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  • Zany & Vince - Millennium Hardcore Mix #TWNTYFV (2023)

    I've been living in the UK for quite some time now, and I loose touch on all the things happening in the Netherlands. I've been missing out on a lot of events, and one of those events which is about to happen, is Memorylane's event, which takes place on the 16th of December, at the Klokgebouw, in Eindhoven. On that day, the focus will be on a pioneer called DJ Zany, who's been in the Hardstyle game for 25 years, but he's been active for longer. The focus is on this legend, as he's reached a milestone, and to celebrate this, he has invited a few other DJs to join him at this event, and one of those, is DJ Vince, who's another legend in the Hardcore scene. DJ Vince has been a part of the Hardcore scene since the early years, and he's been successful on his own, or as part of the Shadowlands Terrorist, who had the honour to have Zany join at a later stage. Hence why these two DJs/producers have got a connection together. And to promote this event, they made this Millennium Hardcore mix I've never had the pleasure to see either of these DJs perform, but I've heard their songs a million times, at least. But this promo mix isn't all about Zany, Vince, or the Shadowlands Terrorists. This is about bringing the madness to Eindhoven in 13 days time. And the heat can only be brought when it's Millennium Hardcore, as it's the best decade ever, right? With this mix they prove why they've been at the top for a while, and why you should consider getting tickets for this event. The full line-up will be revealed soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Promo - Life From The Other Side Promo - King Of Pain Bodylotion - How Much Can You Take (Catscan Remix) Promo - Among The Best Korsakoff - Still Wasted Tommyknocker vs Sunbeam - Twisted World (The Viper Mashup Mix) Re-Style - Get It Crackin (2011 Edit) Dione - Pain Till I Die Endymion - Payback (Tommyknocker's Yes I Am Remix) Art Of Fighters - Earthquake Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka Angerfist & Crucifier - Broken Chain Promo - Dancefloor Hardcore (T-Junction Remix) Amnesys - Elevation DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse - Exlxaxl (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix) Evil Activities & The Viper - Raw To The Floor DJ Neophyte vs Tha Playah - Still Nr. 1 Endymion - Pussy Motherfuckerz Tha Playah - Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Remix) Neophyte & The Viper - 98 To Your Mind The Viper - Control The Refix Tha Playah - Hit Em (Evil Activities vs The Viper Remix) Shadowlands Terrorists - Shadowlands Anthem (Zany & Vince's Zoveelste Remix) Yes, these are the big hits from back in the day, and they will do well on any dancefloor. They are crowd pleasers, and timeless classics. The hour goes by before you know it, and you will immediately press play again, as you want to hear these gems again. Initially at first, I thought it was a DJ Promo promo mix, as his tunes are played a lot, but it's not just DJ Promo tracks in this mix, even though he redefined the Millennium Hardcore sound. Both Vince and Zany went all out, and played the big hits. The records that made thousands of ravers dance through the noughties, and to this day there's heaps of ravers going nuts on these songs. They played the finest records, but ended with a memorable anthem, one that was heard everywhere throughout the 90s. Not heard this version before, and even though it's a big tune, the original remains the best of the best, without a shadow of a doubt. There's too many great anthems to pick from, but I'll pick 'Raw To The Floor'. Still a massive classic dancefloor smasher, and a true eardrum bashing anthem. A solid mix by two legends from the scene. If you like this mix, why not visit Zany and Vince (and many others too) at Memorylane, on the 16th of December? DJs: Zany & Vince Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore Mix Info: Zany & Vince - Millenium Hardcore Mix #TWNTYFV Length Mix: 00:59:41 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: unknown More Information: Memorylane Outdoor - Official Website

  • [2023-10-14 DJ Smurf @ Terrordrang, Holland

    On the 14th of October of this year, you might have caught DJ Smurf in the Netherlands. At an event called Noisekick's 'Terrordrang', DJ Smurf took the Deng with him, and destroyed the stage. He wasn't the only one playing, that would be a tad silly. But here's a few names you might recognise: Noisekick, Tripped, Paranoizer, Doctor Terror, Akira, The Destroyer, and many more. The set we are focussing on, is obviously DJ Smurf's set, which is truly one amazing mix you need to listen to, as it will put a smile on your face, and if you are going out, into the cold, it might warm you up a bit. DJ Smurf is a weird character, but one needed. One that can put a smile on your face, and at the same time, blast insanely fast paced records at you. For this Terrordrang event, he dug deep into his record collection, and played the finest Deng records. Most are released on GGM or Deng record labels. And even though the set is only 45 minutes long, he brings the fire, and optimises smile for miles. I only discovered this set the other week, but I've played it over and over, on a daily basis. There's something quirky and unique about this set, and I cannot describe to you what it is. Maybe it's because I'm not fully emerged into the GGM/Deng world, but I could not care less. This set is as energetic as you want it to be, unless you don't like Terror music, then you will be slightly disappointed. It's quirky, but catchy as fuck. If you were at the event, how was it for you? How was the Smurf experience for you all? Did he demolish your ear drums, and was it a pleasant experience? DJ Smurf - Exposure King (2020 Re-Strip) DJ Gizmo - The End Of The Beginning (Smurf & DJ Narotic Remix) Optizm - Get The F Out! Dave Dope - Terrordrome DJ Smurf - Force Of Terror (2023 Remix) Xmurf - SayTan DJ Smurf - Cry Baby (Ode To Colenel Stench) LFO Demon - The Skinhead Broke My Telephone (DJ Smurf Remix) Biodome - You Know How We Roll The Inquisitor - Ihr Werdet Im Feuer Vergehen DJ Smurf - Start A Fight DJ Smurf - You Are A Cunt (2022 Version) DJ Smurf - Smells Like Denginem Will you have a look at the tracklist? It is as quirky as you imagine it to be. Smurf knows how to come up with insane names for his songs, but the weirdest one has to go to LFO Demon's title 'The Skinhead Broke My Telephone'. Like, WTF? That's a weird title, but one that is catchy enough. He certainly knows how to put together a set that will get the audience scratching their heads, thinking 'what the hell is this?', and then still dance their feet off. I would do that, and laugh at the same time. Who would have thought that Nirvana and Eminem and a bit of Deng would work? Or a crying baby being so overpowering? Or even Pink, being the inspiration for Smurf's song 'Start A Fight'? There are so many great records, but the one that captured my attention the most, has to be 'Force Of Terror 2023' by Smurf himself. This has got the 90s vibe all around it. Love that record, and it's energetic enough to get you going ape. Go absolutely nuts, and don't give a shit. A quirky set, and I really loved it. It's not your standard set, but nothing is standard about DJ Smurf. It is Deng or nothing else. And he brought the Deng to Noisekick's event. 45 minutes of Smurf, who wouldn't like to hear that? DJ: Smurf Genre/Style: Terror, Speedcore, Gabber Liveset Info: Recorded @ Terrordrang, Holland Length Liveset: 00:45:26 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 103 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ Smurf - Soundcloud Channel

  • Ultimate Happy Hardcore 4 (Next Generation Records Megamix 2) (2011)

    Another review for you all today. This time it's done by Dexx, who's latest uploaded mix wasn't made recently, but 12 years ago, back in 2011. He's made a few mixes, but the one today focussed on the label Next Generation Records, a label you might be familiar with, if you are into UK Hardcore. Starting back in 1996, Brisk and Ham took the opportunity to release songs on their newly formed label, which had a spin-off label in 1997 called Blatant Beats, and 2 years after that, Stimulant Records was created, focussed on the Hard Dance side of life (Hard Trance, Hard House, Tech Dance). It's been a tad quiet in my honest opinion, but at least we've got mixes like this one, to fall back to. Dexx has picked 12 records, which are fan favourites. They were the big hits which you could not avoid, when they were released. They appeared on so many compilations, and are still played to this day. And hell, the sound is missed a lot. They don't make tunes like these anymore. This is so noughties. This is a sound so well loved and appreciated, you know it will have people talk about it on social media, complaining why things change. And it is unfortunate, but that's just life. I fell in love with the music released on this label during the early noughties, and still have most albums from this label. I would never chuck them in the bin, as they were signed by one of the head honchos of the label, DJ Brisk. But the music has always been my favourite, and it has to be one of my most favourite UK Hardcore labels out there. And I'm not the only one who thinks that way. It's been a bit quiet though, but if you are a Brisk fan, he is still doing his shows online. So if you are into streaming, you can check him out. But the label seems a bit dead? Instead of being sad, let's be happy, and relive the glory years! Brisk & Ham - Taste The Rainbow Eclipse feat Lisa Marie - Hearts Desire Euphoria - Holding Out Adam Harris - My Star Brisk & Ham feat Lisa Marie - Your Angel Eclipse - 24-7 (Breeze & Styles Remix) Brisk & Ham - Fire & Flames Brisk & Ham - Angel Eyes (Re-Con Remix) Gammer & Cat Knight - A New Feeling Brisk & Ham feat MC Whizzkid - Crazy Love Brisk & Vagabond - Eyeopener 2007 Brisk & Vagabond - Eurolove A short tracklist, but a very powerful one. The label had more releases, but why not check out Dexx's Soundcloud channel, to see if he's made another Next Generation Records mix? If you aren't bothered to look, the answer is yes. And there's even a Blatant Beats one out there, so check it out, if you can be arsed. The mix starts with a big anthem. One that I truly adore. As it's got some dope ass vocals in it. Well, not really vocals. Isn't it Samuel L. Jackson screaming? I keep forgetting which film it was from, but I know DJ Promo used it on one of his records too. A big record to open your mix with, and the rest is history. It is literally history, as they are all cemented in our brains. Hit after hit. Dexx keeps us entertained, and the euphoria level hits us basically from the first second to the last. They don't make them like they used to. These are classics that go down well at any rave. Play them, and the crowds will loose their minds. Yes, 'Taste The Rainbow' is my favourite, so what? The big question here is, what is yours? Have you got a favourite Next Generation Records song, and is it in this mix? Curious to find out. It's a big mix, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll be checking out the other mixes Dexx has done, as you should do too! DJ: Dexx Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: Ultimate Happy Hardcore 4 (Next Generation Records Megamix 2) Length Mix: 00:54:00 Tracks: 12 (twelve) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Dexx - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ A.K. - New Breakbeat Hardcore Mix 15.09.23

    I am pleased. And that's not a normal way to start a review, but why not? A few weeks ago I found yet another mix by DJ A.K., and as we all know, this is one of the most underrated channels on Soundcloud. He's been releasing mixes on the regular, and his latest mix is certainly one you need to check out. But truth be told, I keep stating that in each review I do, so maybe it's becoming obnoxious? I am clearly stating the obvious, so instead of me ranting on, let's focus on the mix I found, and have absorbed like a sponge! I always save mixes to listen to later, as there's simply not enough time to listen to all the mixes I want to. And if you could look at my 'saved' list, you will see a lot of A.K.'s mixes in there. Some I completely forget to listen to, for which I profusely apologise. But those that I do listen to, they normally get a review, as they are too damn good. But the mix you are about to listen to, might be the best one I've encountered on his Soundcloud channel. Boy, that's a bold statement, right? For his latest mix he grabbed a handful of new(ish) Breakbeat Hardcore and Jungle anthems, and mixed them together into a 76 minute long mix. And recently I've been fully into Breakbeat, be it the 90s, 00s, 10s, or even the newer sounding Breakbeat. I've emerged myself, and I seem to love it more than anything else I would normally listen to. Breakbeat does something to me, more than any other style or genre. And A.K.'s mix just landed on my timeline, at the right time. And now I cannot stop listening to it. It's got some serious dancefloor smashers in here... Renegade Bob Ross - Con-Fuse-Them Pete Cannon & Mixtress - Blinded By The Lights 23 Renegade Bob Ross - Tell The Maid, They Came 2 Invade Acen - Champion Alex Jungle - Are We Better (Piano No. 7) Renegade Bob Ross - Bushed DJ Jimmy J - Never Look Back Poosie & Cru-L-T - Hear Me, Hear Me (Nookie Remix) Alex Jungle - Sunshine As A Service NP Source - Homegrown Acen - Return To 2092 (InnerCore Remix) DJ Jimmy J - Back To The Oldschool Alex Jungle - Rough Ride (Piano No. 3) DJ Jimmy J - Lets Go Alex Jungle - Wildstyle (Piano No. 11) Acen - Window In The Sky (Jimmy J & Cru-L-T Remix) No Name - Serotonin DJ Jimmy J - Don't You Feel Me X-Rave - Ease The Pressure DJ Jimmy J - Bring It Back Luna-C & Saiyan - No Errors (DJ Beeno Remix) Nicky Allen - NAD 62 N-Trance - Set You Free (POLO LILLI Bootleg) The mix has gone some serious smashers in it, but there's one track that stands out that much, I had to comment on A.K.'s mix on Soundcloud, which I normally never do (not just A.K.). The track blew my mind away, and I sat there, in silence, because I just felt like I was hit by a train at full speed. Or a truck. Or a car. Whatever hit me, it came at me at full speed, and I wasn't ready for it. OK, let's go straight into that track. It's made by someone with the weirdest but coolest name at the same time. Renegade Bob Ross? Like WTF? It's quirky and innovative, but weird. And the track I'm talking about, has also got a weird name. 'Tell The Maid, They Came 2 Invade'. When I heard that track for the first time, I rewound that track over and over, as it's beautiful. Whoever it is behind the track, you've made a timeless classic, a masterpiece! I am fully in awe of this record, and if this doesn't appear on people's TOP 10 Breakbeat anthems, something is wrong with the world. It was closely followed by 'Never Look Back' by Jimmy J. Also another top notch record, with amazing vocals. The vocals make it work even more. But it couldn't beat Renegade Bob Ross (seriously, what a fucking name!). I've said it before in many reviews, but A.K. delivered yet another epic mix. But this time it has to be named as his finest mix ever. The only negative thing I'd like to mention, is the last track. The original has been played too many times, it's overkill for me now. But the others are just smashing. And that record by Renegade Bob Ross... come on, what can top that? Check out A.K.'s channel. You will not be disappointed. Trust me! DJ: A.K. Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Mix Info: DJ A.K. - New Breakbeat Hardcore Mix 15.09.23 Length Mix: 01:16:34 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: unknown More Information: DJ A.K. - Soundcloud Channel

  • Neophyte Tribute part 2 (2000-2009) (2023)

    Only a few days ago did I review Neophyte's 'Heroes Of Hardcore' mix for the upcoming Thunderdome, and yet another Neophyte mix was released. This time it wasn't by Neophyte himself, but by the Finnishing Dutch. His previous tribute mix focussed on Neophyte's early years, from 1993 to 1999, but now we have entered the Millennium years, and the focus lies within 2000 to 2009. The whole decade that made Neophyte dominate the scene even more. 35 tracks in 130 minutes. And the legend himself had already commented on it, how cool is that? Neophyte was, and still is, a legend, Neophyte, as a brand, have been active since the early 90s, and even to this day, are they keeping the brand alive. Hell, they even released a compilation recently, dedicated to Neophyte being 30 years in the scene, and it sold well. There's a good reason for it: Neophyte have been at the top since they emerged out of nowhere. But the main question here is, which Neophyte do I prefer? The 90s or 00s? Well, that's a tricky question, as I've been an avid fan since the early days, and when Hardcore 'died' in 1999, they still continued making music, and their approach to Hardcore from 2000 onward, has been received well. The amount of monster anthems they have released over the years is seriously impressive. I would prefer the Millennium years, and the reason for it, you can find it in the tracklist below. The amount of songs they made, they resonated me with for many years, even up to this day. They made so many awesome and timeless classics, be it under their normal name, or other aliases like Hard Creation, DJ Neophyte, or Masters Of Ceremony. Or even Bodylotion! Neophyte have been a well respected artist/group, and I'm glad I've seen them a few times over the years. Raving Nightmare, Mysteryland, and even some local events at the Peppermill or somewhere in Landgraaf/Kerkade. Happy to have seen them, but I would like to see them again. I have to. Their music is so freaking awesome! The Finnishing Dutch's tracklist is a beauty, have a look at this: Masters Of Ceremony - Soul Seller Neophyte - Balzz In Yer Mouth Bodylotion - Wanna Freak You Zany meets The Beholder - Who Wants This Evil Activities & Neophyte - Everlast DJ Neophyte & The Viper - Reversed Mode Hard Creation - Let's Get 'Em All Masters Of Ceremony - Rocking With The Best Masters Of Ceremony - Bottoms Up Neophyte & Activities - Invasion Tha Playah - Weird Clit (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix) Neophyte - The Hardest Remake The Masochist vs Neophyte - Hell No! DJ Neophyte & Scott Brown - Digital Distortion Works Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Nation Of Domination DJ Neophyte vs Scott Brown - Fuzzy Muff T-Junction & Osiris feat MC Syco - What's Up With Life (Masters Of Ceremony Remix) DJ Neophyte vs DJ Panic - Mass Confusion Evil Activites feat DJ Neophyte - To You Who Doubt Me Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - There Is No Other DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse - Exlxaxl (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix) Masters Of Ceremony - Under Control Masters Of Ceremony - Skullfuck Masters Of Ceremony - Know Your Enemy DJ Neophyte & Evil Activities - Alles Kapot (10 Jaar Later Lekkur Dan..) Masters Of Ceremony - A Way Of Life Hard Creation - We Won't Have It DJ Neophyte vs Tha Playah - Still Nr. 1 DJ Neophyte vs Tha Playah feat MC Alee - The Ultimate Project DJ Neophyte vs Evil Activities - One Of These Days The Masochist - Antimix By Neophyte Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - The Soul Collector Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Subtiel Naar De Tyfus Geholpen Door Neophyte & Evil Activities) Neophyte & Drokz - Sloop Die Speakers! (Original Mix) Neophyte vs Lenny Dee - The Future Priests Of Now The Finnishing Dutchs mix contains the big hits! And they are well received records by Neophyte. They might have created the brand in the 90s, but to me they got big in the noughties. Those were the years when their songs went up a level, and they established themselves as the biggest players in the scene. Just look at the amount of songs in this mix, and how many of them you do know, and truly love. It's close to the number 35, isn't it? The songs by Neophyte are so extremely catchy. They resonated extremely well on the dancefloors all over the world, and got hands in the air, as high as they could go. You could not go to a rave and NOT hear a Neophyte record. It was music for the masses, and they all got absorbed extremely well. I do like the selection of tracks. There is so many greatness in this mix, it's unbelievable. This mix certainly takes me back to the noughties, when I purchased the most songs in my lifetimes. And Neophyte was on my list. I went to my local record store in Heerlen, and purchased so many albums, I could have singlehandedly saved the Hardcore scene! And yes, I've purchased a lot of Neophyte songs and albums. And I'm happy that I did, as they meant a lot to me during my youth, and they will still continue to remain a part of my life, for many years to come1 Too many great anthems to choose from, but if I had to, it would be 'We Won't Have It'. Big anthem. If this is all too 'new' for you, click here for the first mix, which was dedicated to the years 1993 to 1999. DJ: The Finnishing Dutch Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Millennium Hardcore, Gabber, Hardcore Mix Info: Neophyte Tribute part 2 (2000-2009) Length Mix: 02:09:03 Tracks: 35 (thirty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 295 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: The Finnishing Dutch - Soundcloud Channel

  • Fresh Press Vol. 1 (Mixed By Burgaboy) (2023)

    I've been quiet throughout the week, but that's because I've started a new job, so I had no time to review. Well, I did, if I'm being honest, but after a hard day of work, you just want to remain comfortable on the sofa, and then go to bed. I've not found my pattern yet, but once I do, you'll see more reviews. But for now, it's maybe one or two a week. But what a mix we have got for you right now. It wasn't even the one I found, which I'll explain later. But it's a Bassline, 4X4 mix made by the legendary DJ Burgaboy! I have been a Bassline fan for many years, and Burgaboy has always been one of my favourite producers from the scene. Hell, I even purchased his own album! At one time I even had his Birthday Bash CDs, but I lost them somewhere. Burgaboy's music has always been my cup of tea, very interesting and very danceable music. And very catchy, to say the least. He's been a favourite, and for this Soundcloud channel called Viibers, he made two mixes so far. And it's because of me finding the second mix that I stumbled upon the first mix. I have been an avid listener of everything Burgaboy related, and these two mixtapes are a warm welcome. Especially when it's cold and miserable outside. We need something to warm us up, and Bassline music certainly has the capability to do just that. The bounce factor is tremendously addictive, and it keeps you moving vigorously. According to the mix info section, Burgaboy brought the finest and freshest Bassline tunes, and that is certainly an understatement. He brought the fire. This mix is lit! Burgaboy vs Beyoncé - Drunk In Love TRC - Runaway Jaikea - Run That Keg One - I Keep Falling AdotR - High Up TS7 feat Bianca Gerald - Take This Time Notion - Found Love Burgaboy with Lauren Mason - PS (2023) TRC - Goulies DJQ - I Couldn't See Kyle George - Nostalgia Sammy Virji - Daga Da TS7 feat Trilla - Going In Burgaboy - We Run Tingz Subzero - Quarantine Burgaboy with Donaeo - Ravin V.I.P. DJ Q - Heavy Like Lead NLMT - Magic Notion - Dy-Na-Mi-Tee JG - Shake Dub Vamos - Be Afraid Burgaboy with Slick Don - Poppin Off TRC - Toybox Subzero feat Sacha - Powerless JG - Afterparty Burgaboy vs Destiny's Child - What's My Name? Zero - My Boo Keg Fools Venz - Wanna Loose TRC feat Kay Ryder - Down For You Burgaboy - No Means No Sammy Virji feat Lucy Virji - Alright These are a nice bunch of records. A bit of the 'old' with a bit of the new. This takes me right back to the golden years of Bassline, and they were fire! The tunes that were released, they were amazing, and still to this day do I like to go back in time, and listen to these songs again. Especially Burgaboy's songs. But he wasn't the only one in the scene destroying speakers. A few of the biggest names are also in this mix, like TS7, Subzero, DJ Q, AdotR, TRC, and the list goes on. This has only been online for 3 months, and already gained 27k+ plays on Soundcloud, which is insane, but it's worth it. People seem to love Burgaboy and miss the Bassline sound a lot, hence why they jump onto it that quickly. We need to bring back the good ol' days. Bring Back Bassline! It makes me smile, hearing mixes like this one. Again, it wasn't the first mix I found, but it's certainly one that I had to listen to, and I'm glad that I do so. Again, #BBB. Bring Back Bassline. It is such an awesome and much respected style, and one that should get more recognition of the power it has over the dancefloor massive. There are 31 epic records, but which one is the best? That's tricky, but I would say 'We Run Tingz' and 'Ravin V.I.P.'. both made by Burgaboy. A solid mix, and it's wobbly enough for you all to give this one a go. And why not check out the second instalment of this mix series? Trust TCD, I do know what I'm talking about. And this mix series is seriously the hottest thing out there right now. And it's all because it's a Burgaboy mix. We need more Burgaboy boy! DJ: Burgaboy Genre/Style: Bassline,4x4, UKG Mix Info: Fresh Press Vol.1 (Mixed By Burgaboy) Length Mix: 01:06:29 Tracks: 31 (thirty-one) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Viibers - Soundcloud Channel

