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Tunnel Of Terror (1998)

Let me take you back roughly 23 years ago, back to 1998. It was the wonderful year for us all: it was the year for me, in which I lost my raving virginity. I remember it like it was yesterday. And it was also probably the best year for my music collection, because I purchased literally everything under the Sun. And when I say everything, I do mean everything. If it was Hardcore related, I bought it. But never this album. I reviewed the other CD a year ago, it was the CD I actually purchased. I am saddened to say that I should have purchased this album, but just simply forgot. Hardcore was at its peak, and it was going to die sooner or later. To find a copy now is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fucking impossible.

So, as mentioned in the previous review, it was the year of the Tunnel Of Terror compilation. Well, this one in particular. There have been many Terror compilations, and they are still going strong, but the ID&T/Arcade compilation only consisted of two instalments, and then, it just died. Why? Maybe ID&T knew it wasn't going well with Hardcore, who knew? But I remember it like it was yesterday: walking into the Free Record Shop, seeing these in the Arcade stand near the entrance, and listening to them with the big ass (and filthy) headset at the counter. Volume to the max, and fucking go for it.

Even though I never purchased this one, I still had Youtube. And a few days ago I was reminded again that this CD exists. I had to give this another go, and it blew me away, over and over. Some memorable names on this CD, like Drokz & Tails, Dano, Skinhead, Rob Gee, Stickhead, Nasenbluten, Ruffian, and the list goes on. 36 Terror records on two CDs. Don't know how much these were back in the day. Why does ƒ49,99 ring a bell? Wasn't the cheap shite from Mecado like ƒ25, and the more high end stuff around 50? Anyone an idea on how much this album was back in 1998?

So, what kind of music by which artists did we call Terror back in 1998? You interested?

CD 1 :

  1. DJ Narcotic vs U.V.C. - Step Into The Pit

  2. Bold Bob - Dive Into Steel

  3. 3 Bad Brothers - Too Strong

  4. MC Drokz & Tails - Doin' Time

  5. French Connection - Bullshit

  6. Rob Gee & The Natas - Headrush

  7. Delta Nine - Speakerworship

  8. The Leathernecks - Leathernecker

  9. Infarct - The Anti-Christ

  10. Christ Of Noise - Intruders Are Coming

  11. MC Drokz & Tails - Murder All

  12. DJ Dano - Terror Is Timeless

  13. DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror (N.Y. Hardcore Mix)

  14. Count Negative & MC Drokz - Lie & Die

  15. D.O.A. - DJ Assfucker

  16. Ron D-Core - Fuck Deep House

  17. The Plague - This Is Where It Stops

  18. Jack Lucifer - 96 Knights (Don't Fear The Darkness)

CD 2:

  1. Don Demon & Stickhead - Conquer The World

  2. Siege & Menace - I Hate You

  3. Akira, Drokz & Tails - Kill Anyone

  4. Nasenbluten -- Machete

  5. Kill Selective - Fucked Up

  6. DJ Dano - Fuckem All

  7. Laurent Ho - Uretan

  8. Critical Mass - Severe Trauma

  9. Multi Death Clan - Slavery

  10. Diode - Listen & Learn

  11. The New York Terrorist - Hellbound Terror

  12. Ruffian - Cutter

  13. The Ender - Kill Everybody

  14. Liza 'N Eliaz & DJ Dano - Pawlow

  15. Bold Bob - Kick Ya

  16. B.C. Kid - All Or Nothing

  17. Psyche-Out - Hydra Blast

  18. The Bezerker - Once Upon A Cross

I think we can all say in all honesty that some of these records have become all time Terror classics, and some... well, maybe not really deserve to be ignored, and some are just straight up silly, and dopey as fuck! Or maybe, just maybe, I don't understand the message behind the record. Case in point, Critical Mass' song 'Severe Trauma', a record which I never really liked. Don't know what they did smoke at the time of manufacturing this track, but it just reeks of nastiness. Not memorable, not even on an early Hardcore/Terror event,

But the majority of these records are very good records. Like Dano's take on Terror. And let's not forget Stickhead's involvement in the scene, or what about the grandaddy of the scene Drokz. Gran pappy Drokz. Ouwe lul Drokz. As you all know, I love his music, and have been a fan since (funnily enough) the time I saw him at the Tunnel of Terror back in 1998 (Bussloo baby!).

But which record (of each CD) deserves the most praise? Well, it was a difficult decision, but CD has got 'Lie & Die' by Count Negative & Drokz. Fucking epic dark anthem. A Terror classics for the history books: if you want to know how to write a Terror track, this could be a good example!

Second CD has also got some classics. But sorry Drokz, this time it's not you, but it's 'Hellbound Terror' by The New York Terrorist.

All in all a good CD. Not mixed. Just pure Terror. Well, Terror. It was a wide spectrum, we called a lot of things Terror. Speedcore? Yes, Terror. Normal Hardcore but a tad faster? That's Terror.

A good CD, but not as good as the second instalment. If the second one would have 'Lie & Die', it would have been the greatest Terror album from the 90s for me.

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Terror, Speedcore

CD Info: Tunnel Of Terror

Length CD; 02:32:51

Release Year: 1998

Tracks: 36 (thirty-six)

Label: Arcade International

Product Number: 9902346

More Information: ---------

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