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  • Maromi : Rainbow Island Set (2024)

    It is Saturday, and it's nice outside. The outside world seems slightly more pleasant today, especially after a spa treatment me and the wife had. But after coming home, I was awoken to the chores awaiting my input, so I needed something energetic, something to keep me going. And as you all know, I am a huge UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore fan. I needed to hear a mix that contained just that. Energetic and bouncy Hardcore music. And that's when I remembered that I saved a mix a few days ago... and it's the one you are about to listen to. Maromi, a name you might have encountered on this website before, but it's way too long ago since I last wrote about this DJ. This DJ from Arizona, 1/2 of Mangled, was asked to play at an event called Rainbow Island, in Austin, Texas. And the first thing I noticed on the above image was the phrase 'keep Austin hard'. It sounds so sexual, but it's probably not meant that way. It's all about Hardcore, right? I am not familiar with the Hardcore scene in the States. I do know a few of the DJs and producers out there, but I don't know if it's a big scene. I don't know much about Rainbow Island either. Well, maybe only the fact that it was the title of Seb's song from 1996. What I have noticed over the years is that the Americans love it a bit happier, and sometimes a tad cheesier. That suits me. If you know something about this event, please do leave a comment below. Always interesting to hear more about parties I've not been to. Or even how big the scene is in the States. But for now, let me share you the tracklist: Blunted - Freedom (M-Project & Muzik Servant Remix) DJ Evo - Nothing Without You Okidam - Don't Wanna Sleep (No Left Turn Remix) JuiceWrld & Halsey - Life's A Mess (Starkiss Remix) Stompy & Easyvibe - I Touch Myself Gabry Ponte x Jerome - Lonely (Outforce Remix) Ryan Ganar x SethroW - TMAL Melanie Martinez - Tag You're It (170 Donk Squad Edit) Aqua - Cartoon Heroes (Shoduk x Scratchgonzo Remix) Rize, Maromi & Sparrow - Tiny In Tokyo Al Storm feat Lacie - Drop Everything Now (House Of Cards) Turn & Burn - Dreams (Rob IYF & Al Storm Remix) Kim Sozzi - Break Up (Technikore Remix) 100 gecs - Dumbest Girl Alive (DAG Flip) MUZZ - Ready For It (E_Tank Flip) Force & Styles - Heart Of Gold (Rescue Edit) Seb - Rainbow Island (Outforce Remix) DAG feat Luna Skye - You're Mine I've lost touch on what is hot and what's not the scene, so it's nice to be introduced to songs I've not heard before, or which do a lot of damage on the dancefloors all over the world. This is a weird looking tracklist. Not only do you get some pop artists in here, but also some artists we all know and sometimes dislike, like Aqua. It's a very diverse mix, and it's quirky. Don't know if that was the requirement for this event, but if that was the deal, Maromi has nailed it. But what Maromi selected, are some big anthems. Some are maybe a tad too cheesy for me, but the majority are really dope anthems. Especially when DJ Evo's song is played. I've been seeing that name in many mixes, and I'm highly impressed with DJ Evo. All in all, a cool mix. If you were at Rainbow Island, you must have had a great time. Was Austin hard? Hard enough? You tell me. Maromi brought the Hardcore, so it should be extremely hard, right? DJ: Maromi Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, UKHC, Happycore, Powerstomp Liveset Info: Recorded @ Rainbow Island 2024 Length Liveset: 01:02:20 Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Maromi - Soundcloud Channel

  • Glowkid pres. Generation X - Aaja Channel 2 - 14 05 24

    If you are a regular to this page, you know of Glowkid, Gl0wkid, or however his name is spelled. His mixes have made it to this page, and I even had the honour to speak to this legendary DJ and producer, and radio host. And after a short break, his show has made its return. The Generation X radioshow was on a radio channel called Aaja Channel 2. Now I do know a few radio channels, but never encountered this Aaja station. But it's never too late to learn. And if you like his mixes, you'll love the fact that his show is on the air, every second Tuesday of each month. And obviously it's a great show, as I've been following my Greek friend for a few years now, and he's been a great host for many years. And he keeps us rave enthusiasts dancing. His latest, and debut on Aaja radio, is roughly an hour long, and it's got some obscure underground anthems. Trust me when I say that you'll love them. I tweeted a picture of my car audio unit, and it was showing Glowkid's show, and it even got retweeted by GPF. Don't ask me why or how. But maybe even they love the Glowkid? You'll get everything you wanted to hear. Rave? Yes, Hardcore? Check, Nuskool? Oh yeah! Hardcore Breaks? Couldn't be a mix by Glowkid at all if it didn't have a bit of that in it! But the big question is, is it any good? Is this debut set a good one? Well, there's only one way to find it out: Mark Archer - Armageddon (Sanxion Remix) JAKAZiD - Hard Crew Dowster vs Zensation - Release The Stress DeBisco - Second Contact Sideflip feat OZL - Everybody In The House Hyper Motion vs The Prodigy - Fire RRRitalin & Cynthia Stern - Battle Creek Brawl Yesten's Legacy - Busy Glowstyx - Bunny Jamie Zarfas - Overload Skooler & Flare - Probe Mark0 - Back-2-'92 Acen - Close Your Eyes (Optikon Love Show) Lomac - It's Always A Blue Sky Day (Old Skool Back To '93 Mix) The Prodigy - No Good It's amazing how he keeps on finding these hidden gems. I only recognise a handful of names, and obviously the first artist on this list is the most well known (Mark Archer, a.k.a. one half of Altern 8). But obviously I've come across songs by JAKAZiD, Acen, Dowster, and the most obvious one: The Prodigy. Glowkid is such a massive The Prodigy fan, can't you tell? And he's a massive Rave fanatic. Finally I have found my match, my brother from another mother. Someone who is as passionate as I am. But he's got more skills than I do. He can actually do something. I can just type and talk bollocks, but he has got a wider platform, and a wider audience too. Oh, how I envy my Greek friend. But he deserves it. He is so passionate, he deserves the best of the best. And for this mix he went all out, and found some amazing records. And the one that starts around the 37:30 minute mark, that one is just awesome. Can't figure out which one that one is. Closely followed by 'Busy''. But obviously the biggest hit of them all, is 'No Good'. An all time rave classic. But it has been credited too many times. Time for a new audience to get respected. And one of them is Glowkid. A fantastic mix, one that I will keep on listening to. And keep the glow coming please! Never stop the glow!!! DJ: Glowkid Genre/Style: Rave, Hardcore, Breaks, Nuskool Mix Info: Glowkid pres. Generation X - Aaja Channel 2 - 14 05 24 Length Mix: 00:58:22 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Aaja Music - Soundcloud Channel

  • Dana Live @ Innercity 22-12-2002

    2002. That's 22 years ago. Roughly. And I remember this day like no other day in 2002. I did not go to Innercity. I planned it, but I just didn't. The event back in 2000 started my love for it, but I decided not to go to this event. Why? Who knows. I should have gone to it, as the line-up was really good looking, but it just never happened. Disappointed as I was, I decided to listen to ID&T radio, and I did. Hearing Lady Dana play, that was just insane. Sitting there in my parents living room, with multiple cassettes ready...and hearing Dana play the finest Hardstyle anthems. I feel young again. Because that actually happened. And somewhere in this house is that cassette. Lady Dana, or she would be known as Dana, at Innercity mainstage. That must have been a dream come true. And the crowd's response at the beginning is insane, and it creates goose bumps. It felt like everyone was ready for Dana. And the mainstage had some big names too, like Tiesto, Sven Vath, Benjamin Bates, Kevin Saunderson, and Marco V. But it sounded like the crowd were only there for Dana. Good reasons for being there though: she is the Queen. Queen Dana, to be precise. I wanted to feel nostalgic, and this one brings back memories. Reminder: I was not at this event, but at home, listening to it being broadcasted through ID&T radio. And I hated myself for not going. Oh, how awesome would it have been. But thankfully there are these sets online, many decades after they happened. And I cannot believe this set is nearly 22 years ago. Dana rocked the stage, and years later I am still enjoying every tune she played. Not so much a fan of the MC. He does not add any value to the set. But what did she play, to get everyone so extremely hyped up? Yakooza - Cocaine (Derb Remix) Marc et Claude - Loving You (Isaac Remix) Showtek - Seid Ihr Bereid Kai Tracid - 4 Just 1 Day (Derb Remix) The Raiders - Electric Ant (Explosion In The Anthill Mix) Dana - Excuse Me The KGB's - The Discofan (Hard Disco Mix) Zany - In My Mind Schalldruck - Turntable Junkie (Uberdruk Remix) Ado The Dream & Andrea Montorsi - Bass Drum (Drum Mix) Duro - Time To Dance Jimmy The Sound - M.O.D.U.L.O. (One Version) Deepack - 100% K-Traxx - Hardventure (Technoboy Remix) Ard und Jorn - 16 (Bitte Ein Beat Mix) Psycho Hardstylers - The Game Julian DJ & Davide Sonar - Techno Noise (Frequency Mix) Oh yes! I am a Hardstyle fan since the beginning, and hearing these anthems again brings many smiles on my face. I walk around with a massive grin on my face right now, so if you do see a Dutchman in the UK with a too big of a smile, that's me! I'll say the same as I did 22 years ago: I wish I was there. But not to worry: sooner than expected did I see Dana play at some club in Heerlen, or was it Kerkrade? But I did hear her play these awesome tunes. But this Dana set at Innercity is truly a wicked one. She selected a shit ton of amazing records, and the crowd do love her. I cannot remember if this was the best set of the night, but to me it holds the most memories. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she was known in the Hardcore scene as Lady Dana, but when she made the move from Hardcore to Hardstyle, she 'dropped' the Lady part, and became 'just' Dana? Or am I being presumptuous? Whatever she was called, she destroyed the mainstage at Innercity in 2002. And the set is awesome. The MC a lot less. He could have stayed at home, and no one would have lost any sleep. But Dana kills it. So many classics (now) in this set. They would have become timeless Hardstyle classics, and they still do damage on the dancefloors. A wonderful set, can only give credit to Dana. And I'm blessed to have seen her on a few occasions. She was, and still is, the Queen. Think I'm wrong? Just listen to this set, and then you will understand why the crowd were screaming so much for her. She nailed it. And she gave everyone what they were waiting for: a wicked set. Dana rules! ''M.O.D.U.L.O.'' remains a classic and the best one in this set. Fight me in the comments if you disagree. Also, would be interesting to find out who went to Innercity 2002, and who remembers this whole Partyflock debate if it was her, or wasn't. Was she at Innercity or not? Or were you one of those sitting at home, recording this set, on cassettes? DJ: Dana Genre/Style: Hardstyle Liveset Info: Recorded @ Innercity 2002 Mainstage Length Liveset: 01:23:45 Tracks: 17 (seventeen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2002 More Information: Lady Dana - Official Website

  • T.K.'s Jump & Tek Classics (Part 9: 28 Years The Oh! The Classics Edition Warm-Up Mix) (2021)

    The year is 2007. I am younger, and more handsome. And I've got energy to last me through each night. I go out, raving in Belgium, and as I was already bitten by the Jumpstyle bug, I could not be separated from Belgian clubs. And I grew up with Jumpstyle, so when I discovered it in certain clubs, I knew I was home. As underrated as it is nowadays, it meant the world to me back in the mid 2000nd. And it got ruined massively, and that's the sad part of Jumpstyle. I do love it, and the other day I wanted to hear it so badly, I decided to visit my old friend Soundcloud, and to my amazement, there's a lot on there. Jumpstyle was and still is awesome. Not so much the dance, as it's a bit idiotic, and I can't do it. I look like a fat helicopter when spinning, so let's not do that. And the commercial side of it all ruined it. Everyone wanted to do that dance, but they did not understand the essence of the music. And when teenagers do the dance and older people try to, you know it is doomed, it is going to fail. We had a good run, but if it becomes ''cool'', it's certainly NOT cool anymore. But to me it was. And how cool was it, to modify your car, to have massive speakers and a subwoofer in the back, blowing everything and everyone around you to bits. Lower your car, bigger wheels, better stereo... voila, you are a tuner. That's not how it should have been, but it was, and I did it too. Even had the angel eyes for an Opel Astra (but it was a BMW thing). And of course did I have a massive sound system in the car: how else can you enjoy Jumpstyle? Hardcore 'died' in 1999, Happy Hardcore in '1998', Hardstyle emerged, and Jumpstyle took the world by storm. But it was tremendously big in the Benelux. That's a fact. And when it came to the actual music, the Belgians did it better. Much better. And with nights out, it was better in Belgian clubs. Event wise it was better in NL, but the Belgians knew how to throw a Jumpstyle party. And I've been to a few. This reminds me of the good ol' days. Not 100% familiar with the ''Oh!'', maybe someone can fill me in with the details? I have absorbed a lot of alcoholic beverages throughout the 90s and 00s, so some details have become foggy memories. DJ Stone - Alarma (Original Mix) James Rhandal a.k.a. Radium - Stand Up (DJ HS Remix) Polycarpus - Fuck You! (Original Mix) DJ Guenot - What A Feeling (Original Mix) Bitch Boys - Mindblowing 07 (Candyman Remix) DJ Ruthless & GJ Warez - Movimento (Original Mix) DJ Gio - Violins And Drums (Original Mix) Chicago Zone - 2 Reactions (Zof & SMB's Oh! Edit) Largemellow - Holiday (Original Mix) DJ Fox - Again's A Melody (Original Mix) Polycarpus - The Organ Plaza (Original Mix) DJ Toff - La Playa (Original Mix) Jacky Core - La La Love (Original Mix) DJ Guenot - Magnum (Original Mix) Rudy Sunders - Pulse (Overdrive Mix) Teka B - It's Your DJ (Pedroh Bootleg Remix) Coone - Keep It Whoat (Original Mix) Massiv & The Rebel - Do It (Original Mix) Jump Killer - Remember (Original Mix) Microsome - Flight (Original Mix) DJ Gio - Retrokeys (Original Mix) Polycarpus - Poly Meets The Devil (Original Mix) W4cko - Fiesta Reloaded 2006 (Original Mix) DJ Greg C - Bad Boy Bass (Original Mix) Q-ic - All Night (Bjorn Smith vs T-Nikko Remix) Furax & V-Beatz - Otherside 2006 (Totalition Mix) W4cko & Casaya - Fanatic (Original Mix) W4cko & Crixus - Rush (Original A2B Mix) This takes me right back to the Jumpstyle years. Again, I was a huge fan but never did the dance. Because, why would I? But trust me when I say that there have been plenty of journeys when the music genre of choice would have been Jumpstyle, and I've eaten the miles with those banging tunes being played out loud. Around 2007 I was full into Jumpstyle, and still to this day do I find the music awesome. T.K., the one who made this mix as some kind of promo mix for an event that took place 2 1/2 years ago, he selected a few of the big anthems that did a lot of damage on the dancefloors. And in the end, these tunes killed my sub woofer, as it could not handle the bounding beats and basses anymore. I feel like a teenager, early 20s, and everything is alright. Going out was still kind of affordable, and the music was awesome. Yes, trust me in saying that even Jumpstyle had some cheesy tunes. 'What A Feeling' anyone? But it certainly had some awesome records that I encountered everywhere I went. And to be it is 'Microsome's 'Flight''. What a freaking tune! Not only did you hear it everywhere, in clubs all over the Benelux, but also wherever you walked. The tuning community really loved Jumpstyle, and that song was played in many cars. A really solid mix, one that reminds me of a world where everything was OK, and we still appreciated Jumpstyle for what it was, NOT what it was about to become. But it was Oh! so cool, right? From the Wizard logo in the 90s to that Jumpstyle logo on literally everything. It was a hype, and I'm glad to have experienced it. They might have brought it back under the 'Freestyle' umbrella, but it's never going to be the same as during the Millennium years. DJ: T.K. Genre/Style: Jumpstyle, Tek Mix Info: T.K.'s Jump & Tek Classics (Part 9: 28 Years The Oh! The Classics Edition Warm-Up Mix) Length Mix: 00:56:23 Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2021 More Information: T.K. - Soundcloud Channel

  • Dystopian jungle dnb mix 1 (Fallout Edition) (2024)

    I do love Fallout. I cannot describe how much I love Fallout. I've bought many games over the years, from racing games to silly children games, but Fallout was my first love, and it will remain my first love. I don't know how many hours I've spent playing Fallout 4, but it's a tremendous amount. And still to this day, even before the TV series was released, I kept on playing. It's addictive, and it's my escapism, if you catch my drift. Anything Fallout related, I jump on it immediately. And not buy it, because things are a bit too expensive. But when there's a mix on Soundcloud that combines Drum & Bass, Jungle, and Fallout... how can I ignore that? The mix mentions Fallout in the title, and it has got dogmeat and the lone wanderer in power armour. OK, we are now getting my full interest. But how does Drum & Bass and Jungle fit in the Fallout universe? Well, normally it doesn't. If you've played the game enough, the choice of music for the games is retro music, vintage music from years gone by. Not DnB or Jungle. But would the world be able to accommodate this DnB and Jungle? Yes, it would. Back in the day, many moons ago, I used to play games with DnB being played in the background. Granted, Fallout would sound more different, but it could be even more intense. And certain cut scenes would be more interesting. Hell, imagine attacking a deathclaw with DnB playing? That would be AMAZING. DnB could be the perfect kind of music to be played once we enter the post apocalyptic world. But would these tunes be the ones you would listen to? Fallout - Build Your Endurance Noise Factory - 123 O'Clock Rock Randall & Andy C - Sound Control Johnny Jungle - Flammable (Cloud 9 Mix) The Sentinel - Pulse Of Life Danny Breaks - Easy Pt.2 T.Power - The Mutant (Rollers Instinct Remix) Tricky - Brand New You're Retro (Alex Reece Remix) Spring Heel Jack - Roger Tessier Wardown - Graphite And Glitter Rainforest - Brotherhood Hidden Agenda - Despatch #1 Hidden Agenda - Despatch #2 Ed Rush & Nico - Proton Source Direct - Snake Style 2 Doc Scott - The Unofficial Ghost Ricky Force - Doomed Planet Klute - Silent Weapons (Photek Remix) Fresh And Vegas - Otto's Way Peshay - Vegas Calibre - Maximus Dillinja - Armoured D Decoder - Circuit Breaker (Peshay Remix) Digital &Kiat - War Dominus Et Klutus - Maximus DJ Trace - Sanctuary Loxy & Resound - The Silent Knight Close - Vault Dweller Indigo - The Root Danny Scrilla - Fallout (Goth-Trad Remix) Wardown - Lifespan Yes, yes yes! A Fallout themed mix, where not only the image provided is related, but even the song titles are. Just look at them, right? Or maybe I've got it wrong: did Bethesda get the idea from the Drum & Bass scene? I meant Interplay, as they were the first. But was it Fallout that inspired Drum & Bass, or is it the other way around? It can sound very ominous and very dark. But that's the same in Fallout. Especially when 'The Unofficial Ghost' is played. What a fucking anthem. I would have this on repeat in the wasteland. I would be happy hearing them, whilst slaying super mutants, and those pesky feral ghouls. Fuck them. And I don't need to have any weapons or VATS: I've got the power of music. Just play this, and the whole world will reunite again. But those idiotic radscorpions are probably not going to listen, so we will have to eliminate them. They don't like DnB. Fuck 'em. Yes, a very solid yes from me. I do love this mix, and it should get more plays. A solid mix, that would do the Fallout universe justice. Maybe for Fallout 5 they could introduce DnB music. How's that for an idea? Soul on 10, another wicked mix. Thoroughly enjoyed it. More of this, please! DJ: Soul On 10 Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Techstep, Jungle, Atmospheric Jungle, Dystopian Jungle Mix Info: Dystopian jungle dnb mix 1 (Fallout Edition) Length Mix: 01:38:15 Tracks: 31 (thirty-one) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Soul On 10 - Soundcloud Channel

