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  • The Sound of In Qontrol | An Ode To In Qontrol (2021)

    The working week has been split in half, and now it's time to look out for the upcoming weekend. For many this means getting closer to the end of lockdown, but sadly not everyone is feeling the same. To maybe get the people a bit livelier and happier, I've got a mix for you all today, focussed on an event which only took place 7 times in the Amsterdam Rai: In Qontrol. Do you remember the event? Have you been to it? If you have, I envy you a lot! This was one of those events I never went to, and I regret not going. Could I only turn back the time, I would have been the first buying a ticket.... but there's no such thing sadly. I went on a journey this afternoon for some Hardstyle. I just needed to hear something hard and rough, and it took me to this mix. A mix made by Ephoric, released on The Sound of Hardstyle's Soundcloud channel. And it's packed with anthems which would have been played at In Qontrol. A few of the anthems, and the rest all Hardstyle anthems from those wonderful years. I can't believe this event only took place between 2004 and 2010, and due to tax increases they decided to cancel the event. Damn you government, damn you to hell! How come I did know of this event? Come on, I am Dutch, I know everything about harder style focussed events. And I've owned a few of the In Qontrol CDs. I did love those a lot. Sadly, scratches on the discs made them unplayable. But I still hold fond memories in regards to the Hardstyle/Hardcore from that era. So damn good, and now in 2021 it's categorised as 'old'. But to me it still sounds fresh as a daisy. Ephoric made this mix, to show his love for In Qontrol. And the channel it was uploaded on, is obviously focussed on Hardstyle, so reasons enough to share this with you all. All tracks which you could have heard on the CDs of In Qontrol, or at the actual event. Again, if you've been to one of these parties, I am jealous of you. The tracks selected for this mix are as follows: Noisecontrollers - CTRL.ALT.DELETE (In Qontrol 2009 Anthem) Psyko Punkz - After MF Frontliner - Greenhouse Scope DJ - Rock Hypnotic Thalamus - Flash Forward (In Qontrol 2006 Anthem) Project One - Fantasy Or Reality Brennan Heart & Wildstylez - Reputation Game Pavo - Communicate Donkey Rollers - The Last City On Earth (In Qontrol 2008 Anthem) Slim Shore - Scars Chain Reaction - Lellebel The Pitcher - I Just Can't Stop Frontliner - SAVE.EXIT.PLANET (In Qontrol 2010 Anthem) Zatox & Nikkita - Poltergeist Brennan Heart - Memento Alpha2 - Unleashed Josh & Wesz - Like Thiz Zany - Animated Audio Wildstylez - The Panthom Beat Showtek - We Live For The Music (Noisecontroller Remix) Killer Clown - Silentium Crypsis & Luna - Torture 2 Best Enemies - Phases (TBY Romantic Mix) Headhunterz - A New Day Tha Playah - Walking The Line Wow. I simply can't believe that these records are over 10 years old! If you delve into the sound, yeah, you can tell it's not the present day Hardstyle, but still, I would never have believed these to be over 10 years old. Where did the fucking time go to? Seriously, stop going by this quickly. I fucking hate it. I do remember each and every track in this mix. Some I've completely forgotten about, seeing as we've moved on from the older sounding Hardstyle to the new sound, but sometimes I like to go back in time and appreciate what we used to have. And it wasn't certainly back. It was fucking epic. It was amazing. And so many amazing records were released back then, that laid the foundation for the present day Hardstyle. Sometimes certain producers make a new record sound 'classic'-ish, but it's still not the same. 2004 to 2010 were definitely wicked years. Without a shadow of a doubt. Well, let's talk about the music. It's good. End of conversation. I'm not kidding. I cannot say anything negative about the sound that was released back then. I can say that I think each record is and was a dancefloor smasher back then, and if you were at In Qontrol, you must have had a wonderful time. I can picture a younger TCD dancing back in those days at similar events. Fuck, why does time fly by? This brings back memories, and they are all good. But which record gave me the most flashbacks, the most memories, the most goosebumps? It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the hardest anthems of that era: 'Torture' by Crypsis and Luna. Closely followed by 'Phases', by 2 Best Enemies, remixed by TBY. A wonderful mix, and a good dedication mix. Flashbacks galore! I feel so blessed to have raved throughout the Millennium, and I am happy I bought many albums and witnessed many artists perform. Sadly not at In Qontrol. At least the music remains with me forever! DJ: Ephoric Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Millennium Hardstyle, Euphoric Hardstyle Mix Info: The Sound of In Qontrol | An Ode To In Qontrol Length Mix: 01:16:37 Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Release Year: 2021 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown More Information: The Sound of Hardstyle - Soundcloud Channel