  • Mark EG Presents 90's Techno Rave Volume II (2023)

    A Mark EG set! How's that for something new and refreshing, eh? You don't see them very often on Soundcloud. The last one uploaded was a year ago, and it was the first in this mix series. He doesn't upload stuff that often, but when he does, you have to jump on it immediately, as it could be a very interesting and intoxicating mix. And today's mix is certainly one for those that appreciate the early 90s Techno sound. This could not be everyone's cup of tea, but I hope you are quite open minded, and let the music be absorbed by your ears, and hopefully your body starts to move, like a monkey on acid! And for this mix, Mark EG has picked the finest tunes in his collection. I did listen to the previous mix, and was pleasantly surprised by the songs he had selected, but it didn't have a tracklist. His latest one does have one, hence why I'm talking about it. But looking at the listen-counter on Soundcloud, it is already well played in the last 5 days since it was uploaded, and there have been many positive comments on this mix. And truth be told, I have to consider myself one of those listeners who really appreciate this mix. I grew up in the 80s, and when these tunes were released, I was still too young, and didn't fully understand the importance of these songs, but I still danced to them, in my little bedroom. It would drive my parents mad, to such an extend that my dad would come in and cut the wires of the speakers. He did warn me, but I played my music out loud. I could not enjoy this music on a lower volume: max is the only volume! From that moment on, I heavily invested in headphones, and have lived with them throughout the 90s, and early 00s. I truly adored every song in Mark's mix, as they were everywhere in the 90s. And his mix starts off very strong, with undoubtfully one of the best Acid House anthems of all time. But it's not just that one record that will hit the spot.... there's 19 in total. Choose your favourite! Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid Frank De Wulf - Reforced Cybersonik - Technarchy Frank De Wolf - Moral Sound Abuse Interaktive - Who Is Elvis DJPC - Insomniak Cold Sensation - Control The Universe Joey Beltram & Program 2 - The Omen F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse X-101 - Sonic Destroyer Setup System - Fairy Dust Outlander - Vamp A Homeboy, Hippie And A Funky Dredd - Total Confusion DLM - I.S.N.I.X. T99 - Anasthesia Lords Of Acid - Let's Get High Holy Noise - Get Down Everybody Joey Beltram - My Sound Speedy J - De Orbit (Played at 45rpm) There are so many epic anthems in here, I'm just chilling and enjoying the mix Mark has made. This generally takes me back to the 90s. These are timeless classics. Maybe sometimes slightly underrated, but they are oh so worth it. The tracks selected are all solid as a rock, and I understand why it's already had around 3.5k + plays in 5 days. It's genuinely an amazing mix, and people love the music. There's a lot of well known tracks in here, ones that you hear every so often. But some are a bit obscure, and slightly forgotten. Thanks to mixes like this one, they are kept alive. We need to reminisce on a daily basis, we need to remind ourselves where it all started, and the 90s were hugely influential for the present day Dance music. The 80s were too, but the 90s is what made Dance music a world wide phenomena, by tracks like the ones you find in this mix. It is unbelievable that a track can take you back in time, and you know exactly where you were at the time, when you first heard it. DJPC's track 'Insomniak' is that track for me. I remember where I was. Just a wee little lad, listening to it, and it blew my mind away. I knew it was something special, this track. And it has stood the test of time beautifully. Mark EG has done a blinding job, and his mix is one that you really need to check out. It's also a free download, so why not jump on it, go back in time, and appreciate what these songs have achieved over the years. They are as relentless as they were, the day they were released, and have remained dancefloor anthems, and will remain anthems for many years to come. I could have picked any of the 19 records as my favourite though. They are all big anthems. Hopefully we don't need to wait another year for the third instalment! We need more mixes like this one and the previous instalment. DJ: Mark EG Genre/Style: Techno, Acid, Acid House, Acid Techno, House, Rave Mix Info: Mark EG Presents 90's Techno Rave Volume II Length Mix: 01:03:04 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 144 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Mark EG - Soundcloud Channel

  • Thunderdome 2023 | Heroes of Hardcore mix by Neophyte

    Thunderdome; a legendary event that you should at least visit once in your lifetime. Unless you aren't into Hardcore music. In those cases, why even read about the event, eh? But for those that are into Hardcore music, it's less than a month away. Thunderdome 2023, held on the 9th of December in the Jaarbeurs, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Tickets were sold out too damn quick, I didn't even have the chance to get any. But it's all for a good reason: Thunderdome is an institute, a place of worship for many, and they have been at the forefront since the early 90s. And I'm a fan since day one. Or maybe more day two. I was too young to understand, and it took me a few years to actually go to a Thunderdome event, but once the bug bit me, I was hooked for life. The albums made it worth while, but that phase is now gone completely. To me that element was at its peak during the 90s, and it has become a fan favourite: having all the amazing albums, with the coolest cover images, and of course the dopest songs. But it was all about the event, and it is still going strong, many decades after their first event. And the line up looks insane. I am not going to name all the artists, as there's not enough space on this page, but there's plenty. As cool as the current Hardcore sound is, I would still be in the oldschool area the most, as I grew up with these artists, and they have become part of my life. One of those artists is Neophyte, and he made a promo mix for the upcoming Thunderdome event. Neophyte has been at the forefront as long as Thunderdome has been alive, and they've been pushing Hardcore to the next level. I was a fan, but it never occurred to me how many timeless classics they made over the years. They are as important to the scene as Thunderdome is, and with this promo mix, Neophyte shows that it made a lot of the most memorable anthems of ALL TIME. And I'm not kidding though. The mix contains the early, the Millennium, and the new 'revamped' Neophyte. A nice mixture of everything, and it will leave you with a smile on your face. It will leave me saddened, as I didn't get a ticket, and would like to see Neophyte play. Neophyte - The Ultimate Sound Neophyte & The Stunned guys - Revolution 909 Neophyte & The Viper - 2 Much Junk Neophyte & Darrien Kelly - 909 Trauma Neophyte & The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker Masters Of Ceremony - Bottoms Up Refix Neophyte & Tha Playah - Still Nr. One Neophyte & The Viper - Nothing To Loose Masters Of Ceremony - A Way To Refix Bodylotion - Catastrophy Bodylotion - Hurt You Bad Neophyte & Tha Playah - Quite Dedication Neophyte & Evil Activities - One Of Those Days Neophyte & Restrained - Brainstorm Neophyte, Tha Playah & The Viper - Master This! (Gridkiller Remix) Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix) Bodylotion - Make You Dance (Amiga Live Act Edit) Neophyte & Drokz - Sloop Die Speakers (Thunderdome 2009 Anthem) Neophyte - Execute Repix - The Ultimate Neophyte Tribute Tha Playah - My Mistery Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To The Bone Bodylotion - Mellow Moenie Mauwe (Amiga Live Act Edit) This is a tracklist that makes me smile. So many great anthems that have certainly stood the test of time, and there's also a few new-ish records here, which do certainly fit in nicely. But it's the early and Millennium released records that do the most damage, for me. The mix is only 47 minutes long, but you get 23 amazing Neophyte records. So many epic songs, truly beyond belief what Neophyte has created, and how their music remains at the top, not for the last 30 years, but for many decades to come. And Neophyte had to play the biggest track under the alias Masters Of Ceremony, 'Hardcore To The Bone'. What a timeless classic, and it's a track that goes down well on dancefloors all over the globe. I've been to many parties where Neophyte records were played, and the last time I saw them, was at a Raving Nightmare. That's centuries ago. I need a Neophyte fix, and this mix fits in beautifully. It's got 23 epic records, and if you were lucky enough to get tickets, it will get you hyped up for the upcoming Thunderdome, which will certainly be a next level experience. I do love the mix. There are more to come, but this one stands out. I'm a huge fan of Neophyte, and love what they've done for the scene. Where would we be without Neophyte? Nowhere, that's right! The track that stood out the most, isn't 'Hardcore To The Bone', but 'Execute'. Why? I think that was the first record I heard, the one that introduced me into the wonderful world, created by Neophyte. Or it was 'Mickey'. Come on, like I would know it. But it was one of the first. DJ: Neophyte Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Hardcore, Gabber, Millennium Mix Info: Thunderdome 2023 | Heroes of Hardcore mix by Neophyte Length Mix: 00:46:58 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Thunderdome - Soundcloud Channel

  • Outland - 90's and new early style bouncy techno mix (2023)

    It feels like I'm only listening to music released in the 90s lately. 90s is what has been dominating my days, in their entirety. I haven't stopped listening to mixes like the one you are about to listen to, and I feel in a different state of mind. Calm, relaxed, and euphoric. But that's a good thing, and it have me enough energy to do some chores around the house. You need something with a decent kick, to give you the right amount of energy, right? And the 90s had that, especially when it comes to Hardcore, Gabber, Hardcore Techno, or whatever you call it. Today's mix is yet another one I stumbled upon, and I've not heard of the DJ before. I do know of the music and the artists in this mix (well, most of them), so instead of talking about bollocks, let's talk about the tracks used for this mix. The mix contains a mixture of 90s records, and brand spanking new records that capture the 90s sound beautifully. Born in the 80s, grew up listening to the 90s Hardcore anthems, and it has become a genre of music I truly adore, and I've said it a billion times: it's cool that it is kept alive by a few producers, who have created this newskool Hardcore, that truly reminisce the 90s sound. If I didn't know they were only released recently, I would have thought they were released in the 90s. That's how good they are! Surely I'm not the only one who loves that, and if you do, give this mix a go, and share it as much as you can. DJ Outland has done a nice set, worth your time. Neophyte - Voice Of Your Conscious The Scotchman - Happy Vibes Scott Brown & Omar Santana - Ain't It Wild Queensboro Crew - Criminal Minded Carjackers - Phat Beats Obsession & Technotrance - Detox Bionic Commanders - Cyndrum DJ Elmo - Troopers Paradise DJ Elmo - Hitting Hard DJ Elmo - Don't Stop Stormtrooper & Project XTC - Hoover Out The Keytown Connection - I Am The Danger Scott BPM - Acid Stomp Chosen Few vs DJ Pila - The Break (Wicked XXX Remix) Green Sequence - Do It Alright Januskopf - Chug Jug Chit Chat Omar Santana & M-Project - Wild Motherfuckers M-Project - Badboys Painbringer - Share Your Pain This is a nicely looking tracklist with a nice variety of records by a nice variety of artists. Well, there's a few by the same artist, but don't let that spoil anything. At least the songs by DJ Elmo are great. Didn't know he had a career outside of Sesame Street? Outland delivers a nice mix, and the songs are just what I needed to hear. Rough and tough, and at the right speed. It goes a tad harder toward the end, but that's how it should be. Slow introduction, and end on a high (and fast paced) note. There are a lot of awesome records, but the first one does the most damage for me. Neophyte always delivers, and they have done since the early 90s. That has to be my favourite song in this set. The set goes a bit weird, as if the recording levels were off, but the bass just goes to nearly non existent. Nothing major, but it spoils the mix slightly. Still, a very enjoyable mix with some hard hitters. Let this mix be the one to get you through the weekend! DJ: Outland Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Bouncy Techno, Early Hardcore Mix Info: Outland - 90's and new early style bouncy techno mix Length Mix: 01:00:01 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ OUTLAND - Soundcloud Channel


    Still unemployed (but not for long), so I am sitting at home, not having a thing to do. Well, there's one thing I can do: review. And nothing else to be fair. Gardening is boring, and it's too wet. Cleaning the car? Currently haven't got a car. Chores around the house? Nah, not that eager to do anything, but it's a must. But need something to listen to, when doing it. And all of a sudden I remembered a mixtape I found a few months ago, and it didn't have a tracklist, so I was curious, and was hoping it would maybe now have a tracklist. And guess what? Tracklist was added! Don't think I've reviewed a DISC-U-TABLE set before. Need to check if I have, and it turns out I have, but the set was taken offline. Which is a shame, as I really liked the set. But now we should focus on his latest mixtape, which is roughly 65 minutes long, and contains 66 records. So it's a megamix, right? No time to waste, let's dive straight into the mix. This mix contains several genres/styles, all blended in together. And you might be wondering why this mix was made. Well, it was the DJs birthday and as a treat to us all, he made this megamix. But you can expect a mix and mash of literally everything. I am a music lover, but most of these songs in this mix are complete unknowns to me, and I've not heard of the artist before either. A nice and unknown set today, but as long as the songs make me move, right? Do the tracks move me, or am I sitting in my seat, not moving? Duskus - Let Go TC4 - Tranquilo Robby East & Salvo - Crossfire CASHEW & Rudolf Dekovic - Oh Yea Matroda - Rescue Me Prozak - Lights Dub Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf - That's My Jam Jordi Rivera - Cereal Killer Mr. Belt & Wezol - You Do PetitMaurice - Win Or Lose Kungs & Stargate feat GØLDN - Be Right Here (Tony Romera Remix) Mella Dee - Techno Disco Tool Brock Edwards - My Mind (Trevor Gordon Remix) Flume feat T-Shirt - On Top (Tony Romera 2020 Rework) INJI - BORED CASHEW - Believe In Music Vato Gonzalez - Dusty Riddim NOTION - 1997 Macky Gee x David Zowie feat Ruth Royall - Ready For You (Bass Mix) LNY TNZ & Moksi - Lock The Door NuBass - Rave Dragon Moksi - Get U There Julio Navas & Gustavo Bravetti & David Amo - Raw (Tony Romera Remix) BURNR - Grand Tech Auto Cassius - Cassius 1999 (Skapes Retwist) Oliver Heldens - What The Funk (Steve Aoki Remix) €URO TRA$H - Dipped In $ugar HI-LO - Wappy Flirt (Old Mix) Curbi - Sometimes I Get ZERO - Pay For Thrills Sammy Virji - Pula Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Sammy Virji Bootleg) Holy Goof x Sammy Virji - Never SICKBASS - Bluetooth Wax Motif & Taiki Nulight feat Scruffizer - Skank N Flex Honey & Badger - Central MPH - Screamer Michael Sparks - Like Me Ricky West - Don't Shatter DISC-U-TABLE - WHAT IS COOL NOTION - TALKING THE HARDEST Soulecta - Things You Say OMBRO - Open The Door MPH - Doubt Jaikea - Lightz Zack Shaboo - Gravity Soulecta, Rico Tubbs - Borderline NOTION - HOT Papo Reto - Gigolo (Krooner Remix) Tchami & Snakehips - Tonight MPH - Spend The Night Tengu & Nu Era - Brace Mickey B - Be My Love Michael Sparks & OMBRO - Say Sum Sammy Virji & MPH - Get Dumb Habstrakt - Tonight AC Slater - Feeling Awake (Sammy Virji Remix) ID - ASSLINE Habstrakt - Vibin Valentino Khan x Nitti Gritti - Your Body Lucati - Club Music Chris Lorenzo - Ghost Dub RDYN - Speak Up Ricky West - Movin' NOTION - BBS Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough! (Vocal Club Mix) I am not an expert, but I can appreciate good dance music, and DISC-U-TABLE's set contains a lot of catchy songs. And there's a lot of catchy songs in here. You would have difficulties sitting still, as your body wants to dance. For me, the only downside of this mix, is the length of each song. Some are building up to this climatic moment, to then go straight into the next song. No time to waste. But that's the only downside of this mix. Everything else is perfect. Some songs only need to be played 20-30 seconds, and that's enough for me, and some should have been played longer. But the DJ keeps you on your toes, and your body wants to dance. This could be a perfect mix for you to listen to, when you are working, as this can give you the right amount of energy to get through a hard day of work. I knew there were a few records in here, but that was before the tracklist was published. Wasn't ready for 66 records! He's crammed in as many as he could! Kudos to the DJ for doing that. Best record? 'On Top' by Flume feat T-Shirt, reworked by Tony Romera. Big dance record. I had to wait a few months, but it's worth it. A solid mix, one that will put a smile on your face. And if you like quick-mixing, this could be your thing! DJ: DISC-U-TABLE Genre/Style: House, Dance, Club, UKG Mix Info: DISC-U-TABLE - EFFE LEKKER NIKSTAPE VOL. 01 [24/07/2023] Length Mix: 01:05:21 Tracks: 66 (sixty-six) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: DISC-U-TABLE - Soundcloud Channel

  • 1994/95 Breakbeat/happy hardcore vol. 3 (2023)

    Let's go back in time, roughly 30 years back in time. 1994 and 1995, do you remember those glorious years? Were you even alive when these two years happened? Would be interesting to find out if a) you were alive and b) if you actually remember the music from those years. I actually do, and it's not just because I keep on finding these mixes on Soundcloud. But it's certainly made easier to remember the tracks from the 90s. Today's mix was uploaded 2 days ago by ANDY PAV, and it's focussed on those 2 years, and the Breakbeat/Happy Hardcore anthems from those years. Not all of them, otherwise the mix would be days long. Only a handful, and when I say a handful, I mean 13 records. And whenever I see a mix by ANDY, I know it's going to be a good one. This time he's outdone himself, and filled it with 13 records I've not seen and probably heard before. There are songs in here which versions I've not encountered before, so it's going to be a good listening session. I've got to listen to something for the next 2 hours, so I thought I'd give this fresh new mix a go. And I wasn't disappointed. ANDY PAV (should it be all caps or not?) has given us another amazing mix, and they are certainly interesting to listen to. As mentioned before, I might know other versions of these songs, but not the ones used by ANDY. Expanding my horizon, right? Frantic & Impulse - Spiced Up Format - The Stomper The Dok - I Want You Edit V - Burning Love Druid & Vinylgroover - Summertime Vibe 94 (The North End Mix) DJ Brisk - Make It Rough DJ Seduction - Drop The Bass (Vibes & Wishdokta Mix) Nzo & Invincible - Funky Sensation (Billy Bunter & JDS Mix) DJ Hood - NRG Storm Syndicut - Hold Me In Your Arms (Jimmy J & Cru-L-T Mix) DJ Mystical - Striking Distance DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect (DJ Sy, Unknown & Temptation Mix) DJ Slam - Influence Well, maybe technically speaking I wasn't telling the truth. I know one song, which is 'Funky Sensation', mixed by Billy Bunter and JDS. That's the only song I know. Woop die doo! It has been an interesting hour, and the tunes are all solid. Just what I needed to hear. We started today with some early Terror, and now this mix. I am fully focussed on the 90s today, and I love it. ANDYs mix is a tight one, with a lot of epic tunes, and it has already received positive feedback, and many likes and reposts, but that's all because it's a solid mix. He never disappoints. He always, and I mean always, delivers. Another outstanding mix with classic anthems you don't hear or see that often. Well, I clearly didn't recognise most of them, or maybe I'm not paying attention. Blame me anyway,. What is there to say? A blinding mix with stunning anthems. I don't know what kind of negative criticism I need to give? I honestly cannot think of anything. If you know a reason why I should dislike this mix, do tell (by leaving a comment below). Best record? Oh, tricky one. 'In Effect', as I do love the original, and this version is cool too. Not as cool as the Slipmatt remix, but close enough. OK OK, I found a reason why I should dislike this mix! The download is available (for free), but the file size is 633 MB! Damn son, you a big one! DJ: ANDY PAV Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Rave Mix Info: 1994/95 Breakbeat/happy hardcore vol. 3 Length Mix: 00:59:52 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 633,7 MB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz Release Year: 2023 More Information: ANDY PAV - Soundcloud Channel

  • Early Terror is Gewoon Beter 8.0 (2023)

    That's the question for you all today. Is Early Terror better? Are you a fan of Terror music, or it way too strong, too fast, and too powerful for you? Or is it a type of music you love, and it cannot be too fast for you? Do you like it fast, rough, and rugged? Are you like me, basically? As I've mentioned in many reviews, I started listening to Hardcore back in 1993, and Terror only became visible to me around 1996. I did like it, but was more into 'mainstream' Hardcore. Maybe I did find it too hard back then, but I was still a teenager, didn't know what was good music... I do love a bit of Terror. I have developed a love for it, especially the 90s sounding Terror. I still have a lot to learn, as most of the songs I heard during that decade were on albums such as Thunderdome, MOH, , Earthquake etc. Basically all albums released by ID&T and/or Arcade. But I never went full rogue and purchased an underground label album. I always played it safe, so the deep underground anthems were missed by yours truly. But looking at the tracklist, which was put together by Gabber Pinguin, I don't recognise any names. What I meant to say was, I don't recognise a name that I would assume be a 90s Terror producer. They all seem to be 'new' names, and the songs have got the 90s sound, but seem to have been made way after the decade ended. You'll know what I mean when you see the tracklist. Also, Gabber Pinguin? Didn't knew these funny creatures liked gabber music? Slugnoid - Fucking Uptempo 2.0 Hyperactive D - The Battle Speacko - Surrender X2 - N.Y. Distortion Necronym & OTM - Katyusha Pardonax - Synthetic Megamix DJ Kobe - Drop The Bass Amorphoid - Mystic Doll L NEON & Terror Eimbert - The Bullet Pardonax - Alone The Liquidators - Glauben Sie Mir M.C. Roob - For Sure Necronym - Blood Vengeance Speedy Lo - Disco Madness Grosvenor & Fang - Dance Of The Death Persephony - Hell Couldn't Be Any Worse Frankentek - Door Gaan Frankentek & Hitman - Fuck The Police HCM - The Difference Between Deterrent Man - Wrong Answer HCM - Russian Roulette Two Shit Cunts - I'll Smash Your Head In DJ Kobe & Ninetysix - Sphynx Sucre Rose - Tango Mortel Danny Ovington & DJ Narotic - Blasphemy This tracklist only has a few names in it I recognise, but it's all about the music, and what it does to you. Gabber Pinguin has done a remarkable thing. This eight instalment of the Early Terror mix series was the first one I discovered, and there's more online to discover, but with his mix, he has capture a sound I really like and mixed together nicely. The mix is an hour long, which should be long enough for you to get your Early Terror fix, right? It starts off slow, but the BPMs do increase, and toward the end you are listening to Speedcore. It basically becomes insane at the end, and I do like that a lot. The mix is tight, and the Terror/Speedcore anthems thrown at us, are really good. Still under the impression that these were newly made songs that resemble the 90s sound. Can someone comment on that please? Leave a comment below if I'm right, or if I'm talking bollocks?! The Gabber Pinguin has made a wicked mix, and it's put a smile on my face. The songs are good, and I got transcended back into the 90s. The 90s were just so much better, right? Instead of asking which song is my favourite, the main question could be: Terror or Speedcore? And today I'm more into Speedcore. Thanks Pinguin for this mix. It's given me the right amount of energy to get through today! DJ: Gabber Pinguin Genre/Style: Early Terror, Speedcore Mix Info: Early Terror is Gewoon Beter 8.0 Length Mix: 01:00:38 Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Gabber Pinguin - Soundcloud Channel