  • Harmony of Hardcore 2024 | Oldschool Gangsters warm-up by Marc Acardipane

    If you have been living in a cave and haven't been outside yet, you might need to adjust your expectations. It's hot today, and so it was yesterday. I finished working at 1:20pm, and once I got home, I was excited to do some chores around the house. One of them being doing the garden, and the other cleaning the car. Those are chores, and you need something awesome coming at you through your headset. I needed something that would take me back to my youth, and OBVIOUSLY I listened to a promo mix by the Godfather of Hardcore, Marc Acardipane. The living legend himself. As mentioned, this is a promo mix, and it's for next week's Harmony Of Hardcore, which takes place in Erp, The Netherlands, and the tickets are all sold out. So if you didn't get a ticket, you will be very sad. Why? Well, because of the sick line-up. There plenty of areas to visit, but if we just stick with the area Marc is playing in: Stanton, Potato, Rob Gee, J.D.A, G-Town Madness, Nico & Tetta, MD&A, Rob & MC Joe, Painbringer & Ruffneck. Tell me that doesn't look awesome, right? To get everyone hyped up, Marc and others have given their promo mixes to Harmony Of Hardcore, and now there's hours of fun on Soundcloud. What, you think Marc's mix is a bit boring and you want something else? Why not check out mixes by Drokz, Hysta, Soulblast, Bass-D, Arjuna, Potato, and more. I'll stick with Marc's mix, as he's to me the most influential artist to have started this scene back in the early 90s, and still remains an excellent producer. And his catalogue remains the most influential to many. Hell, he's called the Godfather for a good reason. But what's in this mix? Is it your standard Marc Acardipane a.k.a. PCP nonsense? Well, hold on tight, this is what you can expect: Marc Acardipane feat Da TMC - Don't Touch That Stereo (Original Mix) Marc Acardipane - E-Ternal (Original Mix) Ruthless x Dave S - FCKDP (Original Mix) Marc Acardipane & The Stunned Guys - Gloria (Original Mix) Promo - Vicious Circle (Marc Acardipane Remix) Miro - Extraterrestrial Bass (Original Mix) w/ Miro - Destroy (Original Mix) Miro - E-Shifter (Original Mix) Marc Acardipane - Return To Zero (Original Mix) Marc Acardipane - A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuture Mix) Miro - Shining (Original Mix) Miro - Bass Machine (Original Mix) Marc Acardipane - Atmos-Fear (Original Mix) Marc Acardipane - Into Sound (Marshall Masters Remix) I consider myself a fan of Marc since the early days, and it's always amazing to hear those wonderful tunes being played, but when I discovered this mix, I was a bit surprised to hear some 'new' anthems. Some I could not find any details about, like 'FCKDP' and 'Gloria'. If you have got more information on when they were released, of it they are to be released. It is a solid mix, but that's always the case. The classics will always bring cheers and smiles for miles. And you'll never be tired of hearing them. This set has been online for roughly 3 days, and already 2k+ plays. People want more. And so do I. Marc was there during the 90s for me, and he still remains a very significant individual in the Hardcore scene. And when he was asked to do a remix for Promo, he made 'Vicious Circle', and I love it a lot. A bit of Promo and a bit of Marc, all in one track. Don't even recall them ever doing something together? Maybe they should. But what a stunning track. 'Gloria' is second to that, but 'Vicious Circle' cannot be beaten. I wish I could go to HoH, but maybe one day I might. If I'm quick enough to get tickets, as I'm normally quite late. Those that are going, enjoy yourself, and hopefully the weather will be pleasant enough to dance outside, in the sunshine. DJ: Marc Acardipane Genre/Style: Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Gabber, Oldschool Mix Info: Harmony of Hardcore 2024 | Oldschool Gangsters warm-up by Marc Acardipane Length Mix: 00:44:55 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo (don't touch my stereo) Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Harmony Of Hardcore - Soundcloud Channel

  • Rinsers & Rollers Drum & Bass (1996-1997) 27-04-24

    Everyone knows that I love Drum & Bass. Especially the kind released near the year 2000. That's when I really got into Drum & Bass and Jungle, and I've spent a lot of Dutch Guilders and Euros at my local record store, which is called Satisfaction Records (in Heerlen, Limburg). They were always pleased to see me, as I've spent most of my money on CDs. The size of my collection was impressive, but if I compare the ratio, Drum & Bass was roughly the fifth biggest genre in my collection. And over the years, due to Soundcloud, I have expanded my collection digitally, and I'm happy to say that I've added one recently, which was only uploaded 11 days ago. Craig Scott, the man behind the successful mix series ''Hardcore Breakz'' has uploaded a mix dedicated to Drum & Bass. He has surprised me a lot over the years with his mixes, and his latest Drum & Bass mix is yet another big one he has made. It's a mix that reminds him of the mid to late 90s, when these tunes would have been played at major events, such as Helter Skelter, World Dance, Dreamscape, and more. Unfortunately I wasn't there to hear these being played out loud, and what I would do to just experience it once... That must have been an amazing time to be alive, and able to rave to these tunes, played by the finest DJs in the game. Now I might have not been around in the UK back in the 90s, but I do know a thing or two when it comes to Drum & Bass. And just by looking at this tracklist, I'm drooling like Homer J. Simpson. And I know I've got a daunting task ahead: typing the whole bloody thing. So, please do me a favour: look and read the tracklist. I have not done this for nothing!! Thanks. Natural Born Chillers - Rock The Funky Beat DJ Red - Mad PLO Andy C - Night Flight (Shimon Mix) Aladdin - Woman That Rolls Splash Collective - Rebels (Remix) Concept 2 - Cause n Effect Scorpio - Li Li Shapeshifter - Talkin Mad Shit City Connection - Impact 2Vibe & EPS - Hype The Funk Afro Kid - Shooks IQ Collective - Mode One Shy FX - The Message Voltage - How It Should Be Done Aphrodite - Style From The Darkside Substance - Damn Right Fugees - Ready Or Not (Zinc Mix) Easy D - Gimme Gimme Freestyles - Play The Game Congo Natty - Junglist DJ Krust - Angles Mobb Deep - Shooks One (Zinc Mix) Andy C - Roll On Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter Aphrodite - Stalker DJ Hype - Peace, Love & Unity (Remix) DJ Red - The Visit DJ Hype - True Playaz Anthem Busta Rhymes - Woo Haa (Origin Unknown Mix) Shy FX - This Style The Dream Team - Raw Dogs Barcode - New Dance DJ Hybrid - Underground Style King Of The Rollers - Original Bad Boy Dead Dred - Dred Bass (Bladerunner Mix) Q Project - Champion Sound (Total Science Mix) My Selecta - Get Up DJ Hybrid - Stand Up (VIP Mix) DJ Hybrid - It's Serious Dopeskillz - 6 Million Ways (Mix 2) DJ Hybrid - Lost In The Jungle Egyption Empire - The Horn Track (Blade Mix) Aphrodite - Shine Noise Factory - The Fire (Part 2) This brings back a lot of memories. So many memories. Sadly none of them involve a UK party, as I wasn't living in the UK or working here, and I was also too young to go to them. Now I'm older, fatter, and slightly wiser, and I still haven't been to a proper Drum & Bass event. That's a shameful thing to mention, right? Normally I would not sit down for a 2 hour long mix, but with Craig, I know I will be satisfied throughout (that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean), and 2 hours will fly by. It has, and I'm now listening to this mix for the second time. It's that good, and the selection is really amazing. A few unknown ones to me (but maybe not to you), but the majority are well known classics. But leave that up to Craig Scott, he always delivers. Excellent. Another excellent mix with insane records. This is the style of Drum & Bass that caught my attention, and made me fall in love with it. And it stood the test of time. 2024, and we are still playing these songs, listening to them, loving them like never before. The tracks might be loaded with memories, but that's what makes them special, right? I cannot pick one record, there's just too damn many. Just check out this mix and choose your own. Enjoy it as much as I have. DJ: Craig Scott Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle Mix Info: Rinsers & Rollers Drum & Bass (1996-1997) 27-04-24 Length Mix: 02:04:12 Tracks: 44 (fourty-four) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Craig Scott - Soundcloud Channel

  • Trance Vocal Tuesdays - Classics #1 (2024)

    You all know I am a sucker for Trance music, and when it's done right, the vocals add so much to a song. They can uplift a song to another level. Not always, don't get me wrong: some instrumental versions can sound better than the ones with vocals, but most of the vocals are just glorious. I don't find that many mixes on Soundcloud, which are focussed on vocal Trance anthems, but within 2 hours of finding the first one, I found another one. 2 in such a short timespan, that must mean something, right? And another thing to mention, it's not Tuesday today, it's Thursday. So does that mean we aren't allowed to listen to this mix, made by Trance Mam? Nah, don't you worry: you can listen to this whenever, wherever. And I would suggest listening to this today, as it's got some big anthems in here, and you might be in the mood for something this awesome. After checking the DJs Soundcloud channel, there was a short section about her history, and she only started DJing a few weeks ago! And it's someone who loves Trance. So yeah, that's all there is, but what a way to start your DJ career with: a set with vocal Trance anthems. The set might only be 51 minutes long, but it does pack a punch. The tracklist is a short one, so should be easy to type. Here we go: Delerium - Innocente (Tiesto Remix) Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge feat Meighan Nealon - Faces Armin van Buuren - Shivers Tilt - Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix) Ascension - Someone (The Space Brothers Dub) Tiesto feat Kirsty Kawkshaw - Just Be Delerium - After All (Svenson & Gielen Remix) Matt Darey feat Marcella Woods - Beautiful (Matt Darey Original Mix) This is a short tracklist, and thanks for the DJ for making it that short. Easy to type. But it does pack a certain punch. It takes me back to when I was younger and Trance was everything to me. And how I have devoured these songs. I have played them over and over, and they bring back so many memories. Glorious and happy memories. Thanks Trance Mam. She has picked 8 amazing songs. To start with 'Innocente' is a good choice, and it goes on after that. Hit after hit. But if I were to pick one out of all of them, that would be impossible. There are two equally as great as one another. 'Faces' and 'Shivers'. That second one is probably Armin's biggest hit (in my eyes). I really liked this mix, and I liked the following mix in this series. Again, you don't need to wait until it's Tuesday, just play it now. And let Trance Mam take you on a journey. It's going to be a pleasant one! DJ: Trance Mam Genre/Style: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive Trance Mix Info: Trance Vocal Tuesdays - Classics #1 Length Mix: 00:51:06 Tracks: 8 (eight) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Trance Mam - Soundcloud Channel

  • Brooksie - We Speak Techno - April 2024

    We speak Techno. Don't know what kind of language that might be, but I'll happily join the conversation. I do speak Techno. Hell, there's nothing else I talk about. Techno, Techno, Techno. Yep, that's all I talk about. Well, you know that's not strictly the truth, but we do have every so often Techno mix reviews, so it's not like we ignore it. And we have written a few reviews, which were focussed on Brooksie's mixes. So, in that sense, we do speak Techno. Do you speak Techno? Well, it has only been two mixes I've reviewed, so not that many. But at least we are fully aware who Brooksie is. I am not aware of Safehouse Radio or the show We Speak Techno, but now, due to this mix, I am aware. And I might give it a go, if they play the same kind of Techno that I like. He (Brooksie) was asked for make a mix for this show, which was broadcasted in April of this year, and you are listening to the outcome of that mix session. We started today with a UK Hardcore set, followed up by a House set, and now a Techno set. Life is so damn good at the moment, isn't it? So many glorious mixes being uploaded onto YouTube, Soundcloud and more. Instant gratification I call it. The only thing I'm not good at, is remembering names. Hence why I only review sets with a tracklist. But even when it does come with a tracklist, the names don't ring any bell. So let's dive straight in, shall we? The Degenerate - Up Tiddles & Rachel Rackitt - Battle Cry BONES 33 - Chocolate Sterling Moss - The Rebirth Tiddles & Sam DFL - Anti Carl Short - Turn It Up Tassid & Eski - PRESS 3 D.A.V.E The Drummer - Dig Into The Brain Krismix - Time Bomb (Chris Liberator & Sam DFL Remix) Dynamo City & Rats On Acid - Contagion Zero Dayz - Scared Business Benji303 & Lee S. - Fuck The Tories (Sterling Moss & Mark EG Fuck The 303 Remix) DICA - The Dancing Plague If I remember correctly, the previous two reviews also had short tracklists, so that's good. An easy one to type. And as said before, I don't know that many names. Some ring a bell, but that could be down to Brooksie playing them before, or I've seen them somewhere. The mix is interesting, and the flow is excellent. With that first song, the tone is truly set. And I fully feel the mix. I fully understand Acid Techno, as I speak the Techno beautifully. It's such a glorious mix, but that opening anthem, that's a big one. To some it might sound very repetitive, but to me it sounds heavenly. Never heard of The Degenerate before, but I do like this song a lot! Brooksie's set is a good one, and it's only an hour long. You can listen to this doing something else at the same time. You might have an hour at work, or when you are driving home, or even when you are cooking your dinner. Listen to this mix, at it's a big one. Unless you don't speak Techno. In that case, apologies for the inconvenience. But go away right now. Only those that speak Techno are allowed to listen to this mix. DJ: Brooksie Genre/Style: Acid Techno, Hard Techno, Techno Mix Info: Brooksie - We Speak Techno - April 2024 Length Mix: 01:01:08 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Brooksie - Soundcloud Channel

  • Mike Air Presents Summer House Classics - July 2021

    Only a month ago did I find a new mix by Mike Air, and I really liked it. I liked it so much, it must have had some effect on my wife, as she also enjoyed the mix a lot. Mike kindly informed me, after sharing the blog, that he did make one in the past, back in 2021, which had a similar kind of vibe. Normally I would not review a mix by the same artist that soon after the latest one, but I had to do it. The Summer is around the corner, and the wife wanted to hear something new and refreshing, hence why this mix got selected. And the tracklist looks amazing. That's the main reason why I'm talking about this mix. Mike Air picked so many recognisable anthems, and you'll know all of them. And they were all released around the Millennium: the oldest being from 1999 to the 'youngest', which was released in 2004. Still 20+ years ago, if you think about it. But age doesn't matter, as the songs still sound amazing, and fresh. I love it when I hear anthems from when I was younger. And the Millennium years are the best, if truth be told. Well, the 90s were great too. Oh, and so were the 80s. Damn. Well, at least the songs are great, and Mike has picked some big hitting dancefloor anthems for his mix. You will know what I mean by that, once you look a bit further down, at the tracklist. Because they were the biggest hits, and were everywhere. And I'm not exaggerating. They were everywhere. Let me show you the tracklist, so you'll know what I'm talking about: Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Original Mix) X-Press 2 feat David Byrne - Lazy (Original Mix) Cassius feat Steve Edwards - The Sound Of Violence (Narcotic Thrust Two Minute Warning Club Mix) Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Original Mix) Jakatta - American Dream (Different Gear Remix) Groove Armada - Superstylin' (Groove Armada Discotek Mix) Röyksopp - Poor Leno (Jakatta Mix) Layo & Bushwacka! - Love Story (Tim Deluxe Remix) The Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (Main Mix) Bob Sinclar - I Feel For You (Original Mix) Michael Gray feat Shena - The Weekend (Extended Vocal Mix) Deepswing - In The Music (Original Mix) Spankox - To The Club (Highpass Club Mix) Mark Knight - Non Stop Rock (Vocal Mix) Bob Marley vs Funkstar De Luxe - Sun Is Shining (Funkstar Club Mix) You know what I find annoying? You would never guess, but let me explain myself. A few of these songs are so annoying, it hurts. Once you hear them, they won't leave your head for not just a few minutes, but sometimes hours, or even days. They are extremely catchy songs, and thankfully I grew up listening to probably the most catchiest era ever. I can't even remember naming a present day song in the chart with the same catchy capacity as these songs. What happened to most of these artists? They were literally everywhere, and now they aren't. I remember buying so many compilations and these songs were on them. Some even had multiple hits and kept on being on the charts, but now they aren't. Why does time fly by too damn quickly? It's the catchy element which can be annoying, but I'm still a sucker and press play again, because I want to hear these songs again. A fantastic selection by Mike. It's as good as the previous mix I wrote about. And I love the fact that these songs are played as long as they could, no short edits, but full extended versions! Kudos for that1 'The Weekend' has got to be the catchiest of them all. Catchier in 2004, way before Pokémon Go became a thing. A solid mix, and as the temperatures are going up this week, a good one to listen to. Shorts, flip flops, and good music. Summer of 2024, you can commence. DJ: Mike Air Genre/Style: House, Club House, Beach House Mix Info: Mike Air Presents Summer House Classics - July 2021 Length Mix: 01:30:38 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2021 More Information: Iridium DJ - Soundcloud Channel

  • The Evolution Mix (May Bank Holiday Mix PT 1) (06.05.24)

    We are all back at work, after a very nice, long and relaxing weekend. Thank you, whoever decided to create a May Bank holiday. And we've got one coming up soon, in a few weeks. But today will be most people's first day back at work, and it is one of those days that will go on forever and ever. So we are in dire need of something that is energetic and will lift our spirits up. Obviously you immediately think of Scott Brown, or is that just me? I'm not the only one, come on! But don't you worry. I know you love a bit of Evolution Records and Scott Brown. You cannot deny the impact this man has had on the UK Hardcore scene, and his legacy is still alive and kicking (and so is Scott Brown). I've reviewed many over the years, and it's still a blessing to hear those songs again. He's made some fantastic anthems over the years, and there's a few you'll find in Alex Threat's mix. It's an hour and a half long, with a LOT of Scott Brown. I do mean a lot. But I don't mind. It's exactly what I needed to hear, WFH. Give me the tunes, keep them coming! It doesn't necessarily need to be Scott Brown anthems, but it wouldn't hurt us to hear more mixes like this one. Maybe we should introduce a daily hour of Scott Brown, that would make so many people instantly happier. What did Alex use for his mix? Well, these songs: Plus System - This Is How We Do It (Intro Mix) Scott Brown - Detonated (Plus System Remix) Scott Brown feat Cat Knight - All About You (Breeze & Styles Remix) Scott Brown - Hardcore Hustler (Hardcorevolution Mix) Q-Tex - Roll The Track Scott Brown & Gillian Tennant - Every Time I Close My Eyes Q-Tex - The First Parable Robert Francis & Scott Brown - Time To Runaway (Scott Brown Mix) Scott Brown - Synthetic Dreams Scott Brown & DMO - Fall Into Your Arms Interstate - Lift Scott Brown & DMO - Really Need You Scott Brown & DMO - I'm In Heaven Scott Brown & DMO - Call My Name Scott Brown - I Became Hardcore Brisk & Brown - Back & Forth Scott Brown - Neckbreaker (Essential Platinum Mix) Scott Brown - Flow Scott Brown - Definition Of A Badboy (Hardcorevolution Mix) Scott Brown - I Call The Shots This tracklist is a beautiful one. Yes, they are all Scott Brown records, but you can never have enough of Scott. It should definitely be a daily thing, hearing Scott Brown coming at you through your speakers. Would you agree or disagree? Again, I love hearing Scott anthems, and there's 20 of them. The hour will fly by, and you will feel enlightened. The mix is great, but it's got some tiny errors in it. Nothing too major, more cross fading issues. But nothing to worry about. It is always difficult to pick one favourite Evolution Records anthem, but today I'm feeling 'Time To Runaway'. Don't know why that one stood out for me today, but it did. A very pleasant mix, and I'm happy to have discovered it. As the title suggests, this is part 1. Hopefully part 2 will be released soon. Preferably tomorrow, as most of us still need a boost, a kick in the nuts. We need the energy, we need more SCOTT. And we need a time machine, to go back in time. I miss these anthems so much, hearing them at events. Time goes too damn fast. DJ: Alex Threat Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, UKHC Mix Info: The Evolution Mix (May Bank Holiday Mix PT 1) (06.05.24) Length Mix: 01:29:53 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Alex Threat - Soundcloud Channel

  • 00s UK/Happy Hardcore Vinyl Mix (Part 2) (2024)

    Last year I discovered this new artist on Soundcloud, and his name has appeared everywhere. And I'm not exaggerating. Januskopf is a name you see everywhere. And that's a good thing, as he's making an impact. But to me, the reason I discovered him, was due to his UK Hardcore mix he posted on Soundcloud. I really liked the first instalment of his mix, and he kindly informed me that there's a follow up to his mix. And it's so fresh: it was only uploaded yesterday. You all know I'm a sucker for UK Hardcore, so whenever something is posted, I jump straight on it. The mix contains records from the noughties, and I do love the noughties UK Hardcore. It's the best era, by far. The second instalment of his mix contains records you don't hear that often, which is always amazing! I wouldn't call them the forgotten anthems, as you do hear them, but I would prefer to call them underrated, as you don't hear them often. And they should be played more often, that's the truth. The sound from that era is so distinctive. You hear the anthems from the noughties, and immediately you feel the vibes coming at you. It was such a wicked time to be alive, and to hear those songs, it was amazing. And it's also cool to see a fellow Dutchman who loves it. There aren't that many Dutchies out there who appreciate UK Hardcore, so when I do find them, it makes me happier. But it all depends on the songs selected for this mix. Are they any good? Euphoria - Deal With The Thrill SPIT - The Beginning GEOS Crew feat Zara - Shine (Breeze Remix) Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. - Get It On Jamie Ritmen - Southern Sun Haze vs Team Rocket - Harder Faster DJ Ham - Oldskool DJ Sammy - Rise Again (Impact Remix) RSR Boys, DJ Fear & Lisa Abbott - Dusk Till Dawn (Dougal & Gammer Remix) Darwin - Floor Damage DJ Ham - Epic Riff Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. - Hardcore Never Dies DJ Ham & DMO - In Your Eyes SPIT - Show Me How Darwin, Obie & Mr. E - Hits You Like Thunder Oh Januskopf, this takes me back! This is the music I grew up listening to, and I still adore the sound coming out of the UK. Why did this never go worldwide, I do not have a clue. This should have been listened to by millions of humans, from all over the globe. The happy vibes are felt deep down inside, and hearing these glorious anthems always puts a smile on my face. As previously mentioned, you don't hear them that often, which is truly a pity. But thankfully I was reminded of this new mix, and now I'm not sad anymore. Especially when one of the most slept on anthems ever is in it: 'Floor Damage' by Darwin. He still is one of the finest producers out there, but back then, he surely made a mark on the scene. Maybe the young kid in the scene, but certainly one that you shouldn't underestimate. A wicked mix with so many memorable anthems. If a mix can make me feel younger again, you made a magical mix. And this second instalment is yet another successful one. Can't wait for the next one, if there is going to be another one. But if there are, please keep on releasing these mixes. Take me back in time, and do it NOW! DJ: Januskopf Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, UKHC Mix Info: 00s UK/Happy Hardcore Vinyl Mix (Part 2) Length Mix: 01:11:13 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 163 MB File Type: MP3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: Januskopf - Soundcloud Channel

