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The Prodigy ‎– Music For The Jilted Generation (1994)

Today is a sad day for everyone who loves Rave music. Everyone who knows the Prodigy has probably read the breaking news stories all over social media. Today we lost Keith Flint, one of The Prodigy's members. But before we continue, we are not judging anyone, or start gossiping about the reason why or how. We are here today to tribute his input into one of the world's greatest Rave acts. And that is an understatement that everyone would underline.

I cannot remember which year it was when I first fell in love with the band, but it was after 'No Good' came out. As we speak it's one of the least favourite Prodigy records of all time, due to the radio overkill it received. But that said, it has paved the way for Rave to invade the Top 40 and cement its place into eternity. Not saying there weren't others, but the Prodigy took the Rave culture globally, and when they released 'Music For The Jilted Generation' back in 1994, they took the world by storm. A force we had not seen before.

The music was different. It was groundbreaking stuff. Unique, and powerful. Any of the Prodigy records could be played at a rave, and the club would explode. Even in 2019 you can play records from this majestic album, and crowds will loose themselves. And all that fame and stardom because of a few boys just wanting to have fun. They broke the rules. Fuck that, they re-written the bloody handbook!

I've never been to one of their livesets, but I've heard many people talk about this. It would have been an experience of a lifetime. Their energetic behaviour on stage would appeal to everyone. But back in 1994 they were still pushing boundaries, and this album (alongside 'Experience') has to be one of the greatest Rave albums of all time.

I found this album on Soundcloud, and could NOT share it with you all.

01. The Prodigy - Intro

02. The Prodigy - Break & Enter

03. The Prodigy - Their Law

04. The Prodigy - Full Throttle

05. The Prodigy - Voodoo People

06. The Prodigy - Speedway (Theme from Fastlane)

07. The Prodigy - The Heat (The Energy)

08. The Prodigy - Poison

09. The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance)

10. The Prodigy - One Love (Edit)

11. The Prodigy - The Narcotic Suite :

- The Prodigy - 3 Kilos

- The Prodigy - Skylined

- The Prodigy - Claustrophoic Sting

As I said before, this is an important album. And it has been listed as an album you need to listen to before you die. Now that's an achievement on its own, but to still remain powerful, 25 years later, is just not something we just simply brush away.

To me the first 2 Prodigy albums and Goldie's Timeless remain the finest albums I've ever heard. And there's a good reason for it: the music is limitless and eternal. You cannot say that these are dated songs, or even say that they sound a specific way. Because they don't. They sound like they were made to last a lifetime, or even eternity. And they will.

The power behind this album is not the quantity, but the quality. You get full length records, and boy, are they solid as a rock! I have played this album over and over again over the years, and still it makes me feel like a boy. This album have stood the test of time, and it's all because of the efforts of the whole group back in 1993/1994.

I'm proud to consider myself an early Prodigy fan. Not a fan of their latest stuff, but that said, it all depends on the person. I do prefer the old Prodigy, the rave stuff. But even with 'newer' albums they kept on experimenting with music. Which led to them being one of the biggest groups in the world.

Best song? Pff. All of them. Yes, 'No Good' isn't my favourite due to overkill, but it still packs a punch. But the one that gets me every time is 'Full Throttle'.

Yes, this is categorised as an album, even though it's put on Soundcloud. You should get this album right now! Pure rave nostalgia on a disc. If you want to hear the roots of many dance anthems, check this out.

RIP Keith Flint. A legend. A true raver. A pioneer is now amongst the stars, filled with those we already lost over the years. Rave safe in heaven, mate!

Act: The Prodigy

Genre/Style: Breakbeat, Techno, Big Beat

CD Info: Music For The Jilted Generation

CDs: 1 (one)

Length Album: +/+ 1 hour

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Label: XL Recordings

Product Number: XLCD 114

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