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TCD TOP 5 14-07-2019

It's been a couple of weeks, but today I have found the time to create a new top 5. It's been an interesting few weeks: a lot of 'old' top 5 records have been on repeat over and over, and I had little time to find and create a new top 5. But I have managed to find a few classic anthems you definately need to check out. Ranging from Trance to Hardstyle to Jazzy, you name it, it is on this list. Don't ask me how I came across these or why. Unless you are really interested: leave a comment below. But the majority won't even question my top 5. Don't even know if anyone reads them at all. Maybe I'll do a few more, and then stop? Ah well, for now, here's my top 5 of today!

1. Emily Rose - Boom Goes The Music Box (2013)

2. Tom Exo - Borderline To Reality (2019)

3. Headhunterz - Scrap Attack (2011)

5. Radical Redemption - Accumulated Filth (2016)

5. Sampha - Treasure (2019)

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