  • JAKAZiD @ UntzTime Haunted Dancefloor 6 27-10-2023

    There's been a lot of changes lately, and I won't go into all the details, as it can be perceived as boring, but for the next few days, I'll be 'unemployed', and I am without a car. So the only thing I can do, is sit at home, and listen to music. Can't leave the house, but to be fair, it's a bit nippy, so I really wouldn't want to go outside. Sitting indoors, listening to good music, that's what my idea of Heaven is. And today's mix is one you need to hear. Not just because it was made by JAKAZiD, but because the music is awesome, and that's what it's all about! I am not aware of the event, where it took place, or if it was an online event or not. Maybe you can enlighten me with your knowledge? I am guessing, and sometimes it might be the right guess, that it's a Halloween focussed event? I base my judgment on the image above, and the title of the event. But now we should focus on the music, and all the awesome songs used in this set. The set might only be 46 minutes long, but within those minutes he throws hit after hit. He plays the finest UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore anthems, and they will all leave you with smiles for miles. You will feel happier, more cheerful, and full of energy after. JAKAZiD certainly gives us the tunes to keep us going. Only a handful of names rang a bell, but that's not to worry: just sit back and listen to the set. DC Mizey - Night Riding VIP Darwin - How Dare They Do That パソコン音楽クラブ - Inner Blue (PMC168 Remix) DJ Noriken - Nightfallen (See The Light Redux) Aethral & hyleo - Irresolution Darwin - Rain Like Tears NA7 - I Wish Pokkun - Back To You Seventhrun - Your Fantasy JAKAZiD - Under The Moonlight Soleily - Dizzying Life DJ Danny - On A Mountain (JAKAZiD Bootleg) HiroHiro - Hold Me Close For A Moment (S2i8 Remix) Impulse Riders - Fireball Darwin - A Reason Why (HU Mix) Mylta - Rapid Jack In Box & Darwin - Be Together TANUKI - Prism you - Hypnotized Darren - Not Enough JAKAZiD - Take Me Higher EFU - Angel Halo M-Project & S2i8 - Bassline Shatter Sharky - Riffraff-ruff It's an amazing, energetic, and very happy set. Not as scary as Halloween, and the tracks aren't haunted enough for you to be scared. You are the complete opposite, nothing can harm you, and you are in your happy bubble. Well, if that ain't you, it is certainly me! I am sitting here, a happy bunny, and have listened to this mix multiple times in a row, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The songs are great, and they are all songs I've not heard before. I know a few artists in this tracklist, but I've just not heard these songs before. That makes the set even more interesting, and it all depends on if the songs actually work well. Well, they work well together, and JAKAZiD did a marvellous job. He keeps us on our toes, and gets us moving. They are all happy, melodic, and very energetic. And I freaking love it. The best song for me? 'Angel Halo' by EFU. What a beast of a track! Love it. JAKAZiD has done a marvellous job, and he has given us 24 amazing records in a 46 minute set. It might be short, but it's very much everything you need today! DJ: JAKAZiD Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, J-Core Mix Info: JAKAZiD @ UntzTime Haunted Dancefloor 6 27-10-2023 Length Mix: 00:46:17 Tracks: 24 (twenty-four) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: JAKAZiD - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ Smurfy Pops - Lindisfarne Festival, Northumberland, England - 02/09/2023 [Cheesy Pop Disco]

    It's Sunday, and I'm knackered. Didn't do much this weekend, but I'm drained completely. I am not in the mood for anything hard, rough and rugged, I need something that will put a smile on my face, and that's when I realised that I saved a set by DJ Smurf. It wasn't your standard Smurf mix, but it was slightly different. A cheesy mix. A set recorded at Lindisfarne Festival, in Northumberland, 02,09,2023. And yes, it contains a lot of cheese, maybe too much for you liking, but it will put a smile on your face, and maybe even get you to sing along to? I certainly have listened to this multiple times, as this set contains the records me and the missus both can listen to. She doesn't like the harder styles I appreciate, she's someone who likes a bit of cheese (hence why she married me!). And I have to agree with her. Sometimes you need a bit of cheese, a bit of guilty pleasure, to lighten the mood. The set is packed with cheese. Leave that to mr Smurf to sort it out. Whatever this event was, I'm guessing it was a nice and appreciated welcome. He played at 6pm, and for an hour he made sure the cheese was pouring down the speakers. The visitors to the event were overloaded with cheese, but let's make one thing clear: cheese is cool! Sometimes it's just fun to have a bit of a giggle, and a throwback to the golden years of pop music. The tracklist will make you giggle. Trust me, it will! Paul Hardcastle - The Wizard Dee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart PJ & Duncan - Let's Get Ready To Rumble Five - Everybody Get Up House Of Pain - Jump Around (DJ Maars Reggae Re-Fix) Run-DMC - Walk This Way Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby Mastermix - The Boybands Are Back In Town Backstreet Boys - Everybody East 17 - House Of Love Take That feat Lulu - Relight My Fire Boyzone - When The Going Gets Tough Westlife - Uptown Girl Five - Keep On Movin Rick Astley vs Chambawamba vs Avicii - Never Gonna Wake Up (Get Knocked Down) Chesney Hawkes - The One And Only The Village People - YMCA (Extended Mix) Black Lace - Black Lace Megamix (12'' Mix) The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Kylie Minogue - The Locomotion Steps - 5,6,7,8 Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe Vengaboys - We Like To Party This is cheese. Guilty pleasure anthems we all know, and love. Well, love might be a bit of a statement: you might even hate a few songs. But you have to acknowledge that these songs have become timeless classics, and will work at any party. From a wedding to a birthday party to a big event/festival. You will have everyone singing along to the songs. How can you sit still and not jump up and sing? Clap your hands? Stomp your feet? DJ Smurf's set has got everything in it. And it will bring you a level of cheesy euphoria you weren't ready for. Some of the tracks are extremely bad, and some are just too damn good. But that's what makes this set interesting: there's something in it for everyone! It's quirky, but it keeps you going. This would never be a dull set. You know all the songs, and you've sang them a million times, and you will continue doing so, for at least another 50+ years. Were they great songs? Nope. But are they catchy as fuck? Hell yes. I would have to say that Black Lace's megamix is the one that gets me going the most, and it's one of those songs that will stay in your head for days, and it will drive your spouse absolutely mad. Hell, it drove my colleagues mad, and they wished I'd not heard this set by Smurf at all, as I kept singing it to them for hours on TEAMS calls. It's not a smooth mix, but still highly enjoyable. So credit for making a set with these songs, and kind of making them work with each other. I know it is a bit silly, but seeing as I'm Dutch, I cannot hide my love for a bit of cheese. And Smurf has given us the cheese. You ready for the cheese? Ps. I know I kept saying DJ Smurf, but it's Smurfy Pops! Sorry. DJ: Smurfy Pops Genre/Style: Pop, Disco, 70s, Rock, Hip Hop, 90s, 80s Liveset Info: Recorded @ Lindisfarne Festival, Northumberland, 02/09/2023 Length Liveset: 01:00:03 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 148,3 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ Smurf - Soundcloud Channel

  • Disco & Funky House (October 2023 Part 2)

    It's Saturday evening, and I hope you are experiencing a nice evening. Me and the missus had a wonderful day. We went to see family, and even went and bought a new car! How's that for a busy Saturday, eh? Weather wise it's been atrocious, and I hope those that are going to bonfire nights, will get what they want to see: fireworks. If you aren't going out, and you are staying indoors, keeping warm and remain cosy, let me give you something to listen to. A Disco & Funky House mix. That will certainly heat you up a lot1 Someone shared this mix on Soundcloud, and whoever did that, I thank you! I needed to hear this mix, especially after my recent trip to Greece. The bar we stayed at every day/evening/night, they played this kind of music, and it made us feel content. We were both happy, and in a good state of mind, and hearing this mix, it took us back to mainland Greece, and us getting tipsy on cocktails. Love it, take me back right now! I'm not an expert, but I do appreciate the music a lot, so when I looked at the tracklist, I knew it wasn't doing anything to me, and I just had to listen to it, and absorb the music, feel the music flow through my system, and let it make me feel extremely funky. Not taking me back to the golden years of Disco though, but keeping me in the 21st century, and letting me feel the vibes that we really need nowadays, not the vibes that were alive back in the 70s. It's 2023, and the music does not sound like it should have been made in the 70s. It's super fresh, and super exciting to listen to. Asha Puthli - One Night Affair (Turbotito & Ragz Remix) Manzo Edits - Oh...Money! (DHP a.k.a. Life Dee & Black Pomade Edit) Eli Escobar - In My Bones Paco Caniza - Your Game B.B & Q. Band - Genie (Michael Gray Extended Remix) Elisabeth Yorke, Bolognini & Re-Tide - Grounded (Re-Tide Re-Edit) D.P.V. - Disco Utopia AC Soul Symphony - I Want To See You Dance Aline Rocha - WTF (Extended Mix) Superlover - Can't Get Enough (Extended Mix) Flamingo Pier feat Steve Monite - Remedy (JKriv Disco Dub) Izo FitzRoy - God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes (Cosmodelica Remix) Massimo Voci - I Love Funky Dutchican Soul, Greg van Bueren & Niels Schroder - Reckless Girl (Extended Mix) James Curd - Sublime Mind Re-Tide - Funky Tonight (Extended Mix) Walterino - Loopland (The Dukes Edit) Luca Garaboni - Cosa Bevi What Do You Drink (Extended Mix) Eugenio Fico - For Love Sunner Soul - Good For Soul I've had this mix on a few times, and it's as cool as you imagined it to be. The songs are solid, and the groove... the groove is smooth! I feel so relaxed, and if I close my eyes (and crank up the thermostat to 40 degrees Celsius), my imagination could take me back to Greece. Imagine, eh? The DJ behind this mix is Fabioh67, and I know nothing about this DJ. Nor do I know anything about the songs used in this mix, but what I do know, is that these songs are funky, sexy, and very sensual! I am sitting here, all relaxed and mellowed out. I've feeling this, I am loving the vibes. Fabioh67, you've made a very interesting and smooth mix, and even though I don't recognise anyone on this mix, or have ever heard these songs before, I do feel enlightened. The hour and 24 minute long mix goes by, and before you know it, you are having the urge to listen to it again, which I'm doing right now. It's been on a few times in a row, and I'm loving it. Feel the love, and spread the love. This is a wicked mix, and should get more recognition. Disco and Funky House is just awesome, am I right? If not, leave a comment below! Best track? 'Your Game'. This is such a sensual track... LOVE IT! DJ: Fabioh67 Genre/Style: Disco, Funky House, Disco House, Nu-Disco Mix Info: Disco & Funky House (October 2023 Part 2) Length Mix: 01:24:25 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 193 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Fabioh67 - Soundcloud Channel

  • Oldschool Hardcore 1990-1995 - Mixed By RETRO Original Hardcore (2023)

    You know I love myself a bit of the early 90s sound, and to find a mix that contains records from 1990 to 1995, that always makes me smile. A bit like the smiley on the image above. He/she is having fun, and that's what I'm experiencing right now. It is an oldschool Hardcore mix, but it's got more in it then expected. Not just Hardcore, but you'll understand what I'm talking about, once you had a good look at the tracklist. Just scroll down a tiny bit, and you'll see the tracklist. But before we proceed, there's a discussion to have , which I think we all need to have. Are we bothered when a mix is dedicated to a specific year or a few years, and songs that are played, weren't from that year? Does that bother you? Or do you not care, and just focus on the overall outcome? Would be interesting to find out, as the mix you are about to listen to, has a few records that aren't oldschool, nor were they released between 1990 and 1995, and aren't even Hardcore! The mix was made by RETRO Original Hardcore, which is a bit of a mouthful, isn't it? Not familiar with the people behind this project, so let's ignore that bit, and talk about the mix. You will look at the tracklist and recognise a lot of the records used, which (as previously mentioned) aren't even 100% Hardcore, but wouldn't go amiss in an early 90s mix, like this one. But which records were selected? You are curious now, aren't you? Rob Janssen - 1988 Mainx - 88 To Piano Digital Boy - This Is Motherfucker The Prodigy - Charly (Alley Cat Mix) The Prodigy - Android Phenomania - Who Is Elvis? Capella - U Got 2 Know (Extended Club Mix) The Horrorist - Can You Hear The Sound? DJ Moka - Start This Record The Mover - Burning Universe Three O' Three - Public Energy Miro - Purple Moon (Remix) Miro feat The Horrorist - S.T.R.O.B.E. Dave Clarke - Gonk (DJ Reflect Bootleg) Liquid - Sweet Harmony Twin Freaks - Gateway Experience Marc Acardipane feat Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived Marc Acardipane - C.S.W.K. (Original Mix) The Horrorist - Flesh Is The Fever Ace The Space - 9 Is A Classic (Castro Space U) Miro - Show Em (Original Version) Tellurians - The Navigator (DJ Misjah Remix) Private Productions - Looped Digital Boy - Tilt 21 (Vinno Ricci Remix) Tellurian - Big Bag City DJ Attic feat Perpetrator & Stylzz - In Your Face Miro - Dark Discovery (Original Version) Crowd Control - Tranzformer (Attic & Acesone Remix) DJ Stardust - Stompin' Jack Flash (Giada Remix) DJ Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies (Marc Acardipane O-skool Remix) I have to say that, just by looking at the tracklist, it makes me a happy man. Most of these were very important records to me, growing up in the Netherlands. This is the shit I grew up with, listening to it. But here's the thing. I am a bit picky, but in the end, not really fussed about if it is or isn't between certain dates. Because, to me, the majority weren't even from 1990 to 1995! But that's just me. At least the songs are great, right? Yes, they are. And there's a shit ton of records by Miro in here, which I really like. Especially 'Purple Moon'. What an underrated classic! A producer that should get the recognition for his work. The tracks are mostly OK. But not 'Flesh Is The Fever'. That's my personal kryptonite. I genuinely hate that record. So overrated. RETRO Original Hardcore didn't know, so I won't deduct any points. There are some mixing errors unfortunately, and the mix (at certain stages) doesn't run as smooth as I wanted it to be. And I don't know what happened during 'Frequencies'. The quality is just not there, maybe the recording levels were down? No bass or nothing. All in all a very nice mix. You will enjoy it though. Oldskool, and not 100% Hardcore. Does that make sense/ Act: RETRO Original Hardcore Genre/Style: Hardcore, Rave, Techno, Gabber, Oldskool Mix Info: Oldschool Hardcore 1990-1995 - Mixed By RETRO Original Hardcore Length Mix: 01:18:49 Tracks: 30 (thirty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: RETRO Original Hardcore - Soundcloud Channel

  • Day-Mar - North Return To The Asylum (2011)

    The other day I was on Soundcloud, and someone who made a mix filled with Millennium Hardcore anthems had a few tracks in it, made by Day-Mar. And it got me thinking, ''are there any mixes online made by Day-Mar?'', and the first one I found, was this set at North's 14th birthday event, held back in 2011. And it had an amazing line-up, as far as the eye can see. Angerfist, Unexist, Dione, Scorpio & Producer & Dolphin, Jay Prescott & Marc Smith, Brisk, and many more. And of course Day-Mar was there, and the set is online, for all to witness. I'm guessing it might have been part of a CD pack? I remember those CD packs, and I even purchased a few myself. But never one from North, as I've never been, and not seen many livesets of their events on Soundcloud, or not seen many posts in general. But that's OK though. Day-Mar was fairly unknown to me, until she released 'Embrace The Night', back in 2006. Boy, that was a game changer! That song was played everywhere, and it's still one of my most favourite records ever, but the one that she's made, which is higher on the list, is one a bit more obscure and forgotten, which is called 'No Prada'. Thankfully that track is in this set, which is one of the reasons I'm now listening to this set. And I only know the Hardcore songs she's made, but she made oh so much more1 And there's a few of her records in this set, which blow me to pieces! Seriously, there are some underrated anthems in here you should definitely check out. The tracklist isn't complete, so if you know the unknowns, leave a comment below: Negative A - The End Of The World Day-Mar - Black Widow Mike NRG - Lost In Dreams (Q-Base Anthem 2010) (Boris S. vs Frank Kvitta's Gods Army Remix) Day-Mar - Spinnekop Angel - Industrial Base Tymon - Ambush Angel - Can You See Me ID - ID Angel - Like That Waldhaus - A Journey Through Time Tymon - Nonlinear Dynamics End Of Eternity ID - ID Tones feat MC Impact - Rip It Up Harder DJ Arjuna & Beyonder - Shoot That Motherfuck (Negative A Remix) Life Runs Red - Theta Break Tymon & Waldhaus - Void Day-Mar - No Prada Day-Mar & Korsakoff - Screw Driver Day-Mar - Mindless Day-Mar - Pole Position (Masters Of Hardcore Pole Position Anthem 2008) Day-Mar - Guess What Unexist & Day-Mar - K.O. (Thunderdome Fight Night Anthem 2009) Oh, there are some amazing records in this mix I've not heard in a while. I've not heard this set in its entirety before, so it's all new and exciting, but now I'm happy I discovered it on Soundcloud. I've been listening to this mix over and over, and it surprised me how awesome this set was. Not just your run of the mill Hardcore set, but a set that contains literally everything awesome. From Hard Techno/Schranz to some rough Industrial to some proper Hardcore to everything in between. Day-Mar did a marvellous job, and the crowd in Bristol back in 2011 probably had a wonderful night. I certainly did have a wonderful time listening to this. It's now nearly 11:59am, and it's been on since 06:44am. She takes it slow, and throughout the set the pace increases, and I love how she did it. I didn't even know she made some Techno focussed songs too. If I'm being honest, don't even know if I've ever heard a Day-Mar set before, so I wouldn't know what to expect. But I'm glad I have heard this set, as it's dope as fuck. The MC isn't really needed though. But that's just my opinion. There were three tracks in this set which blew me away the most. 'Spinnekop', 'Shoot That Motherfuck' and 'No Prada'. Can't pick a favourite, as they are all dope. Her set is amazing, and even though it's 12 years old, it still sounds extremely fresh, and the songs haven't aged at all. Classic anthems! Wonderful set. DJ: Day-Mar Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Schranz, Hard Techno, Gabber, Industrial Liveset Info: Day-Mar @ North Return To The Asylum 2011 Length Liveset: 01:02:25 Tracks: 22 (twenty-two) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2021 (original 2011) More Information: xxxxxx

  • Strictly Nuskool Vol.3 (2023)

    A new album is out. And it's an album compiled by the legendary Greek music lover, Glowkid. The last time I reviewed an album he has released, was back in 2020. But now the third instalment of the Strictly NuSkool CD series is out, and it's out there, for free. As a reviewer I got an early access, but unfortunately I've been slightly busy, so this review is after the release date (which was the 22nd of October). Apologies for the delay, but here we go! It's the third album, but the first one I've reviewed (maybe I did it on my previous website, but can't remember....) Glowkid has done it. A new, freebie album, with tracks you have never heard before! And with this new album he doesn't just promote his own website (which he does though), but he also pushes 'new' and upcoming artists forward. And a quick look at the tracklist does show me that they are all unknowns to me. So I had to go in on this album, completely in the dark, not knowing what to expect. Well, technically speaking, that's not the truth. Of course I know a bit, as the focus is all about NuSkool Rave , which embraces the 90s Hardcore and Jungle sound, but when it comes to the actual tracks, I am completely in the dark. For me, the only thing to do, is to shut up and press play. The album contains 17 records, and they are worth a glance. Don't just dive straight into the download, but appreciate the tracklist. Hell, you might even spot a name on it that you recognise?! Lukas Ungeitis - This Far Planet B - Concentrate Rxry - Hav Ur Luv RenegadeGenius - Think Of You Stu Armstrong - Hold On 2 U Jakuzzi Superstar - This Is Acid Juna - Hardcore Rush Pressure - Champion's Risk Fritz The Cat - Untitled A1 Gaffer - Keep It Raw MOZDJ - Dante BINO - Babylon Simi feat dr Ziom & Angie - Letniaczek MZA - Aerial Break Sexygarbageman - Break It Down DJ HEW - 93 Energy Fence - Tosi Bosi I've not seen any of these names before, but it's all about the music they have made, especially for this CD, right? And is the music good enough to move you, wherever you are? Is it worth a download and maybe a share? It's an album with different views on NuSkool Rave, Jungle/Hardcore. And the artists are from all over the world, so they've come together to make this album work. And work it certainly does. You start listening to this, getting different views and perspectives on this glorious sound, and the result is an album with 17 completely different records, by 17 different artists. And someone who is a sexy garbage man (brilliant name!). There's an oldskool vibe throughout, but as they are fresh and only released on this album, they did a marvellous job in capturing the 90s sound beautifully. Some of the tracks are more melodic, and some are just pure anthems. Some do touch upon the darker side of Rave. Especially my favourite, by someone with a brilliant name: Fritz The Cat. Glowkid has always been at the front of pushing new music forward, and him incorporating this into a free album, that's just amazing. He might be pushing other artists forward, but he should get all the credit he deserves for doing this for 10 years. Another epic album, and hopefully more to come, right? 10 years in the blogging scene, applause mr Glowkid! I salute you, from one 'simple' reviewer to the next! All jokes aside, it's a wicked album. It's a nice mix and match of everything NuSkool related, and the outcome is a very awesome sounding album, worth your time, and a share! Click the link below for teasers, or to go to Glowkid's website, and share the love! Artists: Various Artists Genre/Style: NuSkool, NuRave, Rave, Hardcore, Jungle, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Album Info: Strictly Nuskool Vol.3 Length Album: 01:25:33 Tracks: 17 (seventeen) Download/Listen (via Strictly NuSkool Blog): LISTEN HERE Product Number: unknown Label: unknown File Size: 215.9 MB File Type: mp3 More Information: Strictly Nuskool Blog - Official Website

  • 1991 - 1992 Old Skool Rave Mix Pt 3 (Mickey B) (2023)

