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What Is Dead May Never Die - Mixed By Solution (2019)

Before we begin, let's just talk briefly about the title of this mix. 'What is dead may never die'? What the actual fuck? I know Freeform is an underground movement, but this title has got to be one of the darkest ones I've ever encountered as a reviewer! This is dark, and yet the music is heavenly! Obviously I do not expect mixes to be called 'fluffy pirate punching melon-mix' or 'mr Kipling's finest sweety record-mix', but this is dark. Is there a hidden message behind this all, one I'm completely missing?

Anyway, let's talk about the mix. And we'll dive straight into it. It's Freeform. A bit of everything, old or new, you can find it in here. A bit of UK Freeform, and a bit of Finnish Freeform (a.k.a. FINRG). And I love the fact that Solution has selected a wide variety of artists: Oli G, Marc Smith, Substanced, Carbon Based, Endemic, Alek Szahala, Lost Soul, Transcend, and more.

Solution is a Freeform legend. Last saw him at BMH (was it Birmingham or Bournemouth, can't remember). Can't even remember the whole set, I was drinking the bar empty. But Solution is amongst the legends of the scene, he's a wonderful DJ, and with this dark titled mix he shows that he's on top of it, as ever. He's not lost it, and he will remain Freeform forever.

The tracklist, yep, that would be handy, wouldn't it?

01. Transcend - Astral Projection

02. DJ Rx - Code Of Silence

03. Lost Soul - Singularity

04. Endemic - Loki

05. Duncan Oatham - Push The Tempo (Lost Soul Remix)

06. Alek Szahala - Alanamra

07. Effigy, Sano & K Complex - Virtual Reality

08. Carbon Based - Anger Ball (Kevin Energy Remix)

09. Innerspace - Twisted Metal

10. Douglas feat Rhona - FM220 (Endemic Remix)

11. Endemic - The Chosen

12. Solution & Ephexis - Elements

13. Transcend - Shiva

14. Adaptive, Onslaught & K Complex - Civilisations End

15. Carbon Based - Cyclone (Sinthetic Remix)

16. Alek Szahala - Lumi (Kevin Energy Remix)

17. Transcend & Cyrax - Unleashed (Substanced Remix)

18. Substanced - Coordinates

19. Marc Smith & Darwin - Cut The Midrange

20. Substanced - Oneiroi

21. Marc Smith - Boom & Pow

22. Shanty, Tazz & Concept - Beast Of Hardcore

23. Oli G & Speedy B - Lazarou

24. Stereotype - Out Of This World

See, I told you this tracklist is a beast. I did, didn't I? No, I didn't, but now you know it's a beast. And I'd already shared it among my Dutch friends at Partyflock: there's a forum on which one of the topic is about Freeform/UK Hardcore, and whenever I see a mix (with a tracklist) good enough to be shared, I will do that.

Solution's mix is nicely balanced, and towards the end of the mix it all becomes harder and rougher. But he has not forgotten to play some extremely melodic Freeform. And mixes like this one re-light the spark, the love for Freeform. It's rare to find Freeform mixes nowadays, it's like it's slowly fading into obscurity. A few years ago we would hear a ton of mixes every week, and now it's every so often. So a mix like this one is definately a treat.

I just love the quality of the tunes he has selected. You know immediately that the tunes are good, because they are made by the finest artists. I've got no criticism at all. The mix is dope, the mixing is dope, and the tunes are dope. Can't remember when the last time I reviewed a Solution mix, but I guess it has been as good as this one. Never disappoints me, this man!

Well, maybe one critical thing to mention: the size of this mix! It's 0.98 GB! Fuck me, I know it's big, but this big?

DJ: Solution

Genre/Style: Freeform, UK Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: What Is Dead May Never Die

Length Mix: 01:39:55

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 0.98 GB

File Type: .aif

Bitspeed: unknown ore Information: DJ Solution - Soundcloud Page

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