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Thunderdome 2022 | Angerfist vs. Tha Playah

I can honestly say that I've not encountered a set this year that made me smile more than this one. I found this set last week on Thunderdome's official YouTube channel, and I haven't stopped listening to this set. It's a big set, and roughly 38k plays already, so people are just like me: enjoying this set a lot. And if you were one of the few people at last year's Thunderdome, you want to reminisce and relive the moment these two legends took to the stage, and played the finest anthems. They are two of the finest Hardcore icons, and their set is now available to watch, if you can handle the heat!

The set you are about to listen to (or view), is a set by Tha Playah and Angerfist, live at last year's Thunderdome. And if you have read any of my previous reviews, you know I didn't go to Thunderdome, as I was too late to purchase tickets. But after listening to this set, it has given me the urge to go out and rave my nuts off. This set took me back in time, and not only did the music take me back, but also the way this show was set up/presented. The visuals are absolutely insane. Really ridiculous. In a positive way. I was blown away during this 48 minute long set by how awesome the mainstage looked, and how the gabbers were blinded by the awesome lighting equipment. But it's all about the music, and the music is, as expected, excellent!

Both Angerfist and Tha Playah have been a huge influence for me, during the Millennium years. Both are excellent producers, and they are both considered as the finest producer in the Hardcore scene. Angerfist obviously amassed a huge following all over the world, and his brand is known all over (his famous mask), but let's not underestimate Tha Playah. He's been on top of his game since day one, and you can find a shit ton of his records in this mix, highlighting his impact on the scene.

Put these two together, and you get an ace set, one that put the biggest smile on my face. The biggest smile of 2023 so far! But which tracks did they select for their short set?

  1. Tha Playah - Why So Serious?

  2. Angerfist - Bite Yo Style

  3. Angerfist - In A Million Years

  4. Tha Playah & Neophyte - Still Nr. 1

  5. Tha Playah - Walking The Line

  6. Angerfist - Riotstarter

  7. Tha Playah - Mastah Of Shock (Angerfist Remix)

  8. Tha Playah & Neophyte & The Viper - Master This

  9. Angerfist & Outblast & Crucifier - Triple Vision

  10. Angerfist & Dyprax - The Pearly Gates

  11. Tha Playah & Neophyte - Snitcher

  12. Angerfist & Outblast feat Tha Watcher - Voice Of Mayhem (Official Masters Of Hardcore 2010 Anthem)

  13. Angerfist - Temple Of Disease (Tha Playah Remix)

  14. Angerfist - Street Fighter (Vocals)

  15. Angerfist & Tha Playah feat MC Jeff - Just Like Me (Mashup)

  16. Tha Playah & Neophyte & Panic & Evil Activities - Adrenaline

  17. Angerfist - Knock Knock

  18. Angerfist & MC Nolz - The Deadfaced Dimension

  19. Tha Playah & Frequencerz - Envy

  20. Angerfist & Radical Redemption - Repercussion

  21. Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Riders Of Retaliation (Official Dominator 2015 Anthem)

  22. Angerfist & Tha Playah - Prophecy

  23. Angerfist & Outblast - Odious

  24. Angerfist - Still A Full Gentle Racket (Angerfist 2019 Refix) (Mashuo)

  25. ID - ID

  26. Paul Elstak - You're A Hardcore Hooligan (Vocals)

  27. Angerfist & Furyan - Hoax (Mashup)

  28. Denekamp Gespuis - Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah Remix)

  29. Angerfist & Miss K8 - Santiago (Tha Playah Remix)

  30. Angerfist - Pennywise

  31. Tha Playah & Mad Dog - Embrace The Fire

  32. Angerfist & MC Nolz - Creed Of Chaos

  33. Tha Playah & Restrained - Let It Burn

  34. Angerfist - Diabolic Dice

  35. Angerfist - Freddy

  36. Tha Playah - Vigilance (Thunderdome 2022 Edit) w/ Tha Playah & Broken Minds - Erased From The Dead

  37. Angerfist - Mighty Methods vs Incoming

  38. Tha Playah & Angerfist - The Heartless

  39. Angerfist - Bad Attitude (Deadly Guns Remix)

  40. Angerfist - Solid Stigma

What an insane looking tracklist! Taking me right back to the glorious days of Hardcore! So many awesome records in here, and also the volume of tracks in 48 minutes is insane!

I've been listening to this set a few days in a row now, and I have to say that I'm sitting here, in regret, for not going to Thunderdome. And especially regretting the fact that I missed this set. Oh, how I would have loved to go to this, and rave hard. The fans are loving it, just by looking at the footage shared by Thunderdome. The show in its entirety is insane: from the visuals to how the set was recorded. It all works well, and with the two finest producers/DJs behind the decks, you are surely entertained for 48 minutes.

This set has created the urge to go out again. And I should. Sitting on my ass doesn't do me any good. I need to burn off the fat, and why not do it during an Angerfist and Tha Playah set?

I love the balance between Tha Playah records and Angerfist ones. The majority are made by Angerfist, but it seems to be balanced. They did bring the heat to Thunderdome, and the crowd loved it. At certain moments, if you were to close your eyes, you could picture this being a MoH event, as the tunes were MoH success anthems, or even Dominator records, but no, you are wrong; they were at Thunderdome, and made sure they left a legacy behind, one to be proud of.

A wonderful set, with only one tiny issue: I seriously dislike Paul Elstak's 'You're A Hardcore Hooligan'. Such a dreadful song.

Best record? I have to pick two: The Deadfaced Dimension' and 'Temple Of Disease'. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant records.

A wonderful set. Can't top this set. It's the best one I've heard this year, and it will be a hard one to beat!

DJs: Angerfist vs Tha Playah

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Thunderdome 2022

Length Liveset: 00:48:09

Tracks: 40 (fourty)

Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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