  • Matt Green - Full Album Mixed (2023)

    You might have seen the name Matt Green before, and so have I, but never stood still who's behind the name, and where this individual comes from. The name is the only thing that rings a bell, but that's just it. Nothing else. But in a way I do like it, because it makes me go into this mix without any prejudice, without any knowledge whatsoever. Well, the only bit of knowledge I have, is that Matt Green makes Hardcore music, that's all. And after a quick look on Discogs, he's released a few songs and albums too. And that's all, folks. I don't even know how I found this full album mix, but I think someone reposted it on Soundcloud. Obviously, based on my comments, I do not own the album, nor have I ever even heard of it. But now I'm listening to it, and I can't stop listening to it. Why did I decide to listen to this album mix? Well, the cover looks interesting. A bit American, if I'm being honest? It looks like a poster for an old Wild West film. It looks snazzy, and it has got Hardcore music in it. Couldn't ask for more. But what kind of Hardcore? Well, the darkest Hardcore I've encountered this week. And it's a mixture of everything, which is always good. But the main gesture is that it's hard as nails. You must trust Matt Green, right? So what's on the actual album? Well, if you are interested, here's the tracklist: Matt Green - Beg Judgement Come Matt Green - Cashweazle Klapz Back Matt Green - Nite Want Matt Green - Goalkeeperz Fear Penaltyz Matt Green - Lorra Laffz Matt Green - Hey Listen (Oh Listen) Matt Green - Letraset Threatz Matt Green - Angzt Eatz Da Soulz Matt Green - Nevva No Matt Green - Fuckerz Luck Matt Green - Sugarfootz Shame Matt Green - Est8 Tax Matt Green - Sieben Setz Speed Matt Green - Full Album Mixed I have to say, and please remember, I am just a simple reviewer/blogger and most of my columns aren't even read, but bear with. This tracklist really hurts my head. I typed it, and tried to read it. This is so damn weird, and it makes sense but no sense either? It's like Matt just got a few words on Scrabble, and decided to make them into track titles, but with added bits, like a Z or making words funny. But seriously, the titles have fucked up my eyes. The track titles might be a bit weird, but so are the tracks. I do like the roughness of them, and when the first track starts, you know stuff is about to happen. But within the hour, it goes up and down. From the nice dark to the weird dark stuff. And again, the titles are just throwing me off. But all in all, it's still a wicked album, and the mix is dope. Quirky, yes. Not the type of Hardcore I would normally listen to, but every so often I would like to listen to something that stands out, and Matt's album does stand out, by a mile. The track that does it for me, starts around 15:55. Don't know the title, but it's hard. I played that in my car, and my speakers disagreed with me. This is hard, and I love it. You can feel the bass touching your sphincter. Your asshole trembles. An album you must check out. Hardcore as dark, edgy, and rough as you want it to be. And if that's your cup of tea, you will enjoy this. I have listened to it, and there are some memorable songs on here, and some are just OK. A nice mixture, and I'm glad to have discovered this album. Not the tracklist though. And as added bonus, not only have I added the full mix, but also the album. See below. Enjoy! UPDATE 04-05-24: My favourite anthem has now changed. It is 'Angzt Eatz Da Soulz'. What a monster anthem! Artist: Matt Green Genre/Style: Hardcore, Hard Techno, Breakbeat, Terror CD Info: Matt Green - Must Trust Length CD: +/+ 2 Hours Tracks: 13 (thirteen) + Full Album Mix Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 Product Number: MOUTHDATA104 Label: Motormouth Recordz More Information: Motormouth Recordz - Soundcloud Channel

  • The Best of Stock, Aitken & Waterman Vol 1 (2024)

    If you've been following this website, you know I love a bit of cheese. A bit of cheese never hurts anyone. And when I found this mix, focussed on the legendary producing trio Stock, Aitken and Waterman, it made me happy. Just by reading the title it took me back to the 80s. And I'm an 80s boy. Born in 1983, the year of our Lord, and I can conssider mysef to be an 80s baby, even though I was only 7 years old when 1990 hit. I did live most of my youth through the 90s, but the 80s, come on, you had to have been alive to experience the awesomeness. The cheesier, the merrier, right? The 80s were good for that. And the music was slightly more innocent, compared to the present day top charting songs. And during the 80s, this trio dominated the charts all over the world. A handful of their songs were put in this appreciation mix, made by. Ste Mc Gee, His Trance mix got a review in February, and now this one deserves its own review. This trio has got more than 100 UK top 40 hitd, and their recognisable sound resonated with audiences all over the world. They will mostly be known for making hits for Jason Donovan, Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, Mel & Kim, and the list goes on. They knew how to make a hit, and everyone loved their music. And Ste Mc Gee selected 13 of their records and mixed it together. This will certainly be a trip down memory lane for those old enough to have lived through the 80s! Sonia - You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (Extended Version) Kylie Minogue - What Do I Have To Do (Between The Sheets Mix) Scarlet Fantastic - No Memory (Dennis Christopher Remix) Sybil - The Love I Lost (Kenwork 2021 Club Mix) Kylie Minogue - Better The Devil You Know (Dave Ford Remix) Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Metro 12'' Remix) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Dario Caminita Remix) Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real (Extended Version) Rick Astley - Together Forever (Disconet Remix) Bananarama - Venus (Dazwell Quantized Intro Edit) Gina G - Ooh Ahh (Just A Little Bit) (Dazwell Quantized Intro Edit) Lonnie Gordon - Happening All Over Again (Paul Morrell Extended Mix) Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky (Extended Version) This is a very interesting and different mix, because you might have spotted some different versions of all time classics. Not your standard top 40 hit, but a different version. And some are OK, and some are absolutely bonkers anthems! It's a nice mixture of new and old, all coming together nicely. To me, the old stuff is great. And it takes me back. The top 40 of the 80s is always something that you look back to, with fond memories. The music might have been a bit cheesier, happier, but that's the world we were living in. Life was different, and if you try to explain it to the kids, they would not believe it. We had top 40 songs where there was no swearing, and it was all about happy stuff. Not a great fan of Kylie, or Rick, or DOA, or any of these artists, but whatever my opinion might be, they have made songs which will remain classics until the end of days. And they are songs you hear everywhere. They are our safe songs. No one will dislike a playlist if these are the songs on there. But 'Happening All Over Again' is a big anthem for me, the biggest out of all of them. Yes, it's a newer version of this song, but it rocks. A very nice mix, and can't wait for volume 2. I want to hear more of these appreciation mixes, especially by a trio who we all know, but don't hear much together in one mix. Thanks Ste Mc Gee for this mix, I feel like a young chap again! DJ: Ste Mc Gee Genre/Style: Pop, Eurobeat , Dance Pop Mix Info: The Best of Stock, Aitken & Waterman Vol 1 Length Mix: 01:01:54 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Ste Mc Gee - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ Delite HAS Mix February 2024

    I've got no excuse. That's a weird way to start a review, right? Well, it seems that Unit Nine in MK is the place to be for a lot of UK Hardcore parties, and now I've moved from North London to Bedford, I'm literally next door to it (well, not THAT close), and I've not been yet. And there's one just around the corner, in July. A bit event, organised by H.A.S., and with a sick line-up: Sharkey B2B Kevin Energy, Sy B2B Nicky Blackmarket, Dougal B2B Scott Brown, and many more. Oh yeah, and as it's a UK Hardcore event, it's got some MCs too, if you are interested. To promote the brand and the event, DJ Delite has made this awesome mix with a lot of forgotten anthems in it. And I do mean it. This was the era when people either loved the music, or genuinely hated it. I loved it. This new wave of UK Hardcore was exactly what I needed. But what was it called? Did we call it Dubcore, or something similar? What was it called? Anyone? I do like myself a bit of different music, songs you don't hear that often, but when they are played at events, they still cause a lot of damage. And I know for a fact that if these are played in MK, they will get everyone hyped up to the fucking max. If I'd be there, this walrus would demolish the dancefloor. The tracklist looks very interesting, and according to DJ Delite, he tried to stay away from the usual mixes, which is good. This is a different mix, and I love it! Nero & Skrillex - Promises (Gammer Edit) Darren Styles - Bonfire Dougal & Gammer - Monster Gammer & Whizzkid- We Are The Vampires (Modulate Remix) Joey Riot vs CJ - Time 2 Burn Re-Con & Klubfiller - Good For Me (KF 2013 Re-work Remix) Styles, Breeze & Re-Con - Love Sick Crazy (Fracus & Darwin Remix) Squad-E - Stay Fracus, Gavin G feat Lisa A - Open Your Eyes To Love (Darwin Remix) Scott Brown - All About Elysium (Al Storm Remix) Scott Brown - Rock You Softly (UFO & Supreme Remix) Styles & Breeze - Slide Away (Eufeion Remix) Delite - See The Futureset (Bootleg) Anon - Use Somebody Anon - Warm Sauced Gammer & Dougal feat Hannah Faulkner - Knight In Shining Armour Gareth Emery feat Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (Darren Styles & Chris Unknown Remix) Hixxy, Dougal & Gammer - Phaze 2 Phaze Anon - Anthem Darren Styles - Sober This is a very interesting tracklist, wouldn't you agree? DJ Delite indeed played a lot of songs you would not hear that often. And there's even a handful of songs in here I've not encountered before. The mix is an hour long, but you get 20 tracks. And if you are into UK Hardcore, you'll love it. So many obscure records. Well, until 'Knight In Shining Armour' and 'Concrete Angel' hits. Those were undeniably the biggest songs in the scene back in the day, right? I have to say that the first two Anon songs weren't my favourite ones. They, in my opinion, are a bit crap. But when the third Anon song starts, that's when I get extremely happy and excited, as I've not heard it in years, and it still rocks. That one and 'Sober', completely forgotten about, but oh so tasty. Amazing to hear them again after a long time. A very pleasant mix, and maybe it can persuade me to go to MK and start raving again. Who knows? What I do know is that time flies too damn fucking fast, and these songs are considered classics, when it only feels like yesterday they were released... DJ: Delite Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Dubcore, Powerstomp Mix Info: DJ Delite HAS Mix February 2024 Length Mix: 01:02:44 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 143 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: Delite - Soundcloud Channel

  • Steve Dekay Showcase Mix (2024)

    Back in 2017, I purchased an album by a legendary DJ and producer, Sied van Riel. His album was called 'Rielism Volume Four', and his album was such a welcomed addition to the already amazing compilations by Sied. A lot of the tracks stood out, but ''Nyctophilia'' by Steve Dekay was one of the most surprising songs on the album. Never encountered the name Steve Dekay before, I surely started listening to more of his stuff, and over the years I've been reviewing a few things he's been involved with. A name you should be following too. Unless you dislike Trance. I don't know much about Steve Dekay, but what I do know, is that every so often his songs crop up out of nowhere, and I'm amazed every time I hear them. He keeps me interested, and there are many fans of his music, including the one who made this showcase mix: Ian Jonno. His mix is roughly an hour and a half long, and you get a few of Steve's biggest hits. Unfortunately not the one which I adore the most, which is ''Nyctophilia''. But at least I've got Rielism Volume Four, eh? What can we expect from this mix? To be in Trance Heaven, that's for sure. And a lot of extended versions of wicked anthems. No radio edits here. Who needs them anyway? Throw them in the bin. If the radio won't play these songs fully, then don't play them at all. Don't be silly, and shorten wicked tracks. Only full extended tracks here. And they are all Steve Dekay tracks, so you will be very pleased after the hour and 24 minutes. I know I was, the first time I heard this mxi. Steve Dekay - Dimorphis (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Mistica (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - PLAYED-A-Live (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Crystal Eyes (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Colossal (Extended Mix) Mark Sherry & Steve Dekay - Smiler (Extended Mix ) Steve Dekay - Twilight Rave (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Dancing In The Masquerade (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Oblivion (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay & H.M.B.L. - Starship (Original Mix) Steve Dekay & Ronniee - Signs (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay & Proyal - Soundscape (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Black Magic (Extended Mix) Ralphie B - Massive (Steve Dekay Extended Remix) Steve Dekay & Jan Miller - Melodrama (Abstract Vision Extended Remix) Steve Dekay & Hit The Bass - Purification (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Focus (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Beliefs (Extended Mix) Steve Dekay - Acid Rain (Extended Mix) Oh, this is a very pleasant mix to listen to, with a lot of excellent records. The tracklist mix not be 100% correct, but if I made a mistake, please let me know. But all in all, this is a fantastic mix with so many great anthems in here. I was going to complain more about the missing epic anthems, until I heard Steve Dekay's remix of 'Massive'. Yep, that gets my vote. The original was dope, this is even better than the original. Don't know how that is even physically possible. It's a very solid mix, and Ian Jonno has done the artist justice by selecting these 19 records. The mix is very good, and you can get a glimpse of what Steve Dekay has to offer. And what he does offer, is wicked Trance anthems. You cannot complain at all, unless you really dislike Trance. But otherwise you surely must love this mix and what Steve's music does to you. Go and check it out! An hour and 24 minutes of Steve Dekay, can't go wrong there! DJ: Ian Jonno Genre/Style: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance Mix Info: Steve Dekay Showcase Mix Length Mix: 01:24:53 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Ian Jonno - Soundcloud Channel

  • More Rave Muzik!! (2024)

    It is Saturday, and many of us have chores to do. You need something hard and rough, yet energetic enough to give you that push. Have I got something nice for you all to listen to, if you love Rave music? Or as they call it, Rave Muzik. How diverse, how inventive. How cool. But all jokes aside, it is pretty cool that Rave, the kind of music I grew up with, is still kept alive. And Rave Muzik is one of those labels you need to look out for, as they released fucking epic stuff. I was under the impression that I had already reviewed a Rave Muzik mix before, but I cannot seem to find it. Apologies for the delay then, but I genuinely thought I had already written something about the label and it's music. At least I'm not too late, eh? Well, thanks to DJ Skyline's latest mix, which contains records from Rave Muzik's latest compilation, whcih is called 'Crusade Of Rave, Vol.3'. As far as I understood it, the label just focusses on Rave music, and has no boundaries. As long as it sounds like it 'could' have been made in the 90s, they will look at it and maybe release it. And you all know how much this reviewer LOVES the 90s, especially when it comes to my childhood music. So, instead of me talking about things that are irrelevant, let us dive straight into the tracklist: Doctor D - Revelation Stormtrooper & Zion - So Happy Andy James - Take Me Back DJ Elmo - We're The Generation Mike Smash - Unsettled Emotions (Rave Mix) Project XTC - Take Off T-Go - Dream Team Is Here Project XTC - X-Plosion Denny Lee - Rock Da Beat DJ Jacko - All I want DJ Elmo - Don't Go Andy James - Those Days Project XTC - Bass Feelings DJ Elmo - The Beginning DJ Neon & Ecibel - Goes Purge You might be looking at this tracklist and not have a clue who these artists are. Not to worry, it's all about the music. And if you are ready to be transported back to the 90s, Skyline has got you covered. It seems to be happening lately more than ever before: the 90s are being kept alive. Or being talked about, revitalised, and now it's better than ever before! And hearing this mix for the first time, I knew that it contained some big hits, that could have been released in the 90s, but weren't made back then. Hell, I don't even know if the artists were around during the 90s. I did find this mix highly enjoyable, especially when 'Take Me Back' by Andy James got played, and 'Take Off' by Project XTC. Boy, are these two songs the most nostalgic ones in this mix! I felt like I was a teenager again. They rocked, they certainly rocked. If a song can make me feel young again, it gets all the points imaginable! Dope two songs. All in all a wicked mix by Skyline, and wicked songs released on a wicked label, Rave Muzik. I will be looking out for more, but if they keep doing what they do best, it will be a pleasant future for us all. Keep the 90s alive, forever and ever! DJ: Skyline Genre/Style: Rave, Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore , Happy Rave Mix Info: More Rave Muzik!! Length Mix: 00:57:42 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Rave Muzik - Crusaders Of Rave, Vol. 3 - Bandcamp

  • 1994 - 1995 Old Skool Jungle Mix (Mickey Beam) (2024)

    I always like to go back in time. When it comes to music, the older the better it is. Well, technically speaking that's not true, as I'm not a fan of cavemen (and women) music. But when I say old, I mean the 80s and 90s. Especially Dance music genres, like Jungle. Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, and the list goes on. I love to hear those glorious anthems again, and sometimes you do find specific channels on Soundcloud you just follow in an instance. Mickey Beam's channel is one of those that you just jump on immediately after hearing one of his mixes. And whenever new stuff is released, you are on it! As it's lit. Whenever I see a new mix, I jump straight on it. And this one is slightly different, as it's a mix dedicated to 1994 and 1995, but it's a short one, but it certainly packs a punch. Powerful 40 minutes of Jungle anthems 30 years old (roughly). You wouldn't believe it, because they. are still extremely fresh sounding, and they still do a lot of damage in clubs and at events. Everyone loves the 90s music, including yours truly. It's yet another amazing mix with some sick anthems. The first review of today had a lot of anthems I've not heard before, but with this one, all the songs are known. And loved too. And they should be played more often. But truth be told: these anthems were made 30 years ago, but they still resonate with crowds all over the world. A lost generation's voice is still kept alive, and for that I thank those that keep it alive. We need more mixes like this one. But which ones are in this mix? Curious yet? The X - New Dawn (1St Files Remix) MA2 - Hearing Is Believing DRS feat Kenny Ken - Everyman (DJ Monk Remix) Remarc - R.I.P. (Original Mix) Krome & Time - The License (Krome & Time Remix) Krome & Time - Ganja Man Dubplate Special (Original Mix) Splash - Babylon DJ Exodus & Head Exposure - Rude Boy Dem Harmony & Extreme - Wicked & Bad L Double & Liccle D feat MC Det - Dub Plate Special Stakka & K Tee - Rugged & Raw Asend - The Dreamer Cool Hand Flex - Mercy Mercy Dopestyle - You Must Think First DJ Hype - Computerised Cops Roni Size & Krust - Formulate Dextrous & H-Pee - Hot Flame The Undercover Agent & Kriminal - World Mash Up (Original Mix) Shut & Up Dance - Bastarrds There is something mesmerising with mixes like this one. I do love them, and cannot stop listening to them. And the more I listen to them, the more I get hooked. Hence why I always go back to Mickey's Soundcloud channel, to see if he's uploaded new mixes. The more, the merrier. Even when they are only 39 minutes long. It's not the length that matters, it's the power of each anthem united into one mix that makes it worth while. The harmony of each song in this mix is tremendous, and it blends well together. The mix is only a short one, but it's powerful enough for you to keep on listening to it over and over again. There are so many awesome anthems in here, but for once I'm not going to talk about a song. I want to talk about the transition between 'Ganja Man Dubplate Special' and 'Babylon'. That is one sexy transitioning bit. It is seriously insane, and once 'Babylon' hits, that's when all changes, but the transition is just super dope. Another wicked mix by Mickey Beam. I suspect we will see and hear more in the future. Stay locked, and make sure you follow Mickey!! DJ: Mickey Beam Genre/Style: Jungle, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Ragga, Rave Mix Info: 1994 - 1995 Old Skool Jungle Mix (Mickey Beam) Length Mix: 00:39:29 Tracks: 19 (nineteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 90,3 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: Mickey Beam - Soundcloud Channel

  • Essential Deep Session #11 (2024)

    The week is split in half. And I'm working from home. That means: speaker volume on max, and something nice to listen to. I could have played the usual: harder style mixes. But I woke up today, wanting something more 'mellow' and chilled. The obvious choice would be to listen to Jazz, but I'm not feeling that mellow just yet. Maybe something similar, as in being extremely chill, but a bit more groovy, a bit more House-y? There we go, found the answer. Deep House. And that's what I've been listening to from the second I woke up this morning. Looking back at that decision, to listen to a Deep House mix, was a good decision. I am now here, sitting behind my laptop, extremely chilled. Nothing in the world that can harm me. I feel utter bliss. And that's the power of Deep House. It takes you to a happy place you never want to leave. And my happy place is a cocktail bar in Greece, where they would play this music. I close my eyes and I'm sitting there, enjoying the nice Summer breeze, with a nice cocktail in one hand, and in the other, a few crisps. Life could not be any better. I don't follow the scene that much, so I'm not familiar with all the artists involved. So apologies in advance for not knowing any of the songs in this mix, or the DJ who made this mix. I found it because someone reposted it. The mix, as you can see from the image above, was made by NiDeX, and it's the eleventh instalment. Not heard or seen the previous ones, I go straight into this eleventh edition, with an open mind, and a very rested mind. The set is an hour long, but what can you expect? Dot Tap - Lets Get Higher (Original Mix) Aquadeep & Veesoul - Tell Me What You Want (Original Mix) Hurlee - Silence Klaus Veen - Native Sounds Mark Hawkins - The Phoenix Part 1 CEV's - Living In A Dream (Zetbee Remix) Tenobi - What You Need (Richard Earnshaw Revision) Ruff Stuff - Still Warm Din Jay - Good Inside Retromigration - Don't Get Burned A very short tracklist, and all the names are unknown to me. And when I say all of them, I do mean it. Not a single name rings a bell in my head. It's nice to hear new stuff, and in a way a blessing, as it keeps me focussed, and interested in music that's out there, that I haven't discovered yet. And there's a shit ton out there for me to discover. But until then, let's focus on this mix. NiDeX made this mix, and it's a good, solid mix. An hour long, and the finest, grooviest anthems you could find. This will surely put a smile on your face, and makes you want to go to your happy place. I feel so relaxed, I could just go back to sleep. I'm not going to, but I could. Carefully mixed together, you get a wonderful hour long mix. And I can only give appreciation to the man who made this mix. A solid hour, which has been on repeat since 6am. I loved this mix from the first time I listened to it in its entirety, and even now, after the fifth play, I'm still finding this mix awesome. Worth a listen. And it's got a very soulful song in here I like. 'What You Need'. What I need, is that song on repeat! I'll definitely check out the other 10 editions. If they are as good as this one, I will be a very happy bunny! DJ: NiDeX Genre/Style: Deep House, Vocal House, Soulful House Mix Info: Essential Deep Session #11 Length Mix: 00:59:33 Tracks: 10 (ten) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: NiDeX - Soundcloud Channel