  • Pure Bonzai Records by D E N Z (2013)

    If you are a music lover, you certainly know the majestic label called Bonzai Records. Ever heard of it, huh? One of the most important dance labels in music history, they have provided us with many memorable anthems over the years, since they were founded back in 1992. This Belgian label has meant so much to so many, it is hard to find people out there who have never heard of this label before. The quality released on this label is beyond everything you can ever imagine. Such an important label this has been, and to prove that, you just have to type in the words 'Bonzai' and 'Records' on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube, or other music channels, and you will find hundreds, if not thousands of dedication mixes. Like the one I found the other day, made by D E N Z . As a young lad I always knew that Bonzai Records was of importance, and I even went out raving in Belgium, just to capture that feeling. And when I did enter the club, and heard those mesmerising tunes come toward me through the speakers, I knew I was in heaven. Come on, you must know this label. You cannot be that ignorant, right? Just let me name you a few artists who have released their tracks on this label. Just a few. You will immediately understand what I mean when I say that this label is an important label in the music history: Yves De Ruyter, Dream Your Dream, Bounty Hunter, Jones & Stephenson, Thunderball, Franky Jones, Cherry Moon, Gary D., Marco Bailey, Energy 52, Da Cool, and these are just the biggest names up to 1997! You can imagine the importance, and how big this label was back in the day. D E N Z made this dedication mix back in 2013. 8 Years ago it was uploaded, and people seemed to love it. I have to be added to this list of listeners, and I really appreciate what he has achieved in a 53 minute long mix. Here's the tracklist, and be amazed once you realise what D E N Z has done! 01. Traxcaliber - The Dreamer 02. Aqua Contact - La Sirena 03. Belgica Wave - The Wave 04. Bwp Experiments - Feel The House Of 'E 05. Phrenetic System - Fantasy 06. Belgica Wave - I'll Be Your Guest 07. Mooneyes - Twilight Creatures 08. Kosmik Experience - Voyager In Trance 09. Brainwasher - L'Ange Gabriel 10. Airplay - Give Me Acid 11. Deep Atmosfear - About Christine 12. Return Of The Native - Persuasion 13. Yves De Ruyter - The Rebel 14. The Blackmaster - Time Never Stops 15. Interstate - Swing In La 16. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Matt Turner Remix) 17. Yves De Ruyter - A Story About House 18. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth 19. Airwave Alone - In The Dark 20. Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of House 21. Phrenetic System - Wayfarer 22. Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One 23. Yves De Ruyter - Calling Earth 24. Dj Looney Tune - Beatbox + TGV 25. Yves De Ruyter - Rave City 26. Yves De Ruyter - Outsiders 27. Joyrider - The Deadline 28. X-Change - Ready To Rock 29. Bountyhunter - Users Hunt 30. Bountyhunter - Woops 31. Strange Food - Strange Food 32. Techno Junkies - Entropy Step 33. Cherrymoon Trax - Conflictation 34. Cherrymoon Trax - Let There Be House 35. No Man's Land - Termination ZX Wow. Seriously impressive mix. A lot of obscure and forgotten anthems from this Belgian label. Obviously we know their biggest tunes, and we've got a few in here, but there are also a few records in here I've not heard in ages! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why I like to find these kinds of mixes. I am not aware of who's behind D E N Z, so lets dive straight into the mix. And the mix is good! Excellent tunes, and mixed together beautifully. 35 records in 53 minutes. And it just flows smoothly. Really smoothly. And it's also a diverse mix: from Hard Trance to Hard Techno to Hardcore. I've got only credit to give to DJ D E N Z . This is exactly the mix I wanted to hear. The tracks are spot on, and the mixing is also good (small errors here and there, but nothing major to write about). A highly entertaining mix, and an ode to one of the most important labels in Hard Dance history. Advice? Just listen to this mix, and indulge yourself into this wonderful sound that came out of Belgium. Yes, their chocolate is nice, and their Manneke Pis is also cool, and their waffles are amazing, but I'd rather choose their music. That's way better! Best record? Interstate's 'Swing In LA'. You know why. DJ: D E N Z Genre/Style: Hard Trance, Hard Techno, Hardcore Mix Info: Pure Bonzai Records Length Mix: 00:52:59 Tracks: 35 (thirty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Release Year: 2013 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown More Information: D E N Z - Soundcloud Channel

