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Techno Prisoners #001 (2018)

Today was a good day. I discovered a lot of new music, which made me a happy bunny. I had the opportunity to listen to music whilst working, and when I found this mix by Chris Blaylock, I knew it was going to be good. The previous mixes were all Trance focussed, but for this mix he has gone all out Techno. It's Techno for an hour. And seriously, who doesn't like Techno?

After hearing this mix I pictured myself in prison. Well, that's the title of the mix: Techno Prisoners. If I would be in prison, Techno would be the music to listen to. But why this name? Well, Techno doesn't take no prisoners. You know what I mean. It captures you, like the police would. Fuck me sideways, I am not explaining this properly. Anyway, this mix. It's filth. It's Techno the way you want to hear it.

Chris has made an hour long mix, and it does take you to places you've not been to before. It generates a good feeling. I really enjoyed this mix. Even though the tracklist doesn't really do much to me, the music has been really epic!

01. Veerus - Heavy

02. Adam Beyer & Bart Skills - Your Mind

03. Filterheadz - Voyager

04. Marie Vaunt - Alchemy

05. Dominik Schwarzz & A*S*Y*S - Destruction

06. Thomas Schumacher & Victor Ruiz - Wonder

07. Martin Brooks - Flitzepulver

08. Klaudia Gawlas - The Siren

09. B. Traits - I Feel The Music

10. Tom Hades - Blast

11. Cardao - Phenomena

12. Spektre - Without Warning (Thomas Schumacher Remix)

13. Giovanni Carozza - Flee

14. Avision - Jux (Ben Simms Edit)

This is pure filth. Wasn't expecting this at all. I really liked his previous Trance mixes, but truth be told: this Techno mix is way better compared to the Trance stuff. This music is more addictive, to say the least. Especially the darker records he selected.

If I close my eyes, I can picture myself back at Innercity in the Amsterdam Rai during the early 00s. This kind of Techno would be thrown at us ravers. And this is such a passionate sound, there's no way of stopping you dancing throughout the night. It's new, refreshing, and yet it touches a lot of the Oldskool sounds. A bit of early Techno, a bit of Acid House, a bit of everything. And that's what I like.

Shall I mention the negative stuff? There's nothing. Absolutely nothing. I could go and pick something, but I would be lying. What a wonderful and exciting mix. To me the best Techno mix of 2018. Such a lovely vibe. Go and check it out for yourself.

DJ: Chris Blaylock

Genre/Style: Techno

Mix Info: Techno Prisoners

Length Mix: 01:01:48

Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

File Size: 120 MB File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 271kbps

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