  • Jez Toon - Classic Trance Favourites 4 (2024)

    The weekend has landed. And for those that go out tonight, have a brilliant night out. Go out, and stay safe. For those that aren't going out, let's stay indoors, and listen to some awesome music. I've been listening to a lot of music this week, and one of those mixes was made by Jez Toon. His mix is the fourth instalment in this series, and the focus is on Trance classics. You might know him from his Jez Toon alias or his Syntax Error alias. But no matter which alias you know, it's all about the music, and the music you are about to listen to, is awesome. Trance music. Can't go wrong with that, right? I've not heard the previous three mixes, but I'm sure that I'll go to his Soundcloud channel later during the upcoming week and check them out. Maybe they are solid mixes too with a diverse tracklist, or even better? Or worst. No one knows until they actually sit down and listen to them all. But hearing Trance classics isn't something that I don't do that often. I do it regularly, so why does this mix stand out? Well, as a Trance lover, I was surprised to find a few unknown records in this mix. And that's always an added bonus. Hearing tracks for the first time, even though they've been around for donkey's years. Never too late to appreciate, right? So which anthems did Jez Toon select? Any that you might find interesting? Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love (Rob Searle Mix) Blue Horizon - The Journey Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Marc Et Claude Remix) Armin van Buuren presents Alibi - Eternity Svenson & Gielen - The Beauty Of Silence Rhythm Of Life - You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch (Lange Remix) Agenda - Heaven (Lange Remix) Airscape - L'esperanza (Svenson Mix) Ayu - M (Above & Beyond Vocal Mix) Evoke - Arms Of Loren (Ferry Corsten Remix) Fridge - Paradise (Nu-Gray Remix) Human Evolution - Human Evolution Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine (Original Mix) Brothers Space - Driving Faces Green Court - Follow Me (DJ JamX & DeLeon presents Dumonde Remix) Parker & Clind - Generator (Power Club Mix) Nice. This is a very nice mix. If you were looking for some awesome Trance classics, I think you don't need to look further. If you do, why not check out the other three mixes he has done. But, before we go any further, I have to admit something. And I might be the only one. I genuinely dislike the first record. The original is piss wet, and this remix doesn't make it any better. I find the original boring, and not a good song. So this song is my 'hell no' song of this mix. Sorry Jez Toon. But which one rocks the most? Well, that's a no brainer: 'Paradise'. That is just an all time classic, slightly underrated. But what a powerful anthem it is! I move most of my limbs when this song is on. A very good mix, with a 'meh' song to start with. Sorry, but I have to deduct some points for that. But besides that, it's a highly entertaining mix. Worth your time, and when you do love the first song, it's a solid mix for you. For me, it's worth DJ: Jez Toon Genre/Style: Trance Mix Info: Jez Toon - Classic Trance Favourites 4 Length Mix: 01:30:46 Tracks: 16 (sixteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 207 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: Jez Toon - Soundcloud Channel

  • 1994 Vol. 2 (2024)

    Let's go back in time, to the year 1994. I was only 11, so too young to go clubbing/raving. But I was listening ferociously to dance music, and I was all into Hardcore. Not too much into UK Hardcore, also known as Breakbeat Hardcore, that would come later. But it was mainly Dutch Hardcore, and sometimes Happy Hardcore. I've got a lot to learn, still to this day, but thankfully there's plenty of mixes on Soundcloud for me to listen to. And today I'm listening to DareErickson's mix, which has got some amazing records from 1994. What a wonderful year it must have been, being in UK clubs and 'illegal' raves, experiencing this. The music was dope. And I'm constantly reminded of the fact that I was too young to understand the music, and go out to enjoy myself. I had to sit at home and watch cartoons on TV. What a life to lead, eh? Looking back, I would have liked to be a bit older and go out, but things didn't turn out that way, nor have we got the capabilities to go back in time and change things. At least we've got the music, right? The mix you are going to listen to, has got some big hitting anthems. Most of them are known, like 80%, but there are still a few in here I've not heard before, but I'm happy to have finally discovered them, as they are true anthems. They make me want to dig out the glowsticks and whistles, and go out. Guessing the glowsticks have stopped working, and the whistle is probably been thrown away. Ah hell, at least we've got Amazon. I feel an order might happen soon. Until then, let's focus on the mix and the year of 1994. Let's go back in time, reminisce. The Timespan - Stop The Music Mercurial - Feel The Energy Edit V - Burning Love Higher Level - Higher Spirits Trotski & Mercy - Forgotten Souls DJ Force & The Evolution - Perfect Dreams (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Take Me Away (Slipmatt Remix) Sy & Unknown - Let The Bass Kick DJ Dougal & Ravemaster Vibes - Feel Free Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days (DJ Brisk Remix) Remarc & Lewi Cifer - Da Vibes (Remix) DJ Seduction - Sample-Mania SMD - SMD #4 (A) Dougal & Mickey Skeedale - Sky High Just Another Artist - Rhythm Wow. An amazing mix that will make you happy. Maybe, if you were already happy, you might even more happier. But that's the power behind these anthems. DareErickson has selected a shit ton of amazing records, and from the start it is a wicked showcase of excellent music, released in 1994. It was a good year, as these songs were doing some pretty damage on the dancefloors. And now, 30 years later, they are still doing enough damage. But this time it's only my eardrums which are suffering, but clearly I do not care, as you cannot listen to this music when the volume is low. It needs to be HIGH as Hell. I do love the 90s Happy Hardcore sound that came from the UK. You had some wicked anthems, and one of them made its way onto this mix. 'Da Vibes'. This is just my kind of Happy Hardcore, and it's a glorious anthem. A wicked selection by DE. Can only provide love and appreciation for the mix, and for the year 1994. What a wicked year it was for music in general, but for the UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore scene, it was tremendous. And it would only get better and better! DJ: DareErickson Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Rave Mix Info: 1994 Vol. 2 Length Mix: 00:56:38 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 129 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: DareErickson - Soundcloud Channel

  • Benny Rodrigues Live @ Sensation, Amsterdam Arena 01-07-2006

    Sensation 2006. One that I did not attend. Which is unfortunate, but the tickets were sold out too damn quick. The reason for that? Well, there was one specific DJ on the list, which got everyones attention: Tiësto. Yes, it was during the golden years for this DJ, that every event he attended, was sold out before you knew it. But it was a killer line-up, if I'm being honest: Benny Rodrigues, David Guetta, Erick E, Ferry Corsten, ROOG, Sander Kleinenberg, Steve Angello, and MC Gee. As standard, the dresscode was white, and it was held in the Amsterdam Arena. I wish I was there, but at least I've been to a Sensation before. I just had to miss this one. I did however, listen to the whole event. It was during the internets glory years. When you would 'secretly' listen to livesets or download songs from dodgy websites, just to get your fix. I'm not ashamed to admit it, that I have spent a lot of hours browsing the world wide web, to see what was available to me. And I remember Sensation 2006. Also Tiësto in Concert, but that wasn't on the internet, but live on Radio 3FM. I stayed up all night, recording the whole thing on cassettes. Could have spent my time differently, not knowing the set would be online one day, but those were the days. The set you are about to listen to, was once downloaded by yours truly, maybe a bit illegally? Sorry about that. But when I did discover this set, I was blown away by how awesome it still was, years after the set was aired online. And it took me many years to find it, but thankfully it has made its way to Soundcloud. I was extremely happy when I found this one. Yes, knowing now downloading is illegal, but you cannot imagine the world we all lived in. It was different, and a tad exciting. But what's more exciting is Benny Rodrigues' set. What a blinding set. With some 'comments' from the one sharing it with the internet. But those were the days. The tracklist is incomplete: if you do know the missing titles, please leave a comment below: ID - ID ID - ID Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Click Joe T Vannelli feat Rochelle Fleming - Get It On (Joe T Vannelli Dubby Remix) Plastikman - Spastik w/ Josh Wink - Don't Laugh Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse Steve Angello - Teasing Mr. Charlie Sebastian Leger - Take Your Pills w/ Masters At Work - Work Nick & Danny Chatelain - Is Killing Me Joris Voorn - MPX309 Solid Groove - This Is Sick D.H.S. - House Of God ID - ID ID - ID Speedy J - Pullover ID - ID Not sure if the whole tracklist is correct, but what I do know, is that the one song that I like the most, is untitled. Well, it's not named, so if you do know the last song in this mix, please share it with me, as I've been interested in it for 18 years. This is one of the coolest sets ever done by Benny Rodrigues. I thoroughly loved the sets he did during the Millennium years, and this set is proof why he was at Sensation. Not just because he's a DJ, but he's one EXCELLENT DJ and knows exactly what the crowd wants to hear. He might have ended the night, but he made sure that the people who were there, weren't in a hurry leaving. This is in my top 10 of all time sets. And I love the fact that when you think it is over, he throws in a few more songs, darker songs. Maybe to get people ready for the next event taking place the week after, Sensation Black? I do admire this set, and this one goes with me into my grave. Whenever I hear the first chords, I know that it's Benny's set, and I know I won't be disappointed. Such a tremendous set, and if you want to have a glimpse of what I listened to, 18 years ago, let this mix be your guide. Please, if you do know the missing titles, let me know. I've been trying to find the titles, but simply cannot find them. And Shazam is useless. Leave a comment below, much appreciated! DJ: Benny Rodrigues Genre/Style: House, Club, Trance, Techno Liveset Info: Recorded @ Sensation White 2006 Length Liveset: 01:01:52 Tracks: 16 (sixteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2006 More Information: Iridium DJ - Soundcloud Channel

  • Take #18 - It's Always Sunny In DeVida (2024)

    A few months ago, back in January 2024, Rígur Lárus uploaded a mix, which was kind of dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger. You could have predicted the follow up celebrity which would be on the stage. It is Danny DeVito. You might know him from so many films he played in, and there are simply too many to mention. He also played in the TV hit series ''It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'', which I thoroughly enjoyed when it was on. I didn't watch it until the last season though, because it became a bit meh toward the end. But still a highly successful and funny show. And Danny coming out of that sofa, butt naked, still haunts my dreams. I am not a huge fan of Danny. He's OK. But I would not go out to see him in a movie. Just to see a movie specifically for him is a bit much to ask for. He's (to me) an actor that you can see that he's acting. But again, everyone's entitled to have their own opinion. You might think he's the best, and that's cool. But is it really the main focus of this mix? Is it all about Danny, or is there more to this? Well, there's certainly more to this mix than meets the eye. You need to stick through, and wait until the intro is over, and that's when the magic happens. Rígur Lárus goes all out yet again, and has put together yet another long mix: 2 1/2 hours of Rígur Lárus. It will be very pleasurable, right? He always selects the records I've not encountered before, and it turns out to be always highly recommendable and enjoyable. So it's time for the very long tracklist, here it is: Joep Mencke & Ben Juno - Symphony Vicky Montefusco - Prosopopea (Auggie Remix) Pretty Pink feat Christian Burns - Lost & Found (Tim Engelhardt Remix) Lost Witness - Red Sun Rising (Michael Cassette Remix) Joris Voorn - Horizon (Original Mix) Eelke Kleijn - Regenerator (Extended Mix) Andhim - You're Not Alone (Extended) Tenvin - Thru (Original Mix) Olivier Giacomotto - Falling (Extended Mix) 8Kays, Juan Hansen - Falling Down (Colyn & Beswerda Remix) Cherry & Groove Shack - Black Moon (Extended Mix) Marsh - Warrior (Extended Mix) Highlite - Upon Reflection (Original Mix) Last Men Of Earth - Arrested On Vacation (Original Mix) Tal Fussman - Don't Want (Original Mix) Adana Twins & Upercent - Falling (Original Mix) If I? - Horizon (Original Mix) Solee - On The Other Side (Original Mix) Goom Gun - Sun Goes Down (Extended Mix) Sascha Braemer - Sernique (Original Mix) Marc DePulse - Slave (Original Mix) Tiga & Kölsch - Hand In Hand (Jonathan Kaspar Remix) Shiffer - Feary Tale (Original Mix) Reflekt feat Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved (Rose Ringed Remix) Paride Saraceni - Crystal Way Nihil Young & Andrea Martin feat Luke Coulson - Through The Shadows (Extended Mix) Cornelius SA - Cumulonimbus (Extended Mix) Patrick Ruprecht - Voices In My Head (Marc DePulse Remix) Peer Kusiv - Hope (Original Mix) Eynka - First Light (Original Mix) Jono Stephenson - Colours In The Sky (Mark Hoffen 2AM Deconstruction Mix) Oliver Moldan - Beauty In L.A. (Main Mix) Maceo Plex feat Ishi - Moon Sky (House Version) Tim Engelhardt & Solique - Alive (Original Mix) WhoMadeWho - Children (Mind Against & Dyzen Remix) It's yet another very melodic mix, with some hard hitting anthems. And yes, every so often Danny comes along and says something silly, but thankfully those moments are sporadic. It's all about the music, and it's yet another wicked one. He keeps on delivering awesome, but very weird mixes. I still find the concept different, but so am I (different), so it does suit me quite well. There are quite a few awesome records that stood out from the rest. One of them being 'Hand In Hand', 'Cumulonimbus', but the one that got me dancing the hardest, is 'Horizon'. Oh balls, I need to specify which one, as there are two songs with the same title'. I meant the Joris Voorn song. Brilliant song. I do love the very melodic vibe of this mix, and throughout it has been a blessing in disguise, hearing these very awesome songs come at you through your speakers. The DJ knows what to play to please the listeners, and he only plays the tracks that would fit in beautifully. The result might be a big of a long mix, but it's worth your time. Yet another successful mix. Can't wait for the next one, but I have to. Who is going to be the next actor he's going to pick? Maybe Ryan Reynolds? Maybe Brad Pitt? Maybe Chris Pratt? There are too many to choose from, but whatever individual is selected, I'll still be hyped enough for the next instalment. DJ: Rígur Lárus Genre/Style: Deep Trance, Melodic Techno, Trance, Techno Mix Info: Take #18 - It's Always Sunny In DeVida Length Mix: 02:30:27 Tracks: 35 (thirty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD HERE File Size: 344 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: Rígur Lárus - Soundcloud Channel

  • Mike Air Presents Spring House Classics - April 2024

    It is Friday, and the weekend is about to land! Yes, we've made it through another long and arduous week. But now we can relax, and unwind. We need something that can us going, and give us the right amount of energy. The mix you are about to listen to, has got just the right amount of energy. And before you get excited, a reminder that this mix is filled with House classics that are roughly 20 years old. But still loved by all that have got a good taste in music. I consider myself someone with a good taste, and thankfully the majority of people that I know will love this mix too. After a quick hiatus that was left behind after Hardcore went underground, I decided to go back to my roots, and this is when House music was really everywhere. The tracks you are about to listen to were big back in the Millennium years, and they are still highly recommended to this day. Oh how I love the Millennium dance music. This is really timeless music. They still go down well in clubs all over the world. And you know the songs are good when even your parents like them. Mike Air, the man behind this mix, kindly reminded me of its existence. So I jumped right on it, and I wasn't ready for it. Seriously, this man awesome records in one mix. It brings back so many memories. At first I thought I was listening to a mix CD released by ID&T, as they had these songs on them, but oh no, I was wrong. This is a freshly made mix for all that are ready for the Spring/Summer of 2024. We need a bit of heat, to fully enjoy these songs. The Supermen Lovers feat Mani Hoffman - Starlight Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Original Mix) Cassius - 99 (Original Mix) Santos - Camels (Edit) Plaything - Into Space (Original Mix) The Ones - Flawless (Phunk Investigation Vocal Mix) Till West & DJ Delicious - Same Man (Original) Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Extended Club Mix) Supercar - Tonite (Extended Mix) Modjo - Chillin' (Modjo's Dyrt Remix) Love Connection - The Bomb (Triple X Club Mix) Raven Maize & Dave Lee - The Real Life (Club Mix) Static Revenge - Happy People (Original 12'' Mix) Pete Heller - Big Love (The Dronez Mix) Milky - Just The Way You Are (Original Extended Mix) It feels like I'm back, in 2001. This makes me feel extremely young, and brings back so many memories. So many festivals, so many dancefloors visited. And the amount of compilations that had these songs on them. Hell, I even had a few on CD-single! The ones I had on single (I am THAT old) were Cassius, Santos, and Planet Funk. Those were the songs that dominated my youth, and even to this day I feel warm inside whenever I hear these songs. Mike Air's selection is really great, and I love the soulfulness of all the songs. Music was slightly more focussed on the Summer, and people were in a better world, a much happier world. Dancing until the Sun comes on the horizon, celebrating a new day happening. Oh, the golden years, I miss them. There are so many well known songs in here, and a few forgotten ones too. And if you have been following our site for a few years now, you know that my wife isn't a fan of most of the stuff I listen to. But this mix gets a thumbs up from her, and that's saying something. We both highly recommend this mix, and when 'Just The Way You Are' is played, that's when all happiness lands into our souls. Singing along throughout the mix, but that song is just the most catchiest of them all, right? Go and enjoy the weekend, and let this be the one that guides you through not just the weekend, but gets you one step closer to the Summer of 2024! DJ: Mike Air Genre/Style: House, Club, Club House, Beach House Mix Info: Mike Air Presents Spring House Classics - April 2024 Length Mix: 01:15:22 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Iridium DJ - Soundcloud Channel

  • The Core Of Madness EP175 - GPF Tribute Hardcore Mix (2024)

    GPF. I've been following them for many years, and have said many things about them, but there's now this decisive line between haters and lovers. You either hate or love them. You might think that what they do is pollute the airwaves with their nonsense music, or you think they are the dogs bollocks, and think that whatever they release, is amazing. Well, I'm a fan of their quirky stuff. They aren't your standard Hardcore/Uptempo Hardcore songs But if you hate them, you cannot say anything positive about them, as it's a joke. I get it, but lighten up: if people want to hear them, and those people have got a great time, so should we all. But I get it. It might give Hardcore a bad name. And I'm all for recognition. The scene deserves so much more, but every so often, you need to lighten up, be a bit happier, and embrace the quirkiness. GPF does bring that, and much more. Not a fan of them taking the mic and blabbering non stop, but it's an act, right? Wouldn't want a cucumber shoved in my throat either, but what I do want to hear, is the music out loud, fucking my eardrums up. Sapher's latest tribute mix is dedicated to GPF, if you haven't noticed it already. It's an hour of GPF. All and everything GPF. And there's a lot of it. Wasn't expecting 37 records to be thrown at me in an hour, but worst things have happened over the years. Including meeting one half of GPF and not the other half. Thankfully nothing sexual happened to me, but yeah. 5 years ago I went to see them. 5 years. My God. Time does fly by too damn quickly. Sometimes it makes me wonder how their minds work. How they release a song called 'Piepi Piepi Papa Papa' and get away with it. Or so many sexually tinted songs. Like, everything is sex to them. Hell, just think of their name: Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz! Can't get any filthier than that! Ready for an hour of greaze? Caine & Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Kendal Duck Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Puppet Fuckerz Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Harmony Of Fuck Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Greazy Fuckdrum GPF - Miracle GPF & Kutski - Stare Into My Eyes Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & D-Fence - Virgin Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz x Qriminal x MC Ludo - Greazy Anarchy! Steve Aoki & DJ Alligator feat Timmy Trumpet - The Whistle (GPF Remix) GPF - Suck My Toes (Pro Mix) GPF & S3RL - Cum Say Henlo Tieum x GPF - Flikker Op GPF - All I Ever Fucked GPF - CUMMY BEAR (Pro Mix) GPF & J1zzy - Cummin On Ur Face (Cummy Edit) (Pro Mix) GPF & D-Fence - No Money (Pro Mix) GPF - Barbie Girl GPF & J1zzy - Who's Your Daddy (Piep Daddy Pro Mix) GPF - Piepi Piepi Papa Papa Sjammienators & Ysiss - Boogie Woogie (Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Remix) GPF - Feeling Blue GPF - L'Amour Toufark GPF & J1zzy - King Of The Pieps (Pro Mix) Audiofreq & GPF - Rub Ur Dick Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Kicks Out For Harambe GPF & Dr Donk - Spit In My Mouth Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Omkara - Going In Dry Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Stripper Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Blaster - Puzzy Blazter MC Ludo - Maren Kessel Tunnel Rave (Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Remix) GPF - Crywank Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Caine & Mizz Behave - Greazed Up (Pro Mix) Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Mind Compressor - Spaghetti Love Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Caine - Fuck Buddy Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Toxic Inside - Fuck Breaks Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Fuck Me Daddy Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz x Sleazy - Piep Kicks (Pro Mix) This is an insane tribute mix to one of the weirdest acts to ever emerge onto the Hardcore scene. They are weird as fuck, but oh so enjoyable. I can say in all honesty that I've never encountered an act that made me laugh out so loud before. Hell, I even introduced them to my family, who think that I should be institutionalised. I am clinically insane listening to this, but it makes me happier than ever before. So, please let me. Thank you. Sapher's mix contains a shit ton of weird anthems, and every so often, when GPF want it, they can actually make decent anthems. They've got the capabilities, but they just couldn't care less. And that's the only thing that I dislike about GPF: their songs are too damn short. I know it's a trend that many do follow, but come on: songs can be extended, not just radio edits or short edits. And when the climax section hits, it's only for 10 seconds! We need to hear some of these songs longer. The longer, the better (unless you dislike them). The song that currently does a lot of damage to my eardrums is 'Piepi Piepi Papa Papa'. The synth section that resembles the 80s, oh so gorgeous. And then when GPF does their thing, it just blows my ears and butt cheeks apart! I do love the admiration to make this work, and Sapher's mix is good, but not flawless. I think that it would have been slightly better without the few mixing errors, but at least the message is clear: it's a GPF tribute mix, time to go nuts. And hell, at least it's not a pre recorded mix (*ahum GPF*)... All jokes aside, let's get greazy, and enjoy this mix. Don't take things too seriously, and I won't do that either. Have a laugh, a giggle, and still stomp your feet as fast as ever before. But not to 'Blue'. Another rip off song by David Guetta. What a horrible producer, and what a horrible song. GPFs song is slightly better, but still meh. DJ: Sapher Genre/Style: Uptempo Hardcore, Puzzycore Mix Info: The Core Of Madness EP175 - GPF Tribute Hardcore Mix Length Mix: 01:00:50 Tracks: 37 (thirty-seven) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Sapher - Soundcloud Channel

