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Ultimate ZANY Classics Showcase Vol.1 (2204-2007) (16.12.2021)

Some days you just learn new stuff, stuff that amazes you. And today is such a day. We started off the day with a Christmas Gabber mix, but now it's time for a Hardstyle mix, a classic one, and all the tracks are by one of the most well known DJs in the Hardstyle scene: DJ Zany. And what I didn't know about him, is that he was part of the Shadowlands Terrorists. How's that for some interesting trivia on this wonderfully mild Christmas Eve? I knew he was part of the Donkey Rollers, but never part of the Shadowlands Terrorists! And that he started in the Hardcore scene before moving into Hardstyle.

Over the years he has been very successful, and I can say this as my own opinion: he's been more successful in the Hardstyle scene compared to the Hardcore scene. When Hardstyle was born in the early 2000s, he was one of the producers I appreciated a lot! Never had the chance to hear him perform live (I think), but would have been amazing to hear these classic tunes coming through the speakers, eh? And he's made some memorable classic Hardstyle anthems back in the day. And Audioholik thought the same, and he composed this showcase mix. 74 minutes of DJ Zany's production from 2004 to 2007.

So what can you expect to hear in this mix? All wicked Hardstyle classic anthems from back in the day. 17 of the finest DJ Zany records from back in the day, and they had this distinctive sound, which still resonates in 2021. A much loved and much missed sound, so unique to the early Hardstyle sound. And if I am brutally honest for once, I do have to acknowledge that the early Hardstyle sound still rocks, and is even better than the present day Hardstyle. Fuck it, I just said it, fight me in the comments.

Before fights start erupting, check out the tracklist, and press play. Let the music speak for itself!

  1. Zany - Science & Religion (Science Mix)

  2. Zany - Freakz

  3. A*S*Y*S - Cheers (Zany Remix)

  4. Zany - Inflator

  5. Zany - Thugs

  6. Dana - Mash (Zany Remix)

  7. Return Corps - Wrong Frequency (Zany Remix)

  8. Zany - Deep Inside

  9. Southstylers - Diz Tortion

  10. Tuneboy - Demolition (Zany Remix)

  11. Zany - Widowmaker

  12. Southstylers - Wroaw

  13. Zany - Feel The Drumz

  14. Lock 'N Load - Blow Ya Mind (Zany Remix)

  15. Donkey Rollers - Mothers*ck (Zany Remix Remastered)

  16. Zany & Duro - Back Again

  17. Philippe Rochard - Survivors Of Hardstyle (Zany Remix)

Now this is a Hardstyle mix I wasn't ready for, and little did I know I wanted this so badly! It's like Audioholik looked inside my head and knew that he had to make this mix. Not especially for me, obviously, but he knew that this music was well needed to be heard again. More of this please, and I'm guessing more will be coming soon, as this is the first volume!

I can talk a lot about Zany, but I'd rather just discuss this mix. It's 74 minutes long, and has got 17 records in it. That's enough said, right? Not only Zany's own productions are in here, but also a few of the remixes he made. A good mix, with sick anthems. Underestimated period in the Hardstyle scene, that's for sure.

Audioholik has made a lot of interesting mixes in the past, and this is one of his finest mixes. The best of his mixes has to be Scot Project's showcase mix: I still listen to this at least once a week. But this comes close, really close.

Another wicked thing about this mix is the fact that it's downloadable. A wicked Christmas present, all for free! And it's got the biggest Donkey Rollers track in it, remixed by Zany: 'Motherf*ck'. Argue whatever you like, but this has to be the best song in this mix. Maybe even the best Zany song ever? Nah, that has to be 'Volt', which might appear in volume 2, who knows?

DJ: Audioholik

Genre/Style: Hardstyle

Mix Info: Ultimate ZANY Classics Showcase Vol.1 (2004-2007)

Length Mix: 01:14:06

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 184,6 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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