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T-Log @ The Box Closing Set [Revisited] (2019)

I've had a wonderful Easter Bank holiday, hopefully you had a wonderful few days too. But now I'm back (only for a day, as we are going back to NL tomorrow for a short break). And what a way to start your first day back at work with something hard, fast, and ferocious. You know you want something fast and hard, especially when it's this early. We all hate waking up this early, and listening to the standard radio nonsense. It's dreadful. So what do we need? Some Terror/Early Terror! That's right. Don't try to hide your enthusiasm, I can see it on your face!

The artist who made this set is a complete unknown to me. I think the algorithm of Soundcloud decided that I should be listening to this, or someone reposted it. How else would I be able to find this? But thanks to the algorithm (or the person reposting this), I am really grateful for them doing that. This set first came to my attention last week, and I've played this over and over. It's hard, fast, and indeed ferocious. And I'm fucking digging this a lot!

And it's filled with Early Terror songs. They aren't that old, but fairly new. But they maintain this early Terror sound. And I'm happy for that: I am really liking the fact that new producers are doing their best to keep the earlier sound alive, not only the Terror side of Hardcore, but Hardcore in general. And in this case it results in an hour long set with some sick tracks.

I'm a lover of the early sound, but not a connoisseur, so I'm not familiar with a few names. You might? See if you recognise any of these names?

  1. HCM - Breathless

  2. X² - NY Distortion

  3. Redlock - Kapitalizm

  4. Xearo - Battle Royale

  5. Enforex & Hyperactive-D - Hudobny Turista

  6. The Liquidators - Glauben Sie Mir!

  7. The Hitman - Drop One

  8. Enforex - Gabbers United Anthem (2015)

  9. The Destroyer - Drax Dungeon (Speedfolter Remix)

  10. 909 Junkies - Fuckin Dickhead

  11. The Destroyer - Step Of God (Speedfolter Remix)

  12. Speedfolter vs The Hitman vs Enforex - Fuckin' Gabba

  13. The Hitman vs Speedfolter - War Of Terror

  14. Northern Terrorists & Hyperactive-D - No New Style

  15. Ravebusters - Achtung RMX (HCM Edit)

  16. HCM - Deleted

  17. HCM & Pardonax - Sleepwalkerz

  18. Hellcreator - No New Style

  19. HCM - Body Movin In A Wooden Box

  20. HCM - Do That

  21. Lithium - Uncompressed

When you think nothing can surprise you anymore, and then this happens. If this doesn't wake you up, what will? I am sitting here, woke up too damn early, but now I'm on a roll. The Early Terror buzz is what I'm currently experiencing!

T-Log's set is a good 'un. It's really hard and fast, and as a good early Terror set should be, it starts off a tad 'slow'-ish, and builds up to a hideous thing. A fast pace ending is exactly what is needed, and is exactly what you are getting. He's giving the audience something to listen to, and it's glorious. It cannot be hard nor fast enough for me.

Again, not familiar with the artist nor the event he played at. But what I can say is, is that his set is dope. And it has reached 18.5k+ plays in the short period it's been on Soundcloud. People seem to love it a lot. Only love and appreciation for this set. From the first to the last set, the BPMs might come flying at you, but it's really a blessing. A cool set.

Best song? The first one. 'Breathless' by HCM. Love it!

DJ: T-Log

Genre/Style: Early Terror, Terror

Liveset Info: Recorded @ The Box

Length Liveset: 00:59:58

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2019

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: T-Log - Soundcloud Page

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