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Tech/Hard Trance Classics Vol 2 (2023)

Eddie Swales. A name I keep seeing on Soundcloud a lot, and a lot of his mixes are reposted. Yesterday (or the day before, can't remember really), someone reposted one of his mixes, which he only uploaded 3 days ago. So I hopped on it, as the title of this mix got me intrigued. It's a Tech/Hard Trance classics mix, and now you've certainly got my attention. I don't hear a lot of those classics, or maybe not enough. And whenever I do find mixes that focus on the classics, I just have to press play, and let my emotions run free!

So Eddie's mix is an interesting one. It's the second instalment, and I had to add the first one immediately to my favourites, so I can check that one out at a later stage. But for now, the focus lies solely on the second mix. But you could just think to yourself 'I'm not satisfied with a 2 hour mix', and I fully understand you. You can then just check out the other mixes Eddie has made. Plenty of awesome mixes on his Soundcloud page, worth a visit.

But for now, this new mix. It's filled with underrated and forgotten classics. Some of these tracks I haven't even heard in at least a decade or more. I do forget to check out songs/albums etc, and sometimes they slip through the cracks. I was a huge fan of Tech/Hard Trance back in the day, and have purchased many albums, but most have become unplayable due to the amount of scratches on them. But thankfully we've got Soundcloud: the endless feed of excellent music.

Is this an excellent mix? Well, have a look at the list and make the decision yourself:

  1. Viframa - Cristalle (Katana Intro Mix)

  2. Club Scene Investigators - Direct Dizko (Sander van Doorn Remix)

  3. Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase

  4. Thomas P. Heckmann & Marc Romboy - Ultra Vixens

  5. Mojado - Naranja (Dimitri Andreas Vision)

  6. Marcel Woods - Cherry Blossom

  7. Ecano - Run (Z2 Mix)

  8. Ronski Speed & Stoneface & Terminal - Incognition

  9. Marc Dawn - Expander (Flutlicht Remix)

  10. Reeloop - Fucking Society (Original Mix)

  11. DK8 - Murder Was The Bass

  12. Return Of The Native - Submission

  13. Boca - Play With Me (Bellfire Mix)

  14. Cortez - Scaramanga

  15. Joop - The Future (Original Mix)

  16. Armani & Ghost - Airport (Original Mix)

  17. Marzz - Orbiter

  18. Marco V - Tolerance

  19. Mark Norman - Phantom Manor

  20. Thomas Bronzwaer - Close Horizon

  21. Simon Patterson - F16

  22. DJ Kim - Jetlag (Alphazone Remix)

Good, very good looking tracklist. A good selection by Eddie Swales. Really enjoyed to see and hear these songs again. It's been a while, but hopefully we will hear more mixes like this one.

Oh boy, one of my all time favourite Trance anthems is in here! You won't know it, unless you've been following this page for many years. But to me, personally, 'Close Horizon' is an all time favourite song. Funnily enough a Mark Norman song also appears on my favourite list, but not the one in this mix. Can you guess which one? Nope, that's not the one, it's T34.

Anyway, this mix. It's a solid effort, and it will certainly put a smile on your face. To me it's personal, as it's the music I danced to, during the early years of the Millennium. And the songs are timeless, and classics. Maybe a bit too underrated, but if we hear more mixes like this one, we might appreciate them more, and show them to a new audience, who have never felt the range of emotions these songs generated when they were released.

A solid mix. Bang on. And now I'm so extremely satisfied, I need to hear volume 1, and can't wait for volume 3, 4, and more...Please don't keep us in suspense, Eddie. More, more MORE!

DJ: Eddie Swales

Genre/Style: Trance, Hard Trance, Tech Trance

Mix Info: Tech/Hard Trance Classics Vol 2

Length Mix: 01:57:52

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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