    Every so often, I like to go back in time. And when I say every so often, I mean multiple times a week. Why? Well, as you grow older, you seem to find the older music much better, and you like to reminisce to the forgotten decade you love the most. For some it's the 80s, some might even like the 70s, but for me it's the 90s. I was a teenager for most of it, but the 90s were just much better, in many ways. Only at a later age did I discover the early 90s rave sound, and I'm glad that I have. Would not have been TCD without it. And for today's mix, we are going back to 1991/1992, with a mix by Mickey Beam. A few of Mickey's mixes have made their way to this website, and they all seem to be focussed on the late 80s to mid 90s music, mainly Rave music. And those are the best years. I still have a lot to discover, but slowly I get to known all the tunes that dominated the dancefloors all over the world. In this mix, Mickey has gone all out, and even though it's only 48 minutes long, within those minutes he throws hit after hit, so be ready for the madness! So let's dive straight into the mix. And there's a few new tracks in here I've not heard before. Or maybe not noticed before. But Mickey has made sure that some of the biggest dance anthems of the 90s were in here, so you will be pleased once you've looked at the tracklist. And trust me, it's a bundle of joy! T99 - Anasthasia 1991 Dance City - Melba DJ Seduction - You & Me Zero B - Lock Up The Prodigy - What Evil Lurks Anticappella - Everyday Altern 8 - Infiltrate 202 Rum & Black - Wicked The House Crew - Get On Up Cosmo & Dibs - Star Eyes Isotonik - Different Strokes Wishdokta - Teknozkitzo (Coming Up Mix) DJ Seduction - Come On Sy-Kick - Upside Nino - Future Of Latin DJ Edge - Culminatr Mix Jonny L - Hurt U So Demon Boyz - Jungle Dett Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Acen Remix) There are a lot of big hitters in this mix, they will surely put a smile on your face, ear to ear. Mickey's selection is, as always, excellent. And as 'old' as they might be, they are still as relevant as they were, when they were released. And due to their importance, they have become dancefloor smashers, decades after their initial release. I really enjoyed this set. Short, but very sweet. And some big tracks. Including a track by The Prodigy I wasn't familiar with. Mickey gets the crowd going, and if you ain't moving, there's something wrong with you. Your body should be moving as vigorously as humanly possible. You cannot sit still, and enjoy this. I simply won't have that as an answer. Dance, like no one is watching! Dance! Not much to say. Worth a listen. And it's got an Altern 8 track in here. Oh, and it's also downloadable, so that's an added bonus. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I have. DJ: Mickey Beam Genre/Style: Rave, Oldskool, Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle Techno, Jungle Mix Info: 1991 - 1992 Old Skool Rave Mix Pt 3 (Mickey B) Length Mix: 00:48:08 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 110 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Mickey Beam - Soundcloud Channel

  • Garf Got Hard (2023)

    After listening to an oldskool mix, I went onto Soundcloud to check out the latest uploads, and the one you are about to listen to, is one uploaded to History of Happy Hardcore's Soundcloud channel. It was a mix done by a friend of the channel, hence why my shock and horror was quickly turned into happiness. This mix isn't Happy Hardcore, but stil worth a listen, according to the channel. Don't know who Garf is, or why he/she got hard, but let's go into this mix, before we are destroyed by the angry looking figure on the image above (is that Garf?).... So what's in this mix? The title or the image don't give the answers, but a quick look at the tracklist and the hashtags underneath the mix, they will provide us with the answers. A bit of Techno, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, and everything in-between. And even though I'm not an expert, I do have to say that the mix is interesting enough to give it a go. It's only an hour long, but within that hour, Garf goes nuts. The tunes thrown at us are a bit bonkers, The BPMs might not be a thousand, but they are close enough for you to move your body, raise your fists high up in the air, and you might even sweat a bit. It is highly energetic, and extremely catchy. So which tracks made Garf go hard? Wow, that sounds like an innuendo... El Mefti, Holy Priest & FAC - Fuck This Creeds - Push Up BYØRN - Shivaya Bollman - Rampage Alignment - Old School Konstruct Alliance & NOO - Unleash MAHTAL - All In This Alignment - Close Your Eyes Gonzi & Creeds - Donkers Niereich - Bring That Shit Back Luciid - AC130 DJ Mad Dog & CANCEL - Remind El Mefti, Holy Priest & FAC - Fuck The Police Alex Farrell - 90's Motherfucker Klangkluster & Oberna - Die Weit Brent I was expecting a Happy Hardcore mix, when I saw that it was posted on the History of Happy Hardcore channel, but this Techno focussed mix was a nice and warm welcome. Something different, something unexpected. And the hour has flown by. The mix itself is nice. Getting a bit fed up of hearing those 'Push Up' vocals as those vocals are played everywhere, and it's getting on my nerves now. Maybe I need a short break from it, for it to become epic again. But it works well in this mix. Garf's mix is a good one, with some solid anthems. I think, for me, the first track is the best of this mix. Especially when the beat kicks in after they say 'fuck this'. Love that, and it's a good opening record. It sets the tone, and gives us a glimpse of what's about to happen. I wasn't expecting this mix, but I'm glad I gave this a go. Worth a listen, and whoever Garf is, thanks for this mix. More of this quirky mixes, please. Ps. can anyone clarify, is the DJ behind this mix Garf? Or is it just a quirky name selected? DJ: Garf Genre/Style: Techno, Hard Techno, Industrial, Hard Trance, Donk, Hardstyle Mix Info: Garf Got Hard Length Mix: 01:01:13 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 83.9 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 192kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: History of Happy Hardcore - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ A.K. - 92 - 94 Breakbeat Hardcore & Jungle Mix 14.10.23

    I woke up today, knowing what I know now. The weekend has emerged, and I need something to listen to whilst doing the chores. They are always dreadful to do, and if you put on the standard radio stations, they are filled with dross. Boring music. Songs you hear 24/7, at least being played 36974 times a day. I needed something with a bit more energy, a bit more nostalgic, and a bit that gives me just the right amount of bodily movement (external, not internal). And you know which channel I have to visit, to get my daily fix? You damn right, it's DJ A.K.'s page! DJ A.K. always delivers, and with his latest mix, he takes us back to 1992, 1993, and 1994. I have not encountered a mix yet by A.K. which wasn't superb. They have all been amazing so far, and he's very active on Soundcloud. Blink, and he's already added a new mix. It's a non stop stream of excellent mixes, and his latest is focussed on those 3 years, and the music that was released back then. Yes, it's packed with Breakbeat Hardcore and Jungle anthems. You'll love it! As always, he selected a few records, and mixed them together. But knowing him, they are the best of the best. And after listening to this mix once, I knew that he did exactly that! The tracks are solid as a rock, and they are timeless pieces of Rave history. They made the scene as big as it was to become, and they were influential records for generations to come. A solid selection, but I would not have doubted that A.K. would provide us only with the best of the best. Rhythm For Reason - Grand National (Tango Remix) Urban Hype - I Feel The Heat Mystery Man - DJ Business Top Buzz - Livin' In Darkness 93 Krome & Time - The Slammer Q-Tex - E-Creation Nookie - Shining In Da Darkness Force Mass Motion - Panic Pouch & Coulter - Love Me Now DJ Pooch - Musics So Orca - 4AM DJ Seduction - Everybody DJ's Unknown Vol. 1 - Side B (Mix 2) i Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness DJ Pooch - Our Love DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ruffer!!! Ramos & Vinylgroover - Phantasm DJ Seduction - Got The Music Sunshine Productions - Take Me To The Top DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect DJ Vibes - Freeaneasy Liquid Crystal - You're No Good (Remix) DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - F*ckin' Hardcore Q-Project - Champion Sound (Alliance Remix) The Dok - Your Love Slipmatt - Breaking Free Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows Just looking at the tracklist gives you goosebumps. A few records stand out, that's for sure, and when Red Alert and Mike Slammer records are on, the whole room changes: the atmosphere goes insane! I start dancing like there's no tomorrow! Their tracks are just masterpieces. They should be on display in a museum, for all to see, and hear. From the start the pace is set, and the tunes will get darker over time. To start with 'Grand National' and to end with 'Valley Of The Shadows', you know shit is about to go down! And it does go down. It's hit after hit, and they are so damn good: if you were to close your eyes, you can imagine being back in the 90s again, raving at this obscure venue, raving until the cops turn up, and tell you to do one. The music is just so damn rough and tough, and DJ A.K.s selection is just perfect. The right speed, the right amount of power behind each track, and if you add them into an hour and 21 minute long mix, you get a beautiful mix you should definitely check out. As mentioned, Red Alert and Mike Slammer songs are currently my favourite ones. Especially 'Ruffer!!!'. Boy, when that hits, it hits HARD. They made the songs so damn good, and some go so damn fast, it's like it goes from 'normal' to 'hyper' in a second. Very influential records, and very influential producers. Only love and appreciation, but that's just my standard response to an A.K. mix. But when does he disappoint us? Never. He always delivers excellent mixes, and he should get all the recognition on Soundcloud. Go and play all of his mixes. He's got tons of them , so have fun! DJ: A.K. Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, Breaks, Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: DJ A.K. - 92 - 94 Breakbeat Hardcore & Jungle Mix 14.10.23 Length Mix: 01:21:07 Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ A.K. - Soundcloud Channel

  • Noisetalgia Podcast 021: Scot Project (2023)

    About 9 months ago, this new Soundcloud channel emerged, which was called Noisetalgia. This channel uploads bi-weekly mixes, focussed on mainly producers that have created the scene as it is toda. They have been Trance producers that have left a mark on the scene, and Indecent Noise, the man behind the channel, has made sets roughly an hour and a half long, for each of the artists. It's always pleasant to see new podcasts being dropped, and some have already made it to this website (as a review). The 21st edition of this podcast series could not have been left behind, as it's an appreciation mix, focussed on the amazing producer Scot Project! And when I say big names, I do mean big names: Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Push, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Mauro Picotto, Marco V, DuMonde, Cosmic Gate, Kai Tracid, and the list goes on and on. Those are the big names, and a true Trance lover knows each and every one of them. And we can even name songs from each artist, without hesitation. But the one artist, which only made their appearance a few weeks ago, is the one I truly admire, and love when it comes to their music. Scot Project has been on my radar since the early 2000nd, and has never left. Scot Project had his first release in 1994, and has had many successful releases over the next few decades. To my knowledge, the best years for him, were after 2000. That's when I discovered him, and I truly believe that the first song I've ever heard from him, was 'Hands Up' by Arome, remixed by Scot Project. Many amazing releases later, he has established himself as one of the finest Hard Trance producers out there, and many fans would agree. His music has become timeless classics, and can be played in any set. But which track in this set you are about to listen to, is the one track I feel can be played whenever, wherever? Which is Scot Project's finest track? Hennes & Cold - The Second Trip (DJ Scot Project Remix) Arome - Scream (Scot Project Remix) Scot Project - R (Rock!) Derb - Derb (Arome Remix) Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (DJ Scot Project Remix) Scot Project - F (Future Is Now) (Hardriff Mix) Arome - Hands Up (Scot Project Remix) Thomas Rubin - Cold Night (Scot Project Mix) Yoji Biomehanika - Ding A Ling (Scot Project Remix) DJ Vortex & Arpa's Dream - Incoming (Arome Remix) Arome - Visions Of Paradize (Scot Project Remix) Scot Project - U (I Got A Feeling) (V Mix) Scot Project - FM2 (Feeling Me) Scot Project - L (I Want Your Love) Arome - Here We Go (DJ Scot Project Remix) Scot Project - X2 (Time Is Now) Orion's Voice - Cockroaches (Scot Project Remix) Yoda - Definitely (Scot Project Remix) Beam vs Cyrus - Thunder In Paradise (Scot Project Remix) Scot Project - O (Overdrive) Ooh, this gives me goosebumps! This is Heaven in a nutshell for me. I'm a Trance lover for many decades, but when Scot Project comes on, I can literally drop everything, and just dance until the sun comes up. This is my jam, this is my music. This is just heavenly. Gorgeous, some would say. And you know what? I do wholeheartedly agree! I've listened to this mix so many times now, and I'm still feeling the vibes coming at me at full speed! And there are tons of excellent tunes in here, you cannot understand how I feel about this without knowing me. I find Scot Project one of the best producers of all time. Especially when he makes all time classics, which seems to be in his nature to do. You might be thinking that my favourite one in this mix is 'L (I Want Your Love)', and you wouldn't be wrong, but it shares the top spot with 'Cold Night'. That's yet another epic song! But when ''I Want Your Love'' comes at you through your speakers, you feel that shit! You feel the core tremble. You feel emotional. You feel like an angel is talking to you. Those vocals are INSANE! Credit to Indecent Noise for yet another amazing mix. One of my favourite producers, and his finest work in an hour and a half long mix. Couldn't ask for more. Christmas has come early this year! DJ: Indecent Noise Genre/Style: Hard Trance , Trance Mix Info: Noisetalgia Podcast 021: Scot Project Length Mix: 01:30:26 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: NOISETALGIA - Soundcloud Channel

  • 00s UK/Happy Hardcore Vinyl Mix (part 1) (2023)

    Januskopf. Not a name I've seen before, and he seems to be fairly new on Soundcloud, but someone reposted/shared the mix somewhere, and I had to jump on it, as it's filled with UK Hardcore from those glorious Millennium years. And this takes me back to the early years of me reviewing: this was the reason why I started doing this. I was trying to get UK Hardcore more known, especially in the Netherlands. I've unfortunately failed, but I still keep on doing it, as I'd much rather do this, as it's my hobby. And I'm a rather useless person, can't do anything else. Bullshit writing, yes, I'm good at that. This reminds me of the early years, when I discovered UK Hardcore. Januskopf's mix contains the big records we all love, adore, and have sang along to. And it's nice to see a mix done by a fellow Dutchman. But let's focus on the music, and the tracks he has selected. They are by a wide variety of artists, released on multiple labels, but what they all have in common, is the fact they were released during the 00s. The oldest one is from 2003, the 'youngest' is from 2009. Those, to me, are the best years. The music suited me the most, and Januskopf's selection contains really the anthems that were played everywhere. You could not listen to a tape without these songs appearing, and the same applied to CDs in HMV or anywhere they would sell them. These songs were certified anthems, Without further ado, let me show you the tracklist. You should definitely check it out! Interstate - Hardcore Hustler Styles & Breeze - Do You Want Me Honey Force & Ritmen feat Lisa Abbott - Out Of Sight UFO - Punk Access Scandal & Kaos Theory feat Becky - Luv Shy UFO & Supreme feat Shelly Clifford - Best Days The Mexican & Girdler Synthetic - Energize (Cube::Hard Remix) Clear Vu - Never To Late (Re-Con Remix) Scott Brown - Blue Room (Kev Willow Remix) Alchemist & Fade - Keep On Trying (Darwin Remix) Sc@r & Miss Special K - Bitch Goes Boom Jamie Ritmen feat Marie Louise - Lost In Your World Dandy Crouch feat Shelly - Emotions & Dreams (Kurt Mix) Audiolush - Take Me Away (Brisk & Vagabond Remix) Cube::Hard - Hold The Beat (Gammer Remix) Al Storm - Skank Wow. There's a few big hitters in here, but also a few forgotten classics. It's a nice mixture of everything from those wonderful years. And those sounds, you cannot reproduce them anymore. They are so 2000-ish, linked to that decade. UK Hardcore was a different breed of music, and the fans loved the music. Happy Hardcore died many years before, but the happier side of Hardcore was kept alive in the UK. And for that, I thank them all! If only more Dutch people were into this, this could have been so much bigger, better, and more bolder (to quote the legendary Human Resource). The tracks all have a very happy vibe surrounding it, and I'm really digging it. It keeps the listeners happy, and locked into this mix. Januskopf makes sure you get the dosage required. Your fixture. Your requirements. Your doctor might have prescribed them to you, to have on a daily basis, and I think this mix is just perfect. Best record? It has to be the Brisk & Vagabond remix of Audiolush's 'Take Me Away', closely followed by Clear Vu's 'Never To Late', remixed by Re-Con. A solid mix with a lot of big hits. I'm sitting here, eyes closed, reminding myself of what kind of music was released between 2000 and 2010, and I'm content. Can't wait for the next instalment, I need more of these mixes! DJ: Januskopf Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: 00s UK/Happy Hardcore Vinyl Mix (part 1) Length Mix: 01:16:14 Tracks: 16 (sixteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Januskopf - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ Ad | Early Hardcore mixtape #45 | 20/10/23 | GER

    Yesterday's review was of a mix filled with Millennium Hardcore anthems, and now we go back in time, to the 90. Early Hardcore/Rave anthems, mixed together by DJ Ad, for a Soundcloud channel called Demon Combined Records. Not heard of this channel before, but I've certainly heard of DJ Ad before. I've seen a lot of Ad's songs in many mixes, and he's part of a crew that keeps the old style alive, by making new music that resembles the music from the 90s. And if you are curious as to how that sounds, press play, and you'll find a few of DJ Ad's songs in it. But also a handful of really old classics... DJ Ad, his name appears everywhere, and I'm loving it. The vibes that his mixes generate, can only be described as nostalgic. They take me back to my youth, and to most of us that a feeling we all appreciate. We've slowly turned older, and we appreciate music from the years gone by a tad more. For me, the 90s and 2000nd were still the best, even compared to present day music. But then my face is rubbed into the ground, by songs that weren't made in the 90s but in this decade! So very fresh, new, and exciting music that resonates the 90s sound through it. And you can find a lot of them in this mix, but it also includes a lot of the 90s songs, which were big, very big anthems. A quick look at the tracklist does show exactly that! Most of these are known classics, but Ad went crate digging, he went in deep, and found some forgotten anthems too. But he thought 'why not spice it up with some new oldskool anthems'? And it worked well. The mix is 66 minutes long, and within those minutes, hit after hit is thrown at you. Well, some aren't hits, but they are still quirky enough to add to a mix, and to listen to. The flow is very good, and it gives you enough energy to get you through today. DJ Promo - Feel The Thunder DJ Ad - Crack Up Re-Charge - When I Grow Up Tim B - Stick Up Charly Lownoise & Re-Charge - Like Old Days (Bass-D '96 Remix) Casketkrusher - Nasty Grooves Christencore 909 - Gabalurasa The Fuck Ups - Bad Guy DJ Ad - Love Izz Da Message (The X-Tern Remix) Urban Menace - Rip It Up Wicked Dimension - Every Time I Think Of You (DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim Flashback Mix) DJ Ron - Pump Up The Bass Psylocke - 2 Thy Soul Tokia - Big In Japan (DJ Roy Hardcore Mix) Flamman & Abraxas - Drugs (Juggernaut Remix) The Scrumbleheads - Gabbadrome DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Boomshakalak Rave Generation - Going Crazy (Forze DJ Team Mix) DJ Lay-On & DJ Raffle - The Beat Is Slammin' The Bloody Deamon & DJ Ad - Rave This Out! Pentium 75 - Guns In The Air DJ Don & DJ Ad - We Need A Fuckin' Rave (The X-Tern Gabba Re(t)mix) Carlos Masserati - Get On The Move Sailorcore - Back To Artcore The Bloody Deamon - Turn Up The Bass The Bloody Deamon & X4phantom - Zero G Discofrisco & DJ Inferno - Happy Verbs Pentium 75 - Back Once Again X4phantom & DJ Ad - Sky Of Sunset DJ Grizz - Kick Some Ass DJ Ad - Can't Handle This What a mixed bag. Some old, some new. But the overall outcome is great. It's 66 minutes of pure early Hardcore songs, and it's nicely put together by DJ Ad, for this mix series. Obviously I can comment about the songs that I already know, as most of the songs in this mix aren't known to me, as they are new, fresh, and different. But they blend in well with the really early stuff. It's nicely balanced, nicely mixed, and the entertainment level is high from the start. DJ Ad keeps us on our toes, and he certainly keeps us raving, like we used to do, in the old days. There are some extremely big anthems, and the one that I love the most, is 'On The Move' by Carlos Masserati. Am I correct in stating this one appeared on Thunderdome 12? It's a solid mix, with a lot of throwbacks to the good ol' days. Not a fan of the extremely cheesy 'Big In Japan'. But that's the only song I thought was misplaced. 66 minutes of pleasure. That's certainly something you want, on a dreary day like today! DJ: Ad Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Early Rave, Happy Hardcore, Gabber Mix Info: DJ Ad | Early Hardcore mixtape #45 | 20/10/23 | GER Length Mix: 01:06:41 Tracks: 31 (thirty-one) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Demons Combined Records - Soundcloud Channel

  • Furious Mixing (Millennium Edition) (2023)

    Monday has arrived, we've survived yet another weekend. And we are getting closer to Christmas. Where has the time gone? Time flies quicker, and before you know it, it's 2024... damn. But it's still a Monday, and they tend to drag on a bit too long, and I always am in need of something hard, vigorous and fast, just to keep me going. Have I got the perfect mix for you all to check out? Yes, I do. A Millennium Hardcore focussed mix by Unleashed Fury, and it's a nice 2 hours long. Just play this four times in a row, and you've made it throughout today! So, what's in store for us today? Well, as mentioned before, and you can see it when you look at the title, it's Millennium Hardcore. And we all love the scene around the Millennium years, right? It was such a glorious scene, and the music was tremendously good! Many raves were visited by yours truly, and these tunes were played as loud as humanly possible, and it made my eardrums nearly burst. Only then will you know that you had a great night. All jokes aside, it was a fantastic decade for Hardcore music, and those that produced anthems back then, made some of the finest songs ever made. It gave us reasons again to go out, and rave our asses off! The tracks selected by Unleashed Fury are as dope as you imagine them to be. There's a lot of reoccurring names, but for good reason: they dominated the charts! But yeah, music wise, it was a fantastic decade, and the tracks were made for a bigger audience to listen to, and appreciate. And it paved the way for Hardcore to become as big as it is now! Dione - Eye Of The Storm (Angerfist Remix) Tha Playah - Still Nr. 1 Amnesys - 4D Future Angerfist & Miss K8 - Santiago Endymion - Abduction Anime - Concentrate Tha Playah - Why So Serious? Miss K8 - Hallucin8 Amnesys - Ctrl D Future Neophyte & Tha Playah - Live And Loud Nosferatu - Sick Of It All Outblast - Pride And Pain Tha Playah vs Mad Dog - Enter The Time Machine The Stunned Guys - Raise Cain Dyprax - Fuck Your Pride Tha Playah vs Evil Activities - Cold As Me Wasted Mind - Paradox Hellsystem - Shut Up And Die (Angerfist Remix) Amnesys - Raw Generation Anime - A Bomb Angerfist - Don't Fuck With Me Tha Playah - Walking The Line Nosferatu & Mad Dog - Lack Of Existence Alien T - Ghetto Mentality Dyprax - The Pearly Gates Wasted Mind - More Poweful Than God Anime - Sickness Angerfist & T-Junction - New Level Of Freak Tha Playah - Always Right Hellsystem - Set Me Up Angerfist & Tha Playah - Just Like Me Wasted Mind - Despite You Evil Activities - Evil Inside Angerfist - Incoming Evil Activities & Panic - Never Fall Asleep (Tha Playah Remix) Amnesys - System Crash There are some heavy hitters in here. A really nice looking tracklist, with some extremely memorable anthems. Memorable in the sense that, I can remember hearing them whilst being out and about, raving my ass off! I can relive those moments in an instant, so it's nice that these tracks take me back in time. Nostalgia, I love it! Unleashed Fury takes no prisoners, and goes straight in with a good opening record. And the tone is set for the rest of the mix. And the 2 hours do fly by before you know it. Good selection of songs, Unleashed Fury. A very good selection. There are too many anthems in here, to pick a favourite out of. Maybe 'Enter The Time Machine' could be the best? There's just too many to choose from. What's your favourite song in this mix? I can't find any flaws. I simply cannot. So the next thing is the score, and also to mention that you SHOULD check this mix out, and it's got hit after hit. And it has given me enough energy to get through the day, and it makes me reminisce even more! DJ: Unleashed Fury Genre/Style: Millennium Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber Mix Info: Furious Mixing (Millennium Edition) Length Mix: 02:07:25 Tracks: 36 (thirty-six) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Unleashed Fury - Soundcloud Channel

