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The Colors Of Defqon.1 2019 | RED Mix By KELTEK

Damn it, I'm always late. Should I even consider continueing blogging, if I only give you old mixes? Bugger me, this mix has been online for several months, and I've only discovered it yesterday! Bear with me, don't get all hyped up: I sadly didn't go to Defqon.1 , so my timeline wasn't filled with Defqon.1 posts or ads. But still, it would have been nice to have heard this absolute insane mix. Have you heard this one? I'm guessing you have. What a shite blogger I am.

Anyway, if you haven't heard this mix yet, you are in for a treat! When I saw this mix, I pressed play, and immediately landed in Defqon territory. My God, I got the Defqon bug from the first second to the last. KELTEK, who used to be part of Psyko Punkz if I'm correct, has made this absolutely bonkers mix, containing the finest melodic Hardstyle anthems, the ones you would have heard at Defqon.1 this year, if you actually went. I didn't. But I closed my eyes, and for a split second I was among the thousands of fanatics, and felt invincible. Stronger than ever, powerful. Currently I'm in a Hardstyle mode, and hopefully it will last quite a while (I switch between music genres at least 4674674 times a week).

If you are really into this mix, why not have a look at Defqon's latest CD, KELTEK has the honour to be the first out of four artists to showcase his skills. Others on this compilation: Sefa, Phuture Noize, and Delete. But for now, let's focus on KELTEK's Defqon.1 promo mix. And again, if you are digging melodic Hardstyle, you NEED to hear this one.

01. KELTEK - One Tribe (Defqon.1 2019 Anthem)

02. Wildstylez & D-Block & S-te-Fan - Wolves Cry

03. D-Block & S-te-Fan & DJ Isaac - World Renowned

04. Atmozfears x Sound Rush - Together As One

05. Hard Driver & KELTEK - Valley Of The Blind

06. Brennan Heart with Coone feat Max P - Fight For Something

07. Demi Kanon & Inverze - Break The Silence

08. Headhunterz & Sound Rush - Follow Me

09. Audiotricz - Don't Say Goodbye

10. Armin van Buuren - Wild Wild Son (Devin Wild Remix)

11. Sub Zero Project & KELTEK - Break The Game

12. Demi Kanon & DL - Grace

13. Devin Wild - Dream Deferred

14. Bass Modulators - Ruffneck Bass

15. Headhunterz & Sub Zero Project - Amen

16. Da Tweekaz & D-Sturb - Anything

17. E-Force & Rejecta - Kicked Out

I've not been this excited for a mix like KELTEK's mix. The tracklist looked alright (alright, I'm not a 100% Hardstyle fanatic like the most of you, and haven't even heard 99% of these anthems), so when I pressed play,I entered a new dimension. It's like KELTEK ripped me a new arsehole without even asking. Or is that analogy not correct? What I meant was that this mix is beyond belief, and that's just because of all these anthems!

I've been in and out of the scene every so often, but this set with these tracks shows promise to me. I think it's time for the scene to say 'welcome back' to me, TCD. I need more of this Euphoric Hardstyle: who cannot appreciate melodic and euphoric Hardstyle should really question their existence.

I just cannot believe the amount of excellent melodic anthems! Yes, Rawstyle is rising on a daily basis, but thankfully we've not forgotten the melodies. To me an record becomes an instant classic when you can whistle alongside it. And ALL of these 17 records have that power! I've not stopped whistling and humming since the first time I heard it. And I'm driving people mad. The CEO of my company even looked at me when he walked passed. I whistle loudly.

The biggest surprise in this mix is a record by Da Tweekaz and D-Sturb. As regulars know I'm not a fan of their music and the cheesy stuff, but this is next level shit. If only they could make more of this kind of stuff, they would have gained a new follower. This is big, this is worldly, NO, Heavenly music! But not the best record in this epic mix.

That goes to 'Grace' by Demi Kanon and DL. This 80s vibe that the record starts with is beautiful, and when the beats kicks in, all hell breaks loose. Also KELTEK's Defqon.1 anthem is truly astonishing. Am I the only one who gets early Hardstyle vibes when hearing that record?

I cannot express my happiness. This mix has given me so many happy emotions, and I haven't stopped smiling. Truly an astonishing mix, and showcase of an excellent year in Hardstyle music. I can only give this mix the highest score, seeing as I find this the best mix of 2019 so far. Hell, even the best Hardstyle mix of all time! Why not?


Genre/Style: Hardstyle

Mix Info: The Colors Of Defqon.1 2019 | RED Mix By KELTEK

Length Mix: 00:39:06

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: Q-Dance - Youtube Channel

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