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  • 1989 - 1994 Old Skool Rave Classics / Hardcore Mix (Mickey B) (2020)

    The weekend is happening. How is your weekend going? You all OK? You had an OK day? I think for the most of us it was sitting in front of the television, watching the funeral of Prince Philip. Obviously the country is currently in mourn for the loss, but we must be strong and unite again. To get us back up on our feet, I might have found a good mix for you all. I am guessing you are into Oldskool Rave music, right? Well, name someone who isn't? If you are, you have come to the right place! Someone called Mickey B made this mix last year, and uploaded it onto Youtube, where I found it. But because Youtube keeps on interrupting sets with ridiculous adverts, I had to go to Soundcloud, and listen to Mickey's set there. Don't know much about the DJ, but we share the same enthusiasm for the late 80s/early 90s Rave music. I absolutely adore it. And I always are slightly happier when I find a nice long mix with both well know and forgotten anthems, and this mix is full of them. So what is it you can expect in this mix? Well, a shit ton of excellent music. Some well known records, some you have heard at probably each rave you have ever been to, and some you might have heard back in the day, and completely forgot about. It's a mix of everything, so sit back, and enjoy. Or stand the fuck up, and start raving. Whatever you fancy, mate! 808 State - Pacific State Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk (Hyper Spaced Mix) Greed - Give Me Andronicus - Make You Whole (Original) Shades Of Rhythm - Sounds Of Eden Awesome 3 - Don't Go (Original Mix) Doc Scott - Surgery (Ordinary Mix) Wiz - Piano Xray Xperiments - Take No Chance The Invisible Men - Self Indulge Lennie De Ice - We Are I.E. The Tripper - Volume 1 A Dragonfly - Visions Of Rage Dune - Too Much (Remix) Dave Charlesworth - Energizer 1A Fast Floor - Open Space LTJ Bukem - Logical Progression 2 Boasters - It's Not Over The Cleptomaniacs - Positive Feedback Urban Shakedown - Some Justice Psychoacoustic - I Kommence To Scream Force Mass Motion - Miami Burnin' Warp 69 - Natural High Nino - Future Of Latin 3 Thieves & A Liar - I Get A Chill Force Mass Motion - Jacks Of Diamonds Active Force - It's My Chopper Tic Tac Toe - Ephemerol Tronik House - Straight Outta Hell (Simon Bassline Smith Remix) Manix - Join The Future Unit-E - (Overdub EP) Take 1 Dave Charlesworth - Energizer 3A The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (155 And Rising) Edge - Compnded Renegade - Terrorist NJoi - Drumstruck Smooth But Hazardous - Push Up The Levels Fast Floor - Plight Of The Innovators DJ Wax - Moments So Dark SMD - SMD#1AA SMD - SMD#4AA You must have looked at the tracklist for a split second, and within that second you realised that this could be potentially a great mix to get you through the weekend. And you wouldn't be wrong either. Big anthems, underground anthems. everything's in here. So put your raving shoes on, and let's get cracking! It's everything you needed to hear. Rave, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Jungle Techno, Happy Hardcore... you name it, it's in here. Was it a big style in 1989 to 1994, it's in here. And the tracks are by some of the finest producers, like 808 State, Doc Scott, Slipmatt (a.k.a. SMD), LTJ Bukem, and more. you are going to enjoy this set a lot. I did, so I suggest that you get ready for 2 hours of the rave sound that will ignite the spark within you. This is also a downloadable mix, so you can go mad if you want to, whenever and wherever. I do love this mix. Good selection of records, carefully mixed. And as difficult as it was to pick 1 records out of 41, I have to select two as my favourites: Join The Future by Manix, and Unit-E with Take 1. Big choons as the kids would say. Highly intoxicating mix. Highly recommendable, DJ: Mickey B Genre/Style: Rave, Oldskool, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Jungle Techno, Jungle Mix Info: 1989 - 1994 Old Skool Rave Classics / Hardcore Mix (Mickey B) Length Mix: 01:51:30 Tracks: 41 (forty-one) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN File Size: 269,1 MB File Type: mp3 Release Year: 2020 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz More Information: Mickey Beam - Soundcloud Channel

