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  • Gabber Your Ass Off! 90s Gabber & Terror (2021)

    I've been a very busy bee today. And now yet another review for you all, one I found by accident. I cannot remember what I was looking for, what my keywords were, but I found this mix, made by Ballse HC. And according to the title it contains Gabber and Terror music from the 90s, and that's always a good thing for me to hear. He's also wearing a Thunderdome shirt, so another bonus. And is he holding a baseball bat? Oh oh, does that mean I can't write anything negative, otherwise he might bash my brains in? All funny things aside, let's focus on the mix. Not familiar with the DJ who made this mix, so let's dive straight into the nitty gritty, the dirty business. The business we call Hardcore music. And the music in this mix slightly harder and rougher compared to your standard Hardcore mix. But all in all a nice hard mix. He also played a few tracks I do not hear very often. And when I say very often, I mean never. They used to appear on many compilations, but now they are forgotten about. Some were also too fucking hard, or too non-PC. But that's so appealing to me, I like it when Hardcore is a bit off and wrong. You'll understand what I'm saying when you just scroll down a tiny bit and look at the tracklist: Nasenbluten - Feeling Shit (Drokz Remix) DJ Dione - Energy Lords Of The Underworld - Loose Control DJ Raffe - DJ Raffe DJ Promo - The Incredible 3 Steps Ahead - Gangster (Feel So Good) The Ender - Me So Horny Delta 9 - Listen Delta 9 - Never Stop (Remix) Master Bation - House Of Hell (DJ Jordens & DJ Pavo Remix) DJ Delirium - Sound Of The Beast (Rob Gee Remix) Bass-D & King Matthew - House Delta 9 - Son Of A Bitch Twin Terror - Hardcore Soldier ISR Live - DOA Mash ISR Live - Nasen Mash Nasenbluten - Shaftman (Delta 9 Remix) Wendy Milan - Sisterfuck Delta 9 - Head Strong (Full On Remix) Temper Tantrum & Strychine - Extreme Terror III This reminds me of Hellsound, the CD compilation series from the 90s. I don't know why, but most of the tunes did appear on these CDs, and were maybe too hard and too rough for compilations such as Thunderdome. And you can trust me: I've listen to a lot of these Hellsound CDs, and still appreciate them a lot. I do love to hear mixes that don't follow the standards, fall outside of conformity. And this is certainly one of those mixes. You love it or you hate it. But you have to be honest and say that this isn't your 'typical' Hardcore anthem you think about when you think of early Hardcore, right? That's what makes this mix so great, because as less important as you might think they are, they still had a huge impact on the scene, and I remember raving the night away, always hearing a fucking hard song as last one of the night, and giving it all I had, before going back home. The tracks are solid, and hard. It goes from 'normal' speed Hardcore to full on Terror. And I love it. The first track sets the tone, and give you enough confidence to give this mix a go. The best song in this mix has to be 'Gangster' by 3 Steps Ahead. One of the slower songs, but so memorable. Probably 3 Steps Ahead's finest records ever. There are a few mixing errors, but nothing major. You will still enjoy this mix a lot. So why not give this a go? DJ: Ballse HC Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Gabber, Terror Mix Info: Gabber Your Ass Off! 90s Gabber & Terror Length Mix: 00:35:54 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Release Year: 2021 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown More Information: Ballse HC - Soundcloud Channel

  • Liam Feeley Spring Trance Mix 2022

    After starting the morning with some early Hardcore, let's dive straight into the next mix. This time it's a Trance mix, by Liam Feeley a.k.a. DJ Protocol. Normally his mixes would be focussed on UK Hardcore/early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore etc, but this time he's made a Trance mix. And you all know I'm a huge sucker for Trance music. So today it will all be about Liam's latest mix, and no, it won't be a Happy Hardcore mix, but a very lovely Progressive Trance focussed mix. And you will love this mix, once you press the play button on the Soundcloud player below... I've been listening to this mix over and over for the last few days. And I'm loving the vibes. Trance is already a wicked genre of music, but when it's this uplifting, you know that you'll be in Heaven. You'll be having a cup of tea with angels, and playing snooker with the big man himself. So heavenly. There's not much to say about the DJ. I only know him as DJ Protocol, so his Liam Feeley side of DJing is fairly unknown. So let's focus on what Liam has got to offer, what kind of songs he used for this nearly 2 hour long mix. And the tracklist is glorious. You will understand it once you scroll down a tiny bit further. Just have a look.... Kamilo Sanclemente & Funkea - Elixir Aly & Fila and Jes - I Won't Let You Fall (Space Motion Remix) Evgeny Lebedev - Sleepless Nights Estuera - Umbra LTN & Cassidy Ford - Hurt Yourself Aly & Fila & Plumb - Somebody Loves You (Paul Thomas Remix) Dennis Sheperd & Freak Beatz - Break The Ice Christian Burns - Breaking Fire (Farius Remix) Somma & Jennifer Rene - Stars Collide (Xijaro & Pitch Remix) Giuseppe Ottaviani - Spellbound Armin van Buuren & Aly & Fila feat Kazi Jay - For All Time Roman Messer & Mike Zaloxx feat Jenifer Rene - Lately Richard Durrand & Susanna - I Matter To You Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Ian Bluestone Remix) Omar Sherif - A Brighter Future Roger Shah, Pierre Pienaar & Dirkie Coetzee - Epoch Ram - Ramsterdam (John Van Deynhoven Remix) Yoshi & Razner - Revival Paipy & Ramin Arab - Cannibal Maria Healy - Bluebell Soul Lifters & Kiran M Sajeev - Instigator Darren Porter - Interia Cold Blue - Leaning To Live Hazem Beltagui feat Adara - Back Home (Fady, Mina & Omar Sherif Remix) If you want to be in Heaven, let Liam take you on a journey. It's going to be a pleasant one. As mentioned above, I've listened to this mix over and over, and have really enjoyed it. There are some serious all-time classics in here, and the two hours do fly by before you know it. Nice and uplifting Trance. If that's what you were looking for, I have found a mix you will certainly like. Liam has done an amazing job, and this mix shows he's a man with a lot of talent. And he's diverse too. He can do everything. There's no point in further discussing this. Just play this mix and you won't be disappointed. So many freaking dancefloor smashers, and they will certainly get you in a higher state of consciousness. Best track in this mix? Oh, that's difficult, but I would say 'Break The Ice'. Glorious track. Emotionally driven track. Love it. DJ: Liam Feeley Genre/Style: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance Mix Info: Liam Feeley Spring Trance Mix 2022 Length Mix: 01:54:42 Tracks: 24 (twenty-four) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 262 MB File Type: mp3 Release Year: 2022 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: 320kbps More Information: --------