  • Daz Ellis aka Undercover Agent tribute mix (Juice, Splash, Suburban Base) (2024)

    Sometimes you find mixes, and by just reading the title, it intrigues you. This was one of those mixes. A tribute mix by Soul On 10, for the late Daz Ellis, a.k.a. Undercover Agent. In my honest opinion, the name didn't ring a bell at first, but once I started listening to this mix, I found out that the majority of records have been heard by yours truly over the years, but the name just not acknowledge the name for some bizarre reason. But the music, that remains in my head, and once I heard this tribute mix, I recognised so many tunes. I had to listen to this mix in its entirety and let you know what I think of it. According to Discogs, this artist passed away this year in March. Normally when I see tribute mixes, they are for artists who are still among us. RIP. It is always dreadful to hear someone passed away. But Daz Ellis certainly left a legacy behind. A very rich back catalogue of amazing records, the oldest in this mix being 30 years old, and the most recent one only 2 years old. The mix is a nice tribute, truth be told. I might not have recognised the name, but the music does resonate within me. And as mentioned before, I've heard these songs before, some even in my most favourite Drum & Bass/Jungle mixes. I feel dreadful for not knowing the name, the man behind the name. The music is as good as you want it to be. If Drum & Bass isn't your cup of tea, this might not be for you. But maybe give this a go. Trust me, this could be the one mix that persuades you to listen to more DnB/Jungle. The tracks are solid. Undercover Agent - Barracuda Splash - Babylon Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh! M.T.S. - Inspiration M.T.S. - Assembly Line Stakka K & K.Tee - Rugged & Raw (Splash Remix) Daz - Identity (Daz VIP) M.T.S. - Revolution Undercover Agent & The Kriminal - World Mash Up Undercover Agent & The Kriminal - Jah Works Undercover Agent - Dub Plate Danny Breaks - Step Off (Splash Remix) Undercover Agent - Bass Kick Mix 2 (96 Unreleased Version) M.T.S. - Brothers & Sisters Undercover Agent - Rougher Pt. 3 M.T.S. - Baad Boy Sound (95 VIP) Daz - Liquidizer (Dubplate 1995) Undercover Agent - Hypnosis (Remix) Undercover Agent - Dream (96 Dub) Undercover Agent - Aphex Scanna DJ Zinc - Feel (Undercover Agent Remix) Splash Collective - Rebels Undercover Agent - Five Tones (97 Daz VIP) This was a highly enjoyable mix, with songs that took me right back to the 90s. That distinctive sound, you cannot reproduce. So 90s. So dope as fuck. I could do an all-nighter with these songs. They are so awesome to listen to. I remember many years ago, listening to music by Daz and similar artists, and spending hours playing games, with this playing in the background. This is the perfect style to listen to, if you are planning on playing many hours on your console or PC. This tribute mix is a fitting tribute to the man behind these records. Again, the name might not have rung a bell, but the tunes were certainly the ones I listened to, growing up. The mix is 64 minutes long, and the flow is tremendously good. You feel relaxed, yet ready to go out, and party your ass off. I could not find a single thing wrong with this mix, it is only love from the first to the last second. But when 'Baad Boy (95 VIP)' hits, that's when you know it is about to happen. The madness occurs, and I'm happy to have heard that song. What a big tune. A fitting tribute. RIP Daz Ellis, and thanks for the music. This is timeless music, and your legacy will be heard for generations to come! DJ: Soul On 10 Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle Mix Info: Daz Ellis aka Undercover Agent tribute mix (Juice, Splash, Suburban Base) Length Mix: 01:03:58 Tracks: 23 (twenty-three) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Soul On 10 - Soundcloud Channel

  • Rhino - Early & Millennium Mix (2024)

    Every chance I get, I go online and go to my trusted source Soundcloud, and find awesome mixes I thoroughly enjoy. Most of the time they are diverse, and some are so diverse, that I literally try and think on how to capture my feelings in a review, but it never sees the light of day. And some are just too damn easy to write about. The one you are about the listen to, is a mix dedicated to early and Millennium Hardcore, so an easy pick for me, as I like those both equally as much. Sometimes I prefer the early stuff more, sometimes it's the latter. I grew up with Hardcore, so to hear a mix dedicated to the 90s and early 00s, that's just amazing. And as I had to do some chores today, I needed to hear this badly. What would normally be a 1 hour job turned out to be a 30 minute job. I was done quicker than expected, which was a bonus. Why? Well, this mix was energetic enough, and it made me plough through everything that needed to be done. And sometimes you just need something hard and rough to get you through the day. Rhino, the man behind this mix, made a 2 hour mix with some heavy hitters. I mean the big anthems, those that did a substantial amount of damage on many dancefloors. And the hits just keep on coming at you. 38 hits in a 2 hour long mix. Wouldn't want to listen to anything else right now. But are they really as good as I say they are? Is this mix one for you to check out? You be the judge! Promo - I Come Correct Scott Brown - Bass Be Louder Angerfist - Take U Back G-Town Madness & The Viper - Buck 'Em Down (Original Mix) The Viper - Bulletproof Noize Suppressor feat MC Syco - Party Motherfuckerz Tha Playah - Tha Bounce G-Town Madness & The Viper - Here It Comes Forze DJ Team - 909 Trauma DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse - Exlxaxl (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix) Tommyknocker - Demolition Angerfist - Brother's Keepers Tommyknocker - Crunk The Viper - Control The Refix Angerfist - Close To You Despairful Tomorrow - And Hell Followed (Crucifier Remix) Angerfist - Bite Yo Style Outblast - Pride & Pain Tha Playah - Dicks Pussys & Assholes Art Of Fighters vs Nico & Tetta - I Became Hardcore Hellsystem - Mad Pimp The Stunned Guys & Darrien Kelly - Get Zippy Evil Activities & DJ Panic - Quiet Dedication (Neophyte & Tha Playah Mix) Masters Of Ceremony - A Way To RFX Neophyte & Evil Activities - One Of Those Days Knightvision - Who Is It Party Animals - Used & Abused (Amnesia Mix) Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix) Angerfist - My Critic Fetish Neophyte - Make You Swing DJ Panic - Early Rave Addict Knightvision - The Search For Marijuana Noize Suppressor & Mad Dog - STFY Noize Suppressor - Fingerz 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Geleihoofd Rob Gee, Repete & MC Romeo - Riot In NY (Mental Lownoise Rmx 2) Tha Playah - My Misery I do love a tracklist that is filled with so many anthems, it makes me happy. Smile for miles. And I've got memories with most of these tracks, so that's an added bonus. DJ Rhino selected 38 amazing records, and it's the truth. So many awesome songs. Most of them are Millennium Hardcore anthems, not many 'early' songs, but it's still quite diverse. And it goes by before you know it. It's 2 hours, but you won't acknowledge time until it's too late. Some cracking anthems in here, especially one of Angerfist most underrated songs 'Brother's Keepers'. That's my favourite one. Maybe because you don't hear that one that often, which is a pity. A solid mix, but every so often the flow isn't as good as I wanted it to be. This could have been a wicked mix, without the small mixing errors. The overall outcome is good, but there might be moments where you loose interest due to the mistakes. Don't worry though, just keep on listening to the end. A very nice mix. Good listening pleasure by DJ Rhino. More of these please. DJ: Rhino Genre/Style: Millennium Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Hardcore Mix Info: Rhino - Early & Millennium Mix Length Mix: 01:58:12 Tracks: 38 (thirty-eight) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Rhino - Soundcloud Channel

  • DJ Nex the Altern8 Archer (in respect to DJ Nex) (2024)

    Friday has arrived, and we need to unwind. We had a long week, and for some it was even longer, as we were still in Easter mode. And it might not be a pleasant weekend ahead, but at least I've got something for you to listen to, if you like Breakbeat Hardcore. If not, you can go and read other reviews I've done. But this review will be focussed on DJ Nex, a.k.a. one half of Altern 8. Surely you must have heard of Altern 8, one of the biggest duos in the scene during the 90s. Mark Archer anyone? Sorry, I should have used his DJ name, DJ Nex. Anyone? Maybe you are too young to remember the 90s and Altern 8. You might not have been born. You missed out on so much. But don't you worry, the music and the legacy remains alive and kicking. And so does DJ Nex. He is still releasing new music on Kniteforce, and it has got this distinctive 90s sound we all love and appreciate. 90s music, made for the 20s generation. If you were there in the 90s, you will certainly love DJ Nex' latest releases. Both DJ Nex and Kniteforce have been in the scene since the early 90s, and they are still going strong. I do adore the label, as it gives us Breakbeat Hardcore anthems which are truly insane to listen to, and if you want to experience them, you need to hear them at a rave. Same applies to DJ Nex. You need to hear him play his latest tunes. They need to come at you through massive speakers, so you can feel the bass. Bass bins, anyone? All jokes aside, DJ Nex a.k.a. 1/2 of Altern 8 is still doing damage on the dancefloors all over the world, and his latest releases are a nod to the good old days, but made for the next generation of ravers. And I truly embrace the tracks. Do you? DJ Nex - At The Controls (Raas Kemp Remix) DJ Nex - 1-2-3 DJ Nex - Rock The Place DJ Nex - Fast As Fuck DJ Nex - Fluid DJ Nex - Rock The Place (Arcane Remix) DJ Nex - Nex's Theme DJ Nex - DJ Nex's Theme (Part 2) DJ Nex - Sweep DJ Nex - One For The Feelgood Crew DJ Nex - At The Controls DJ Nex - The Dub DJ Nex - Nex Theme (Swankout Remix) DJ Nex - When I Come, I Come Ruff DJ Nex - Respect Is Due This is a dope appreciation mix by Event_Horizon. I found this mix by accident, but I'm happy that someone shared it. It is always a blessing to hear new music, and when it's made by an oldskool legend like DJ Nex, it makes everything even better. I have to say that I wasn't expecting these anthems to land this hard. They have, as mentioned before, that distinctive 90s sound I truly admire. And it kind of blew me away. The songs are excellent, and it's been carefully mixed. The result is a 56 minute long mix with some crackers. Some really awesome sounding anthems by the legend himself. And which track blew my mind the most? Well, it's the first one. I thought L.F.O. with L.F.O. had the darkest bass, but this track, with a decent stereo system, sounds even better! My God, it goes full on bonkers, It's a dope ass track, and it made me loose my freaking mind the first time I heard it. A solid mix. Worth your time. Go and check it out, and enjoy it as much as I have. Let DJ Nex's songs take you through the weekend. You won't be disappointed. DJ Nex, more of these 90s sounding EPs please. More = better! Less = not so much. DJ: Event_Horizon Genre/Style: Breakbeat, Hardcore, Rave Mix Info: DJ Nex the Altern8 Archer (in respect to DJ Nex) Length Mix: 00:56:34 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Event_Horizon - Soundcloud Channel

  • Paradox - UK Hardcore Classics (2023)

    OK. OK. First review of today was all around oldskool Hardcore, the second one was focussed on Underground Resistance and their awesome back catalogue, but now, the third review, will be about a few UK Hardcore classics you might appreciate. I am going back in time today, and I'm loving the early vibes I am experiencing. Maybe it's because I don't want to get older, and I miss the 90s/early 00s vibes? Who knows? I do miss the good ol' sound, but by listening to Soundcloud a lot, I do get my daily fix of mixes I really wanted to hear. And this has been a favourite for a few weeks now, and I thought today would be a great day to share it with you all. Paradox. Not encountered the name before, but after finding the first instalment of this mix, I quickly gave the DJ a follow, and found 2 other mixes, dedicated to UK Hardcore classics. You could not make me happier at all. Finding three mixes all with UK Hardcore classics. That's a hard one to beat, as I'm one of the few Dutchies out there who appreciate UK Hardcore. I only discovered it around 2001/2002, but I'm so happy that I jumped in at the right time, because my life would have been miserable not knowing the tracks that dominated the dancefloors in the UK around that time. He selected 20 records for this first mix, and boy, are they solid as a rock? They are true UK Hardcore classics from a forgotten era. And it makes my hear beat faster, hearing these again. It's a trip down memory lane, and some have already posted positive feedback underneath this mix. So if you are bored, sitting indoors as the wind is too ferocious, why not have this play instead the dross you would normally listen to? Get out the glow sticks and the whistles, and have a party at home? We are allowed to WFH, why no PFH (party from home?) Injured Rezz feat Kristy - Ride Like The Wind Sion - Oh Oh Oh Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - All The Tears I've Cried Lisa Abbott - Blow Me Away (Hardcore Mix) Seduction & Al Storm - Ready To Rock Bubble & Squeak - Free S3RL - Keep On Raving Baby United In Dance - Rocking With The Best Dougal & Gammer - Don't Stop Go Adam Harris vs One Republic - Apologise Gammer feat Cat Knight - A New Feeling (Let It Shine) Brisk & Ham - Crazy Love 2008 Brisk & Ham - Angel Eyes (Re-Con Remix) Michael Mansion - I'm The One (DJ Himbo & Ben X-Treme Remix) Dougal & Gammer - Know The Score 2 Dougal & Gammer - Tell Me A Story (Sy & Unknown Remix) Gammer - This Is Mind Blowing D-Code - My Direction (Squad-E Remix) Darwin - Adagio Lee UHF vs Devastate - Push It Good There are some amazing classics in here. And a few forgotten anthems too. And one that I really never liked, but was played at nearly every event, as it's quite a catchy song to sing-a-long to. Paradox's mix is intoxicating, and it's a good throwback to the good old days. You cannot beat this sound coming out of the scene. It has evolved, granted, but sometimes I wish the sound would not evolve, and we would hear records being made the same way like in the noughties and we would never call these songs classics. I hate time moving forward: I want to go back in time. Please, has anyone got a time machine yet? Elon Musk, you've got money and you are an inventor, have you not invented such a thing yet? It's a good mix, but 'Apologise' is not my favourite record in this mix. Every rave I've been to, back in the day, had this one playing, and the crowd would sing as loud as they could. Never liked the original, never liked this version (sorry). Which record did make me smile from ear to ear? There's a few, but 'All The Tears I've Cried' has to be the number one. The vocals just take it to the next level, right? The mix is OK. Some tiny errors. It's not flawless, but it's nothing too major. The records selected are awesome (but not the one I'd already mentioned). A nice trip down memory lane. And I've already checked out the other two mixes by Paradox, so if this one mix isn't enough, go check out the others. DJ: Paradox Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: Paradox - UK Hardcore Classics Length Mix: 01:01:41 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Paradox - Soundcloud Channel

  • [Detroit Techno] Essential Guide To Underground Resistance (1992-1999) (2021)

    If you are old enough to have lived through the 90s, you will know the collective called Underground Resistance. If you don't, click on the name previously mentioned, and it will take you to their official Wikipedia page. You need to learn about them, and appreciate them for what they have done for not just Techno music, but for music in general. So influential, they were the YouTube influencers of their time (when there was no internet and no fakery). And since their creation back in the 90s, they are still going strong. How do I know all of this? Well, there's a reason why I listened to this mix. It was down to a YouTube documentary about the Berlin Techno scene. Now Berlin is a few miles outside of Detroit, granted. But it also highlighted the importance of Detroit and Underground Resistance. They weren't the first to create Techno, but they put Detroit Techno on the map, which first was only focussed in the city of Detroit, but soon got the attention of club goers all over the world. And DJs took that sound, and dragged it with them all over the globe. There's a whole history behind UR, and I would urge you to read their Wikipedia page. It is interesting, to say the least. But they have been influential since day one, and to this day has their music touched many club goers. I am one of them. I never knew the full catalogue, but some of their tracks have made their way into my life, and I'm glad for them being in my life, as they are awesome. And the man who made this mix must have thought the same. Johan N. Lecander's mix is roughly an hour and a half long, but it contains some of the dopest records money can buy. It is Techno in it's purest form. From the harder Acid sounding Techno to the more melodic House sounding Techno, all is in here. So, are you ready for some UR? Underground Resistance - Greater Than Yourself Underground Resistance - Cosmic Traveller Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Hi-Tech Jazz (The Elements) Scan 7 - Password Soul Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Astral Apache (Star Stories) UR - Untitled UR - The Mighty Asteroids Of Jupiter Underground Resistance - The Storm Andre Holland - Inversions DJ Rolando - Aztec Mystic Underground Resistance - Fuck The Majors UR - Acid Fog (The Mystery) Underground Resistance - The Lightning Underground Resistance - The Seawolf The Aztec Mystic A.K.A. DJ Rolando - Jaguar Underground Resistance - Kamikaze UR - Communications Silence UR - Logic Bomb UR - Ain't No Sunshine (The Sign) UR - Orbitals In Motion UR - Cyberwolf Mad Mike - Planet X UR - Turbulence (The Warning) UR - Particle Shower UR - Low Pressure Front (The Pulse) Just by looking at the tracklist on Johan N. Lecander's page, it shows me that the oldest song in this mix was released in 1992 and the 'youngest' released in 1999. It's everything you wanted this mix to be, and more. Johan's selection is great, and what we have to acknowledge is not only the importance of this mix, but also the importance of everything involved with UR, and the legacy it has left behind. And how many future DJs and producers they have influenced, is just insane. You cannot believe that a collective could have so much power, but they certainly had the power. And the songs have become all-time classics. Especially when you do investigate each and every track released. So fascinating. The documentary I watched made me want to hear more, so a quick search led me to this mix, and I'm happy I discovered it. So many awesome records, but 'The Seawolf' has to be the greatest, right? Jeff Mills, the legendary producer and DJ, made this record under the UR alias, and it has got so many positive comments on not the internet, but whenever you play it at any event, the crowds will loose their freaking minds! An all time classic. But everything that Jeff Mills makes is awesome. We can agree on that, right? A special mix, proper dedication and admiration to this legendary collective, still going strong. They paved the way for many producers, and gave us ravers/club goers, many anthems to listen to, and create memories that are linked to those anthems. Thanks UR, and thanks Johan for this awesome mix. I really enjoyed it. DJ: Johan N. Lecander Genre/Style: Techno, Acid Techno, Detroit Techno Mix Info: [Detroit Techno] Essential Guide To Underground Resistance (1992-1999) Length Mix: 01:37:52 Tracks: 25 (twenty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2021 More Information: Johan N. Lecander - Soundcloud Channel

  • 93 'Til Infinity - Old Skool Hardcore and Jungle Mix (2024)