  • Epyx & Cyrez Tribute Mix (2023)

    Let's start the weekend with some Freeform from Finland. And while the mix was made by Girdler Synthetic, the focus on this mix is on the two producers under the FINRG roster, which go by the names Epyx and Cyrez. You might have seen their names before. Hell, if you are a DJ, you might have even used their records in your set. I've seen their names before, but know little to nothing about them, so I scoured the internet for answers, but could not find anything, not even on the FINRG website. Discogs is blank too, so yeah, if you know a bit more about these producers, feel free to leave a comment below this mix. But let's dive straight into the mix. It contains records made by this duo, which (to my knowledge) started to see the daylight in 2007, and to this day they've been releasing songs on multiple labels, such as FINRG's own label. Their tracks have made their way into many Freeform mixes, and they've always been a nice and warm addition to a mix. Epyx and Cyrez have got a distinctive sound you can appreciate. And for this 2 hour long mix, Girdler Synthetic picked 23 records, and it starts off slow (160bpm), but the beats will increase over time, which is rather pleasant. I started listening to this mix yesterday, but my work finished, so I had to pick it up today. For good reasons though, what else is there to do today? It's cloudy, miserable, cold, rainy, and the best thing you can do, is stay indoors and appreciate the music. And as we don't get many Freeform mixes, you should embrace this one, and let Epyx and Cyrez take over your weekend! If you are planning on going out tonight, let this be the mix that ignites your fire! it's hard, rough, and yet so God damn gorgeous! Cyrez - The Brinicle Cyrez & Grimsoul - Cluster Bomb Epyx & Cyrez vs Substanced - Expedition Bloodbath Cyrez - Downshifter Cyrez - Private Demon Cyrez - Mad Prof Epyx & Cyrez - Unohdetut 2011 Epyx & Cyrez - Twisted Faith (Cyrez 2010 Edit) Cyrez - The Brain Controls Pain Substanced - Apocalypse (Cyrez Remix) Epyx & Cyrez - Heroes For Sale Pain On Creation - Lush (Epyx & Cyrez Remix) Cyrez & Sam One - Reboot The System Cyrez & Substanced - Afraid Epyx & Cyrez - Ulterior Motive Epyx & Cyrez - Distant Illusions DJ Rx - Code Of Silence (Epyx & Cyrex Remix) Twisted Freq - Exaltation Reborn (Cyrez & Sam One Remix) Cyrez - Still Dreaming Twisted Freq - Hanuman Visits Lanka (Epyx & Cyrez Remix) Epyx & Cyrez - When Left Alone Epyx & Cyrez - Polyhedra 08 Epyx & Cyrez - Tyhjyys The tracklist contains a lot of wicked anthems. Girdler Synthetic has done a great job, making a 2 hour long mix with the finest Cyrez & Epyx songs, and the result is an astonishing mix that will take you through the years of Cyrez and Epyx, dominating the Freeform scene with their songs. It's really a wicked mix, and the BPMs might start off slow, but they gradually pick up the pace, and go full on bananas toward the end. Well, not really bananas, but it goes from roughly 160 to 180 BPMs, which is a slight difference. And it depends what you prefer: are you a 160 or 180 fan? I've been doing some homework, and have this mix on repeat, and it's been a blessing. It's been a glorious and energy filled mix. You cannot ignore the music coming at you, and at the same time you feel the sense that you can concur the whole world. It's so damn powerful, and the speed adds to the already hyped up anthems. You feel like you can do everything, and I think I have achieved just that. The songs are all solid, and I'm a true 160 to 180 fan. Not focussed on any BPMs: as long as the music is gorgeous! A wicked mix that will give you just the right amount of energy, and it's also free to download! Big up to Girdler Synthetic for this mix, and big up to Epyx & Cyrez for making these awesome records! DJ: Girdler Syntehtic Genre/Style: Freeform, FINRG Mix Info: Epyx & Cyrez Tribute Mix Length Mix: 02:00:46 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 1.19 GB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 1411kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Girdler Synthetic - Soundcloud Channel

  • Happy Hardcore Classics 24 (2013)

    It's Friday, let's end the week with a banger. And it's a mix that was uploaded onto Soundcloud 10 years ago, but I've only recently discovered it. It's on my favourite Soundcloud channel, the History Of Happy Hardcore, and it was their 24th instalment of the Classics mix series. They've released many since, and their channel has grown in popularity a lot. 18.6k followers, 665 tracks on their channel. They've been very busy, keeping the Happy Hardcore alive, and it's for a good reason: because Happy Hardcore is awesome. The mix is focussed on Happy Hardcore anthems, and it's packed with a few beautiful gems, ones that will make you scream for more, stomp your feet hard, and raise your hands in the air higher than ever before. It's got those memorable anthems, but also a few I've not heard before. I would call myself a connoisseur, but I'm not as good as the man behind the channel, as he lives and breathes Happy Hardcore. But I'm close second to him, which is cool. It starts off strong with a song by my favourite duo, Charly and Theo, and then the songs just keep on coming. For an hour and a half they've got you by the balls, and they won't let you go. You are going to listen to this mix, no matter if you don't want to, you just have to. It's Happy Hardcore for God sake. How can you let this one go by? Well, truth be told, I've not seen this mix for 10 years, but at least I'm not too late to the party, eh? Bring back Happy Hardcore. That's all I'm saying. I miss it, A LOT! Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Fantasy World Paul Elstak - Don't Leave Me Alone (Hardcore Version) Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky (DJ Paul's Forze Mix) Scott Brown - Detonated Technosis - Genorate (Scott Brown Mix) Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Power Mix) Scott Brown vs Rab S - Rock The Party Sub-Source - The Hardcore Anthem The Scotchman - Happy Vibes Brothers In Crime - How Deep Is Your Love? (Dwarf Remix) Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Stars (Hardcore Mix) Dune - Hand In Hand DJ Menace & U.S.D. - Hardcore Vibes Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - I Kiss Your Lips DJ Demand - Heaven (Trance Mix) Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Hardcore Feelings (Club Mix) Alchemist feat Lisa - I Can See Clearly Now DJ Demand - There Can Be Only One DJ Demand - Hysteria DJ Demand - Dark & Light Scott Brown - Systematic El Bruto - Watch Me Dance DJ Druid - Fun At The Fair Sandman - Can Can Chaos Ultra-Sonic - We Want One More (Live In Australia Full Version) This is a solid looking tracklist, with some hard hitting anthems. And I love the blend between European and British Happy Hardcore. We shared a common thing here: love for the happier sound, and it seem to have worked well. Good selection of records, it has to be said. It is happy vibes throughout this set, and they have done an amazing job with this mix. So many awesome records, so many smiles for miles. There's the odd track here and there that is too cheesy for me (like 'Hand In Hand' and 'Can Can Chaos'), but the majority of records do get me up and dancing away in my office. The track that gets me hyped up the most, is probably the track that is the most underrated Happy Hardcore anthem of all time. 'Watch Me Dance' by El Bruto. I did read somewhere that DJ Brisk really liked the original, and made a remix, but that got slated for not being the greatest remix of this all-time classic. The more you know... Yeah, that El Bruto song is the best in this mix, even though I was a massive Charly & Theo fan, I do prefer 'Watch Me Dance' above any of the other songs. It's just a banger. I was also a fan of Dune, but 'Hand In Hand' is just utter crap. A slamming mix with some great throwback records. If this doesn't spark your nostalgia inside of you, nothing will. Bring back the 90s, and bring them back right NOW! They don't make records like they used to. Boy, I miss the sound. DJ: History Of Happy Hardcore Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Hardcore Techno Mix Info: Happy Hardcore Classics 24 Length Mix: 01:30:13 Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 206 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2013 More Information: History Of Happy Hardcore - Soundcloud Channel

  • RA.905 Goldie (2023)

    Oh boy, have I got a mix for you all today. All those 10 readers! You should consider yourself lucky. If you haven't listened to this mix yet, today is going to be your lucky day! You are a tad late though: this mix is 10 days old, and has already amassed 25k+ plays! That's seriously unheard of, but it is because of the man behind the mix, and the legend that he is. The man, if you haven't noticed it yet, is Goldie, and he made a mix, and it's the 905th edition of the Resident Advisor mix series. It's been a long awaited mix, but it's a worth welcome. And it's one that caught my eye, not only because it's a mix made by one of the legends of the Drum and Bass scene, but it's also a fucking GOLDIE mix. You cannot just skip that shit without acknowledging it, The legend is Goldie, and I've been in awe for many years. I've seen many documentaries and shows he's been in, even seen him in Snatch, and even bought his book. And of course I bought his albums, that's just standard. He's been a pioneer since day one, and he still is, to this day. He's been a huge influence in the Drum & Bass scene for many decades, and he has cemented his position in the scene as the pioneer he is. He does not need to show his skills anymore, and he has earned enough credit to retire, but can you see a man like Goldie retire? That's not in his nature, and he will continue for as long as he can. And with his latest mix for RA, he shows that he's the don, the OG, the boss. He plays his own records (of course) but also the majority of records are from his label, Metalheadz. With a few other records thrown into the mix, just to spice it up too. But it's a glorious mix, one you would need to hear, if you haven't already! Goldie - Sub Intro Phase - Eterna Adred & Robert Manos - Captivate (Marcus Intalex Remix) Quartz - Notice The Reverse Dillinja - Silver Blade J Kenzo - Zegafunk Goldie - Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix) dBridge - The Little Things Doc Scott - Swarm Nookie - Untitled Dub HLZ - All My Life John B - Up All Night (Data 3 Remix) Grooverider - Charade (Dub) Adred - New Soul (Goldie's VIP Edit) Submotive & Krakota - Tell Me VIP Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction (Benny L Remix) Lynx - Splutter Dub Phizix & Strategy/Grey Code - Marka Goldie VIP GreyCode - Actress / w/ Commix - Belleview (dBridge Remix) (G's Edit) dBride & Vegas - True Romance (Headz 25 Edit) llk - The Sound Of Falling Klute - Dawn Of Reason (JD Spesh) Intalex & Spirit - Crackdown Calibre & Fats - Drop It Down Goldie - Inner City Life (Break Remix) Total Science - Squash (Break Remix) Goldie feat Eleanor Higgins - Angel (Scar Remix) Goldie vs SB81 - Rockstar 81 Voltage - Anubis Goldie - I Adore U (VIP) Spirit - Re-Dial Mako - Direct Source Goldie - Air Ghost (Edit) There's a lot to take in here. I do love myself a bit of Drum and Bass, but there's a lot of unknown records in here. Don't be alarmed, I know the majority of records in this mix, but it's only a handful of records that I've not encountered before. But that's OK. At least it's not too late to appreciate music, eh? The mix contains a lot of classics, and they are a warm welcoming sound in our ears. It's always amazing to hear all-time classics being played, and especially when it's done by DnB's finest connoisseur, monsieur Goldie. It's yet another amazing mix, with awesome records. And some versions of all time classics I've not even heard before. It's amazing to hear the master behind the decks, killing it again. The songs are all solid, and the flow is very nice. It starts off slow, at a steady pace he's increasing the fire. It goes up slowly, and it's pleasant for your ears. The song that blew me away the most, was IIk's 'The Sound Of Falling'. My God, that bass nearly blew my speakers into a billion pieces! And when that song kicked in when I was driving home yesterday, I had to stop on the hard shoulder, because the bass was blowing me away! I was in shock, just because I could not believe something this filthy could reach me and punch me in my face that hard! That song is hard as hell! Another epic mix by Goldie. If you are looking for more good mixes, there are roughly 904 other mixes on Resident Advisor's Soundcloud channel. Worth checking out. But for now, just enjoy this masterpiece by the legend himself, Goldie. Is this the best Goldie mix out there? Well, I've heard a lot of his mixes over the years, and I have to say 'yes'. Agree or disagree? DJ: Goldie Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle Mix Info: RA. 905 Goldie Length Mix: 02:02:31 Tracks: 33 (thirty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 280 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Resident Advisor - Soundcloud Channel

  • Turn Up The Bass Megamix 1991

    The year is 1991. I was only 8 years old. A young lad. And I really didn't understand music back then, as I was only focussed on if it made me happy or not. But there was a CD series out there, which was called Turn Up The Bass, released by Arcade. My dad actually purchased a few CDs from this collection (which I nicked and ruined), as he was into this kind of music. Maybe because of my dad am I now a fan of dance music? Truth be told, I don't even think he purchased this CD back in 1991, but much later, when it was in the ''cheap CD'' section. You know the section I'm talking about, hidden away in a corner, with CDs no one wants to buy anymore, so they reduced the cost of it? And yes, of course I had to 'borrow' this CD from my dad. I think I only returned it a few years ago, and it was ruined. Scratches everywhere, unplayable. He wasn't too happy about it, but he wasn't going to play it anymore, as it's an old CD. To me, this is everything. This megamix has been played the most out of all the CDs I've ever owned. I can literally hear the CD by just looking at the cover. I don't even need to play it to hear the whole CD. This has been so influential to me, as a kid. And still to this day I do find this CD one of the finest ones released by Arcade. I listened to this CD over and over, and I was happy to find it on YouTube. I hope it stays on it a bit longer than usual. Arcade should create their own channel with all those 'older' albums you cannot find anywhere, to give us a glimpse on what we listened to back in the day. Arcade was everywhere, and most of my CDs were from Arcade. Including most of Turn Of The Bass albums. Yes, I borrowed a few from my dad, but I did purchase more. But some were harder to collect. Let's take a trip down memory lane, back to 1991. When music was super dope! Da Smooth Baron MC - Let's Kick It Off A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) Awesome! - Take No Crap De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays Nomad - Devotion Tony Scott - Love Let Love Tony Scott - From Da Soul DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Ring My Bell King Bee - Cold Slamin MC Juice - Satisfaction Sonic Surfers - Beat Of Zen The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal Secchi - I Say Yeah Trancemission - Strike It Up The Shamen - Move Any Mountain Van O'Mall - Sooner Or Later F.P.I. Project - Everybody (All Over The World) Lonnie Gordon - Gonna Catch You 2 In A Room - She's Got Me Going Crazy Nomad - Just A Groove Clubhouse - Deep In My Heart 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Turn Da Music Up Army Of Lovers - Crucified Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy 2 In A Room - Wiggle It Monie Love - Down To Earth The KLF - Last Train To Trancentral Human Resource - Dominator D-Shake - My Heart The Beat 2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Can't Help Myself D-Rock - I Can't Believe It's Over Moby - Go Katherine E - I'm Alright Cubic 22 - Night In Motion Channel X - Rave The Rhythm Channel X - Groove To Move T99 - Anasthasia Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia Praga Khan - Rave Alarm L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead Holy Noise - James Brown Is Still Alive Rozalla - Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) This is such a wicked tracklist. And it's amazing to see these records. Some you hear a lot, and some are completely forgotten about. Bu they are all solid anthems. Hell, even 'I'm Too Sexy' fits in well. It's a shit song, but it fits in well. 1991 was a different year, and it cannot be compared to the present day. Music was slightly more innocent and it was experimental. It would be beneficial for us that they released these anthems, as they generated new styles/genres. It was a fantastic year, for music, and the CD that was released, is a tremendous disc, and it's mixed all together beautifully. Is it perfect? Nah, not always. It's a bit of a mix and match, and see if it works. And sometimes it doesn't, but that was just the way they mixed all these songs together, back in they day. Cram in as many songs on one CD, and as long as it sounds well, than that's fine. They have released many albums after this one, and I do believe that Turn Up The Bass started back in 1988/1989. It died an unfortunate death, but it was certainly influential. It was part of my youth, and gave me memorable anthems to listen to, be it in snippet form. Some records on this disc are no longer than 1 minute, so you do get a glimpse on how awesome it sounds, and then you are thrown straight into the next record. No waiting, no messing about, just hit and hit, as many as you can fit on a disc. Is this the best megamix released by Arcade? Nope, but it is certainly one of the best ones out there. And I hold this close to my heart, as the songs are all amazing, and it once belonged to my dad. Now it's on a landfill somewhere, rotting away. And no, I'm not talking about my dad, but about this CD. I can only give it this score, as it's one of the most important CDs I've ever listened to, and it takes me back to when I was a young lad. And whenever a CD does that, I'm happy, content. Artist: Various Artists Genre/Style: Electronic, Hip Hop, House, Techno CD Info: Turn Up The Bass Megamix 1991 Length CD: 00:45:07 Tracks: 45 (fourty-five) Release Year: 1991 Label: Arcade Product Number: 01 6730 61 More Information: n/a

  • #SlamRadio - 514 - Annē (2022)

    Another mix I found by just scrolling through my timeline on Soundcloud. I'm not familiar with neither names, be it Annē or SlamRadio. I do believe we still have Slam FM in the Netherlands as a radio station, but that's not the same as the one you are about to listen to. But it doesn't really matter, does it? It's all about positivity and the music that gives us goose bumps. And the mix by Annē certainly does that. I went in blindly, and the result was me enjoying the mix thoroughly. I do love a bit of Techno, and if it is very minimal, I do love it. Not too much fucking about, straight into the music and the darkness it generates.. that's my idea of heaven. I do recognise Slam from seeing them on the 'guess the song' series by whatever channel it is on YouTube (I've seen all the episodes, but the name just slipped out of my mind). But Annē is a new name in my books, and after hearing her mix for the first time, I knew it was going to be a name to look out for. And the funny thing is that we have only been to Thessaloniki about a month ago, and that's where she is from, and she is hailed as a promising upcoming act. Well, she won me over with the 514th edition of the SlamRadio series. This mix is truly astonishing. This is the kind of Techno I truly admire, and could dance to throughout the night. Especially in Greece, if the weather isn't as bad as it was a month ago (massive stormfront destroyed our holiday plans from day one). A nice drink, nice environment, massive speakers, and just being in Greece is awesome, but hearing these tunes just makes everything better. Hell, it could even be torrential rain, hailstorm, thunder and lightening, snow, or 50 degrees Celsius... it wouldn't stop me dancing! But which tunes are in Annē's mix? Well, these ones to be precise: Deepchord - Mapping Nicolas Vogler - Warehouse Jazz Annē - Rosette Annē - 1990 Annē - Pulsar Arkan - No Sleep Mode_1 - Scripts Mathys Lenne - 206 Turbo Nicolas Vogler - The Gateway 18:18 - Primal Instincts Chontane - Chrome Foil Marco Lenzi - The Loop Of Love Gaetano Parisio - Sibylia Chontane - Invisible Guest Danny Casseau - Turn Tracks Habgud - Overthinking On Company Time Technasia - Fusin Undivulged - Koud Gemaakt SERAJ - Scale Cleric x Habgud - Canggu Pole Annē - ID Albert Zhirnov - Panzertrain Maxx Rossi - Twenty Four Seven Rove Ranger - Seventh Wave Don't know if the tracklist is 100% correct, but if it is, thanks to the one sharing it on Soundcloud. If not, well, sorry about that. But to be brutally honest, I wouldn't even know any of the names on this tracklist anyway. It's only because of her mix that I've even know of the name Annē. But she has left a mark on me, a positive one. I'm in awe of this mix. It is very smooth, and very sensual from time to time, but it can be brutal too. There are songs in this mix that remind me of the Millennium years, Techno that was released toward the end of the 90s and early 2000nd. Not a pure nostalgia trip, but I do get those vibes when listening to her mix. And that's an added bonus. The tracks are all solid as a rock, and she mixed all these 24 records together beautifully. I've got no negative feedback, only love and appreciation. My way of showing it, is by reviewing it (which I have done now) and by listening to this mix multiple times a week. Yes, this mix might have been a year old when I discovered it, but that doesn't mean it's old. On the contrary, it's fresh and very new sounding in my ears (with a sprinkle of the sound from the Millennium years). I do love this mix, and at the moment it's my favourite Techno mix. Could this be my favourite Techno mix of 2023? Yes, it was released last year, but I only found it a few weeks ago. Give me a break. But Annē , keep those beats coming. Keep those songs and mixes coming. I do need more mixes like this one. Best record? The last one. What a way to end your mix! On a very awesome track. It's like you've danced for an hour, it's time for you to relax slightly. That track has got 1994 vibes all over it. Don't know why, but it does. Worth checking out right now! DJ: Annē Genre/Style: Techno Mix Info: #SlamRadio - 514 - Annē Length Mix: 01:07:16 Tracks: 24 (twenty-four) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 154 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2022 More Information: Slam - Soundcloud Channel

  • Hardcorn 4 Everypony!!!! (Vol. 2) (2023)

    Last year I reviewed a mix I found, which was called 'Hardcorn 4 Everypony', and the mix was done by Fluttershy. Now I was a bit flabbergasted by the title, as I did not have a clue (and to this day I still don't know what it means), but I liked the mix. 2 weeks ago the second instalment was released on Soundcloud, so I had to jump on it, see what kind of Hard corn was in this mix. Still no ponies or actual corn, so I'm not sure if I will ever understand the title, but at least the music is decent! I looked at the tracklist and it made me happy. Not because of me knowing the records. The opposite. I know the artists but the songs them, I've never heard or seen before. There's only 2 or 3 that I actually recognise, which makes a change. It is refreshing to discover new songs by well established producers. But not only do you get that, there's also a lot of unknown artists I've not heard before, or seen before. It's interesting and quite quirky. So this mix has got some early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, UK Hardcore, and bouncy Techno. It's a mix of literally everything I like. So let's dive straight into the corn, and let's see if Fluttershy's mix is worth listening to. If you have listened to the first instalment already, you were waiting for the second one to arrive. Count your blessings, as it has now happened. DJ Yves & DJ Maikel - Runaway Lord Of Hardcore - Rip It Up (Annihilator Remix) The Stunned Guys - Dance To Da House Jason B vs Davie Forbes - The Ark Scott Brown & Omar Santana - Criminal Minded Da Mindcrusher - Bellyfood Cardassia - Here Comes The Sound Cardassia - Everybody Bass-D & King Matthew - Oh Mary Twin Terror - I Feel Alive Day After Terrors - Here We Go Fuck Boombastic - Take Me Higher Hixxy & Sharkey - Wanting To Get High Becks - Dynamite (The Remix) Devastate - Ripping Up Wax Brisk & Ham - Life '98 (Ham's Update) Deejay Kaos feat Vickie - Sincerely Yours Daydream & Spaceace - You Are The One Now this is certainly a quirky mix! And I'm not lying. Normal mixes start off slow, and then go harder, but not Fluttershy's mix. Start off hard, and slowing down. First the Hardcore, and then the happier side to Hardcore. It does work in a strange way, and I do admire Fluttershy for making it work. Now the big question: do you prefer the harder or the happier/softer side of Hardcore? I might be a bit biased and for me the answer is obvious (it's happy Hardcore all the way!), but I'm curious about you, the reader. I do love the vibe, and especially when 'Sincerely Yours' is played. Haven't heard that song in ages, and it's nice to hear it again. What a smashing record. It makes me smile for hours on end, and it's one of those underrated Happy Hardcore classics that deserve so much more credit for what it is. And what it is, is a powerful anthem. Not all the records made me dance vigoruously. Not a fan of 'Here We Go Fuck' . Maybe that's the limit for me, that's just too cheesy for my liking? The mix itself is good, some recording errors (quality goes up and down), but that's to be expected: vinyl will always give you more than you expect. All in all a great mix that made me smile. And you can't ask for more, right? Still don't know where the corn is? Is it because some songs are corny? But where are the ponies? DJ: Fluttershy Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Gabber, UK Hardcore Mix Info: Hardcorn 4 Everypony!!!! (Vol. 2) Length Mix: 00:53:23 Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Fluttershy - Soundcloud Channel

