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XXL Invites 026 | Somniac One (2022)

Monday morning has arrived, and I'm working. WFH, as a lot of people are. But I shouldn't be, as it's my day off. Work never leaves my mind, and I just had to do a few bits and bobs here and there. To get me through the early start, I went to my favourite list on Soundcloud, and pressed play on a mix I found a month or so ago, made by Somniac One. It's been a while since the last review I've done, but thankfully now is the time to wake up to this glorious mix, which comes with a tracklist too, which is always an added bonus!

Obviously, those that know me, know I only wake up to something glorious. I don't want to wake up to something dreadful and boring. I need that bit of oomph, a bit of power to come at me through my speakers. It could be when I'm WFH, or even when I'm in the office: my journey to work has to be filled with a lot of bass. My speakers need to rumble and Somniac One certainly does that. Well, not the DJ, but the mix she's made. That certainly blows up my speakers!

It has already got positive feedback from those that listened to it, and I'm joining them. It might be only an hour long, but within that hour you do get the finest and darkest Techno anthems.

She keeps us on our toes, and keeps us moving. Really like the vibe, and it certainly made my morning go by quicker than expected. But which records did she use for this mix?

  1. Dahryl - Driver

  2. W.L.V.S. - Guilty (Tommy Four Seven Remix)

  3. 59909 Alliance - The Unholy Alliance

  4. Perc - Metamorphic

  5. Manni Dee - See Me Now

  6. Giant Swan - RRR+1

  7. Balrog - Morse Code

  8. Perc - Safe As Fuck

  9. Hemka - Rituals

  10. EAS - LA Bro

  11. Ghost In The Machine - Tool Time

  12. Andreas Kraemer & Shadym - So Wie Es Sein Muss

  13. Darzack & Ospiel - Subterranean Stem

  14. Johnny Piras - Pledge To Respect And Thank

  15. Shadym - Purity

  16. Cleric & Azrael - Addicted To Love

  17. VII Circle - Doom

  18. Scalameriya - Aeon Core

  19. D. Carbone - Infidelity (Starving Insect Remix)

  20. Sour - Proton

  21. Marc Acardipane - Pitch-Hiker (Ghost In The Machine Remix)

  22. Nightshift - I AM DOOM

  23. Tymon - Dead Inside

  24. Trust True - Karosta

  25. 10 CLS - Microwave Sky

This has been on loud since 6 am, and it's been a blessing. Maybe a nuisance to our neighbours, but I could not give a shiny shite. I need to wake up, and if I do, they do too!

Nah, I'm not that kind of a bellend, but I did have this on max volume though. Thankfully our walls are probably insulated, so it wouldn't affect the neighbours sleep that much.

This XXL Soundcloud channel, whoever is responsible for this, you've gained a new follower. If you've got more mixes like this one, I will certainly check the page out. No need to follow Somniac One, as I already do. But this latest mix was one I couldn't just ignore, and let it go by. I had to jump on it, and I'm glad that I did. It's a bonkers mix, and it's a glorious one. The darker the Techno, the better, right?

Best record? 'I AM DOOM'. Early Marc Acardipane vibes... LOVE IT!

An ace mix. Nothing else to mention. Check it out right now!

DJ: Somniac One

Genre/Style: Techno

Mix Info: XXL Invites 026 | Somniac One (2022)

Length Mix: 01:00:33

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

More Information: XXL - Soundcloud Channel

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