    Sunday has landed upon us, and it's not a very pleasant day. It might be sunny, wherever it is you are, but it's windy as hell, so no BBQ today or sitting in the garden, as the stuff might be flying around in not just your garden, but your neighbours garden too. So let's stay indoors and enjoy some early 90s Old Skool Hardcore and Jungle. If that's your cup of tea though: if it isn't, there's plenty of other music to discover on this wonderful website. If you do like it, sit back, and get ready to press play. When I discovered this mix, I recognised the image the DJ used. I quickly had a look, and found out that I did do a review before, but that mix got taken down, so by the end of this review, I will remove it from my website. But as previously mentioned, I know nothing about the DJ, who goes by the name of Glide. So the focus should go to the actual mix he/she made. It's a mix that contains a plethora of excellent anthems from the early years, and it already received some positive feedback. From Drum & Bass to Jungle to Rave to Hardcore.. all is in here. And there were still enough unknown records for me to be amazed. I do like to discover songs that I've not seen or heard before, in 2024. And this mix has got a few gems. Sit back, and have a look at the tracklist, and let's decide if this is what you were hoping to hear: Tom & Jerry - We Can Be Free Babylon Timewarp - Durban Poison (Kashmir Mix) Stretch & Enjoy - Dance Nasty Habits - Here Comes The Drumz (Remix) FBD Project - Terminate Nasty Habits - Mayday, Mayday (Remix) FBD Project - The Core Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Drowning In Her Intense - Paradox D.O.P.E. - Dope On Plastic (DJ Easy B & T Bag Revisited Mix) Dead Man's Chest - Open Your Eyes From The Man Like Pennywise - Suspension Of Disbelief The Vice Squad - On The Edge Tom & Jerry - Physics Acid Beard Massive - Untitled The House Crew - Euphoria (Nino's Dream) Credit for Glide to make this mix. It's a very easy to listen to mix, and the tracks are hard as hell. And it's got some of the weirdest artist names. 'Acid Beard Massive'? 'Tom & Jerry'? 'From The Man Like Pennywise'? You can get them weirder like this, but I still find it hilarious to find out certain artist names. They make me chuckle. But all jokes aside, this mix is hard. It's only an hour long, but the hour flies by. If you are into this kind of music, you will love the mix. The tracks are solid, and the flow is humongous. What I mean by that, is that the flow is on another level. It makes you want to dance in your living room/bedroom/kitchen.. basically wherever you are. Dance like no one is watching. It starts off strong, and the flow continues like that. Too many excellent tracks to choose from, but I have to pick one. So it's going to be the first one. 'We Can Be Free'. It certainly sets the tone for what's about to come/ A solid mix. If you don't want to experience the shitty weather outside, stay indoors, press play, turn up the bass, and the volume, and let yourself go. Dance like no one is watching, but do respect your neighbours. They might not like the pounding bass. But also, remember: if they don't like this kind of music, it's their loss. Who doesn't like the oldskool sound, right? Maybe ask your neighbours to move, that would be a nice thing to ask? DJ: Glide Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Jungle, Jungle Techno, Rave, Breakbeat Mix Info: 93 'Til Infinity - Old Skool Hardcore and Jungle Mix Length Mix: 01:00:10 Tracks: 16 (sixteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 137 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: Glide - Soundcloud Channel

  • Addicted To Trance Invites (Dave Cussen) Trance Classics Guest Mix (2024)

    I have been very quiet for a few weeks. No reviews or nothing. Well, a reason for that was family coming over from the Netherlands, and the Easter holidays. I could not be arsed to do anything, and even decided NOT to go on the PS4. But now I am back, and I had some time to collate some excellent mixes for you all to check out. The first one being a Trance mix, and that's always a good genre to come back to. It's always the safest option, as no one on Earth hates Trance. No one. Well, I know one DJ/producer who might, but maybe deep down inside he likes it? But everyone else loves Trance, even my parents. But it's not about them. It's about you, the reader. You ready for some Trance music? Some Trance classics? The first thing I noticed when I scrolled down on Soundcloud, was the beautiful flowers. They look gorgeous. Nice colours. But then I just went in blindly, as I think it didn't have a tracklist initially. Now it does, and I'm happy to share it with you all. The DJ behind this mix is DJ Dave Cussen. A short description can be found on Addicted To Trance's channel (under the mix), but what he has done, is make a two hour long mix with some of the finest anthems from back in the day. The list might not be long, but the songs surely are, and that's always the best way to enjoy Trance music: no radio edits, just long extended versions. But even in this mix did he surprise me with some gems I've not encountered before. And he also surprised me with a track by an artist who used to make excellent music, not so anymore. Guess who that might be? Time for a list. You ready for it? Sasha - Scorchio Adam K & Soha - Twilight Filterheadz - Sunshine Lucas & Beltram - Trust Me Deadmau5 - Alone With You John O'Bir - Sunrise Salt Tank - Eugina (Michael Woods Remix) Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved (Thrillseekers Remix) E.A.T. Project - Sunscape (Tom Porcell Remix) Agnelli & Nelson - El Niño (Matt Darey Remix) The Olmec Heads - Spiritualised Smith & Pledger - Believe (S&P 2004 Remix) Mauro Picotto - Back To Cali (Push Remix) Ronski Speed - I.C. Global Interference - Genesis Atlantis vs Avatar - Fiji (Lange Remix) Pulser - My Religion (Lange Remix) Lightforce - Join Me (Pants & Corset Remix) The mix contains some big classics. And if you were wondering who I was talking about earlier, it's Deadmau5 of course. I really like the early stuff, not the stuff he made at a later stage. As good as the track might be, it's not the best track in this mix. It's 'Fiji'. What a dancefloor anthem. And truth be told, you cannot buy an album filled with Trance classics without having this one on there. It's a track that has stood the test of time, and has been played at many events, all over the world. It's an obvious choice for me to pick it as my favourite song in this mix. It's a solid mix, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Never heard of Dave Cussen before, but he's gained a new follower. His mix is a tad diverse, and I like it. A good selection of anthems, and I've had this on repeat for days on end. So that's proof how dope this mix is. The only thing I want to mention is the actual quality of the recording. It's not flawless, but that could just be my connection. Oh, and it's also in wav. , so don't download the mix onto your phone, as it's 1.2GB! It's massive, in every way imaginable, DJ: Dave Cussen Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance Mix Info: Addicted To Trance Invites (Dave Cussen) Trance Classics Guest Mix Length Mix: 02:06:08 Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 1.24 GB File Type: .wav Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 1411kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: Addicted To Trance - Soundcloud Channel

  • The Viper Tribute (2024)

    I am a huge Hardcore fan since day two (day one was a tad too early for me, as I was too young and didn't really understood Hardcore when it was day one), and I do love hearing tribute mixes. There seems to be an influx on Soundcloud, or could it be down to my algorithm? But I keep seeing more and more of these, and one of the most recent ones, made by The Finnishing Dutch, was one I wasn't expecting. A tribute to DJ The Viper. And the reason why I wasn't ready for it, might be a bit shocking, but I'll share it with you all anyway. I always took The Viper for granted, and never delved into his music back catalogue that much. I knew of his existence and that he makes Hardcore records, but never stood still and realised how much of an impact he has had in the scene since the mid 90s. And I've never really acknowledge the amount of his records he's been part of, which are truly timeless classics. I, potentially, never gave The Viper the credit he deserves, but today is the day during which it might happen. I am a tad ashamed that I never really had a review on this site, which was either a tribute mix to The Viper, or a mix/CD made by him. He is truly an important factor in the scene, and this mix you are about to listen to, shows the importance of The Viper. My God, he's made so many awesome songs and remixed a shit ton of them too. I have never really acknowledged him as an artist, but today is the day. Today, I am going to fully emerge myself into this mix, which contains 35 records, and they are all focussed on The Viper. Let's dive straight into the tracklist, and hopefully you'll be as amazed as I was, once I spotted this mix. Black Knight - What's Up S*ckers DJ Isaac & DJ The Viper - Freak That Shit DJ The Viper & DJ Perpetrator - The DJ Rocks DJ Isaac & The Viper - Fun-Ky Beats Black Knight - Keep It Going Now Black Knight - Back To Tha ''O'' School Black Knight - Ruff Rider Radical 2 React - Eliminating Suckers DJ Isaac & DJ The Viper - Trigga Finga The Viper vs Mad-E-Fact - Control The Party The Viper vs Mad-E-Fact - The Beatz The Suckersz Wish They Had G-Town Madness vs The Viper - Buck 'Em Down The Viper - X-Terminate (T-1000 Mix) Damage Inc. - Turn Around (The Viper Remix) Tony Salmonelli - Hey! (The Viper & Mad-E-Fact 2002 Mix) G-Town Madness vs The Viper - Here It Comes G-Town Madness & The Viper - Come As One (Project Hardcore Anthem 2007) Brennan Heart - Feel U Here (G-Town Madness & The Viper Remix) The Viper & Tha Playah - What I've Done Evil Activities vs The Viper - Raw To The Floor Tha Playah - Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Remix) Neophyte & The Viper - '98 To Your Mind The Viper - Blow Da Club Down DJ D & The Viper - Loose Control Dune - Hardcore Vibes (The Viper's Mashup Mix) DJ Isaac - Get With The Bass (The Viper Remix) DJ The Viper - Voodoo Magic DJ The Viper - Hardcore Gangster DJ The Viper - Rude Boy Man Korsakoff & The Viper - Re-Bottled Critical Mass - Burning Love 2011 (The Viper Remix) Nosferatu & The Viper - Hate On Yourself Nosferatu & Endymion vs The Viper & feat Alee - Project Hardcore (Anthem Mix) Tha Playah - Hit 'Em (Evil Activities & The Viper Remix) Neophyte & The Viper - Nothing To Lose This is a truly awesome tracklist. A good selection of records, and the funny thing is, I know each and every track. I just took The Viper for granted, which I should not have done. I do apologise, mr The Viper. I hope you can forgive me. The Finnishing Dutch's tribute mix starts off strong, and he has selected a lot of amazing records. I really never realised how many awesome songs had The Viper linked to them. This mix has opened my eyes, maybe a tad late, but never too late to acknowledge awesomeness. The best record is probably the most well known record of all time. Well, the original was a bit hit in the Happy Hardcore scene, and made its way to the Top 40. Critical Mass. Their song 'Burning Love' has been an amazing song, and the Viper's remix is a wicked song. It's not the only big anthem in this mix, but to me it's the most special one. The mix itself has got a few mixing errors in it. It's not as flawless as it could have been, which is a pity, but you can still enjoy the songs selected, and appreciate The Viper's influence since the mid 90s. During the 90s I liked the alias 'Black Knight', but when the Millennium came around, it shifted to the Viper. And his impact will be felt throughout the Hardcore scene for many years to come. To me, he was an underrated producer, but now he's in the top 20 of all time Hardcore producers. Just look at this list, and how much he has contributed. The Viper, you rock sir! DJ: The Finnishing Dutch Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore, Gabber Mix Info: The Viper Tribute Length Mix: 01:55:39 Tracks: 35 (thirty-five) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 264 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: The Finnishing Dutch - Soundcloud Channel

  • 8 Ball - Scott Brown Tribute Mix (2022)

    I am a fan of Scott Brown. But to be fair, who isn't? Everyone is a Scott Brown fan, even those that don't know Scott. He's such a legendary producer that has made so many memorable UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, and Gabber anthems over the few decades he's been active in the scene. Such an influence to many, and he's still going strong. There are many mixes on Soundcloud, dedicated to this legendary producer, but today's mix is one that certainly has one of the highest listening statistics I have seen so far. It seems that people have listened to this mix a lot, and I'm now one of the stats. I don't know how long exactly Scott Brown has been in the scene, but it feels like he's always been there. He's been 'in my life' as long as I can remember. Obviously growing up I listened to Dutch Hardcore, and have heard a few Scott Brown songs, which were good, but it's around 2000 when I discovered UK Hardcore, and that's when everything just changed for me. Sy & Unknown were the first two DJs I noticed, closely followed by Scott Brown. I even think that the first UK Hardcore album purchased by myself was down to the fact that I recognised Scott's name. Because of him I am now a fan of the scene. When I discovered this mix, I saved it, to listen to it at a later stage. Today is the day I had an hour spare, and now I'm listening to 8 Ball's mix. I am not the first to listen to this mix, as it already has 14,2k+ plays within 2 years. It's a bit of an unusual name, 8 Ball, but hey ho, whatever works for you, use it. But I'm not here judging the DJ's name, but the mix. is it worth an hour of your time, or is this something you need to ignore, and never listen to? Plus System - This Is How We Do It (Intro Mix) Plus System - Let's All Get Down Scott Brown - Life As We Know It Scott Brown - Wakey Wakey Scott Brown - Heaven In Your Eyes Scott Brown presents Plus System - Rock Tha Beat Scott Brown - Blue Anthem Scott Brown - We Don't Give A Damn Plus System - Commence Scott Brown - Do It Like We Do Plus System - God's Child Scott Brown - Memories Scott Brown - Neck Breaker Scott Brown - The Stranger Scott Brown - Definition Of A Bad Boy Sy & Unknown - Bring Me Round To Love (Scott Brown Remix) Scott Brown - Hardcore U Know The Score Scott Brown - We Can Dance I've seen and heard these songs a million times, and they have not annoyed me once. Some records have got the power to remain energetic and powerful. Some become dull after 10+ plays, but not any of Scott's songs. They are all solid as a rock. Oh how I love a full on Scott Brown appreciation mix. It's the best of the best. UK Hardcore's finest producer songs in one mix. How lovely. But I have to admit, maybe the tracklist is a bit off, as it only came with track titles and not the 'artist' name. We know it's Scott, but is it Scott or one of his million aliases? If I made a mistake, apologies. The mix, well, that's another story. It's GLORIOUS. I love it. From the wicked intro to the last Gabber track. It's really good. The selection is great, but to be fair, most of these appreciation mixes would use the same tracks. But I don't give a fucking shit. They are all solid anthems. Well, besides one that I genuinely 'hate'. 'Do It Like We Do'. Cringeworthy. That's a bad song. But which is the best? My go-to-song is always 'Wakey Wakey'. One of the best Scott Brown songs ever made. A wicked mix. Definitely worth your time. Check it out! If this is your first introduction to Scott Brown, it's a good representation of what the man can do. He can make timeless classics! DJ: 8 Ball Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber Mix Info: 8 Ball - Scott Brown Tribute Mix Length Mix: 00:56:39 Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2022 More Information: 8 Ball DJ - Soundcloud Channel

  • Colin H - February Early 2000s Vinyl Video Mix (mostly Pounding Grooves) (2024)

    Since discovering some old Innercity sets from the year I went, I am constantly listening to Techno music from around the year 2000. That makes me very happy. And the music, to me, was so dominate in my life. It controlled my life, as it was a 'replacement' to the Hardcore scene slowing going underground. I needed a replacement style of music, and Techno suited my needs extremely well. And guess what I have found? A mix containing Techno anthems from around 2000, the golden years for me! Oh, that makes me very happy indeed! This isn't the first mix I have reviewed, which was made by Colin H, but it's certainly not going to be the last. I did check, and two previous mixes were focussed on UK Hardcore/Breakbeat Hardcore, and one was focussed on Traxtorm Records. But now, we ain't going to listen to any Hardcore, just pure Techno bangers. If you are into Millennium Techno, this is a mix you should definitely check out. I am a lover of Techno released around 2000, but I'm not an expert. There are so many names, and I can't remember them all. And some of these artists have slipped under the radar. There's a few names in this mix. I might have heard the songs before, but the names of the artists are a bit unknown to me. But don't you worry, that certainly didn't spoil my listening session. It has only been online for a few days, but I'm certain that I have played this at least 5 times a day. This is the kind of Techno I crave on a daily basis, this is what I grew up listening to... and it still sounds awesome to this day. Marco V - Magnitude Pounding Grooves - 26 AA Pounding Grooves & Dave The Drummer - 37 AA Tom Hades - Look Up Pounding Grooves - No Loops Pounding Grooves - CLR03 A1 Pounding Grooves & R.A.W. - Swill Jeff Amadeus - Eviction Side A Pounding Grooves - 14 A Pounding Grooves - 17SE A1,1 Pounding Grooves - Beer Can Rattle Pounding Grooves - 28 A Pounding Grooves - Question Laurie Immersion vs Buster Hymen & The Penetrator - Tough Adam Bayer & Henrik B - Two B 30 Guy McAffer & Syber Symon - RAW 14 A Guy McAffer - RAW LP01 D1 As per title of this mix, most of the tracks are indeed by Pounding Grooves, whose name I've never encountered before. But at least it's not too late to appreciate good music. Colin H has done a remarkable job, and made a very interesting mix. The hour long mix has got so many bangers in here, time will fly by once you start listening to this mix. And it's got the right tracks to get you going. Powerful and energetic. This mix has got it all. And it's got probably the dopest track of all time. But that's debatable, if you are agreeing with me or not. Once the 15th track hits, it hits hard. 'Two B 30' by Adam Bayer and Henrik B. My God, that just touched me deep down inside. That track is so powerful, I wasn't even hearing this song at an event and I was fist bumping the air, stomping my feet, and bopping my head up and down. This is seriously some powerful anthem and a half! Colin's mix is dope, but that track just takes the whole mix to another level. A solid mix, and if you want it, you can have it for free (download enabled). I would suggest you give this mix a go. You won't be disappointed. You will be enlightened with the knowledge that mixes like this one exist! It's dope, and what else is there to say? DJ: Colin H Genre/Style: Techno, Hard Techno Mix Info: Colin H - February Early 2000s Vinyl Video Mix (mostly Pounding Grooves) Length Mix: 01:06:55 Tracks: 17 (Seventeen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 153 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: Colin H - Soundcloud Channel

  • Sven Väth - Live From Innercity Amsterdam (30-12-2000)

    I have mentioned this event so many times over the last ten years, people must think I am obsessed with it. And truth be told, I am. Just look at the line up, just look at it. This is an amazing line-up, and I have got fond memories. And it was affordable too: it was only €41 (ex. presale fee). For such a line-up, at such an amazing location, and for such an event, I was happy to have spent the money on it, and I am glad that I went. I still love hearing sets from that event, and you are about to listen to Sven Väth's set, recorded at Innercity, which is roughly 23 years ago. And trust me when I say, this set still sounds awesome! During the night, I remember walking around a lot. It was a true maze. And if you were to ask me if I witnessed Sven Väth's full set, I think the answer has to be be a definitive 'no'. There were a few areas I was wondering around it throughout the night. Especially the Progressive area (when Tiesto started, you could not get in or out, it was packed solid), Techno, and the Main. The UK Garage area was the last one I discovered, when I was on my way out basically. Some have got mixed feelings, I only have positive ones. There were so many great names at this event, and to hear a set from when I was there, is always amazing to discover. Sven played on the main stage alongside a few other big names, such as Angelo, Jean, Marco V, Green Velvet (one of the worst sets I've ever heard), Paul van Dyk, and Remy. A good place to put him, as he's a crowd pleaser. He certainly did his best to entertain the crowd, and I think it's time for you to listen to this set (if you haven't already). The set was uploaded 10 years ago to this dodgy Soundcloud channel. But you can find it anywhere else too, if it does get taken down. Rok - Cycle Sluts (Claude Young Remix) User - Untitled (B) Frank Ingram feat G-Man - 10-4 Christian Morgenstern - Hawaii Blue (Heiko Laux Remix) 'Lectric Workers - Robot Is Systematic (Richard Bartz Remix) Oliver Ho - From Modern To Ancient Dave Clarke - Before I Was So Rudely Interrupted John Thomas - Undisputed Life (Technasia Remix 2) Electric Deluxe - Electric Deluxe Chris Liebling - Untitled (B) Planetary Assault Systems - Function 1 G-Force - Steel Frame Adam Beyer - The Time Ltd Rino Cerrone - Circumstances Of Evidence Gaetano Parisio - The Move G-Force - Glass Chris Mccormack - Ariffmatik Umek - Brotax Alter Ego - Betty Ford Justin Berkovi - Sustained Buxom Mad Chips Btschitsch & Galluzzi - Schneeturm Terence Fixmer - Body Pressure Thomas P. Heckmann - Dimension Disco John Bacto - Entaprize (Mhonolink Remix) Lab Inspect - So Hudge Bedrock - Voices This is a time capsule in disguise. My God, the second I heard the first song, I knew I was going to be teleported back to 2000. Standing in front of the Amsterdam RAI, and I only wore a t-shirt and shorts, as you cannot rave with thick clothing. And it started to snow. I don't know if I was well enough to be awake during the next day's New Year's Eve, but I couldn't care less. If I close my eyes now, I am back at the entrance, experiencing it all again. Sven's selection is diverse, and quite good. I don't know where this was taken from: I'm guessing it is a recording taken from whichever radio station broadcasted it at the time? The quality every so often sucks, but this is a 20+ year old recording, obviously quality was different back then. But at least we can still hear the tunes coming at us. It is like I'm there again, walking around a million miles, drunk as f**k, waving my hands in the air. Oh, I miss the good ol' days. The set is good. Not flawless, but still highly enjoyable. 'Robot Is Systematic' and 'Sustained Buxom Mad Chips' are my most favourite songs from Sven's set, closely followed by 'Betty Ford' and 'Function 1'. This set has got some big anthems, highly underrated in them. And the overall feedback on Soundcloud is positive. People seem to love this set, and I have to agree. A very solid set, energetic and powerful. This will get you through the day. 2 hours of Innercity, 2 hours of Sven Väth, 2 hours of Techno. Couldn't wish for anything else. This is lovely! DJ: Sven Väth Genre/Style: Techno Liveset Info: Recorded @ Innercity 2000, Amsterdam Rai Length Liveset: 01:59:13 Tracks: 26 (twenty-six) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unkown Release Year: 2000 More Information: Sven Väth - Official Facebook Page