  • Nosferatu @ 7 Gates to Hell (14-11-2009)

    I have to start this review with a confession. I've never been to Friesland, The Netherlands. This province was a bit too far out from where I'd use to live. I lived in Limburg, which is down South, and Friesland is way up North. No reason for me to visit Friesland, or even Groningen, but I thought I'd let you know. Why, you might be wondering? Well, it just highlights the fact that I'm not familiar with what happens in Friesland, and that there are Hardcore parties thrown there I've never heard of. Like '7 Gates To Hell', held at Sans Souci in Berlikum. Only a few days ago did I find this liveset by Nosferatu, recorded back in 2009 at 7 Gates To Hell. He wasn't the only one at this event, other names were: Outblast, Dano, Defendor, Judg'ann, Lenn, The Villain, Chosen Few, E-Rick & Tactic, and a mystery guest. And I'm guessing it was hosted by MC Drip. Again, I'm not familiar with anything in Friesland or this event, so if you know the location or the event, how was it? The line-up looks OK. A few names I've not seen before, but two names I have, and wish I had seen them before during the late 90s or early 2000s: E-Rick & Tactic. And according to Partyflock, their last event was this one. I was really a fan of their music but never had the chance to see/hear them live. But it's not about them today, it's about Nosferatu. And this legend, who has earned his credits in the scene, does not need an introduction. And during this 52 minute set he decided to play some early Hardcore anthems. And once you have a butchers at the tracklist, you know why I have picked this set to be reviewed, you'll understand. Lock Jaw - Ruff 'N Ruggin' Lunalotic - Happy House...??? Trickster - Stop The Rhythm The Stunned Guys - MF MF (DJ Isaac Remix) Phoenix - Keep It Going Now Lunalotic - I Can't Hear You Predator vs Wedlock - Roots And Culture Bio-Forge - Turbulence Ectomorph - Mindblower The Coalition - 9MM Myrmidon - No Choice Tiny Tot - Discoland (DJ Isaac Remix) Diss Reaction - DJ Lan Myztic - Dangerus Battle Paradox - My DJ ..... Cutz Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker Cybernators - No Out Of Here... DJ Isaac - Happy Hardcore Freak Trickster vs Undercover Anarchist - The Phuckin' Dead Dark Syndicate - Straight Up Hardcore Predator - Mind Of A Lunatic Nosferatu - The Future Trickster - White Line For an early Hardcore lover this is paradise. A mixture of well known and forgotten classics. But Nosferatu has got our backs: he knows what the listeners want to hear, and his set is really dope. But now something I have noticed, and I don't know if others have experienced it to? There's something fucking with me during this recording. During the set I hear maybe a microphone remaining open, and I can hear other sounds. It's fucking with me, and doing my nut in. Besides the mic probably being open and ruining the recording slightly, the tracks he has selected are fucking ace. The rougher and harder early Hardcore anthems, more focussed on the 'Artcore' sound, and a bit of Happy Hardcore too. I love it. Sadly to hear the set ending abruptly, but hey ho, at least we get 52 minutes of Nosferatu. A good set, and it's got 'Mind Of A Lunatic'. Still one of my favourite anthems of the 90s. Closely followed by 'Stop The Rhythm' by Trickster. Proper oldskool vibes!!! It's worth checking it out, if you are into your early Hardcore tracks. Nosferatu did a great job, pleasing the people at 7 Gates To Hell. If I'd been there, hearing this live, I would have lost my shit! DJ: Nosferatu Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Liveset Info: Recorded @ 7 Gates To Hell (14-11-2009) Length Liveset: 00:52:39 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Release Year: 2022 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown More Information: The Free Spirit - Soundcloud Channel

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