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It's Sunday, and I'm a tad hungover. Why, you might be asking? Well, we had a nice day in central London yesterday, celebrating the Dutch King's birthday, near Moorgate, and I had a few beverages. And normally I wouldn't want to listen to anything hard, rough and fast the day I'm experiencing a hangover, but truth be told, I really wanted to hear a specific mix I've seen on Soundcloud the other day, one that blew my mind, and nearly my car speakers, into a million pieces. Anyone familiar with Dubstep? If so, you'll love this mix.

All jokes aside, we all love a bit of Dubstep, don't we? And when I discovered this mix, I had to listen to it. A dope image to go along with it, but it's not the image that speaks, it's the music. And even though I've never heard of Benzo, his mix has grabbed me by my throat, and hasn't let go of it for a few days. And I'm not the only one who really likes this mix: this mix has got only positive feedback so far. And guess what I'm going to give this mix? Well, you just have to wait until the end of the review (or you can just scroll to the end of this review to find the answer...)

I've lost touch of what happens in the Dubstep scene, but what I've not lost, is my love for the music. The music is ace, and sometimes exactly what we need to hear. Benzo's mix has got a deeper meaning to it, and it's worth reading why on his Soundcloud page. But for now, let's focus on the music, the 43 records he has selected for this 60 minute long mix. Ready for the tracklist?

  1. Benzo - Go Ju Wu Tang Intro

  2. Codd Dubz - Sidewalk Psycho

  3. Dack Janiels - Fancy Footwork

  4. Aweminus & Dack Janiels - Serious Sam

  5. Bainbridge - Raver's Anthem

  6. Rezz x Deathpact - Chemical Bond

  7. Louijayxx - Knockout

  8. Stoned Level - Fuck Em

  9. Nazaar feat Luiejayxx - Shadows

  10. Zomboy - Like A Bitch (Kill The Noise Remix)

  11. Codd Dubz - SKURD

  12. Stoned Level - Annihilate

  13. Benzo - ID

  14. Ivory, Yakz & Codd Dubz - Dirty Dogs

  15. ID - Grove Street (Bonkers Edit)

  16. Svdden Death - Chor (Space Wizard Bootleg)

  17. Heritage - Get Up On It

  18. Focuss - Get Back

  19. ID - No Hands (Bonkers Edit)

  20. Louiejayxx - Mental

  21. Fools Of Wisdom - Hardcore

  22. Benzo - ID

  23. Boogie T x Habstrakt x Jacknife - TikTok Hype (Benzo Edit)

  24. ID - Really Really I'm Professor Genius (Benzo Edit)

  25. Drinkurwater - Space Water

  26. ID - Babatunde (Space Wizard Reimagination)

  27. Lumberjvks & Odd Language - Frequency

  28. Tremors - Volume Check

  29. Lucci x Point.blank - Wonky

  30. Getter x Ghostmane - Hack_Slash (Noughts Flip)

  31. ID - Trampoline (OG Nixon Edit)

  32. Subtronics x Rich Chigga x Cinema Crystalize - Seventeen Tractors (Benzo Edit)

  33. Louiejayxx - Pop Like

  34. Codd Dubz - Pass That

  35. Echo Drone - Brake Check

  36. Stoned Level - The Hound

  37. Benzo - ID

  38. Jairu - Wita Mask

  39. Superfresh - Run Ya Mouth

  40. Moody Good & Slander feat Karra - Heart Break (Aweminus Remix)

  41. Krowd KTRL - Money Talk$

  42. Too Kind - Burn

  43. Zeds Dead x MKLA - Alive (Louiejayxx Remix)

This was an hour that flew by quicker than imagined. Why? Well, because the music is ace. A nice flow throughout this mix, and Benzo keeps the entertainment level really high. If you can sit through this without moving one millimetre, there must be something wrong with you. How can you sit still? This is good Dubstep.

I've not heard of Benzo before, but this mix really impressed me. And I've played this over and over multiple times already. Have I enjoyed myself? A lot, and that's the truth. I even listened to this mix on my way home, during the Friday rush hour on the M25, and the bass was so filthy and hard, it made most of the car tremble. But in all honesty, isn't that the only way to appreciate Dubstep music? If it doesn't bang your speakers, it doesn't bang at all?

What's there to say about this mix that hasn't been said on Soundcloud already? It's a big mix, and I'm really enjoying this mix a lot. I don't review many Dubstep mixes, but when I do get the chance to review one, it's always a pleasure to listen to them. And Benzo's mix is truly one that will remain in my favourite list on Soundcloud. Dope ass mix.

Worth checking out, if you want to have something playing through your speakers during this Bank holiday weekend. Give yourself permanent brain damage, but the good kind. And blow up your car speakers!

DJ: Benzo

Genre/Style: Dubstep, Grime


Length Mix: 01:00:47

Tracks: 43 (fourty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Benzo - Soundcloud Channel

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