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TCD Top 5 23-10-2019

This monthly feature is back! Have you missed it? Probably not, but that's okay. I just need to see if this gets any views: if not, I will permanently finish this segment. Well, at least I've tried. He who never tries, always fails, eh?

Back to what this segment is about. My personal top 5. The title is self explanatory. But it is not bound to one style or one genre. This includes literally everything my heart desires and my ears like to hear. You name it, and I listen to it. My musical interest range is huge, and I consider myself lucky for being able to listen to whatever floats my boat that day. One day it's Hardstyle, the next it's game OST, and the next it's 90s pop.

So I always find records I keep on playing over and over, for whatever reason. Sometimes it's because the song is catchy, and you just cannot switch it off, and sometimes it's just because I've got memories linked to that specific record. Or simply, to keep it in simple terms: I like the song. And I do find them everywhere (as long as it's on Youtube or Soundcloud: I don't use any other sources). And today I've got songs from both platforms you might like.

A bit of everything. A bit of this, a bit of that. Hope you enjoy and appreciate my top 5 of 23rd of October 2019.

01. The Prophet - Roll The Place (1997)

02. Sub Zero Project - The Game Changer (Qlimax 2018 Anthem)

03. Carlo Resoort - Rise (2005)

04. Technoboy - Ti Sento (Original Mix) (2009)

05. Painbringer - Words Of '95 (2014)

and as an added bonus, an all time classic anthem you've probably forgotten all about!

BONUS. Drax Ltd. - Amphetamine (1994)

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