  • Ramos & Protocol - Back 2 The Old Skool - 1993-1995 Breakbeat Hardcore (2021)

    Let's go back in time. Roughly 30 years. Back to the golden years of Breakbeat Hardcore, and when life was slightly more bearable. It was a different atmosphere, a world without internet. We could not imagine that. A world without Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Google, etc. Mobile phones, what were they? They were only for the extremely rich people, with a fantastic battery life of 30 mins max. We were happier, and it might have been a bleak period too, but it was less compared to 2023. And music was more pure, raw, and unadulterated. It was ground breaking, it was fresh, and so damn good. 2 years ago, Ramos & Protocol made a mix, dedicated to Breakbeat Hardcore from 1993 to 1995. And when I say to you that it's filled with the big anthems, I do mean it. Ramos has put a lot of his own stuff in here, but you can find big hits by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T, Red Alert & Mike Slammer, Force & The Evolution, DJ's Unknown, Slam, Billy Daniel Bunter, Demo, and even a Moby song, be it remixed by Seduction. There's a lot of excellent tunes in here, and I can't wait for you to see the tracklist. The mix is an hour and a half long, and time does fly by. You will enjoy each second of it, unless you hate Breakbeat Hardcore, and if that's the case: why are you even reading this review, eh? But if you love it, you will enjoy this mix a lot. As mentioned, the big hits are in here, and the flow is good. An excellent mix, but you can leave that to Ramos and Protocol, to deliver an excellent mix. And I think this is one of their most popular mixes on their channel, for a good reason! Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Got To Believe Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Real Feel 94 DJ's Unknown - Volume 1B Mercurial - Feel The Energy Different Vibe - Can You Feel It Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - DJ's In Full Effect Ramos & Supreme - The Journey Part 1 DJ Force & The Evolution - High On Life Red Alert & Mike Slammer - The Ride Richie Whizz - Songs Of Angels Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Can't You See Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Sunshine '95 Demo - Fantasy Higher Level - Higher Spirits Future Primitive - We're Flying (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) Moby - Into The Blue (DJ Seduction Remix) Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Rushin On Pink Champagne Storm Syndicate - Open Your Arms Billy Bunter & Austin Reynolds - New Sensation Mike Slammer - In Effect (Slipmatt Remix) DJ Demand - Dark & Light (Jimmy J & Cru-L-T Remix) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days N-Zo & Invincible - Funky Sensation (Billy Bunter & JDS Remix) DJ Slam - Influence Before I proceed, let my OCD take over for a second, and let me congratulate Ramos and Protocol for making the mix with a tracklist that has the least amount of spelling issues. Normally each tracklist is filled with words that Google doesn't recognise, but in this one there's only three. That makes me happy, more than it should do. And now, the music. The songs are solid. And it's got the big hits all in here. And I'm feeling the vibes. I am sitting here, smile from ear to ear, and the music is just soo damn smoothening, I am really in awe of the music. And give all these producers credit for what they did make, roughly 30 years ago. At the time they were exciting and new, and the only element that has changed, is the 'new' bit. They are still exciting songs to listen to, and they are songs that won't fade in time. Timeless from the day they were released. Ramos & Protocol's mix is tight. They selected 25 of the finest anthems, and the result is a blissful mix. And many would agree, as this mix had a decent amount of plays. And those that appreciated it, I can underline their feelings. I might have been a young lad back in 1993, but it's never too late to appreciate the music from the good ol' days. And this mix puts smiles on many people's faces. Best record? 'In Effect' by Mike Slammer, remixed by Slipmatt. Epic record! Go and get this playing. Play it out loud, and if you want to listen to it on the go, why not? It's downloadable too! DJs: Ramos & Protocol Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Rave Mix Info: Ramos & Protocol - Back 2 The Old Skool - 1993-1995 Breakbeat Hardcore Length Mix: 01:26:45 Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 78.1 MB File Type: m4a Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 124kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: RSR Recordings - Soundcloud Channel

  • A Nightmare in Rotterdam | Warm-up mix Tommyknocker (2023)

    I've never been to this event. But I've heard of it, and owned a few of their compilations. But I've never been. To this event, I mean. I have been to Rotterdam on many occasions, so the city ain't new to me. Half of my family is from Rotterdam, so maybe that's why I always had a connection to this event. And this year, as they existed for 30 years, they made sure the fans got what they deserved, went to the Ahoy in Rotterdam, and put on a wicked show. And the line-up was truly astonishing! Tha Playah, Paul Elstak, Nosferatu, Neophyte, Mad Dog, Partyraiser, N-Vitral, Deadly Guns, Lars, Gizmo & The Darkraver, Euromasters, Rob & MC Joe, Rob Gee, Scott Brown, Panic, Ruffneck, The Viper, Endymion, and the man who made the promo mix (which I only found once the event took place), Tommyknocker. As cool as the main area looked, I would have been in the Hall Of Legends the whole night. That's where the magic happens (in my opinion). And Tommyknocker would have been one of the DJs I would like to see, as his music is truly awesome. This mix proves us yet again why he's a boss! For this promo mix he pulled out the biggest and baddest songs, and the result is an hour of pure pleasure. Tommyknocker really went nuts, and the songs are amazing to listen to, as they are all classics. Most of these records are Millennium focussed Hardcore anthems, but every so often he takes us back to the 90s. And it blends in nicely. But, to stay true to the artist, he chose most of his own records, which we also love and appreciate a lot, and which most of them have become timeless classics. Intro Darkraver & DJ Vince - Thunderground Tommyknocker - The Aftermath Art Of Fighters - Fuck You Scott Brown - Bass Be Louder Tommyknocker vs Sunbeam - Twisted World (The Viper Mash Up) Amnesys - Massacre DJ Mad Dog - So What About This? Evil Activities & DJ Panic - Up Yours! Tommyknocker - Criminal DJ Paul & DJ Panic - Up Yours! Tha Playah - Fuck The Titties (Tommyknocker & The Viper Remix) Endymion - Payback (Tommyknocker - Yes I Am Remix) Amnesys feat Lenny Dee - System Crash Tommyknocker - Sometimes Tommyknocker & DJ Mad Dog - Minimix (Hardcore Junky / Pullover / AoF Refix) Dune - Hardcore Vibes (The Viper Mash Up) Noize Suppressor & DJ Mad Dog - Bassdrum Bitch Nitrogenetics - Pledge Of Resistence Tommyknocker feat Unexist - Ghost Rider Amnesys feat MC Axys - Destroy D Elements Nosferatu & Endymion - Drunk With A Gun Tommyknocker - Never Surrender Tommyknocker feat The Wishmaster - Supernatural Knightvision - Who Is It Tommyknocker - Demolition (Evil Activities feat Lenny Dee Remix) 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (Tommyknocker & The Stunned Guys Remix) Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (DJ Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix) Lenny Dee - Fuckin Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix) Rob Gee, Repete & MC Romeo - Riot In NY (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Remix) The list is as solid as you want it to be. And he's got the big hits in here. Hit after hit is thrown at you, and it's an hour of pure pleasure. But leave that up to Tommyknocker to provide us with the finest Hardcore anthems ever made. I really loved each track. And it's cool to hear him play old to new to old to new to old. He doesn't care, he's having fun. He's having a blast, and you can tell. And to end with 'Riot In NY', yeah, solid choice. There's a plethora of amazing records in here, and I do adore 'Drop It', 'Twisted World', 'Criminal', but the one that gets the most love from me, has got to be the dopest Hardcore track ever made: 'The Aftermath'. What an underrated yet glorious anthem. We should honour Tommyknocker for making this awesome sounding classic. It's like any other Tommyknocker mix: it's solid. It has got a lot of throwback memories, and the music was so much better many years ago. And Tommyknocker was certainly the don, the big boss! Ps if you went to A Nightmare, how was it? DJ: Tommyknocker Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore Mix Info: A Nightmare in Rotterdam | Warm-up mix Tommyknocker Length Mix: 01:00:03 Tracks: 30 (thirty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: b2s - Soundcloud Channel

  • Totally Hardcore! (UK Hardcore) (2023)

    It is Sunday, and it looks like it's going to be the last good and sunny day of the year. It might change, no one really knows what is happening, but it has been quite pleasant the last couple of weeks. And it's warm, and we are in October?! But it doesn't matter if it's warm, cold, mild, or not: UK Hardcore can be played at any given stage. Any day of the year. It's nicer when it warm and pleasant, and you can have a nice cold beverage in your hand, but raving in the Winter is awesome too. So yeah, it's not bound by temperature: the ravers will make the area hot enough! And the music does so too! A couple of months ago I found this channel on Soundcloud, run by Dexx, who made an excellent mix dedicated to Dougal and Gammer, and his latest mix shows appreciation to the glorious and magnificent years of UK Hardcore. Yes, it does have Dougal and Gammer in it, but so much more. It's got the tracks I grew up with in it, and it's a nostalgia trip down memory lane, to when UK Hardcore dominated my life! I could not go through a day without listening to some UK Hardcore anthems. I was obsessed and the music that came out of the scene, I devoured. I still appreciate it a lot, but I always go back to those golden years, and whenever I see a mix that contains records by Brisk, Eclipse, Dougal, Gammer, Hixxy, Ultrabeat, Scott Brown, and many more, that makes me moist. It causes something to happen in my underpants, and it's a great feeling. And Dexx's mix contains the big anthems that we all love and adore! So let's dive straight into the tracklist, which you are gagging for, trust me... Plus System - Prince Of Darkness Brisk & Stormtrooper - Moscow Mule Dougal & Gammer - Anybody Else But You Ultrabeat vs Scott Brown - Elysium (I Go Crazy) (Scott Brown Remix) Hixxy & Euphony feat Donna Marie - Nightlife Brisk & Fracus - On & On 2009 (Re-Con Mix) Dougal & Gammer - Rock This Anon - Show You The Way John O'Callaghan feat Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (Darren Styles Remix) Heaven 7 vs Al Storm - Dance With Me Billy Daniel Bunter & CLSM - Cry Your Tears Eclipse - 24/7 (Original Mix) Brisk & Fade - Stay Here Forever Dougal & Gammer - Fires In The Sky (Frisky & Hujib Remix) Oh yes, these are the anthems that I listened to when I discovered UK Hardcore, and they still make me happy. The songs are great, and have certainly become timeless classics. They are still appreciated, many years after their initial release date, and they do still appear on compilations, and they deserve it. It's a nice selection by Dexx, and of course these aren't the only anthems that came out of the scene, there are still a billion more out there, but for a Sunday chill day, this hour and 7 minutes are solid enough to make you happy. I do love them all. I do love 'Moscow Mule' song a bit less. It's a bit too cheesy for me, but it fits in well, in this mix. But which one is my favourite? That's tricky, but I go for the most obvious choice: 'Prince Of Darkness' by Plus System, a.k.a. Scott Brown. His Millennium work still remains the best of the best, and his alias Plus System has released some of the best anthems of all time, not just in the UK Hardcore scene. A solid mix, and I highly recommend it. Check it out, if will put a smile on your face. You'll look exactly like that smiley on the picture! DJ: Dexx Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: Totally Hardcore! (UK Hardcore) Length Mix: 01:07:00 Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Dexx - Soundcloud Channel


    I'm not in charge of mix titles, and I've seen a few over the years which had funny and quirky names, but the one that I've got in store for you today, that certainly is one of the quirkiest, if not the quirkiest of them all. ''Lick My Disco''? Err, no thank you. I do like a bit of old and new Disco, but to lick it, that goes beyond my capabilities as a human. Don't even know how to physically 'lick' Disco. But the title is irrelevant, it's all about the music, and before you go insane, and think that the Spice Girls are in this mix, you are wrong. So far this mix is sending out mixed signals... But in a strange way, it did catch my eye, and I clicked on it. Pedro from Lisbon, who is the one that made this mix, has given us very sensual anthems. Maybe that's why he calls it the way he does? But once you press the play button, you are engulfed with Disco anthems you need to hear. It will change your mood, and makes you want to dance, when no one is watching. I'm not a Disco connoisseur, but I do love it. And recently, in Greece, me and the missus went to a bar called Sugar, and they played Disco anthems. And we thoroughly enjoyed it. Hell, we enjoyed it that much, we spent hours in there, getting drunk on cocktails. And yes, the cocktails were cheap, but the atmosphere was cool, and the music played a huge part in it. So what's in this mix? Are they lickable? Maybe. Who knows? Adeline - Maintain (Jafunk Remix) Lovers - Electric Drama Aeroplane - Love On Hold (Dimitri From Paris Remix) Peggy Gou - It Makes Your Forget Cassius - W18 (Club Edit) Da Lukas, Suki Soul - Ain't Coming Down Simm, Love Is A Bassline - Lose Myself (Da Lukas Remix) Sam Ruffillo - Mediterranea Los Charly's Orchestra - Feeling High (Pete Herberts Deep Disco Rework) Rocoe - Carnevale Turbofunk Web Web, Joy Denaline - What You Give (Mousse T. Remix) St. Germain - Truffaz (Chuggin Edits) Average White Band - A Love Of Your Own (DJ Fudge Remix) KPD - Disco's Revenge (Discotron Extended Remix) Chamonix - How Did You Know (Jet Boot Jack Remix) Arman van Helden - I Want Your Soul Again, I'm not an expert, but what I can tell, is that I love the genre. It's so beautiful, sensual, and sometimes even sexual. It's a mood changer. It sets the tone for something special, and Pedro from Lisbon has certainly given us a smooth mix. I do love the vibes, and even though I only know a handful of names, like Armand van Helden, Cassius, and St. German, the rest are all unknowns. But that really doesn't effect the outcome of this mix. It has a nice flow to it, and it was genuinely the music I would listen to, at this bar in Greece. So calm, but thrilling at the same time, if that makes sense. I did love the vibes, and I generally felt amazing. The tunes were awesome, but not awesome enough to award a lick. But close enough. I'm chilling here, with Pedro from Lisbon's mix playing in the background. I feel like I'm back in the club, enjoying the sun, sea, and cocktails. Cool mix. And I love the tracks. All of them. Worth checking out. STOP LICKING THE SCREEN. DJ: Pedro from Lisbon Genre/Style: Disco, Funky, Nu Disco Mix Info: LICK MY DISCO AUTUMN23 Length Mix: 01:12:07 Tracks: 16 (sixteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Pedro from Lisbon - Soundcloud Channel

  • BACK TO THE CORE. Vol. 4 (2023)

    It's Wednesday, the unwritten day of Hardcore. Well, it's not official, but Dutch radio stations state the following phrase 'Woensdag Hakdag'. I find that term kind of offensive, at it mocks the entire scene for their benefit and entertainment, Hardcore is so much more than just a topic of discussion on national radio stations: it's a way of living. And I live that life since 1993, and I'm always happy to find new mixes by well established names, and if those mixes contain records I've not encountered in a while, that makes me even happier. Hence why I'm talking about Negative A's latest mix, which he only uploaded roughly 2 weeks ago... It doesn't happen very often that he uploads a mix, but when he does, it's one you certainly need to jump on straight away. With his latest instalment of his 'Back To The Core' series, he certainly ticked all the boxes for the die-hard Hardcore fanatic from the early days. He goes in hard from the first second, and the tempo remains fast and vigorous. And the songs are all solid anthems. Leave that to Negative A, he knows how to get crowds going. And it's a nice mix and match of well known records, and some obscure records. It's cool to find them in one mix. And they go from 'old' to very 'old' to a bit younger to 'old' again. His focus with this mix series is to give us the music we all grew up with, and have loved since day one. Early and Millennium Hardcore, and nothing else. This mix has been on repeat for multiple days now, and it's been an absolute bliss to hear these records again. Some I've completely forgotten about, they went straight into obscurity, which is a pity, but thankfully we can relive those classics again, and hopefully they get the recognition they deserve, And there's even songs in here I've NEVER heard before, and one of those songs have become my personal favourite as of now. But you'll first have to read the tracklist before I tell you which track that is.... Dano - Fukem Lenny Dee & The Darkraver - To Da Rhythm Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Geleihoofd DJ Devon - This Sucks Promo - From The Darkside The Stunned Guys - Io Sono Vivo XXX Rated (Promo) - Shut Up! Raveman - R.A.V.E.M.A.N. Cixx - Bass 4 My Bass Body Parts - Love In The 1st Degree (Spiritual Child And The Return Of Madman Mix) DJ Gizmo - Dopeman (Buzzy's Aaaaaarrghh!!!! Remix) Rave A Graphixx - There Is No Other Tim-B - Pleasure And Pain The Houseviking - Power Resistance Global Split - Power (The Prophet's Hardcore Mix) Evil Maniax - Goddamn (DJ Paul Mix) Natas - Interview At 200 The Prophet - The Dreamtheme Raveman - Spacemen (198 Mix) DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob - The Way That We Rock (Live In NYC) 3 Steps Ahead - Gangster (Feel So Good) Igor - Talking About God (208 B.C.) DJ J.D.A. & Delta 9 - Real Hardcore & Anders Niks Rotterdam Terror Corps - Sound Of Madness Cookiemunsta - Cook & Curry (Gangarden Mix) He went deep into his collection, grabbed a few records he could find, and smashed them together into an hour long mix. And yes, as said before, it's a mix & match of everything, and it works extremely well. He mixed them together in such a way that you remain attached to the mix, and at no stage does it become dull or boring. But 'Spaceman' is a track I would have left behind somewhere, behind at a dump. Not my cup of tea. All the other tracks are seriously insane. And I mean that in the most positive sense of the word insane. They are power anthems. If you feel a lack of energy, put this mix on, and you have the power. Within a split second are you teleported back to the 90s, and the power is there. No more lack of energy, but an abundance of power/energy, which you certainly need when the Hardcore kicks in. And when 'Power' by Global Split is played, that's when I loose my shit the most, followed by an all time classic by 3 Steps Ahead, 'Gangster (Feel So Good)'. I love seeing certain names again, names you don't see frequently, like Cookiemunsta, Tim-B, Rave A Graphixx, Cixx, and more. It was nice to see them alive and kicking again, and they should get more credit for these anthems. They have certainly stood the test of time. Yet another amazing set by Negative A a,k.a. Dr. Z-Vago. I've loved all his mixes so far, and I'm confident enough to state that future mixes will be as awesome as this one. Have you thrown away 'Spacemen' yet? DJ: Negative A Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber Mix Info: BACK TO THE CORE. Vol 4 Length Mix: 00:58:38 Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Negative A - Soundcloud Channel

  • A tribute to Jump [1] (2023)

    When I think of Jump/Jumpstyle music, I always think of the Millennium years, when it grew out of its comfort zone, and it was everywhere. It was cool initially, but when it grew exponentially, and it was on each radio show, on each TV show, it became a nuisance. And especially when it became a thing of the next generation appreciating it and making fun of, by doing those Jumping videos, that's when I lost my appetite. Cool that you do the dance, but to have tutorials online and on TV, that's when it became too much. And videos of people jumping everywhere, that was just bollocks. But what many people don't know, is that the sound was already alive and kicking in the 90s. Yeah, it sounded slightly different, but it was still there. The mix you are about to listen to, was made by Silvio Aquila, and is dedicated to the Jumpstyle records from mostly the 90s. The underrated side of Jump. Did I appreciate these anthems when they were hot? Not as much as I should have done: I was a full on Hardcore/Gabber fanatic, and anything else did not fit the bill. This was seen as too soft, and too bouncy. Little did I know that it was going to explode, and have people jumping all over the world. The tunes in the mix would lay the foundation for the style that would become popular later on, but sometimes it's nice to go back in time, and appreciate the early stuff. And there's a lot of the early tunes in here, that I wouldn't even classify as early Jump, but they clearly were. Going back in time is sometimes needed, to reiterate how the music came about. It does put my in the mood for some Millennium Jumpstyle though. But let's not go there yet, let's remain in the 90s! Angel Dust - Fanny's Trip (Original Mix) DJ Fred & Arnold T - Pop Hertz Ixxel - Drop That Beat Mory Klein - Kick That Bass Johnny Vicious - Ecstasy (DJ Wout Remix) DJ Fred & Arnold T - Wall Street Da Rick - Roll The Drums (Jumpers Mix) DJ Fred & Arnold T - Delirium Stormtraxx - Vol. 1 The Traxxsters - Luv Cums (DJ Gert Mix) Da Rick - Dirty Hands Funny F - Funky Massiv - Rush Karlos Mendes - Sex-a-phone Dr. Phibes - Acid Story (Andy Bostyn & Bjorn Tijtgat Remix) Da Rick - Rumble DJ Starfighter - Apache The Rippers - F*ck Like A Donkey DJ Looney Tune - The Egg DJ Peter Project - Show Me The Way (Flip Da Hard Mix) Bounce Inc. feat DJ HS - Scratching DJ Frank - Dinner Da Rick - Bill & Monica (Original Slam) DJ Peter - Put Your Hands In The Air (DMF Mix) DJ Springer - Jerry's Theme (Jerry's Party Mix) Pulsation - Jump-a-round (Da Flip Mix 1) People Of Cactus - Traky (People Of Cactus Mix) Funny F - Creator (DJ Gert Mix) DJ Frank - Funkin' Seriious (Da Rick Classic Remix) Da Boy Tommy - Halloween (Trick Or Treat Mix) Diva Nova - Lick It (DJ Looney Tune Mix) Atlantis 6 - Life Is A Mystery (NRGY Remix) DJ Glenn & The Voltage Club - Wake Up For The Toxic Beat DJ Looney Tune - Beatbox This takes me back. Thanks Silvio for this mix. Wasn't ready for it, but now I am jumping up and down in my living room. That could be because of this mix, or the amount of caffeine I have absorbed today. Who knows, but at least I'm enjoying myself. This is indeed a mix that takes me back. I genuinely had no idea that some of these songs were classed as Jump. Yes, they had the bounce factor, but I'd never would assume that they would lay the foundation for Jumpstyle. It's probably because I'm ignorant lol. It happens with all newly formed genres, they start off bumpy, and every so often a silly track is made. There's a few in here, some cringeworthy. Come on, like you would have 'Bill & Monica' on vinyl, or 'Jerry's Theme'? I know of these tracks, because they were everywhere back then, but were they amazing? The opposite. Even now, years after their initial release, do my toes curl. But the general overview of this mix is good. Especially when 'Wake Up For The Toxic Beat' comes in. It always reminds me of Mysteryland 1998 CD, and DJ Promo playing it. Or was it Boris Valeo? It's on the disc as one of the first records, and it's a slammer. A solid mix, and one that will make you bounce up and down! Nice one, Silvio, nice one! DJ: Silvio Aquila Genre/Style: Jump, Jumpstyle Mix Info: A tribute to Jump [1] Length Mix: 01:09:03 Tracks: 34 (thirty-four) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 759 MB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 1411kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Silvio Aquila - Soundcloud Channel

