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  • Dont Fuck With a Ruffneck [Ruffneck Records Mix] (2020)

    It is Wednesday, and for most people it's just another day. To me it's an extraordinary day: alone in a Premier Inn hotel near work, and I am sitting here, all alone. Nothing on television, bored stiff. I decided to fire up the laptop, and do something I love: blogging. And one of the most recent mixes I came across was a mix dedicated to one of the best labels of the 90s and early 2000s: Ruffneck Records. The mix was released roughly 1 year ago, and was made by Genetic. It was one of those mixes probably reposted by friends/followers on Soundcloud, otherwise I might not have found this at all. I love Ruffneck Records. A very iconic and distinctive label that took us all by surprise once it was created back in the 90s, and when we all heard a Ruffneck Records track for the first time, the Artcore sound just stuck with us all. Obviously the label was created by DJ Ruffneck himself, and there's a whole back story behind the label, which I'm not going to discuss today (why not listen to DJ Ruffneck's interview, I think it was ROAR that invited him? Very interesting interview). The label wasn't just a place for DJ Ruffneck to release his own tunes, but he released tunes made by well established names. The label became a huge success, and even to this day it has gained a huge cult following. It's an important factor in the Hardcore industry, and it's always nice to see dedicated mixes on Soundcloud/Mixcloud. It can be confusing by the way, to find out the aliases used by DJ Ruffneck. He has had so many over the years, you cannot tell if a mix contains records made by one person only, or by multiple. He was Juggernaut and Knightvision, also Lockjaw? I am still amazed by the amount of 'alter egos' created by DJ Ruffneck. Could be an interesting delve into the history and who's who? Many pages are filled with this kind of information. Let's focus on the tracklist, and see if I can persuade you to give this a go: D'Spyre - 5.31 Minutes To D'Spyre Myztic - To Da Rhythm Knightvision - Knight Of Visions Predator vs Wedlock - Roots And Culture Lockjaw - The Point Knightvision - Who Is It Paradox - What Is Wisdom Ectomorph - No Law Paradox - The Guillotine Predator vs Wedlock - Pump The Vibe Nitrogen - Bad Bwoy Myrmidon - No Choice Myztic - Photonic Style Knightvision - The Search For Mariuhana Juggernaut - LSD '97 (DJ Ruffneck Remix) Paradox - My DJ... Cutz Juggernaut - Don't Fuck With A Ruffneck Nosferatu - The Future Cybernators - Funky Tales Knightvision - Biomoid Nosferatu - Inspiration Vibes Doesn't this look tasty? Oh sweet Lord, flashbacks to the 90s have just occurred. Please take me back, right the fuck now! You just can't replicate this sound anymore, so unique and so 90s. Some try, and sometimes fail. Maybe it was also the mindset of the artists in the 90s that gave them the option to create these Hardcore anthems. Dancefloor smashers. If you haven't raved during the 90s with these tunes playing, have you lived? Tell me, have you? Genetic's mix is quite interesting, and very entertaining. A good selection of records. Can't fault him for selecting these anthems. A solid selection, and true Hardcore fanatics will love this mix. They are all masterpieces. You know them all, right? Some have been over and over, and maybe the true meaning behind them has been lost due to overkill, but why not lock yourself away from the world, put your headphones on, close your eyes, and let the Ruffneck sound fuck up your brain again? It is unbelievable to figure out that the tunes from the 90s are still as relevant today as they were back then. At the time no one thought it would surpass the 2000s, but we are now in 2021, and Hardcore is still alive and kicking, with some restrictions though (fuck you COVID). Hardcore is still alive and kicking because of labels and the music released on these labels, such as Ruffneck Records. The label is as important now as it ever was. It has shown the world that Artcore is still going on strong. And Genetic's dedication mix, as short as it might be, is a very entertaining one. Worth your time. Yes, it does have some slight mixing errors, but nothing major. Don't worry, the tunes will still come flying through your speakers, right into your eardrums, and mess up your mind! DJ: Genetic Genre/Style: Hardcore, Artcore, Gabber Mix Info: Dont Fuck With a Ruffneck [Ruffneck Records Mix] Length Mix: 00:43:27 Tracks: 21 (twenty-one) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Release Year: 2020 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown More Information: Genetic - Soundcloud Channel

  • Hardcore Randoms Mix (10 - 09 - 21)