  • Stamina Records (The Beginning) [Mixed By M@rt!n-J] (2024)

    Only 2 months ago did I discover a mix made by M@rt!n-J, which was focussed on the legendary Freeform label called Stamina Records, which was focussed on an album released in 2014. This time, we go back to the beginning of Stamina Records. According to their Discogs page, they started back in 2011, and they've been a fascinating force in the scene. Recent announcements have made us all think of the awesome back catalogue this label has, and M@rt!n-J decided to showcase the first few years, and which awesome records were released on this glorious label. The label is taking an extended and indefinite break this year. And even though we are all sad and devastated, we have to be positive. We have to look at all the glorious anthems they have released over the 12+ years, and what they have meant for the Freeform scene. I consider myself a Freeform fanatic, and a fan of the label, and as sad as I am to see them taking a break, at least we've got a fantastic catalogue to fall back onto. And that's what M@rt!n-J has done. And guess what? He made a mix which contains 15 of the finest anthems released on Stamina Records. And it feels like an homage to the label. We have to acknowledge that the label has done so much for ravers all over the UK, and the world too. They have set the bar pretty high, and their releases as of top notch quality. The label has had an amazing run, and hopefully they'll come back soon. They do deserve a break, a well deserved break. Who knows what will happen in the future? For now, let's look at the past, and the awesome tunes selected for this mix: A.B & Nick 235 feat Rhona - Silence A Prayer (Intro Mix) Douglas - Ice Cream Andy Dee - Forever Yours (Dark Mix) Douglas - In My Mind A.B - Alright Douglas - Grawlix A.B - Phoenix Cube::Hard & Douglas - Codex (Darwin's VIP Remix) Douglas - Division By Zero (Coming Up/BliP Edit) A.B & Douglas vs DJ Ned (CLSM) - Hold On (S3RL Remix) Transcend - Spirit Of Hades A.B - Engine S3RL & Synthwulf - Everybody Wants To Be A DJ (S3RL's Stylecore Remix) Little Fella - Guest List A.B & Nick 235 feat Rhona - Future's Past This brings a huge smile on my face, but every mix M@rt!n-J does, is an amazing piece of work. And to commemorate the majestic label Stamina Records, there should be no reason to make the mix. The label is awesome, and this latest mix by this DJ, is a wonderful addition to my growing admiration for the DJ. He keeps feeding us excellent mixes. Please, don't ever stop. I am loving this mix. But truth be told: I do listen to a lot of Stamina Records lately, and I do have a daily dosage of Freeform, with most tracks from this label. I do adore the label, and the music is ace. Yet another slamming mix. Only credit where credit is due. This is one of M@rt!n-J's best mixes, and he's made a few over the years. This is one of the finest, mainly because it's filled with Stamina Records anthems, and it's full of Freeform anthems. And it's got 'Alright' in it, which is such an underrated anthem! Check this bad boy out! Yet another amazing mix that will put a smile on your face. DJ: M@rt!n-J Genre/Style: Freeform, UK Hardcore Mix Info: Stamina Records (The Beginning) [Mixed By M@rt!n-J] Length Mix: 01:00:00 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Type: mp3 File Size: 137 MB Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: M@rt!n-J - Soundcloud Channel

  • Hardcore Vibes (2024)

    Another week has arrived, and we need something to get us going. The weather looks a tad atrocious, and not very happy. We need something that can put a smile on our faces. And have I got the right mix for you! The genre of music is Happy Hardcore, and that in itself can put a smile on your face. And I love Happy Hardcore. To find a mix that can put a smile on your face, that's the reason why I write reviews. And this one might put an even bigger smile on your face. The mix was shared on Soundcloud, and it was by accident that I found it. The DJ who made this mix is called Adrenalin. The account on Soundcloud is fairly new, but there is a bit of information available, if you are interested. You can find out a bit more who made this mix. But for now, let us focus on the mix, and if it has the potential to get us through the day, or maybe even the week. The mix is an hour long, and has got 18 Happy Hardcore anthems in it. And as much as I consider myself a huge fan of Happy Hardcore, there are still a lot of tracks out there I haven't heard before, and there's a few in this mix. Every day is a new day to learn forgotten or less appreciated anthems, or anthems that you just never heard before because when they were released, it wasn't your cup of tea. Who knows? Let's jump the Happy Hardcore train, and let's get a move on! Kinetic Pleasure - Higher Vibes & Wishdokta - No More Tears Edit V - Sensation (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days Happy Tunes - I Want You Baby Happy Tunes - Sanctuary Of Love WE 3 - Groovy Dimension Forbes & Cyclone - Faze 1 DJ Mr Hyde - Release Scott Brown - Systematic DJ Slam - Knowledge Scott Brown - Do What You Like Happy Tunes - The Anthem A Sense Of Summer - On Top (Hixxy Remix) DJ Brisk - Airhead Billy Bunter & JDS - Come Alive (Billy Bunter Remix) DJ Selecta & GL 2 - Incognito Oaysis - Awaited (Slipmatt Remix) The tracks are really good. I've been listening to this mix multiple times in a row, and I'm still very happy to have discovered it. Yes, the title might be a bit misleading, as you maybe hoped it had Dune's 'Hardcore Vibes' in it, but those 18 records are still solid anthems. It's a really intoxicating mix with some serious dancefloor fillers. These were the tunes from back in the day, they got us all back onto the dancefloor. And it got a lot of ravers up on the dancefloor, whistling like they never whistled before. And hands would go up in the air. Those were the golden days. I really liked this mix, and I've got no negative feedback. The songs are great. Great selection of anthems. And the one that has the most memories is 'Six Days'. That is still a classic to this day. Not 100% where I was when I heard it the first time, but I still remember which album it was on. A solid anthem, that's for sure. If you want to be happier, this is the right mix for you. It will take you back to the 90s, and will leave you happier for at least 24 hours. Maybe even longer, if you let it. Maybe play this mix at least once a day this week, and see how your week goes! DJ: Adrenalin Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Happy Rave, UK Hardcore, Breakbeat Mix Info: Hardcore Vibes Length Mix: 01:00:31 Tracks: 18 (eighteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Adrenalin - Soundcloud Channel

  • Housequake Volume 1 (2006)

    The last couple of days I've been thinking of all the events I've been to, over the years. And there have been quite a few decent ones. Some of those events you can see on YouTube, which made me think more of the good ol' days, and which artists I have seen. I can't remember them all, as my memory has been corrupted by the sheer volume of alcohol during the 90s/00s, but after checking out Sensation 2002 - The White Edition on YouTube, I wanted to hear some more DJ Erick E. Soundcloud provided me with an album I've not seen before, and it's one he made with dj Roog, another DJ I have seen. And it's filled with House anthems from around 2006. Couldn't ask for more, right? Those two DJs together, that's just a dream come true. They dominated everything during the early noughties, and I remember listening to many of their sets on my old computer, or even on cassettes and CDs, and once I had the opportunity to hear them live, it was like everything just fell into place. I think I saw Roog at Innercity and/or Mysteryland, and Erick E obviously at Sensation, and somewhere else, but I can't remember where. Yes, alcoholic beverages have ruined a lot of good memories of the teenage years.... As I'm riding this Millennium House vibe, this freebie was a nice gesture by both Erick E and Roog. There's plenty for you all to check out on this Soundcloud channel, but my focus is on this Housequake album. I've seen the name before, but never this album, and trust me when I say that I would have spotted this in my local record store, as I've spent many hours in there. Maybe it was sold out too damn quick, or never made its way to the South of Limburg? Ready for a trip down memory lane, back to when House was super sexy, and when I danced many nights to these tunes? Kortezman - My Love Tommy Davis - Night Train (Fudge Next Station Mix) w Erick E - Ain't No Stopping Us Full Intention feat Thea Austin - Soul Power (Kurd Maverick Remix) Sidney Samson - Dirty Laundry (Hardsoul's Stripped Down Edit) Supermode - Tell Me Why (Raul Rincon Remix) Scott Wozniak - Talk Dirty To Me (Roog & Greg's Breakdown Edit) w/ Erick E - Boogie Down Darkmountaingroup - Lose Control w/ Fairmont - Gazebo (Sebastien Leger Remix) DJ Jeroenski & Mike Laveaux - Black Rain Martijn Ten Velden & Lucien Foort - Bassification w/ Funkerman feat I-Fan - The One Olav Basoski - Outback w/ Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (D.Ramirez Remix) Chocolate Puma - Always And Forever w/ Hardsoul - Deep Inside w/ Hardsoul feat Berget Lewis - Song For Unity Klement Bonelli feat Dragonfly - Nocturnal (Nick & Danny Remix) Fred Pellichero - Snake w/ Italian Stallion - Nasty Danny P - Feel The Vibes After listening to this mix multiple times in a row, I am in love with it. So many memories are brought back by just listening to this mix. And I remember hearing these tunes. Well, most of them, not all of them. Originally this came with a DVD, which I've not looked for yet. But if you did buy this album, what was on the DVD? Anything interesting? Anything worth sharing here? Roog and Erick E are a golden duo. They did a few editions of this Housequake series, going up to 2010, and then it stopped. They did not come with a DVD, only the first one did, but yeah, there's more out there, if you want to hear more. I really liked both DJs, and hearing sets in 2024 with tunes from the golden years, it makes me extremely happy. I cannot pick a favourite, as they are all amazing anthems. A good trip down memory lane. If this mix doesn't regenerate forgotten memories, nothing will. This is a mix with solid anthems from around 2006, and they are rock! This is, to me, the pinnacle of House music. I lost interest in House a few years later, but whenever I think of 2006, it still brings back amazing memories. Happy memories. I wish I'd purchased this album, if it only ever appeared in my local CD store, which it didn't (or was sold out too damn quick). But at least I got to see each DJ perform, and you cannot beat that experience! DJs: Roog & Erick E Genre/Style: House CD Info: Housequake Volume 1 Length CD: 01:03:24 Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2006 (CD) 2016 (Soundcloud) Product Number: QUAKE 01 Label: Hardsoul Pressings More Information: Housequake | Roog & ErickE - Soundcloud Channel

  • Kevin Energy -Live DJ Set at Stomp 13/01/24 Basement 45 Bristol

    Where were you on the 13th of January of this year? Were you by any chance in Bristol, at Marc Smith's ''Official Massive Birthday Stomp'', the twelfth edition? If you haven't, where were you then? The line-up was insane, with obviously Kevin Energy, Marc Smith (would be weird if he wasn't at his own birthday stomp!), Klubfiller, Miss Special K, Scorpio, Ed E.T, and many more. This event has been on my radar for many years, but I always forget to buy tickets. One day I might go. Kevin Energy went, and recorded his set. That's not special, but he actually recorded his set, which you can see on YouTube! From behind the decks to the crowd, you can see it all. You can see the Freeform master at work. And even though he was an opening/warming up act, he got the crowd dancing. And during his set he played a few of the finest older classics, and a few new anthems. And according to his YouTube comment, a new album will come out in 2024! I saw a video of him teasing a song with Afterburner a few weeks ago, and the song itself got me hyped up. That's the kind of music I really like. He teased us, and I was gutted to not hear it for the first time live! What a banger it is, but don't you worry: it is in his set. He couldn't do the set without it. A bit of the old Kevin and the new Kevin. I do like myself a bit of the Nu Energy sound, and whatever he's got in store for us in the future. But which records did he play? Geck-O - Balearic Bootlegs Breeze & Styles - Sonic (Kevin Energy Remix) Kevin Energy - Take Me Up The Retreat - Balearic Bootlegs Kevin Energy & Jasmine Knight - Universal Energy Kevin Energy, Desire & Jasmine Knight - Power Over Me S3RL - T T Techno Kevin Energy & Desire - Transform Kevin Energy & Jasmine Knight - Let You Know Kevin Energy & Afterburner - Illusion Of Dreams Kevin Energy & Desire - Imagination Kevin Energy & Paul Hardcore - Hearts On Fire Arkitech & Sharkey - Quadraphonics Kevin Energy & Desire - Inter-Dimensional S3RL - Dealer Sharkey, Kevin Energy & K Complex - Anna (Cube::Hard Remix) Uberdruck - White Rampant & Petruccio - Rhythm (Darwin Remix) Gammer - 33mm Kevin Energy & Ephexis - Reality Control Don't get me wrong, I do like the 'old' Kevin Energy sound, but his new stuff is what I'm here for. The Nu Energy sound from back in the day is dope as fuck, and paved the way for new artists to enter the scene, and it made me fall in love with Freeform, but there's hope for an even better future for Freeform. More of this new stuff please, mr. Energy! The tracks selected were great, and you can see the crowd loving it. I wish I was there, Bristol ain't that far away from where I live, and I could have gone. I'm a lazy shit, that's why. The set is cool, and to see Kevin actually behind the decks, doing his thing, is cool. What isn't the greatest, and that's just my personal opinion, is the MC. Over the years I've lost interest in MCs. To me they don't work. They can sometimes take over a brilliant set. Kevin's set would have been great without the MC. But that's just me. You might have liked it. The best track in this set is the one with Afterburner. Come on, that has to be the next big hit in clubs all over the UK. This is one that gets me hyped up the most. Come on, this is a big anthem! A big set. Can't wait for what's in store for us in 2024. More Kevin Energy, please! DJ: Kevin Energy Genre/Style: Freeform, UK Hardcore, Trancecore Liveset Info: Kevin Energy -Live DJ Set at Stomp 13/01/24 Basement 45 Bristol Length Liveset: 00:59:36 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via YouTube): VIEW HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Kevin Energy - YouTube Channel

  • Mulgrew - Everything Starts With An 'E' [Songs About Drugs] (2022)

    Don't do drugs. If you do, do it safely. But yeah, drugs can be dangerous. But we also have to underline the fact that drugs were a huge part in the dance industry, when it emerged in Europe during the late 80s, early 90s. I grew up in the Netherlands, where there's a different kind of policy surrounding drugs (which still baffles many of my friends), but I never went to a rave, high on anything. I was mostly drunk, which is also not a good thing. But to me, I can listen to rave music without drugs, and still enjoy it highly. So when I found this mix by Mulgrew, which focusses solely on songs with drug references, I jumped on it, sober, and enjoyed it. A trip down memory lane, when there were plenty of songs focussed around XTC or any other drug items. My drugs of preference? Paracetamol, or Ibuprofen. I do understand the importance of drugs in music. Hell, they even used it extensively during the hippy period. It's not just a 90s thing. But I'm cool without it. As said, I only prefer paracetamol or ibuprofen, after a night out. Just to make sure my head doesn't explode the second I wake up. I am getting older, that's for sure. So when I do listen to songs with references to drugs, I don't think ''oh, I should use drugs'', or remember when I did use it, I just listen to the beat, the rhythm, the vocals.. basically the whole package. And Mulgrew, who made this mix, has got an interesting selection. An hour long mix with some well known anthems, and some forgotten anthems. You don't need to be a raver to imagine that many ravers did listen to these anthems in warehouses all over the world, or in fields, bunkers, or in highway tunnels. And yes, they could have had a pill here or there. I am not here to judge. I embrace the rave scene fully, including the rise of it (which was helped by certain substances). But I want you to realise that I always listen to mixes sober, and review them sober. Maybe I should be on a substance when writing these reviews, but I don't think they would make any sense. What songs were used in this mix? And did you use any of these? Ron & Nancy - Doing Drugs Speech Primal Scream - Don't Fight It, Feel It (Acapella) Dino Lenny - Cocaine (Free Base) Project XYZ - It's Just An Ecstasy (Original Mix) Control - Dance With Me [I'm Your Ecstasy] (Original Mix) Chimo Bayo - Asi Me Gusta A Mi [Esta Si, Esta No] (Original Mix) E-Zee Posse - Everything Begins With An 'E' (Original Mix) The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode (South Of Detroit Vocal & Original) Shaft - Roobarb & Custard (Dr. Trip & Bob Bolts Mix) Skin Up - Blockbuster (Gold Run Mix) Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (Original Mix) Shades Of Rhythm - Extacy (Original Mix) Mediteria - Is E.T. On X.T.C.? (Commander Mix) Moby - Next Is The E (I Feel It) Big Hard Hats - On E (J.T. Mix) The Disco Biscuits - Who Wants A Disco Biscuit? (Original Mix) John OO Fleming - Where Did You Get Those Pills? (Pretty Pretty Mix) Family Foundation - 10 Snide E (Original Mix) Hackney Hardcore - Caught With A Spliff (We Are Drug Squad Officers Mix) Ratpack - Searchin' For My Rizla (Original Mix) These are truly memorable anthems from an era long forgotten. Well, not fully forgotten, but they are tunes you don't hear on the radio. I do wonder why.. I do recognise most of these records. Some were a bit too obscure, or were versions of originals that I had never heard of. For example, 'Ebeneezer Goode'. I know the one they play on the radio, not the version in this mix. And also I've never heard Ron & Nancy's speech. Interesting. It's a funny mix, with some big anthems that would have been played everywhere during the 90s. When I was younger, I was in love with 'Asi Me Gusta'. I think it appeared on a Turn Up The Bass album. But the most rave sounding anthem in this mix has to be 'Energy Flash'. A track that still does a lot of damage in clubs and events all over the world. Don't do drugs. Stay safe. And if you do, please have it tested beforehand. If you want something that could replace the drugs, let this mix be your guide. Just close your eyes and pretend it's the 90s. No drugs required for this mix though, the DJ already supplied us with drugs related anthems! DJ: Mulgrew Genre/Style: Rave, Oldskool, Techno, House, Hard House Mix Info: Mulgrew - Everything Starts With An 'E' [Songs About Drugs] Length Mix: 01:01:33 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 140 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2022 More Information: Mulgrew - Soundcloud Channel

  • LJ Feeley Soulful House Mix (2016)

    This website has got a lot of reviews. So far, on the current website, we've got roughly 1100 reviews, but I've done more in the past. Most of them are focussed around Hardcore, be it Dutch, British, Happy or hard. But what most people don't know, is that I listen to everything. And when I say everything, I do mean everything. That doesn't mean I do appreciate everything, but I can listen to everything, including House music. House was actually the first genre I fell in love with, way before I fell in love with Hardcore. To this day I can enjoy House music, and guess what? Someone informed me that they have got a mix on Mixcloud, and it would be a good one to check out! Mixcloud? What's that? I don't visit Mixcloud that often, as the layout annoys me, and the tracklist bit is kind of frustrating. I'm more of a Soundcloud guy. But that's just my personal preference. That individual that informed me, normally shares his UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore mixes, but today we are listening to something different. Soulful House music. Boy, I do love myself a bit of House music, especially when it's extremely soulful. That just makes it much better, doesn't it? But because I listen to so much, I do miss out on a lot of excellent tunes/mixes. But there's just so much to explore. A plethora of mixes passes the review on a daily basis, but not many get a review. And some are just too damn good, I keep on listening to them, multiple days in a row. So I do apologise for missing out on a lot, but you need to keep reminding me. Protocol did just that. Sorry, I meant LJ Feeley. His mix was uploaded 8 years ago. It's an older mix, but it still sound very nice. Maybe we could see some new mixes, mr Protocol a.k.a. LJ Feeley? We need 'new' music. Until then, let's focus on this very soulful House mix. You'll love it. Jazz-N-Groove - Keep Givin' Me Love (Original Jazz -N-Groove Mix) Restless Soul feat Shea Soul - Tricks (Main Vocal) Monkey Brothers feat Shaun Escoffery - Losin' My Head (Peak Time Mix) Key To Life feat Kathleen Murphy - Find Our Way (Muthafunkaz Found A Vocal Mix) DJ Gomi feat Lou Balo & Yasmeen - Glad I Found You (Troublemen Remix) Next Phase - Piece Of Mind (Basement Boys Vocal Mix) Dennis Ferrer feat KT Brooks - How Do I Let Go Ronland Clark & Agev Munsen - The Thing About Deep (DJ Spen Remix) DJ Vivona & Joi Cardwell - Return To Love (A Directors Cut Treatment) Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find (Mark Zalewski & Konrad Carelli Club Mix) Action Jackson - Off Dat Wall (DJ Spen Re Edit) Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshi Tomiie - Tears I feel bad for saying it, but I only recognise Frankie Knuckles' name on this list. My God, how long have I been outside of the scene? I feel bad about me not knowing any of these names. Bloody hell. But one thing I need to express: how I feel about House. It reminds me of going abroad, on a holiday. We always go to nice and quiet cocktail bars, to chill, and they always play this kind of music. And it makes me feel extremely chilled, very mellow. House is one of those genres that offends no one, and can be listened to at any given time. This mix has got a lot of soul. And I like it. I had a hard week at work, and this mix is soothing enough to get me into the weekend. I feel relaxed, all my worries are now gone. I just want to go abroad now and enjoy a nice cocktail and some snazzy peanuts. It's an old mix, but it is still cool as funk. It's a bit different to what I'm used to hearing from mr Protocol, but it's very funky. I've got nothing negative to mention. This mix is cool. Highly recommendable. Finest song? Thought I'd never say it, but ''Off Dat Wall'. A very cool MJ song, cool remix! DJ: L J Feeley Genre/Style: House, Soulful House, Deep House Mix Info: LJ Feeley Soulful House Mix Length Mix: 01:17:52 Tracks: 11 (eleven) Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2016 More Information: Liam J Feeley - Mixcloud Channel