  • Enter The Void [Dark Techno Mix] (2012)

    The weekend has officially started, and it's time for us all to relax. Unless you are obviously still working, for which I do not envy you. If you aren't, and you are ready for the upcoming weekend, let's go in it in style! Let's play a mix filled with tunes of a specific kind, of a style I don't hear that often, but I should listen to much more than I already do: Dark Techno. Today's entertainment is brought to you by Doctor Space, and the mix was released back in 2012. Nearly classified as a golden oldie..... It is true though. I don't review that many Dark Techno mixes, or even Techno mixes in general, The last review was a Speedy J set from Shockers. And the one before that... that's a long time ago. I just never seem to find the time, but yesterday, whilst being in the office, I thought I'd go on Youtube, my loyal companion, and there it was: an online radio station that played Dark Techno music, 24/7. That made my day even better. The highlight of that day. So, guess what happened next? Well, I finished working roughly 1 hour ago, and I went onto Soundcloud, looking for a Dark Techno mix, with a tracklist. And that wasn't as easy as you might think. I had to sieve through quite a few mixes, only to find out that the tenth mix had a tracklist. And guess what? That's the one you are listening to right NOW! Or reading about. Depends on what you do first. Do you actually read this review, or do you think 'bollocks to all that, I'd go straight to the mix'? Whatever you do, you might want to have a butchers at the tracklist.... Manuel Pisu- Santy (Urbano Remix) Mattias Fridell - Stellar Atom (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix) Andy Notalez - Crystal (Daniel Mehes Angry Bird Remix) Kazuya Kawakami - Bean Sidhe Frank Sonic, Dema & Paride Saraceni - Betrayal A. Mochi - Black Reigns Spiros Kaloumenos - Second Skin (Spiriakos & Steen Remix) Niereich - Flow Velocity (Andreas Kraemer Remix) Lampenfieber - Not My Style (Sobar & Gorziza Remix) Chris David - Relocation Submerge - Metamorphasis (Erphun Remix) Ross Alexander - Grains Albert Kraner - Dark Net DJ Danko - Hypnotic Fluid Electrorites - Glasgow Smile (Cortechs Remix) Mowree - No Line Marrel - Tantrum Tom Laws - Hyms For Limbs (Bodyscrub Remix) Feyser & Hroft - Harte Kontrolle Cari Lekebusch - Esoterrarium If you are a Dark Techno lover, this tracklist might make you happy. But, if you are like me, you might look at it and not have a clue who these producers are! I only know Cari Lekebusch. That's the only name in this list of 20. But it's not relevant who made the music, as long as the music is good. And the music is indeed good. It's not extremely dark, but still nice and dark. Sometimes it even hints to the mellow side of Techno, but do you give a shiny shite? Not really. At least the flow is good, and enjoyable. Doctor Space, whoever you might be, you've made a brilliant and highly regarded mix. Already 100k plays. 100k and one. I am really pleased I found this mix and it has made the entry into the weekend better. Smoother. Rougher. I know nothing about the DJ, nothing about the producers, but I do know one thing: this mix is one dope and tight ass mix! Play it, and enjoy it! DJ: Doctor Space Genre/Style: Dark Techno, Techno Mix Info: Enter The Void [Dark Techno Mix] Length Mix: 01:00:28 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN File Size: 151,5 MB File Type: mp3 Release Year: 2012 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz More Information: Doctor Space - Soundcloud Channel