  • Supersized Kingsday Festival 2023 | Raw Classics | DJ Thera & Geck-o Present Theracords Special

    If you've never heard of Supersized Kingsday Festival, that's OK, but a little strange, as this event has been created back in 2014, and still going strong. It had editions nearly every year, but obviously not in 2020 due to COVID-19 (Fuck COVID). And the 2021 edition was a livestream instead. But they are back, and the 2023 edition has happened (back in April), and now you can find sets on Soundcloud. One of the sets I found was Thera and Geck-o's set, which was all dedicated to Thera's own label called Theracords, and the focus was on the classics. The raw classics, as you can see from the image above. The line-up for the 2023 edition was insane, here's a taster of what you have missed, in case you didn't go: Brenna Heart, Adaro, Devin Wild, Vertile, D-Sturb, Evil Activities, Mad Dog, Partyraiser, Nosferatu, Lunakorpz, Barber, Act Of Rage, Rebelion, Luna, Regain, Digital Punk, B-Front, Bass-D, Panic, Promo, Ruthless, Zany, Dr. Rude, and the list goes on. Very impressive, but let's not forget the two DJs who composed this set, Thera and Geck-o. They went all out during this set. The classics were played, and the crowd loved it. The recording quality is a bit meh, but that's not really an issue: you can still listen to it, and appreciate it. But you can hear them, pulling out the best records in their collection, And what they mixed together is a bunch of glorious records. And as mentioned before, the crowd loved it: you can hear them scream throughout the set, and even sing along to the songs. That's dedication for you, and appreciation to both DJs/producers. Thankfully Thera uploaded a tracklist onto Facebook, so here it is: Catatonic Overload - Goddamn DJ Thera feat Yuna-X - It's A Fine Day DJ Thera vs Geck-o - Troll Face Delete - The World Is Yours Phrantic - In The Mix DJ Thera - The Paranormal Geck-o & Phrantic - The Hard Way Geck-o - Acid Impressions (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix) Geck-o - BRING THAT BEAT BACK!!! (Reverse Bass Mix) DJ Thera - Mmhmm Geck-o - How Low Can You Go Deetox - Still Here (Delete Remix) Phrantic & Blackburn - In Your What Catatonic Overload - The Sexual Thrill (GZ 2011 Edit) Geck-o - It's What We Are (Headhunterz Edit) DJ Thera - The Battle Catatonic Overload - Paralyzed Delete & Deetox - Alone The Machine feat Sasha F - Self Esteem Fund (Geck-o Remix) DJ Thera - Twilight Zone 2014 Geck-o - 2-1 DJ Thera vs Geck-o - Do The Happy Face Geck-o - Soul Train (Hardtechno Edit) Matt Restless - And It Goes Geck-o - Smasher (Delete VIP Remix) B-Front & DJ Thera - R.E.M. Coma (Thera Live Mix) DJ Thera vs Geck-o - Give It All Delete - State Of Emergency Geck-o - Tasmanian Devil DJ Thera - Crazier Geck-o - Assquake VIP DJ Thera & Phrantic - Ammunition w/ DJ Thera feat Yuna-X - Starfleet DJ Thera vs Geck-o - Mindblowing Music (Geck-o's Sloopkogel Remix) Delete - Just Do It Irene Moors & De Smurfen - No Limit It's a nice trip down memory lane, that's for sure. Both DJs keep the entertainment level high, and as mentioned before, the crowd loved it. You can clearly hear them throughout this live recording, and they scream out their lungs! And when that happens, you know the DJs are doing a good job, entertaining the listeners. And to be fair, the tracks are all solid. Well, not the last one, but that's just jokes, right? They both brought the heat to the stage, and it sounded like it was on fire. There some tracks in here which are tremendous dancefloor anthems, and at an event such as Supersized, you get what you pay for. Excellent tunes, carefully selected and mixed together by two well know DJs/producers, and you can find a shit ton of their own productions in the mix too. There's a lot of excellent songs in here, but the one that stood out from the rest, was a track made by Phrantic, and it's called 'In The Mix'. Brilliant track, and it's got that nostalgia feeling to it. And the build up is tremendous too. The set is extremely good, and the tone is excellent. Thera and Geck-o keep the crowd dancing, on their feet, and the hour and a half fly by with ease. Brilliant songs, brilliant set. Wish I was there! DJs: Thera & Geck-o Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle Liveset Info: Recorded @ Supersized Kingsday Festival 2023 Length Liveset: 01:28:13 Tracks: 35 (thirty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Officialb2s - Soundcloud Channel

  • Bad Corey - WeebCast Episode 2 [15-Sept-2012]

    I had this mix ready for the weekend, and it would have been the last mix I would have listened to last Friday, but I had enough of work, so I shut everything down, and left everything as it was. This was still pending, awaiting a review today, so I thought I'd jump on it, and give it another go. It's a mix by Bad Corey, which he made back in 2012 (which is 11 years ago, where has the time gone?). And it was a mix made for the short lived podcast/mix series, called Weebcast. I've never heard or seen this name before, but there were plenty of mix series and podcasts around back then, so I might have missed it by accident. Thankfully we've got Soundcloud, eh? The DJ mix for the second instalment of the Weebcast series was made by him, and it contained only J-Core records. Now I might be a bit of a noob, but if anyone is reading this, can you enlighten me? Listening to this mix, I cannot differentiate J-Core with UK Hardcore. They both sound so identical, with some tiny differences. Maybe different vocals or just a slight happier vibe surrounding it, but what is the exact definition of J-Core, and what's the difference between both styles? My question is just for my personal understanding of J-Core. Nothing else. I still like hearing mixes containing these songs, especially from 2012. One of the dopest years for UK Hardcore, and in this mix you can find a few of those gems. A lot of the tracks selected by Bad Corey are unknown to me, but they are so smooth, so smoothening for my ears. I love the way music was 11 years ago, and I miss this defining sound. But which records did he pick for the second instalment of the Weebcast? MOMO_nga - Dream Way Morning Sprite feat ℃iel - Spend My Time (XIO Remix) M-Project - All I Need Your Love (Fracus & Darwin Remix) DJ Noriken - Elektrick Universe P*Light feat yukacco - I'll Be By Your Side Fracus - Flux Minamotoya feat 3L - Lift Up kors k - The Wind Of Gold (Extended) Darwin - Kinetic Blue Minamotoya - Makin' Love Y.K. - Hypnotize (kors k 2012 Remix) Minamotoya - Into The Night (kors k 2012 Remix) kors k - Cycle M-Project - Rise From The Ashes This brings back memories. I've seen the names of these artists before, but I cannot recollect track names/titles. But the sound, that's the first thing you will notice. The sound from the scene from 10+ years ago. That sound is replicated anymore, it has become a thing of the past, when it certainly shouldn't be. Just look at the Fracus and Darwin stuff in this mix. They were on top of the world, and their productions were just top notch. I love the happy vibes that can be felt throughout this mix, and especially when M-Project's song 'All I Need Your Love' comes on. A brilliant song, superbly remixed by Fracus & Darwin. And even Fracus' own record, 'Flux', is an underrated song. Bad Corey has done a good thing. Good Corey's mix is highly contagious, and very cheerful. We need more mixes like this one. Take me back to the 10s, when music was awesome, and I was 11 years younger! Time flies by too damn fast. Fuck it. DJ: Bad Corey Genre/Style: J-Core, Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore Mix Info: Bad Corey - WeebCast Episode 2 [15-Sept-2012] Length Mix: 00:58:16 Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 133 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2012 (Original) More Information: Bad Corey - Soundcloud Channel

  • Take #16 - Harrison Ford Fiesta

    Rígur Lárus. He's back, but this time it's not your bog standard mix. Well, are any of his mixes standard? Not really. But for this instalment he's gone all out, and made it a nearly 3 hour long mix, and the actor who received their moment in the spotlight, is Harrison Ford. One my least favourite actors in the whole world. Yes, I've said it, and I'll stand by it. Not really a fan of his work, but that could just be the films that he's in. Indiana Jones was OK when it was released back in the day, but he's getting old, he shouldn't revive those old classic films, just ruins the series. Even the Blade Runner film, found that a tad vague. Enjoyable, but forgettable. And don't get me started on his role in Star Wars. Boy, how I hated Han Solo. The arrogance of the person he portraited. Yes, he's not my favourite actor. But on the other hand, he's been an actor for quite some time now, and he has made people happy, and that's all that matters. He's been an actor for as long as I'm alive. And for that, you have to give him credit. And you might even like a few films that he was/is in. Imagine him driving a Ford Fiesta! You just can't. He's been an actor for so damn long, he must have earned a few pennies here and there. And to be fair, didn't he have a crash a few years ago in a small plane? Yeah, he doesn't ride a simple Ford Fiesta! He's too damn niche to drive that. But in whatever car he drives, he might listen to this mix, or the music used in this mix. Very melodic House/Trance/Techno music, which suits him. He seems to be a very mellow person, whenever I see him in interviews, so this mix could be right up his alley? Who knows? If you do know Harrison, ask him what kind of music he listens to, would be interesting to find out! Nu feat Jo.Ke - Who Loves The Sun (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) Corren Cavini - Steps Away From The Sun (Extended Mix) Armen Miran - Heads MAX MERAKI - No Longer Human (Touch Me) (Extended) AFFKT - Sopasopa Einmusik x Richard Judge - I'll Follow Hidden Empire - Ornament Woo York - Samum Blaktone - The Rise Of Phoenix Marius Drescher - Citadel Nihil Young, Beacon Bloom - A New Kind Veljko Jovic - Illusions (Original Mix) Rauschhaus - Mindtricks (Original Mix) Mollono.Bass & Kuoko - Finally Dancing (Club Version) Sahar - Magenta Hidden Empire, Artche - Hiding (Original Mix) Aera - Future Holds Skatman - Save Me (Tal Fussman Remix) Malanda Jr. - Shock To The Beat (Original Mix) Idoru - Careless (Musumeci Remix) Sahar - Dust (Dominik Marz Remix) Forward Fox - Reflection Third Person feat Ben Haydie - Signs (Dirty Doering Remix) Yotto - Remember Me? (Extended Mix) AIKON - Space Adventure Soul Button - Qabila Cherry (UA) - Valhalla (Original Mix) Jil Tanner - Toxic People (Colin Levis & Baggy Remix) AVTEL - Circle Of Love (Sasha Carassi Remix) Johannes Klingebiel - In The End It Did Not Matter Colyn - Wait For You (Original Mix) Kiko, Popof - Night Sky (Original Mix) Olivier Giacomotto - In The Dark (Original Mix) Thodoris Triantafillou - The Sun The Stars (Original Mix) UNKLE - Instability: Closer Than You Will Ever Be (Fur Coat Remix) Martim Rola & Arodes - Luci (Original Mix) This is an insane tracklist. Not one artist or song known to me. A completely unknown tracklist, you don't see that very often. Rígur Lárus has found the obscure records, and crammed them all together in this nearly 3 hour long mix. 3 hours? That's longer than usual. But it is highly recommendable. The hours do fly by, and the tunes selected by Rigur as solid as a rock. They are as melodic as you wanted it to be, What can I say about this mix? It's smooth, it's sexy, and it's just generically cool. I do love his approach to music, and even with the title of the mixes. And even the artwork is very snazzy, very cool. I am happy that I found one of his mixes a few months ago, and now I can't stop listening to these quirky yet very intoxicating mixes. No generic complaints or nothing negative to mention about this mix. It's yet another successful mix by Rigur. And I really like the concept. It doesn't fit the bill, but being different makes things much more interesting, right? Can't wait to see which actor/actress is going to be on the next mix... has to be quirkier than Harrison Ford and his Fiesta? DJ: Rígur Lárus Genre/Style: Melodic House, Melodic Techno Mix Info: Take #16 - Harrison Ford Fiesta Length Mix: 02:49:20 Tracks: 36 (thirty-six) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 385 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbos Release Year: 2023 More Information: Rígur Lárus - Soundcloud Channel

  • Dark Autumn Mix 2023

    We started today with a mix dedicated to the early Hard Trance anthems, and now we venture into a slightly different sound: the darker Techno/Trance anthems. The tone is slightly darker and edgier, and I like that. We are getting closer to the weekend, and my energy levels are below average, so I need a boost, I need that energy to rush through my system. And after listening to this mix once, I know that this mix will certainly increase my levels, with ease. But before we proceed, can I just point out the eye. The eye. So beautiful and ominous. You cannot take your eyes away from it. Scary, and it kind of looks like she's looking into your soul. Or maybe the eye is looking at you, hoping you are checking out this mix? But let's talk about the mix. The Soundcloud channel FINRG has reposted this mix, as one of their tracks made its way onto the mix, which is made by Vanhis. It it cool to hear and see tracks appearing in otherwise non Freeform mixes. But Decion can make excellent harder Trance/Techno records, so it was an obvious choice to have it on this mix. But it's not the only song that will create some damage. All of these tracks are new to me, and I've not encountered these before, so it's going to be all new, fresh, and exciting! Alex Di Stefano - The Hybrid (Extended Mix) Space 92 - Voyager (Original Mix) Martyno Dowsha - Levitating (Original Mix) edetto - Jack Daniels Ain't Bourbon (Original Mix) Patrick Scuro & Nicholas Julian - Time (Original Mix) Alignment - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix) Alex Di Stefano - Cube (Extended Mix) Mha Iri - Rise Up (Original Mix) Gayax - Reloaded (Extended Mix) Brendan Bartels - Jet Black (Extended Mix) OGravity - Starwalk (Extended Mix) Inoblivion - Anaesthesia (Extended Mix) Nikolauss - Voice Of The Ravens (Extended Mix) Lestrange & Benefice - Ketamine Dream (Original Mix) Holy Priest & Elmefti & Faceless - Fuck This (Original Mix) Alignment - The Sound (Original Mix) Decion - Testament (Original Mix) After hearing this mix for the first time, I knew it was going to be a great mix, filled with big anthems, and it was going to be one I would play repeatedly. Guess what I'm doing now? Correct, listening to it again. I'm sitting here, energy levels back to the right level, and waving my fist in the air. This is exactly what I needed to hear, so thank you Vanhis for this mix. This mix is filled with energy increasing songs by great producers, and I've really enjoyed each song used in this mix. Especially Alex Di Stefano's 'Cube'. What a monster anthem. This proves: you don't need a lot, to get the crowd going. A beautiful,'simplistic' record, but it packs a serious punch. The tracks might be a bit darker than usual, but there's still a euphoric vibe surrounding each on of them , making them easy on the ears. Maybe not so much on your brain, as the beats pound deep into your skull, but your ears will enjoy listening to this. Thanks FINRG for sharing this. It was the hit I definitely needed. Let the weekend begin! DJ: Vanhis Genre/Style: Trance, Techno, Hard Techno, Tech Trance, Dark Techno, Hard Trance Mix Info: Dark Autumn Mix 2023 Length Mix: 01:00:42 Tracks: 17 (seventeen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Vanhis - Soundcloud Channel

  • Twitch DJs & Lockdown Legends Mix (Hard Trance Classics) (2023)

    It's Friday, the weekend is about to happen. And I'm ready for the weekend, doing nothing at all. But we still have a few hours of working to do, so we need something to keep us occupied. And have I found the right mix for you all? A mix filled with Hard Trance classics. Isn't that a lovely thing to hear? It's a bit harder and faster, if you compare it to the standard Trance music, but it's still extremely lovely, and very smoothening. Sometimes I do prefer the harder sounding Trance. Strange, isn't it? But hey ho, let's dive straight into this mix. So I literally found this mix by accident. Someone reposted it, and I jumped right on it. Don't know why, but I think the concept of it being a mix filled with Hard Trance anthems, that's what caught my eye. But I've never heard of the DJ behind this mix, so I went into this mix completely blind. But it was a great experience though, and I've been listening to this over and over. The DJ behind the mix is Rob Kellaghan, but yeah, never seen or heard his name before. And I'm not even on Twitch. Well, I was, during lockdown, but it never appealed to me. Signed up, watched 2 livestreams, and gave it the usual approach: delete the app. But thankfully we've got Soundcloud, on which a lot of these mixes do appear, including the one you are about to listen to. What kind of classic anthems did he use for his mix? Well, these: SHOKK & Nick The Kid - Day Dreams Avatar - Red Planet (Reverb' s Mix) Icebreaker - Too Cold (Aquaplex Mix) Tom Wax, JamX & De Leon - Louder, Softer (Hennes & Cold Mix) Aquaplex - World Of Innocence Dave Joy - Second Chase DJ Wag - Darkness (DJ Wag Original Extended) Flat 6 - It's Too Late Aquaplex - Force In Your Head Embargo - Hysterie (Darkmoon Remix) Flutlicht - Icarus (Original Daedalus Mix) Sioux - Cho (Cosmic Gate Remix) Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth (SHOKK Remix) Odyssey Of Light - The Breath Flutlicht - The Fall Solid Sleep - Heartbeat (Aquaplex Remix) The Green Martian - Harmonic Minor DJ Scot Project - F (Future Is Now) (Original Mix) DJ Discofer - Deep Space (Aquaplex Mix) Junk Project & Aquaplex - Brightness (Solid Sleep Mix) This could have also been called the Aquaplex appreciation mix. There's plenty of Aquaplex songs in this mix, that might indicate that the DJ who made this mix, is a fan. And yeah, Aquaplex made some insane records, that's true. I have to say that, even though I love Hard Trance, I have still a lot to learn, and a lot of records are out there, which I've never heard before. There's a few in this mix that I've not encountered before, but they are now added to my list of excellent Hard Trance anthems. Every day is a new day during which you can learn and appreciate more, right? It's a good mix. It's got the classics you want to hear, and it's a nice length. All seems to be in favour of this mix, and I agree. I really liked the vibe throughout, and the outcome is a very pleasant mix. Best record? 'F (Future Is Now)'. Love me a bit of Scot Project. Maybe I should go back onto Twitch? DJ: Rob Kellaghan Genre/Style: Hard Trance Mix Info: Twitch DJs & Lockdown Legends Mix (Hard Trance Classics) Length Mix: 02:02:32 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 1.20 GB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 1411kbos Release Year: 2023 More Information: robkellaghan - Soundcloud Channel

  • DROKZ029 Stubborn, Militant & Dedicated (2023)

    Before you get too excited, this is a taster review, so it's not the full album that you can hear. But you can get the latest Drokz album for free! Yes, you have read that right, for free! Not many things in life are for free. Sunshine? Well, yeah, but we can only appreciate it for a few millions years until it explodes. Rain? Yeah, got plenty of that. Dreams? Some are, some are nightmares. But that's all you get for free. This album is one of those free gifts, but you've got to do something, before you can actually get it though. He's going to make you work for it. Drokz brings the heat again with his latest album. And the cover looks ominous. Scary, and he looks very annoyed, angry, but maybe he's just thinking ''what shall I have for dinner tonight?'', and he's just contemplating? Whatever he is doing, he's looking like he rules the world, and he does, in a way. He dominates our speakers, our eardrums, and sometimes our hearts. Drokz is everywhere, and he's the grandad of the scene. His album contains 25 records, and they are for free. The only thing you need to do, is buy some of his merchandise, which you can buy through 100% Hardcore. Click on the link below this review, it will take you to their page, buy some of the nice merch, and if you are one of the first few, he might even sign stuff, and the album will be a freebie. Christmas has come early, eh? The teaser only consists of a few records, but it gives you a glimpse on what you can expect on the album, and you might even have heard a few songs already, be it on other platforms? So here's the full tracklist, but I've marked the records that are on Soundcloud at the moment, on the playlist. Drokz - Our Connection, The Intro ** Drokz - Chaos Drokz - I'm Hardcore, This Is What I'm Living For Poley Tight - Shoot These Pranksters (Drokz Remix) Drokz - Stay Dirty ** Drokz - Murderfest Hellfish & Drokz Here To Destroy Drokz - I Need A Gabber Bass Drokz - I Do What I Want ** Drokz - We Hate You With A Passion ** Drokz - What Is Going On ** Drokz - Interlude ''Gezellig'' ** Drokz - Wake You Up Creatures Of The Occult - No Rights At All Chaotic Hostility & Drokz - Keep Going Creatures Of The Occult - This Is The House Of The Devil Drokz - Accurate Drokz - I Better Be Real Nice For You Drokz - Sun Tzu Says Make Them Move Drokz - The Industry Is Fake Akira, Tripped & Drokz - Terrormusic Drokz - Let Grandpa Be Your Escape Creatures Of The Occult - Start The War Drokz - We Are The Terrorheads Tails & Noizer - Early Rave Mix by Drokz ** = tracks on teaser playlist Again, this is only a teaser playlist, but it still gets me going. I've been listening to these 5 records in a row, and it is creating a lot of happy memories. It is hard though. Not the softest approach, but Drokz never compromises. He always delivers, and is Hardcore through and through. You don't like his way? Hop on the highway, and get the fuck out! Drokz is always outspoken, and sometimes it is interesting to hear his views. And sometimes the songs reflect how he is/was feeling. Is 'What Is Going On' a diss track, focussed on GPF? Or am I imagining it? Drokz always makes the ravers rave harder and faster, and is always a nice welcome at any event, as he brings in experience, the music, and the madness. And with this album he brings it again, but this time you can sit at home, drive in your car, or even be at work, and enjoy his music. I haven't ordered anything yet, but I certainly will. The album looks interesting. The intro is dope as fuck. Not sure about the interlude lol. But the general gist is: just shut up and enjoy what Opa Drokz has to offer. Still going strong, never letting us down! Keep up the good work, Drokz! More of this please! Artist: Drokz Genre/Style: Terror, Hardcore Album Info: DROKZ029 Stubborn, Militant & Dedicated Album Length: unknown Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Release Year: 2023 Label: own label Product Number: DROKZ029 More Information: 100% Hardcore - Official Webstore

