorbed over and over. And I'm not sure if it's in order?

I've looked at my list for 2020, and some I can fully relate to, why they are on there. I've listened to them over and over again, because they were so freaking awesome. But some I might have played a few times, not really worthy to be reminded of? But they did make it to the list. It would be interesting to see the algorithm behind this selection.

Do you learn anything from this list? Maybe, maybe not. To me it underlines which styles I like, and that I do like literally everything Dance music related. From Hardstyle to Hardcore, from Trance to Freeform, from Hard Trance to Breakbeat, from Progressive House to Industrial Hardcore, from Jumpstyle to Dutch Hip Hop, from Techno to you name it, and I have listened to it. It is nice to show to people that I do listen to everything.

For me it's one of the reasons why you should sometimes look back, back in time. It is nice to be remembering certain tracks you will forget sooner or later, because the algorithm just pushes them out of your sight.

So why this blog post? To ask you to share your musical interest to everyone you follow on Soundcloud. Let them see a snippet of what you like. And today I'm sharing my 2018, 2019 and 2020 Playback playlist. See if you are as amazed as I am. And if you are questioning my musical choices, ask yourself the same question: is your playlist as interesting as mine?

And it turns out, I can't share my whole playlist. Damn damn damn. You just have to click the link below to be directed to my Soundcloud throwback playlists.

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