  • Goldie's Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 - 1996

    Sometimes you do rediscover a forgotten set. A set so damn good, you listened to it a lot in the good ol' days. This is one of those sets. I remember playing Need For Speed and having this on loud. Who cared about Gangsta Rap, when you can have this, eh? I never liked the game's music, so I decided to play this mix instead. And it always reminds me of playing for hours, whenever I hear Goldie's mix. It's a solid mix, that's for sure. And it's now 25 years ago since it aired on BBC Radio 1. Well, nearly 25 years ago, but still sounding fresh. Goldie does not need an introduction, nor does his music need any kind of explanation. He's not the first Drum and Bass producer/DJ, but he's certainly one of the biggest ones ever. An influence in the scene, and a pioneer. You know what the weird thing is? I actually read his autobiography, but I can't remember when Goldie started in the scene. He's been a stable force within the scene for many years, and back in 1996 he was asked to compose this mix for the legendary BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix show. And to me, it became the biggest Drum and Bass mix of all time. And even in 2021 he's recognised as a huge influence. But let's go back to 1996. A great year for Drum and Bass. Why, you might ask? Well, just look at the tracklist below. These were the anthems for that year, and years to come. And for you to realise that these are 25+ years old, it is probably another reminder that time is slowly passing by, without you knowing. Time flies, when you are having fun. To this day I do find this mix the finest Drum and Bass mix I have ever heard. Calm, relaxing, and yet powerful enough to vision yourself in a dark and underground club, somewhere in London, with minimalistic lightning equipment, but with big ass speakers. Nothing too fancy. The only thing you could do, is to close your eyes, and let Goldie take you by the hand, and lead you on this dark and unknown path. You would come out the other end a more powerful person. You will certainly be reborn, once this mix is over. Pure bliss. So which records did he use? He used these bad boy tracks: Rufige Kru - Dark Metal (Source Direct Remix) The Limit - Get Stoned Q-Project - Champion Sound (Doc Scott Remix) Doc Scott - Machines J Majik - Your Sound Dilinja - Promise Maximum Style - One 4 Da MCs (Hornz VIP) LTJ Bukem - Music (Happy Raw) Skanna - Find Me (Classic Skanna Mix) Blame - Planet Neptune Ed Rush - Killamanjaro Rufige Kru - VIP Rider's Ghost Doc Scott - Drumz '95 S.O.S. - Spacefunk Goldie - This Is A Baad (Source Direct Remix) Photek - The Rain (Remix) Lemon D - Urban Style Music Adam F - Circles Gang Related & Mask feat Bigger Star - Ready Or Not Goldie - Kemistry (Grooverider VIP) Goldie - Jah (Original Prototype) Goldie - Still Life VIP Blame & Justice - Essence (Jazz Testament) We can have a long discussion, but come on, let's just all appreciate this mix, and what Goldie has given us nearly 25 years ago. A 'timeless' classic. See what I did there? If you know Goldie, you will appreciate that joke. Anyway, let's turn our attention to this mix. This is one of those mixes which is shared over and over again, and can be found on literally every platform. Even Goldie released it under his official Soundcloud channel, but also on his Metalheadz channel. It is that good. There are many good mixes, but it seems that this one just tops them all. Well done Goldie. Well done. As I mentioned before, I used to listen to this mix when I was playing Need For Speed, and one track just made me park the car on the curb, and close my eyes, and enjoy life as it was. Come on, Skanna's 'Find Me'... how can you not like this one? Pure Drum and Bass gold! A true underground anthem. I wish I would hear this one more often. But what a big track, seriously. Goosebumps all over my body. 25 years old, still dope as fuck. Yes, the recording levels might have been a tad off, but remember, this was recorded back in the day. The oldskool way. DAT, cassettes, you name it. Pre-USB, pre 44,1 kHz sample rate. But does that matter? No fucking way. Just shut the fuck up, and appreciate this. Not the first time I've reviewed this mix, and certainly not the last. What a fucking epic mix. Close your eyes, and let Goldie lead you down the rabbit hole. So many classics, but only 1 Skanna record. Epic mix. Name one better than this in the comments below, and I'll judge it. But I'm guessing you are not able to provide me with one. So shut up and listen. And dance. DJ: Goldie Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle Mix Info: Goldie's Essential mix on BBC Radio 1 - 1996 Length Mix: 01:34:19 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Release Year: 1996 (BBC Radio 1) Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown More Information: Goldie - Soundcloud Channel

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