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The Early Hardcore Megamix .mp3 (2021)

I love me a bit of Early Hardcore, especially from the albums you can see in the above picture. And it can give me goose bumps going up and down my spine. I am a sucker for the early stuff, and whenever I spot a mix on Soundcloud with a tracklist, it just makes my day even better. Todays mix already gets bonus points for a wicked image. Yes, it's just a bunch of CDs on top of each other, but to me that is just pure pornography. As I had all of them. Well, not the specific German editions I can see here? Don't even know why there were so many different versions of one CD?

The mix is a megamix with 55 records in a 2 hour long mix. Not true to the word megamix, if I'm being honest. If I were to think of a megamix, I would think of 100 records in 10 minutes. Not that they are any better, as some are just utter garbage and not worth of having the title megamix. But the person behind this mix (Diagno!ze) did his best to provide us with a 2 hour long Hardcore fest!

And yes, it does contain the forgotten anthems, the early early stuff. The records so unique, you couldn't even classify them as Hardcore, as Hardcore was still in the development stage. You could call them Acid Techno House or whatever floats your boat. It did have certain Hardcore music requirements, but yeah, not 100% Hardcore. Like, for example, Zekt's 'External'. When the beats and bass kicks in, yeah, it's rough, but the majority of the track is extremely Acid Techno like, it becomes this mixture of a track, suitable at any event.

But I'm getting too picky now. Let's focus on the tracks selected for this mix. And they are glorious! Looking at the tracklist will take you back immediately to the early years. Anyone feel like a teenager again? Because I do!

  1. Gizmo, Buzz Fuzz, The Prophet & Dano - Thunderdome

  2. Too Fast For Mellow - In My House

  3. Dano - Something Big

  4. Square Dimensione - A Brand New Dance

  5. The Tekkno Claim - Ad. Nauseum

  6. Buzz Fuzz - Destroyer

  7. The Scotchman - Oblivion

  8. Ku-Base - Hardcore Pumping

  9. Adrenalin Rush - Wayward

  10. Too Small - Cold Bustin

  11. Brothers In Crime - 100% Crisis

  12. Gizmo & Norman - Now U See Him, Now U Don't

  13. The New York Terrorist - Short Fuse

  14. Weirdo & Sim - Pump That Stupid Bass

  15. Brainiac - No Shit For Me

  16. Simtec - Just Getting Hot

  17. Waxweazle & Guitar Rob - I'm Feeling Hot

  18. Gizmo - Rescue

  19. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa

  20. Critical Mass - Shake Your Stuff

  21. Jeremy - Go With The Flow

  22. Genlog - Revolution

  23. Hooligan - B.O.T.T.R.O.P. (Gizmo Remix)

  24. Yves - The Main Man

  25. Tutti Frutti EP. - Rotterdam Mix

  26. Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies

  27. Zelator - Check The Call

  28. Traxcalibur - Poetica

  29. Car & Drive - Help Germany

  30. XTC - Rotterdam Mix

  31. Undercover Anarchist - Kingdom

  32. Strange Food - Junkfood

  33. Zekt - External

  34. Critical Mass - Severe Trauma

  35. RMB Heaven & Hell E.P. - The Place To Be

  36. Next Fashion - Error

  37. Mind Candy - Mind Destroyer

  38. Asylum - Mescalum

  39. Nip Collective - Weekend

  40. Ace Cosmic - Why

  41. VCF - Hydrochloric

  42. Dano - Marsh Mellow

  43. Buzz Fuzz - D-Leria

  44. Protectors Of Bass - Hicked Pitch (Remix)

  45. Program 1 - World's Famous MF

  46. Liberation - Final Carvings

  47. OG's - The Kings Are Coming

  48. Chosen Few - Freedom

  49. High Energy, Hellraising - The Box

  50. Dano - Best In The West

  51. F. Salee - A Night In Boston

  52. The Prophet - God

  53. Dione - The Flipside

  54. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - I Control Your Body

  55. Tschabos - Gib Mir Die Bass (Noch Korrekter)

The tracklist looks great. And it's a nice mixture of the really early stuff, to the mid 90s, to the late 90s. Credit where credit is due, Diagno!ze has created a very nice tracklist. Different, that's for sure.

Now comes the hard bit. The mix itself. It's OK. Not perfect, and full of little mixing errors. And even the build up of the set can be a tad off. Going from the early stuff to the later stuff and back. It would have been slightly better if it were to follow a pattern: from old to new? Here it's like whatever is on the decks is being played. And not always carefully mixed together. That's a shame though.

It's a breath of fresh air to see this tracklist. Not following the conformity, but doing whatever they like. And I appreciate it. It could have been better. It is highly enjoyable, but could have been so much better.

Best track? One you don't hear that often, but deserve all the love and credit it deserves: VCD - Hydrochloric. Epic early Hardcore track!

DJ: Diagno!ze

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Gabber, Rave, Acid Hardcore, Hard Techno, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: The Early Hardcore Megamix .mp3

Length Mix: 02:03:38

Tracks: 55 (fifty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2021


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