    Sorry for being quiet. I've been extremely quiet for roughly 2 weeks, but that's because I got married to the most gorgeous looking woman on the planet. So you can imagine that my mind was somewhere else, and wasn't focussed on reviewing. It's nice to take a break, but I'm back now. Back with a vengeance with a UK Hardcore mix. Don't hear them that often, but when they do appear on my timeline, I just have to jump on it immediately. A couple of days ago, DJ Alex Threat uploaded this 'Hardcore Randoms Mix', Is it random? Yes, kind of is. It is filled with the big UK Hardcore anthems, some absolute dancefloor smashers, and some forgotten dancefloor breakers. But all of these tunes stem from an era when I was fully in love with UK Hardcore. It was everything to me, and I was one of the few Dutch people who were enjoying it a lot. Alex just put this mix together on the 10th of this month, after a few beers, so it might not be as smooth as normal, but still enjoyable. But even with a few drinks in his system, he still picked an excellent group of records. Some so fucking good, I am sitting here with goosebumps! Wish we could enjoy this kind of UK Hardcore forever. He made me blow off the dust of my UK Hardcore collection, and now I'm fully into the Millennium UK Hardcore zone. But you obviously want to see the tracklist? If you don't and you just want to be surprised by whatever Alex decided to play, go ahead, skip the next bit, and just go down to the Soundcloud player..... Sash Dee & Alex BassJunkie - Dreams Of Reality Da Tweekaz feat Oscar - Break The Spell (Hixxy Remix) Joey Riot vs Ron-E - The Rising Jamie Ritmen - Stalk You Technikore & JTS feat Alan Booth - Live Forever DJ Kambel - No More Joking 2015 (Chris Unknown Remix) Sy & Unknown feat Lou Lou - Right Here (Squad-E Remix) Technikore - Like A Meteorite (Aeris Theme) Kurt vs Micha V - My World Technikore - Hardcore Slut Andy Whitby & The Audio Hedz - Rock Ya Body (Gammer Remix) Rescue - Hate On Me Darren Hotchkiss & Stu Infinity - Last Goodbye Sy & Al Storm - Do You Love Your Hardcore? DJ Demand - Dark + Light (Re-Con Remix) Al Storm - STOP! Dougal & Gammer - Mind Scanner Sy & Unknown - What A Great Drug (Cold Turkey Remix) MOB - Your Eyes He has had many mixes on Soundcloud before, and I've always enjoyed them, but with this one, he has gone one step further! He picked the best dancefloor smashers from a forgotten era, and crammed them in a 76 minute long mix. The result is an astonishing mix. You cannot imagine me sitting here, married, and with a smile on my face! I am so happy to hear these songs again. Yes, I do see a few UK Hardcore mixes here and there, but to hear these specific anthems, it's just a blessing. What's happened to this style? Why has the sound changed so much? Can't we go back to the glorious years? You can fight me in the comments, but I couldn't pick my most favourite one out of the 19 records, I've selected three songs, and if you agree or disagree, I couldn't give a shiny shite! 'The Rising' by Joey Riot vs Ron-E, 'Live Forever' by Technikore & JTS feat Alan Booth, and of course, probably the biggest underrated anthem of all time: 'Last Goodbye' by Darren Hotchkiss & Stu Infinity. Yes, he might have had a few drinks and it's not 100%, but it is certainly extremely enjoyable. It has left me bemused and bewildered, and wishing the old sound could come back. And that's all you need to know. Still a fucking banging mix! Worth your time! DJ: Alex Threat Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp Mix Info: Hardcore Randoms Mix (10 - 09 -21) Length Mix: 01:16:45 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Release Year: 2021 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown More Information: Alex Threat - Soundcloud Channel

  • Original Dutch Style (2021)

    Bank Holiday is behind us, how did we all experience a long weekend, eh? It must have been very good, or extremely bad. The weather was atrocious, but hey ho, you can't have it all, eh? The weather might have been atrocious, but at least we've got music to get us through the day. And today is probably your second day at work, so you are hanging on for dear life, to get closer to the weekend. You need something to boost your confidence and morality, and I think I have found the perfect mix for you all. Of course you need to love Dutch Hardcore music. If not, you are buggered. As you all know, I am Dutch. Hence why this website is called 'TheCrazyDutchmansBlog'. And being Dutch gives me the advantage of liking Dutch Gabber a lot. The Dutch sound is what I grew up with, and not just the Dutch were good at making Hardcore, but today's mix is focussed on the Dutch sound. A distinctive sound so unique and so Dutch, you can tell it apart from other Hardcore sounds coming from countries like Italy, German, USA, and other countries. The secret algorithm behind Soundcloud made sure I wouldn't miss this mix. I came across it this morning, and I just had to give this a go. Dutch Gabber is just ace, especially when it's the mid 90s style. The DJ behind this mix, J.O.E., has done a marvellous job in using wicked songs to compose this mix. But you are curious now which songs they are, right? Here's the list. DJ Gizmo - The Beginning Of The End Da Hustlers - Time Limitations (Mister DJ Remix) Mister DJ - Freakin' It Chosen Few - Danica Sonicdriver vs Wicked-E - Excited DJ Vince vs Darkraver - Thunderground DJ Isaac - Damn Hardcore Zero Tolerance - Big Rhythm Cyclopede - Bad Motherfucker G-Town Madness - Silence Stingray - Floor Filler Warlock - Reality Is A Nightmare B.S.E. - Hard Attack Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Buzz Fuzz Remix) The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Confusion Exodus - Bust Da Beat Black Knight - What's Up Suckers Radical 2 React - Hardstreet Shit Chosen Few - The Break Party Animals - Sick S.O.B. The Stunned Guys & Darrien Kelly - Violet Skies T.O.P.D.R.O.P. - Achtung! (Rob Gee Remix) Neophyte - Happy Is Voor Hobo's Beautiful tracklist, with a few records in here you normally don't hear. Some are forgotten, and some are played in each mix. But a nice all round diverse list, with Dutch sounding Hardcore anthems. Thanks J.O.E. for this, really made my day! The mix is very good, but if we do have to point out something very disappointing, it's the length of the mix. It's only 45 minutes long, and yet within those 45 minutes we do get 23 records. Wish mixes like this one would be hours long. Once I'm in the zone, I want it to continue for as long as possible. You know, the mindset is just there, and I feel like a teenager again. Young, and full of passion and dedication for Hardcore. But that's not really a negative per se, right? There are so many great anthems to choose from, but I have to pick this one record as my favourite because a) I haven't heard it in years, and b) it's such an underrated song. 'Sick S.O.B.' by The Party Animals! My God, I remember this being on a single back in the day, and I wasn't really interested in the main song, but more into this song, As much as I liked their Happy Hardcore stuff, the Party Animals made better Hardcore/Gabber songs. Like this one and 'The Misadventures Of The Spiegel Man'. A wicked mix, and certainly one that made my day go quicker. Even though it's only 12 pm, I am full of energy, and can't wait for the weekend ahead! DJ: J.O.E. Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber Mix Info: Original Dutch Style Length Mix: 00:45:22 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Release Year; 2021 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown More Information: J.O.E. - Soundcloud Channel

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