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It's official, it's Winter. But looking outside, a storm is brewing. Storm Ciara is currently sweeping the nation, and throwing bins around the place. It's manic, it's hectic. Scary? Not really, but it's still early. Things might happen later. But for now it's my neighbours bins that are suffering from the storm. So to not hear them flying through the street, I needed something hard, rough, and idiotic. Hence why I went to Lil Texas' page. This Texian DJ has been doing great stuff in the harder style scene, and has become a household name in such a short period of time. And his WINTER HARDCORE 2019 MIX has already been listened to 27k+ within a month. It seems that people are digging this a lot. Am I one of those people?

Well, I'm still listening to this mix, so the answer is yes. It's hard though. Bloody Nora, it's hard. This is not for the people who can't handle beats above 138 BPM. This has got way more BPMs than most of us can handle. And if you wanted to see Lil Texas, you could have seen him at GPF party, which happened only a few hours ago. Not fair, I wanted to go there. But hey ho, I am not. Anyway, if you have missed this event, no worries: at least we've got this Winter mix. Even though in London it doesn't look like Winter at all.

The mix is 58 minutes long. and contains 45 records. Starting with some nice Hardstyle/Rawstyle anthems, and slowly increasing the BPMs. By the time you've reached the half hour mark, you are already out of breath, and you feel dehydrated. Or is that just me?

The tracklist for anyone who's interested (if you haven't seen this mix already):

01. Thyron & Luminite - Loud Noises x Fraw - Combat (Intro Edit)

02. Malice & Luminite - Death Destruction (Live Edit)

03. Delete feat Rooler - Annihilate

04. eDUB - 154

05. Blaster & Project Core - Fade To Black

06. Dither & Cesqueax - Detonate

07. Stereotype - Abracadabra

08. Project Core - Rising

09. The Satan - Bombs

10. Dither - Blow The Speakers

11. Reevoid - Blessed

12. Djipe - City Of Ash

13. Blaster - Tear The Place Up

14. Yoshiko & Redrums - Ganja Kidz

15. The Melodyst & Menthalquake - Technology

16. Broken Minds feat Ernesto Alonso & Alee - Waltz Of Death (Official Masters Of Hardcore Spain 2019 Anthem)

17. Tha Playah - Vigilance

18. Broken Minds - Coke In My Nose

19. Deadly Guns & Delete - In Control

20. Rooler & N-Vitral - Get Back

21. Nosferatu & Furyan - The Possession

22. The Satan - Demolition

23. Tha Playah - Be Cool

24. Detest & Deterrent Man - Break The Mirror

25. Nosferatu - And Died Again (Edit)

26. Lil Texas - Chop Shop

27. Krelisa - Motivation

28. Dither & Lil Texas - Hardcore Heartbreak (VIP)

29. Trespasseds - 2 Clips Bitch

30. Deadly Guns & Lil Texas - ID

31. Krowdexx - Burn It Down

32. DJ Mad Dog - Reset

33. Lil Texas - ID

34. Mind Compressor - May God Be With You

35. Lil Texas - ID

36. GPF & Tieum - Flikker Op

37. Lil Texas - Keep Movin

38. Crime Scene feat MC Instinct - Underground Killer

39. Lil Texas - ID

40. Angerfist - Geto Tremble

41. Cryogenic - Push It To The Limit

42. Scarphase vs N-Vitral presents Bombsquad - Crack Smokers

43. Trespassed & MBK - Basement

44. Scarphase - Scarphase Bass (Cryogenic Remix)

45. GPF - All I Want For Christmas Is Fuuuuuck

For those picky people out there, the tracklist on Soundcloud says 46, but I could only see 45 records. Number 26 seemed to have disappeared? Anyway, you are not that bothered, are you? You couldn't care less.

At the moment, the wind is blowing outside, and this mix is blowing my mind, all at the same time. This is filth. Lil Texas, you are a weirdo. Your Winter mix is truly insane. How can anyone still be standing after 58 minutes? You are truly blown away by the BPMs, and they only increase from the first second. No fucking about, this man does not take any prisoners.

Best record? I wanted to choose GPF's record, specifically the last record, but we are outside of the festive season, so I cannot select it now. Instead I've selected The Satan's 'Bombs'. A true dancefloor smasher. Filth.

Maybe in Texas it's Winter now, and they are experiencing a lot of snow. God knows, sadly never been to 'Murica.Really want to though. But for now I'm fine in London. But this DJ does bring the heat and fire to 'Murica. I love the fact that he just does whatever he fancies. Plays the hardest records out there. And also that he has given this mix out for free, if you've got Spotify. I do not have it, but if you want to hear this mix, just get Spotify, and listen to it wherever you fancy.

A fantastic mix. Hard, rough, and yeah, fucked up. But did you expect anything else from Lil Texas? I certainly didn't expect a slow mix. But this hard? Not really.

We need more Lil Texas. This mix was dope.

DJ: Lil Texas

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore, Texcore


Length Mix: 00:57:57

Tracks: 45 (fourty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: Lil Texas - Soundcloud Page

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