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Summer Gathering 2020 Bonus Mix - Mixed By Technikore x JTS

As the whole world is coming to a stand still due to the Covid-19 virus, we are all forced to stay indoors, and collect as much toilet paper, more than we even use in 1500 years. I normally wouldn't mind staying in, but what also happened is the fact that they've cancelled a lot of events, just as a precaution. Which is obviously bad, but understandable. So we are all going to sit indoors, and listen to whatever we can find on Sound/Mixcloud. And today I found a big mix.

When I saw the title of this mix and it contained 'Summer Gathering 2020' and the page mentioned that it had already happened, I looked around bewildered. Summer, already happened? Well, in Australia it has. And on the 25th of January they had this wicked event. According to OneSeventy's page, this mix was given away for free as a bonus mix CD, and now they've decided to upload it, for the whole world to hear it. And as you would expect, it is mixed by OneSeventy's finest DJ duo, Technikore and JTS.

Is it packed with UK Hardcore anthems? Well, yes, of course it packed. A lot of music made by Technikore and JTS, and also seriously insane dancefloor destroying anthems. It is time for you to see the tracklist:

01. Tweekacore x Technikore - Find The Spark

02. Stormerz - Be The One (Macks Wolf Remix)

03. Jakka B feat Addie Nicole - Chasing The Sun

04. Darren Styles, Gammer & Dougal - Party Don't Stop (Technikore Remix)

05. Technikore - All Night

06. Technikore & JTS - #YEET

07. Dougal - Shine On You

08. Technikore & Ravine - Freakz (Alex Kidd presents AK47 Remix)

09. JTS feat Katie J - The End

10. Macks Wolf - Hit 'Em Like This

11. Ben Nicky feat Chloe - Anywhere (Technikore Remix)

12. Dougal x Technikore x JTS - Two Hearts

13. Technikore - Think About You

14. Technikore & JTS - Worlds Collide (Game Remix)

15. Technikore & JTS - Dimensions

16. Weaver & BDN - Fists

17. Scott Brown, Technikore & JTS - Low End Theory

18. JTS - World Out There

19. Technikore, Firelite & JTS - Close To Me

20. Mark with a K & Warface feat Jasmine McGuinness & DV8 Rocks! - Radioactive (Weaver & JTS Remix)

21. Weaver & JTS - Krunk Life

22. Raiden feat Bright Lights - Heart Of Steel (Technikore x Suae 2020 Remix)

23. Hixxy - Sacrifice (Ben Defekt & Olly P Remix)

This nearly hour long mix is just what you need to hear after you've opened your eyes and embraced the sunlight. And the Covid-19 too. Isolation can be a bitch, and to get everyone through it, let's just embrace what Technikore and JTS have done: a free mix! An hour long of EDMCore, also known as UK Hardcore. And I'm pleased to say that I really liked it.

I think I need to dig deep to find a shit mix by both Technikore and JTS. But I cannot remember the last time I've given any of their mixes a bad score. They have always been on top, and never disappointed any of us UK Hardcore fanatics. And with their latest mix they showcase again why they are the best of the best, the finest UK Hardcore DJs/producers, in Australia.

So many big anthems, but ' All Night' just stuck with me the longest. But there are a lot of records which were close to become my number 1.

I do love the fact that vocalists are still used, and they made each and every track they were on much better. I just love vocals so much. Especially female vocals, they just give it a deeper meaning, a deeper feeling.

A fantastic mix. Grab it while you can. Enjoy it. And if you are in Australia, enjoy the Summer. If you are anywhere else, enjoy the rain.... pffff

DJs: Technikore & JTS

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, EDMCore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Summer Gathering 2020 Bonus Mix

Length Mix: 00:56:30

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: OneSeventy - Soundcloud Page

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