  • Just Stomp Vol 1 (2021)

    It's been a fair few weeks/months since I last reviewed a UK Hardcore set. Well, that's not strictly true, I reviewed a Bonkers dedication mix only a handful of days ago, but a mix filled with new UK Hardcore anthems, I don't seem to hear a lot of them nowadays. You might have been waiting for such a mix in a long time, and I do apologise. Been caught up listening to other styles, but today's the day! Don't worry any more, today's a good day. And let me tell you why... The reason being, it's jam packed with good tunes! Andy Myers' latest mix, which is called 'Just Stomp' might be confusing to you, as you might assume it's filled with Powerstomp anthems, but it's not. It's just filled with stomping hard tunes. And if you are into UK Hardcore, you will appreciate this mix a lot. I wasn't ready for this mix. From the first to the last tune it took me on a ride. And if you are into UK Hardcore, you will enjoy this journey. Andy Myers' mix is really packed with awesome tunes by artists such as Darren Styles, Joey Riot, Marc Smith, Technikore, Shimamura, and many more. I wasn't sure if I would follow the new sound UK Hardcore is going towards, but after hearing this mix I'm still pleased it sounds unique and refreshing, and not just sped up Hardstyle. It still remains unique, and true to the sound we adore. So which tunes did he use for this 'stomping' mix? Well, here's the list: Darren Styles & Ashley Wallbridge feat Gavin Beach - All My Life 4* & Tatsunoshin - Forgive Nick Unique & Uwaukh - Into The Dark Somma & Jennifer Rose - Stars Collide (Technikore Remix) Quickdrop - Shake Your Body Technikore, Weaver & Lokka Vox - Find You Now (Game Extended Remix) Technikore - Another Day Dougal - Take Me Away (Summa Jae Remix) Dougal, Gammer & Squad-E - You U Eye I (J-Trax Remix) Darwin & Jack In Box - Back 2 Basics (BK Remix) Shimamura, Relect & Lindsey Marie - Northern Lights Joey Riot & Marc Smith - Wait For You Quickdrop - High Up In The Sky AOS - On A High (Mr. Ripley's Rawr Remix) Joey Riot & JaXx - Closer To All Your Dreams Joey Riot & Seduction - Face Down Ass Up Well, I wasn't expecting to hear such a mix on a Monday! And to discover one of the biggest tunes I've heard in a long time! But before we discuss good/bad records, let's focus on the mix itself. I do love UK Hardcore, don't get me wrong, and I do appreciate the vocal stuff. The bigger, the better. And in this mix you can find a lot of melodic anthems, like 'Another Day, 'You U Eye I', 'Stars Collide', 'Closer To All Your Dreams', and my favourite record of this mix (and probably 2021) 'All My Life'. That's just a stunning record, and Andy's choice to open the mix with, is a damn good one. I do love the diversity of this mix. It goes from the newer sounding Hardcore to the happier side of Hardcore, the older sound. Nice job, Andy. The only negative is the last record, and the 12th record. Just simply not a fan of these. Sorry. All in all a wicked mix. It gave me a boost I needed today! I need to hear more of this. I will certainly check Andy's site out for more mixes, and so should you! DJ: Andy Myers Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp Mix Info: Just Stomp Vol 1 Length Mix: 00:56:17 Tracks: 16 (sixteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE File Size: 118,5 MB File Type: mp3 Release Year: 2021 Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz More Information: Andy Myers - Official Website

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