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Technikore - HTID In The Sun 2010 Promo Mix

I've been hospitalized the last couple of days, so I do apologise for not being able to keep the website up to date. A lot of things have happened, which took my time, and sadly TCD wasn't my priority. But now I'm home and feeling a bit better, I'm back at it again. And the mix you are about to check it is one you have not heard in a while. Or not heard at all. But it's one of those hidden gems: you can only find it if you look hard enough. And I did my best, and found it, somewhere hidden on the internet.

I was listening to a mix on Monday, which contained a Technikore record. And instantly I remembered a mix he did many years ago (9 years ago to be precise), but I could not find it on Soundcloud. Not on Technikore/Technikal's page. Disappointed as I was, I wanted to hear this mix again, but forgot the name. I knew it was on Technikal's official website, but typing those words into Google led me nowhere. After about 30 minutes I came across the original name of the mix, and I've actually found the website, on which it was uploaded 9 years ago, and funnily enough, you can still find it there, and it's still downloadable!

This website has not changed in the last 9 years, and nothing else is found on this page. Only this mix and the tracklist. Oh, and maybe a e-mail address, if you are interested in booking Technikal (if that e-mail address is still valid, I do not know). This mix has been downloaded by yours truly a billion times, and I do not know how many versions I've got stored of this mix in my UK Hardcore folder. Every so often I crave this mix, and especially Technikore's early work (just look at his youthful face! doesn't he look young?).

You will feel old when you see the tracklist, and realise that these tunes are a decade old! Time has flown by so quickly! Check this out:

01. Technikore - Run Away

02. Technikore feat Lucy Palmer - Heartbreaker

03. Technikore & Zander - My Territory

04. Technikore & MC Static - Like The Sun

05. Technikore - Kiss The Sound

06. Hixxy & Technikore - Re-loaded

07. Pero feat Lucy Clarke - You & Me (Technikore Remix)

08. Technikore - On Our Own Now

09. Technikore - Don't Lead Me On

10. Francesca - Still Believe (Technikore Remix)

11. Technikore - MF Old Skool

12. Technikore & JTS - Gettin' Busy

13. Technikore feat Nathalie - Calling Out To You

14. Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Technikore Remix)

15. Technikore - Sensory Overload

16. UFO & Scandal - Crazier (Technikore Remix)

17. Technikore - Extraordinary

18. Technikore - Revolution

If you visit Technikore's old website, you are able to download this, and it will come in a nice zipped folder. You will get the mix and the tracklist too (don't see that happening anymore in 2019). I still can't believe that this website has not changed a single thing in 9 years. Has anyone actually visited this site during the last 9 years, or has it been forgotten?

You could tell that Technikore was going to do great things, even back in 2010. Now he's an established name in the scene, but even when he emerged (and looked a bit like an emo-nerd) he captured everyone's attention, with records like the ones you will find in this mix. He has the producing bug, and this sound is oh so Technikore-ish. You can recognise his style. He has left a mark on the scene, and he keeps on pushing UK Hardcore forward. I do like that.

I went on the hunt for this mix for a specific reason, and even in 2019 I'm not disappointed. No one will be, seeing as Technikore was a wicked producer in 2010. He still is, don't get me wrong. But in 2010 he blew us all away with his style. I do love this mix a lot, but I've not come across a shite Technikore mix at all to be fair. He never makes a raver's heart cry. He always puts smiles on many people's faces. He makes us happy. Thank you Technikore, thank you.

A wicked mix. I've really enjoyed it. And so should you. Go and check out his 2010 website lol. A blast from the past. This is how we made websites a decade ago.

DJ: Technikore

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: HTID In The Sun 2010 Promo Mix

Length Mix: 01:07:43

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via website): DOWNLOAD HERE

File Size: 93 MB

File Type: .zip

Bitspeed: 192kbps

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