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The Best Of DJ Q 2010 - 2019

DJ Q, the all round UKG legend, who doesn't know him? If you are not aware of who he is, I wonder if you are a true UKG fanatic. DJ Q has been pushing UKG for many years, and has been at the forefront of it when it emerged onto the world. We all know at least 1 DJ Q song. You must know his biggest hit to date 'You Wot'?, featuring MC Bonez. If you are unaware of this song too, you are probably way too young, but thankfully it's not too late to start investigating your time into DJ Q's back story and his catalogue of awesome music. And this mix could be very helpful, to be fair.

If I'm correct, he had a special night at Phonox on the 20th or 21st, not sure. But seeing as the event already took place, he removed the original flyer as picture on Soundcloud, and still kept this mix online. Why not? It contains shitloads of his tunes, released from 2010 until this year. You get a wide variety of his own tunes, from UK Bassline to Deep House stuff. DJ Q ruled through this decade, and this mix shows us all why he's a boss.

This mix does not only contains records made by him, but also records remixed by him. And seeing as this is 80 minutes of DJ Q, you will be surely pleased that I notified you of this mix and of its existence. You will feel very wobbly from the first to the last second.

01. DJ Q - 99

02. Higher Self feat Lauren Mason - Ghosts (DJ Q Remix)

03. DJ Q - Poison

04. Sia - Little Man (DJ Q Edit)

05. DJ Q feat Dread MC - Snapchat VIP

06. Koffee - Rapture (DJ Q Remix)

07. DJ Q - Danger

08. Jaheim - Just In Case (DJ Q Edit)

09. Devi - You & Me (DJ Q Remix)

10. Donae'O - Black (DJ Q Remix)

11. DJ Q & Flava D - My Bae

12. DJ Q - Go Home 2010

13. Moksi - What I Like (DJ Q Remix)

14. DJ Q - Move On

15. DJ Q - Madness

16. DJ Q - All Junglist

17. DJ Q - Ordinary People

18. DJ Q - Time To Shine

19. DJ Q - Will I Ever Be Free

20. Jack Ü feat Justin Bieber - Where Are Ü Now (DJ Q Edit)

21. DJ Q - More Than You

22. DJ Q - Notice Me

23. DJ Q - Breathe

24. DJ Q - Sonic

25. New York Transit Authority - 95 (DJ Q Remix)

26. DJ Q - Stingray

27. Spooky - Baby (DJ Q Remix)

28. DJ Q feat Kai Ryder - Be Mine

29. DJ Q & Jamie Duggan - Countdown

30. DJ Q - Dibby Dibby Sound

31. Royal-T - Cool Down (DJ Q Remix)

32. DJ Q - Mash Up

33. DJ Q - My Heart

34. DJ Q - Reflex

35. Swindle feat Ricardo China - Conecta (DJ Q Remix)

36. TQD - Hold Me (DJ Q Remix)

37. Groove Armada - Superstylin (DJ Q Edit)

38. DJ Q & Flava D - PS

39. DJ Q - Rocky

40. Tyla feat Kelli-Leigh - Deeper (DJ Q Remix)

41. Drake feat Jhene Aiko - From Time (DJ Q Edit)

42. Tough Love feat Genuwine - Pony (Jump On It) (DJ Q Remix)

43. Charly Black & J Capri - Whine & Kotch (DJ Q Edit)

44. DJ Q & AC Slater - Oh Yeah

45. DJ Q - Brandy & Coke

46. DJ Q & Jack Junior - Red Alert

47. My Nu Leg feat Iyamah - Senses (DJ Q Remix)

48. Toddla T feat Shola Ama - Take It Back (DJ Q Remix)

49. S-X - Woooo Riddim (DJ Q Remix)

50. Jammz feat Aleisha Lee - Who's That Girl

51. Wolfie - Contradiction

52. DJ Q feat Louise Williams - Trust Again (Karl 'Tuff Enuff' Brown Remix)

53. DJ Q & Finn - Baby I Don't Know

53 records in 80 minutes. Pfff, a full on megamix, isn't it? And of course, it being a DJ Q mix, it's all flawless. But the good thing is, you will hear and see DJ Q's progression throughout this decade, and all the styles he's been working with. From the funny records like 'Sonic' and 'Rocky' to the serious dancefloor smashers, you will find everything in here! And that's why this is such a nice and relaxing mix to hear, just before the festive time of year's about to happen.

Who needs Christmas when you have this? One hour and 18 minutes of everything DJ Q related. I'd rather listen to this than anything else. I've woken up extremely early today, to listen to this mix. Give it an hour and 18 minutes, and it's been a pleasant journey, truth be told. DJ Q knows how to make 'wobbly' anthems, and has been the dancefloor master for longer than a decade. I've got only love and admiration to give this man.

I hope that those who went to Phonox had a brilliant night. For those that didn't go and want to hear some Q, press play right now! You won't be disappointed. His quick mixing skills are really coming alive in this mix, and there's no time for you to relax: DJ Q has got you by the balls, and won't let go. He keeps you dancing constantly.

Best record? It was difficult, but I do like 'Take It Back', made by Toddla T and Shoala Ama, remixed by DJ Q. Such a tune. Can't believe it's nearly a decade old!

A wonderful mix, but I wouldn't expect anything else from this UKG legend!


Genre/Style: UKG, Bassline, Deep House

Mix Info: The Best Of DJ Q 2010 - 2019

Length Mix: 01:18:47

Tracks: 53 (fifty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: DJ Q - Soundcloud Page

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