  • Guestmix 09/23 by GLOWKiD

    Only a few weeks ago was I in Greece with the wife, enjoying our well deserved break. Well, everything was OK, besides the weather. When we landed at Thessaloniki airport, the weather was great, but the next few days it had turned nasty. We didn't know, and normally it's all OK. But Greece has always had a special place in my heart. Because of my blogs/reviews, I get the hear music from all around the world, and a few years ago I got into contact with GLOWKiD, this Greek music lover (blogger, vlogger, and radio host). And we share the same love for music, but compared to me, he's more into it. But there's a mutual understanding and feeling about music, which created a bond with my brother from Greece. My friend from Greece has made a guest mix for Radio Punctum, which I've never heard of. But don't forget: I'm not a humanised Wikipedia: there's a lot that I don't know, but at least I'm eager to learn and appreciate the unknown things. This Prague based community radio station asked my friend to make them a guest mix, and you are about to listen to it! And the asked the right person to give them an oldskool/newskool mix. From Jungle to Breaks to Rave to Hardcore, you can it all in here. And obviously he had to add a Prodigy song in the mix, as he's a massive Prodigy fan (but who isn't?). He keeps the flow throughout the mix, and keeps us on our feet, dancing. Don't know how or where he found these records, as I've not seen or heard them before, but they are glorious! Unknown Artist - Untitled HUD - Deeper Love (Aretha's Naughty Remix) Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Damage Inc. Remix) Polo Lilli - Love Will Be There For You LMajor - Hallucin8 DJ B - Tape And Electronics Lucid Distraction - Bring It Back (DJ Bastard's Bringing Back The Remix) Gargoyle - Prizm Bounce LadyRoXoXo - wannafuck (ro's Fast & Hard Mix) Alex Jungle - Are We Better (Piano No.7) Z-Neo - Turn The Heat Up Gaffer - Keep It Moving Kokushimusou - Carbuncle S.S.B. - Stab Technique We Rob Rave & RRRitalin - Remember When (Heineken Song) HASEGAWA-4200 - GWIK pt11 (EASE) Burna - Where's Your Head At Brownson - NUXX The Prodigy - Voodoo People (P-Tay Mashup Bootleg) This is a very interesting tracklist, and when I initially looked at it, it didn't raise any eyebrows. I just stared at it, without any prejudice. Didn't know a single song, but I listened to it anyway, as it's a GLOWKiDmix, and you cannot just let that slide, right? The mix starts in such a cool way, and a typical Greek way. This fashion never wears thin, and remains so damn dope. The Sirtaki? Come on. But not your bog standard version, but a more dance friendlier version, and suitable for this mix. Good introduction, and good way of getting the audience's attention, GLOWKiD! But once the intro is done, the madness arises. The records selected are really amazing, and all unknown records to me. Well, there's a song that samples the worst song I can imagine, Underworld's 'Born Slippy', and there are other samples used that I recognise, but the songs themselves are new. It is a very nice mix. Really enjoyed it. And can't wait to hear more from GLOWKiD. Best track? 'Turn The Heat Up' by Z-Neo. Doing a lot of damage, Z-Neo! Ps. dope image! Really colourful, and it matches the mix, in a bizarre way! DJ: GLOWKiD Genre/Style: Jungle, Breaks, Rave, Oldskool, Hardcore Mix Info: Guestmix 09/23 by GLOWKiD Length Mix: 00:58:49 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Radio Punctum - Soundcloud Channel

  • Bang On! [Mixed By M@rt!n - J] (2023)

    2014! Now that's a blast to the past! 9 Years ago, can't believe the time has flown by this damn quickly. But I remember it like it was yesterday, and I remember being a happy chap, being a full on UK Hardcore fanatic, and trying to persuade my Dutch friends and colleagues to like the music, to no avail. But at least I tried. And to keep me entertained, I purchased many CDs from the UK to be sent to the Netherlands, and my collection was impressive, if I may say so, but what I do know, is that I never owned this album. This one slipped through the cracks. It was a time during which I spent a lot of money on physical albums. I was still stuck in the past, and wanted to have CDs on display. Nothing digital, but physical. Nowadays that's obviously different, as I've got no CD player anywhere (not even in the car), so I had to chuck everything in the bin. But thankfully we've got Soundcloud, so happy for that! With this 'Bang On!' album, two labels came together (Trackmaster Music & Hardcore Rapture) and it contained 2 unmixed discs and one mixed by DJ Kyle WytchWood. The mix you are about to listen to, isn't a like-for-like mix, as that isn't necessary, as Kyle did a mix already, but it's M@rt!n-J's take on the album. The album consist of more songs anyway, but he's selected only 14 of them, and compressed them into an hour long mix. Exceed feat Gem P - Flame In A Raver Cruze - Beatific (D-Core Remix) Kyle WytchWood - I Hear You Calling Cruze - Beat Drop Dan Edge - Away In The Sun 3Star - No Law Billy Jump & Kyle WytchWood feat Nia - Don't Stop Billy Jump - Go Bezerk Audio Warfare feat Kathy Sims - For Eternity Cruze - EpicK DreamZ (Dan Edge Remix) Darts - Ready 2 Bounce! Ganar & Jo Savage feat Deanne - Feel Alive Jekyll - Beginning 2014 WytchWood & Cruze feat Gemma Macleod - Holding On (ABJ & Riche Remix) So many names on this list, that I've not heard of in a while. What happened to these producers/DJs? Are they still doing their thing, and making music? Some names I do still appear every so often, but not as much as they did 10 years ago. Boy, do I miss this sound! I do love the happy sound from the early 2000s until 2015. So many great anthems were made, and the happiness is what captured my attention, and got me hooked to it. M@rt!-n-J has captured the album beautifully, and has made a very nice mix. I've not heard all the other songs on the album, but if this is a taster, it's a good taster, and it leaves a good taste. The tunes are all what I needed to hear, and especially when I heard 'No Law', that's when my head exploded! I do recognise the song, but from which other song? A very solid mix with very good songs. From a decade long gone, eh? DJ: M@rt!-nJ Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: Bang On! [Mixed By M@rt!n - J] Length Mix: 00:59:41 Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 136 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: M@rt!n-J - Soundcloud Channel

  • Tracksuits And Horns 3 (2023)

    It is Tuesday, and we aren't a day closer to the weekend. The upcoming weekend looks so far away, and I've got so much stuff to do, I need an energy boost. One that will hit me so hard, it will hit me into next weekend! And I need something new, refreshing, and exciting. And yes, I am about to share with you a new mix by DJ Virus. Well, technically speaking it's a few months old, but you haven't heard it yet, so it's new. It's new, exciting, and very fresh. And it ticks all the boxes in regard to what I need right now: some slamming beats! And if you haven't spotted it yet, it's a Hardcore/Gabber mix with all new tracks, and they all resemble the 90s sound we all love, miss, and adore! And it's by a new generation of artists, most of them I've heard of, but there's still a few new ones I'm finding. And it's extremely interesting to relive the 90s again in the 20s! They are doing some serious damage to dancefloors all over the world, and they should get more credit for their music, because it is dope as fuck! I keep myself in the loop of all new 'oldskool sounding' Hardcore, and it's always refreshing to hear the songs coming up in a mix, and even though they are new, they still pack a punch, as hard as the tracks were back in the 90s. They have that nostalgia feeling, which I fully embrace. I need that new old feeling, if that makes any sense. But what can you find in this mix? Well, these tracks: Ad - Roots Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Complete Wicked XXX - Always Peace (Wicked Triple Love Mix) Bloody Deamon & Ad - Bass Place (2022 Remix ) Immutek - Feed Da Bass Kamikaze - Trip To Atami Ad - The Rave Blaster The First Gabber - Hardcore Power Slugnoid - Old Dream Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Slave Of Modern Empire Biodome & Brutal Force - Repercussions Wicked XXX - Stamina Painbringer, Ferra & Greensequence - Run To Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Kings Wicked XXX - Real Stuff Kamikaze vs Invader - Pump This Party Detachment 1 - Say You Out There The First Gabber - In Your Mind Wicked XXX - Soundwar The Twins Artcore - Deep Inside M Project & Kamikaze - Oldschool Vibe The X-Tern - The Underground Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Hero Detachment 1 - Drop Like You Ad - Oldschool Madness The names (most of them) do sound familiar, but the music is new. Fresh. And very 90s. And I freaking LOVE it. It is amazing to see the passion of those producers, keeping the early sound alive and kicking, and they are doing a tremendous job. But also credit to DJ Virus, for uploading yet another amazing mix. He made yet another interesting mix with a lot of slammers in here. The hour and 19 minutes do fly by, and you are going to enjoy each second of it. And there's a shit ton of excellent records to discover. For me, this was a trip down memory lane. Those familiar chords, those familiar samples, those familiar piano sections... it's got everything you need and more. When 'Drop Like You' kicks in, you can feel it. The nostalgia Happy Hardcore vibe. I'm sitting here, enjoying life, and then that song kicks in. Sweet Lord, it takes me back, and uplifts me. What a banging tune. Bit cheesy, but we love a bit of cheese, right? It's yet another epic mix. Everything DJ Virus does, works. And this is another mix that is just there for me, at the right time. Exactly when I needed it. Thanks DJ Virus! Can't wait for more mixes! DJ: Virus Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, New Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: Tracksuits And Horns 3 Length Mix: 01:19:28 Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 181 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ Virus - Soundcloud Channel

  • Spyro Summer Mix 2023

    The Summer officially ends on the 22nd of September, but we are currently having 2 very nice days, so it might still feel very Summer-ish, we are near its end. But to celebrate the Summer of 2023, and it being amazing for a specific individual called Spyro, he uploaded a mix 9 days ago. And did it get feedback? Well, does a bear shit in the woods? Yes! The feedback has been very generous and positive, for good reasons. Spyro has been everywhere, and his music seems to have taken him places. All for good reasons though. People seem to like Spyro a lot! The last time I did a Spyro review, was back in 2020! Has it been three fucking years? Unbelievable! Can't believe that. But he's been on my radar for a few years now, and his music has been very interesting to listen to. And also his funny videos on Facebook, they always cheer me up. It's a bit more bouncier, happier, and friendlier to listen to. It seems to have found an audience, and it's well deserved. According to the info underneath this mix on Soundcloud, he's been very busy in his studio, making flips, reworks, and remixes. Originals were also made, but we have to wait (thanks Spyro!). But you can get a taster of what's in store, and if you have the chance to see him perform, you should definitely check him out. It's quite energetic music. It might not be your cup of tea, but at least give this mix a go. What's stopping you, eh? Intro Spyro vs Alex Prospect - Bla Bla Bayne Public Domain - Operation Blade (Spyro Dub) Spyro & Moshee - Moshi Moshi Spyro - Mayday Dream Spyro & Stavro - Do It To It David Guetta & Bebe Rexha - I'm Good (Blue) (Spyro & Stavro Mix) Spyro - Hoover Non Stop Spyro - Soothe My Soul Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz - Miss You (Spyro & Stavro Remix) Spyro - Blow Ya Mind 2023 Spyro & Alex Prospect - Up 2 No Good (Spyro 2023 Remix) Jonasu - Black Magic (Spyro & Stavro Remix) Steve Aoki, Ben Nicky, Spyro & Maikki - Like It Like That Spyro, Alex Prospect, Juncoco & Sefo - The Start Of Something Spyro vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs Diplo vs TNT - Heads On My Speed Spyro - Rave Techno Warehouse Tool Spyro - Freak 2023 Pinkpantheress - Boys A Liar (Spyro Flip) Spyro & Stavro - Pretty Fly Chase & Status - Baddadan (Spyro 4/4 Flip) Hedex & Eksman - MHITR (Semi-Automatic) (Spyro 4/4 Flip) Bru-C - You & I (Spyro 4/4 Flip) Before we proceed, we have to talk about the elephant in the room. I have got a certain (negative) feeling about one artist and his music, and whatever he makes, is just not my cup of tea. And that artists isn't Spyro, just in case you were thinking that. It's David Guetta. The most overrated producer of all time. People seem to like him, but I avoid his music as much as I can. He is like COVID, unfortunately everywhere and nothing you can do to avoid it. His 'Blue' song is so bad, and it has made its way into this mix. But don't let that be a downer for you. I just wanted to express my hatred towards this producer and his music lol. Oh, and I've never been a fan of 'Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)', but at least it's only the vocals for a few seconds. But it is an interesting mix with a lot of excellent dancefloor fillers. Leave 'Blue' out of it, and I would be dancing the night away. Spyro gets the people moving, and his approach to already existing tracks is interesting to say the least. This bouncier approach is quite infectious, and you have a hard time remaining still. You have to move your body. It's only 47 minutes long, but he keeps you on your toes. Happy to remain on my toes. During the 'Blue' song, I'll happily go to the toilet or to the bar, refilling my lubricants. But when that song ends, I'm back on the dancefloor, moving my body! I don't listen much to this bouncier side of Hard Dance, but it's a nice welcome during the last hottest weekend of the year. And the record that suited me the most, is 'You & I' by Bru-C, flipped by Spyro. You can download this too, but I don't have Spotify. Sorry Spyro. A solid mix. This will make you happy! DJ: Spyro Genre/Style: Hard Dance, UK Hardcore, 4/4 Drum & Bass, Rave, Hardstyle Mix Info: Spyro Summer Mix 2023 Length Mix: 00:47:36 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Spyro - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ A.K. - 93 - 94 Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore Mix 22.07.23

    I started this review on the 1st of this month, completely pushed it to the side, as I went on a holiday and could not be f**ked to write anything, but then I got buried in a lot of work. But I kept on playing this mix over and over. You can check my Soundcloud statistics: this mix has had the highest plays of any mix this month for me. And the reason for this? Well, I've been craving Breakbeat Hardcore for quite a while now, and this mix was there, at the right time. And it's got the tracks you all want, need, and deserve to hear! DJ A.K. was behind the decks again, and this time he decided to do a mix, dedicated to the wonderful years of 1993 and 1994, And it's jam packed with Breakbeat Hardcore anthems. My craving also increased due to multiple videos on YouTube, dedicated to this glorious sound. And the most important thing: the music. The music speaks for itself, and has grabbed my attention since day one. Such an underrated yet influential style, it deserves more credit! DJ A.K. is the Soundcloud channel you need to follow. Not only is it the source of excellent music, but it's the page that will give you continuous joy, on multiple levels. I've reviewed quite a few of his mixes, and this Breakbeat one isn't even his latest one: only now have I seen a Happy Hardcore mix on my Soundcloud timeline, so he keeps on making new mixes, and every day could be a day which might make us slightly happier, knowing we are closer to yet another A.K. mix. But let's focus on this Breakbeat Hardcore mix, and the amazing tunes he has picked! D-Force - Original Bad Boy DJ's Unknown Vol 2 - Side A DJ Seduction - On My Own (Slipmatt Remix) DJ Edge - The Remix Question Mark Vol 2 - Side A Harmony & Xtreme - Journey Through Time Naughty Naughty Vol 3 - Side B Green Side Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control SMD Vol 2 - Side A Future Primitive - We're Flying (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) SMD Vol 2 - Side B Harmony & Xtreme - Love In My Heart Question Mark Vol 3 - Side A Oaysis - Incredible Bass (Slipmatt Remix) DJ Vibes - Obsession (Music's So Wonderful) N-Zo & DJ Invincible - Funky Sensation Naughty Naughty Vol 1 - Side A DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect (Slipmatt Remix) Ravers Choice - Vol 1 Side X (Loving You Is Easy) DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ganja Man Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) DJ Slam - Looking Into The Light Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days DJ Dougal & DJ Vibes - Feel Free Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Take Me Away (Slipmatt Remix) Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) Luna-C - Piano Progression This mix is monstrously good! This gives me goosebumps, and makes me smile from ear to ear! DJ A.K. has done it yet again, and has given us an hour and a half of pure ecstasy! The tunes were all successful anthems you would hear at each single rave during the early 90s, but not just in the UK, but all over the world. Hell, you would even find them on Happy Hardcore compilations in the Netherlands, hence why I know a few of these records. I knew of these artists not because they were Breakbeat Hardcore ones, but 'Happy Hardcore' artists. Strange world, right? The mix is tight, and the anthems are glorious! It's only been 30 years since these songs were released, but they still sound awesome, and can get a crowd going, loose their freaking minds! If I would hear these at a rave, I would not leave. The cleaners would have to call the police, as I would be stuck to the dancefloor, still in the zone, not wanting to let go. This music is so freaking good, and I might be an old geezer now, but I'm still feeling the music. I feel it rushing through my veins, and it makes my heart beat faster and faster. Not too damn fast. Don't want to be in the back of an ambulance (again)... Absolutely no negative comments. Only positive ones. Spread the love, the happiness, and embrace the importance of Breakbeat Hardcore for modern day music. Where would we be without it? Best record? 'In Effect' by Red Alert & Mike Slammer, remixed by Slipmatt. Timeless masterpiece! No need to have been born in the 70s/80s and have raved during the glorious early 90s. You can still catch up on this awesome music. Just close your eyes, and let yourself go! DJ: A.K. Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, Oldschool, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: DJ A.K. - 93 - 94 Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore Mix 22.07.23 Length Mix: 01:25:05 Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: DJ A.K. - Soundcloud Channel

  • Leyxa & The Unfamous @ Loudboat 2023

    As you've noticed, I've been very quiet lately. It's because I've been on a holiday to Greece. An unfortunate one, as there was a huge storm present at the time, so we couldn't really appreciate the nice surroundings and hospitality as much as we wanted, but that's something you just have to take on the chin, and live with it. Can't blame the country for the weather. But I needed some well deserved time off, but now I am rejuvenated, and ready to review again! And have I got something special for you all to listen to! A set by Leyxa and the Unfamous at an event called Loudboat. I have never heard of Loudboat before, but the concept seems straight forward: loud music on a boat. Is that the right description? I had a quick look on the event page, and it was held in Quebec! Didn't know there was a Hardcore following there. Truth be told, I've never been there, so I wouldn't know it anyway, with my narrowminded view, eh? But it was a four hour long event on a boat, which sounds cool. And Leyxa and Unfamous did their best to demolish the speakers (and maybe some rubber dingies too) in the short 30 minute time span they had. And in those 30 minutes they play a few excellent tunes, some being mashups or remixes of all time classics. Or even brand spanking new anthems! Now you are curious, right? You want to know what they played? Well, here's the list: Re-Style - Drop That Funky Mashup Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder (D-Tune Refix) Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power (Chaos Project Remix) G-Town Madness & The Viper - Control The Party (Refix) Kasparov - Pessa Pessa Hardcore Hooligan Mashup Neophyte & The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker (Restrained Remix) Paul Elstak feat Jantine - Demons (Restrained Remix) Tha Playah - Vigilance Neophyte - Braincracking (Nosferatu Remix) Bulletproof & Paul Elstak & Boogshe - We Live Forever Paul Elstak & Radiate - Dropping It (Repix & Radiate 2018 Remix) Furyan - Kokeen (Rayvolt Remix) D-Fence & Miss K8 - Generavers There are some great tracks in this set, and to be fair, most of them I've not even heard. Obviously I know the classics, the originals, And one remix of an all-time classic song has gained my respect, for it doing the original justice, or even being slightly better than the original. I do love the mashups. Some have really exceeded my expectations. Both Unfamous and Leyxa keep the entertainment level high throughout their set. And again, hopefully the weather was good and the boat wasn't rocking, but surely throughout their set they created their own waves. You wouldn't be able to sit still, right? The best record was one I had not heard before, and it was a remix of an all time classic by Neophyte and The Stunned Guys.And yes, it's even better than the original. So damn good. Goosebumps. I'm not a fan of the current Paul Elstak sound. A bit dull, a bit boring to me. 'Dropping It' was a good record, but 'We Live Forever' and 'Demons' is a bit meh. Restrained made 'Demons' slightly more interesting though. All in all, a solid set. 34 minutes of amazing records, and if you were on the boat, you probably made it rocking side to side. I've been listening to this over and over, and I really enjoyed it! DJs: Leyxa & The Unfamous Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore, Uptempo, Mainstream, Gabber Liveset Info: Recorded @ Loudboat 2023 Length Liveset: 00:34:28 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 348 MB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 1411kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: The Unfamous - Soundcloud Channel

  • Hard Energy - Dance Anthems Xtreme by Ben JAMMIN (2020)

    Let's finish today with a banging mix I had stored for a few weeks now, but did not do anything with it. Today is the day I am listening to this mix, and it has made me feel slightly younger again. It takes me back at least a decade, or even two! And it's a style of music I do not listen to very often, so when it does appear, it gets overlooked slightly by myself. But not today. Today we are going full on insane on Hard Energy Dance Anthems, taken to the x-treme (and you know shit is about to go down, when it's not written as normal, but more aggressively) I went into this mix, not knowing the DJ or the songs used. And I'm now sitting here, smile from ear to ear, and acknowledging that this mix might contain some bangers, and might put a huge smile on YOUR face. And that's what this website is all about: sharing. Because doing that, you are caring. DJ Ben Jammin made this mix a few years ago, and it gained a few positive responses on Soundcloud. And it is indeed a mix you want to hear. It's filled with mashup anthems, most of them you will know (or maybe all of them, if you are a connoisseur). I'm not always a fan of mashups, because some mashups are just horrible, but when they are done correctly, it could be a treat for your ears. What is it you can expect in this mix? Well, these songs: Camisra vs Sandy B - You Make The Warrior Go Round Southside Spinners - Luvstruck Porn Kings vs Sash feat Stunt - Amour Encore Une Fois Energy 52 vs Love Inc. - Broken Bones In Cafe Del Mar York - On The Beach Klubbheads vs Tiesto - Lethal Bits & Pieces Regener8 - Fin Tribute Mauro Picotto vs Major Players - Come With Me Iguana Olive - Not Alone JX - Son Of A Gun (Garbe & Simon Remix) Peren vs Gala - We Wanna Be Freed From Desire Push vs Modjo - Lady In Universal Nation Push vs Styles & Breeze - Your Shining Legacy Matt Darey - Beautiful Darude vs Candi Staton - You Got The Sandstorm CRW vs 49ers - Move Your Feet And Feel Love Lange - Follow Me Y Traxx - Mysteryland David Forbes vs Public Domain - Blade Blizzard Cosmic Gate vs Jonah - Fire Wire 400 Underworld vs Oasis - Slippy This mix has got some bounce vibes throughout, and it's really pleasant to hear something I do not hear that often. Sometimes you just need to bounce, hard and vigorously. And that's what I'm doing now. It is quirky, and it's jam packed with Hard House/Hard Dance anthems you all know. Well, I knew most of them. But not in this shape/form. I am absolutely NOT an expert on mashups, and this mix contains mashups I've not heard or seen before in my life. So I went into this mix not knowing what to expect, but it's been interesting. A fun journey. An interesting one. Small hints to my past, and the songs I loved growing up. Most of the tracks I can appreciate. I just cannot accept Underworld's song. It might be a mashup, but it is so overrated. I genuinely hate this song with a vengeance. And I'm not a fan of Oasis either, so that ties in well. Oh, I cannot tolerate that record in it's entirety. Makes me feel very unwell. But the rest are fine. It's different, and kind of quirky. I like it. Thanks Ben for this mix. Maybe I could become an expert if I just listen to more of these mixes, who knows? DJ: Ben Jammin Genre/Style: Hard Dance, Hard House, Bounce, House Mix Info: Hard Energy - Dance Anthems Xtreme by Ben JAMMIN Length Mix: 01:00:29 Tracks: 21 (twenty-one) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 138 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2020 More Information: Ben Jammin - Soundcloud Channel

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