  • Jean Live @ Sensation White, Amsterdam Arena 06-07-2002

    The year is 2002, and I'm in the Amsterdam Arena, alongside thousands of others, dressed in white, celebrating this event called Sensation. And I wasn't on my own, I went with a few colleagues from work, who were into Trance, and they told me about this event, and how awesome it was. I obviously had to go, as the price of the tickets were reasonable (€55). But as we were from the most Southern part of Limburg, we had a long journey ahead of us, on a train. But once we got there, we were all OK. Well, nearly, as I purchased a ticket through someone online, and didn't know if the ticket would actually work. I saw people in front of me being rejected due to them having a fake ticket. Shitting myself, I made my way to the entrance, but mine was valid, and I was blessed to walk into this holy arena. It was a very memorable night. The venue itself looked amazing, and they tried to make it look like you entered a church. A very big church, to be fair. And you had thousands of people dressed in white, which made it even more special. But thousands of people in white don't do anything without an act performing on a stage. And that's where the magic happened. The line up was a short one, which was good for us. Not too many DJs. DJs could actually play a long time (which seems a bit weird in the current climate). So the line-up was as follows: Armin van Buuren, Erick E, Jean, Johan Gielen, and Marcello. And somewhere in between you had the ''megamix'' section, where there would be no-one on stage, but only a megamix playing through the speakers. That megamix is still one of my most favourite mixes of all time, and that concept was used in many Sensations after the 2002 edition (including the Black Editions). I don't remember the whole night, only bits of it. The reason? Well, I spent a lot of it on alcoholic beverages, and merchandise (but that didn't get me drunk to be fair). At least €150 has gone down my neck, and I don't know how I survived. But I do remember the acts. Armin's opening was hugely disappointing, Marcello was dope, and so was Erick E, and Johan Gielen was cool too. But what about DJ Jean? Well... that's a whole different story. Here's the list of all the songs by Jean. This was live broadcasted on Dutch radio, so you might hear some bits and bobs from the radio during the recording. Moloko - Indigo (Robbie Riviera Tribal Mix)  w/ Darude - Feel The Beat ID - ID Reeloop - Fuckin' Society (Remix) Versus - Renewed Energy Rui Da Silva - Touch Me (Remix) Shaved - My House Nebula - Orbital Park (DJ Gollum vs DJ Yanny Remix) Arome - Hands Up (DJ Scot Project Remix) Sioux - Pho (Cosmic Gate Remix) Reeloop - Fuckin' Society (Acapella) Echoman - Substance w/ DJs Of The Planet - Superdrum Monza - Turn To Dust (So Get Up) DJ Rob Fabrie - Make Some Noise Marco V - Simulated (Marco Vision Remix) Question Mark - The Birds Nylon - If You Love Me (Remix) Acer - The Mixmaster Marco V - Certainly Tranquillity Base - Razorfish (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix) Fascination - Club Night In London Dirt Devils - The Drill Mauro Picotto - Ultimahora Ibiza MBG meets Dr Feel-X - Take A Walk On The House Side ID - ID ID - I Dance You DJ Albert vs Precision - Say Yes (Katana Remix) Dave 202 & Phil Green - At The End There are some amazing records in this set. Truly amazing anthems from back in the good ol' days. If you were around in 2002, you would hear most of these songs everywhere, and I still find them extremely dope. Not dated, not old sounding, just dope anthems that have stood the test of time. During the late 90s I became a fan of DJ Jean, and always wanted to hear him perform. I bought many CDs, especially his IT CDs, as they were a tad different (just look them up on Discogs, and look at the covers). The music was great too. But his Sensation set, that was far less adventurous and I know for a fact that after the first few tunes we all decided to leave our spot at the front and go to the bar or toilet. Jean's set did not impress, unfortunately, and that was disappointing, to say the least. There are some great songs in here, but the mixing of it all was a tad meh. It was boring. Nothing special. And it could have had potential to be such a great set. And it even had one of my favourite anthems of all time, which is 'The Drill' by Dirt Devils. But it wasn't. It was a forgettable set. I genuinely hoped it would be the best set of the night, but that had to be given to Erick E and Marcello. You can listen to it, and experience what I experienced in 2002. There are other sets online too. Don't start with Armin's, as the first song is so horrendous, it makes you want to throw your listening device in the bin. As good as the songs are, the mix is bland, and that wasn't what I would expect from Jean, with the legacy he created during the 90s. All in all, the night would still become memorable. But not this set. Well, maybe in a way it did, but in a not so good way. I do miss the good ol' days though. The tunes were much better. DJ: Jean Genre/Style: House, Trance, Hard Trance, Techno Liveset Info: Recorded @ Sensation White 06-07-2002 Length Liveset: 01:27:30 Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2002 More Information: ------

  • Ruffex Records (2024)

    It has not been that long ago since I last reviewed a mix done by J.O.E , but someone reposted this one, which I had to jump on immediately. Yes, the previous mix I heard was all about present day Gabber music made to sound ''oldschool'', but for this mix we definitely go back in time. And I do like myself a bit of the oldschool, especially when it's linked to one of the finest producers of all time, Ruffneck. He created this label back in 1995 and it only ran for 2 years, but in those two years they released some amazing anthems! That Ruffneck logo was an amazing thing to look at, as you knew you were going to be in for a treat. Many of their songs appeared on many Hardcore compilations, which I've owned many of. I've spent a fortune during the 90s, and do I regret it? No. Yes, I might have been able to purchase a house, a car or other fancy items, but I would have missed awesome music. You would feel the same, right? J.O.E. has done the same as he always does: gets a lot of records, and makes a splendid mix with them. All the songs were released on Ruffex Records, and if you are a true Hardcore fanatic, you will know them all. Still not 100% sure if it is Ruffneck behind the alias or not, it's always an interesting find. I love that 90s sound so much, if I could, I would marry it. But two things: 1) that's not possible, and 2) my wife would be slightly upset. The mix is as good as any other done by J.O.E., but the songs in this one are more special to me than ever before. This sound was so unique, so fresh, and so Ruffneck-ish. And I loved Ruffneck. Was I a Ruffneck though? Nah, still too soft to be considered one, but a huge fan nonetheless. Ectomorph - Heartbeat Myrmidon - Condemned Paradox - Ruffa Lunalotic - Happyhouse ... ??? Myztic - Dangerous Battle Nitrogen - Bad Bwoy Paradox - What Is Wisdom Nitrogen - Words Of God Syphax - At War Lunalotic - I Can't Hear You Myztic - To Da Rhythm Paradox - My DJ... Cutz Ectomorph - Totally Computerised Ectomorph - Mindblower Ectomorph - No Law Ectomorph - The Fall Of Babylon Myrmidon - No Choice Paradox - The Guillotine Myrmidon - Answer Me Myztic - Destiny Myrmidon - No Response Myztic - Photonics Style Syphax - The Saga Ectomorph - Beginning Of The End This is an insane tracklist with some insane tracks. Come on, a true Hardcore/Gabber fan from the 90s will certainly know them all. And we all still feel the power within each track, right? Do we still feel part of the Artcore movement? Is that even still a thing? As we said in the 90s, Ruffneck did rule the Artcore scene. I can only give credit to J.O.E. for making yet another amazing mix. It's astonishing how most of his mixes seem to appeal to me, and I always find the time to listen to those mixes and write reviews about them. Only love and appreciation, as always. I have love for each and every record. But there are so many to choose from. To me, personally, Ruffex Records was the label to go to. It had so many great records, and as said before, I bought many compilations that contained these songs. Hell, some even appeared on Thunderdome albums, like one of my favourite songs in this mix: ''Answer Me''. One of the most amazing songs from probably the best Thunderdome CD ever. J.O.E. did it again, and I thank him for it. 20s Gabber is dope, don't get me wrong. But 90s Hardcore/Gabber/Artcore is way better. Sorry not sorry. DJ: J.O.E. Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Artcore Mix Info: Ruffex Records Length Mix: 01:10:10 Tracks: 24 (twenty-four) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: J.O.E. - Soundcloud Channel

  • Top 50: Evolution Of Hardcore (2007)

    It is Sunday, and I will only be doing one review. Why one, you might ask? Well, as the mix is 2 hours and 19 minutes long, it's longer than my usual mixes I listen to, and it might just be enough for you all to listen to today. It's a mix dedicated to Hardcore music from around 2007, which is now 17 years ago (can you believe it?). I only stumbled upon this by accident, and I'm happy that I did so, as I'm in awe of music released during the noughties, and this mix shows why the year 2007 was a fantastic year for Hardcore music in general. It also shows the difference in current day Hardcore and what was made back in the day. I know there will always be an evolution happening, but the current Hardcore could not sound any more different. My personal believe is that the year 2007 was a very important year, as it had some of the finest Hardcore anthems of all time, and once you look at the tracklist, you will know immediately what I mean by stating that fact. The mix was made by Broken Balance and uploaded back in 2023, and the tracklist is a thing of beauty. So many tracks I do love, and adore. And I think that the year 2007 was one of those years I spent the most on buying compilations. If it's not the number one, it is in the top three years of years I spent the most money on music. Why? Because Hardcore proved itself to be a powerful genre of music, and it was super well developed. Quality over quantity, but that goes out of the window, as we are about to listen to 50 songs in a 2 hour and 19 minute long mix. Quantity remains though, the songs are just fucking epic. Promo - Running Against The Rules (D-Passion Remix) Tommyknocker - Death By Stereo Meccano Twins - Domin-Hated Prowler - World In Chaos Tommyknocker & Sunbeam - Twisted World (The Viper Mashup Mix) Masters Of Ceremony - Bottoms Up Meccano Twins - Tendrils Of Agony Art Of Fighters - Redemption Nosferatu - Outshine Any Competition G-Town Madness & The Viper - Come As One (Project Hardcore 2007 Anthem) Tha Playah - Blast Tha Crowd Kasparov - Lobster Logic Weapon X - Back To Life Art Of Fighters - Do Or Die DJ D - Gloria Ophidian & Ruffneck - So Many Sacrifices Nosferatu - The Flames Of Your Righteous Anger Placid K - Are You Aware Dione - Freak Show Kasparov & MC Raw - We Will Dominate Art Of Fighters - Vulcano Action The Wishmaster & Impulse Factory - To The Ground Tommyknocker - Hurricane DNME - 1D (Back Off) Bulldozer Project - Arise (Na-Goyah Remix) Predator - Demon Pit Kasparov - Intrusion Men Of Steel - The Future Is Ours (Panic & Tha Playah Remix) Dione - Never Lost His Hardcore Mad Dog - Crime After Crime Amnesys - Slash Com Too Fast For Mellow - We Gonna Get This Place (Dione Remix) Re-Style - Take Ya Down Tommyknocker - Learn From The Pain Re-Style - Co-Kane Amnesys - My Motherfuckin' Name Promo - The Tablet Nosferatu - System_5601 Mad Dog & Noize Suppressor - Fire Lenny Dee - The Dreamer (Promo Remix) Outblast & Predator & MC Ruffian - The Hunt (Dominator 2007 Anthem) The Stunned Guys - Raise Cain (Masters Of Hardcore 2007 Anthem) Predator & Angerfist - Silent Notes 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (Tommyknocker & The Stunned Guys Remix) Neophyte - Back In My Brain Again Tha Playah - I Call Tha Shots Lenny Dee & Randy & The Sickest Squad - Boomshakalaka Dione - Highway 666 (SRB Remix) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing (Lekkah Doorgahstuitert Door Partyraiser) Delta 9 - No More Regrets (Unexist Remix) This is certainly an amazing looking tracklist. A throwback to a fantastic year. It might have been the peak of Millennium Hardcore, but that's a personal decision for you to make. What are your views on 2007 Hardcore? Is it the best, or not, and why? And do you actually like Millennium Hardcore? Broken Balance made a very cool mix, with a lot of memorable anthems from a fantastic and epic year. So many great names are in this mix, and the list is insane to look at. It immediately took me back 17 years, when I was still young, fresh, and when I had no grey hair. Gosh, that's a long time ago. Would I stay in the present day and listen to the current sound emanating out of the scene, or go back to 2007? I think you know the answer to that. 2007 all the way, baby! There are too many great anthems to mention, but the one that stands out the most, is one of the best remixes of an all time classic ever made. 'Drop It' by 3 Steps Ahead was already a legendary track, but Tommyknocker & The Stunned Guys made it even better than the original. And it remained true to the original, showing homage to the legend that is 3 Steps Ahead. A solid mix to listen to. Toward the end it might go a bit silly, and it might contain the records I appreciated the least, but it is still 2+ hours of Hardcore classics. Wouldn't want to miss that opportunity, going back in time and acknowledge the awesome sound that we listened to back then! I miss the good ol' days. DJ: Broken Balance Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore Mix Info: Top 50: Evolution Of Hardcore (2007) Length Mix: 02:19:49 Tracks: 50 (fifty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2023 More Information: Broken Balance - Soundcloud Channel


    Final review of today before I'm heading out. And it might be one you would be interested in. Do you like UK Hardcore, and do you like the classic anthems? Well, I've got a mix for you to listen to. It's made by Sik Individual, or as his Soundcloud channel is called SIK INDIVIDUAL. The mix was uploaded three years ago, but I only recently discovered it, as it was reposted by someone. It already had some positive feedback from the listeners, so it's only right for me to have a look at this, and see if it's a) got the classics that I want to hear, and b) if it's any good. The cover art looks different, you don't see that very often. It's quirky, and not sure what the one-eyed freak has got to do with UK Hardcore, but it's cool. It stands out, that's for sure. It makes you look, But it's the words that are in the title that got my attention. 'UK Hardcore The Classics'. That, to me, is more interesting. I want to see if they are truly the classics, as I am a sucker for some UK Hardcore anthems from the golden era. Looking at the tracklist it does show promise. A lot of records from the big artists, and it's certainly a good selection by SIK INDIVIDUAL. Don't know why his name is in all CAPS, but again, it grabs your attention. His selection looks good, so let's see if you agree or disagree. If you disagree, please leave this site and don't come back. Just a request. Oh shit, did I just spoil the tracklist before actually typing the bloody thing? Darren Styles - Flashlight Darren Styles vs Ultrabeat - Paradise & Dreams Re-Con vs Eye Opener - Open God's Eyes Stunt - I'll Be There (Squad-E Remix) Re-Con & Chris Unknown - Please Tell Me Darren Styles - Pacific Sun Hixxy & Re-Con - Power Of Love Lunin8 - Tetris Al Storm - Nightlife Billy Daniel Bunter, CLSM & Junior - Cry Your Tears (Al Storm Remix) Al Storm & Euphony - All I Wanna Do (Darren Styles Remix) System F - Cry (Squad-E Remix) Alex K - Long Long Way From Home (Squad-E Remix) The selection is great, but I had to tweak the tracklist a bit, as it wasn't as full as it should have been. You'll see the difference from SIK INDIVIDUAL's page to this list above. I hope I got the names correct, please correct me if I'm wrong. But besides the anomalies in the list, the actual songs selected are really great. These were the records I listened to during the period when I discovered UK Hardcore and started buying every single compilation on the market. All these artists paved the way for me to be a true UK Hardcore fan. It was tricky to pick a favourite, and I could not select one. I picked two amazing records: ''All I Wanna Do'' and 'Paradise & Dreams''. They are both equally amazing to hear, many years after their initial release. They still have the power to demolish speakers, and cause havoc on the dancefloor. Play these two, and crowds will loose their freaking minds! The only record I don't find a classic, is 'Tetris'. It's an OK song, but this would never be in my top 100 (or even top 1000). I don't consider it a classic, sorry. There are other songs out there that are better than that track. Sorry. A nice mix though. Recording is a bit meh, but you can still hear the songs well. And that's all you could ask for. DJ: SIK INDIVIDUAL Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Mix Info: UK HARDCORE THE CLASSICS Length Mix: 00:53:06 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2021 More Information: SIK INDIVIDUAL - Soundcloud Channel

  • Breakbeat Revolution 1 - Mixed By Faz (2011)

    I have been on a CLSM buzz the last couple of days. I have been on Soundcloud most of my life, and recently I re-discovered the Next Generation Podcast playlist, and one of my most favourite guest mixes is the mix done by CLSM, a.k.a. Jon Doe. His mix was (and still is) such a dope mix, I have had it on repeat for hours on end. I needed to hear more CLSM stuff, and I remembered that there was a CD series called 'Breakbeat Revolution', which were mixed CDs, from which the first two were mixed by Faz. Not sure who mixed the third instalment, but yeah, that mix series. I just thought of it, and wanted to see if there's one somewhere online. I had already reviewed the second mix, now it's time for the first instalment. The first one was released 13 years ago, back in 2011, and the second and third one were back in 2015. And the Next Generation Podcast episode was released in 2011, so what I am trying to say, is that I needed to hear Breakbeat music from around 2011, which had some fantastic releases around that time. CLSM/Jon Doe and his label had some amazing tunes released on them, by some truly inspiring producers. If you would have asked me, back in the early 10s, I would have mentioned CLSM as one of my favourite Breakbeat Hardcore DJ/producer. He is still one of my favourite, and it's a shame he's so underrated. Even the label, CLSM, should get more recognition for what it has achieved. The quality of the music is insane, truly inspiring, and very dancefloor friendly. Imagine going to an event and hearing tunes that were released on CLSM (the label), that's just Heavenly, right? Faz made this mix back in the day, and it was received very well! On Discogs it has an average rating of 5 out of 5, but it's not what Discogs has to say, it's all about TCD and my views. Is it as good as the reviews on Discogs? CLSM feat Stefan B - Drifting Away Nu Foundation - Liberation (Reese Mix) Virus & Milo - Not The Only CLSM - Free Your Mind Cube::Hard - Micro N2 CLSM feat Bello B - Roof On Fire (Something Inside) Abeyance, Shauny C & Gammer - Have You Ever (Cube::Hard Remix) Top Cat - Walking On The Moon CLSM feat Lisa Abbott - Timebomb (Cube::Hard Remix) Buzzmasta - Shoreline (Orbit1 Remix) Virus & Milo - Searching CLSM feat Bello B - Transmission To Mars CLSM vs Vinyl Junkie - Jump & Twist (Remix) Cube::Hard - Dark & Light (Setting Sun) Entity - Fallout CLSM - Sensory Vision (Part II) This is a very good looking list, and the tracks take me back the golden years of Breakbeat Hardcore. Well, I would say the UK Hardcore scene in general, it was amazing back in 2011. The music was great, and you had a plethora of excellent producers. I miss those amazing years, they were a blessing in disguise. There's so many amazing names in this list, and it makes me wonder what ever happened to them. Those names were everywhere, and now they aren't. It's a shame, as they are excellent producers though. A great selection of records, and very beautifully mixed together by Faz. His mix is interesting, nearly as good as Jon Doe's mix for NGR podcast. It's close second. There are so many epic anthems in here, and most might go for 'Timebomb' as their favourite, but mine is 'Shoreline'. Big anthem, highly underrated. Maybe this review might give it the credits it should get, for being awesome! And it should be played more! Would you agree, or disagree? A solid mix. Can't believe it's nearly 13 years old, it still sound extremely fresh, and absolutely NOT outdated. Boy, do I miss the Breakbeat sound from the 10s! I am sad now. I am getting too old too damn quick! DJ: Faz Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore Mix Info: Breakbeat Revolution 1 - Mixed By Faz Length Mix: 01:11:03 Tracks: 16 (sixteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 717 MB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 1411kbps Release Year: 2011 More Information: Faz - Soundcloud Channel

  • The Core Of Madness EP167 - Promo Tribute Hardcore Mix (2024)

    Last year I found a mix by Sapher, who made this tribute mix for DJ Mad Dog, who had recently done a lot of damage to the Hardcore scene (damage in the best way possible: demolish speakers). I liked the mix, as the tracks were dope as fuck, and now, for the 167th edition of the Core Of Madness, he decided to make a DJ Promo tribute mix. And it's not the standard Promo mix we know, with all the extremely well known (and much loved) tracks from the 90s and the Millennium years, but the more obscure, less played Promo stuff. That got my attention immediately. I love DJ Promo. I grew up listening to this legend, this masterful producer. He has made my youth more special. Not just mine, but thousands of other ravers all over the world. Promo has played a huge part in our lives, and still remains a very active player in the Hardcore scene. Promo does what he does best, and that is to entertain the masses. And we all know the well known anthems he created/co-created. He's a living legend, that's for sure But I do like his darker, edgier, and out-of-the-box music too. He ventured into areas no one dared before, and sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. You might like it or you don't, that's all down to you. But at least we can acknowledge that Promo does what he wants to do, he doesn't not follow trends, or conform to the standard, what sells records. He does what his heart pleases. So this mix is filled with the less known and forgotten about anthems. Which ones? Well, these: Promo feat DJ Bike - No Commercial Sound Promo - Someone To Hate Lenny Dee & Promo - I Called You Promo & MC Drokz - Thunderdome Anthem 2007 The Wishmaster & Promo - Silence Surrounds Me Promo - Rising Out Of The Dark The Wishmaster & Promo - Crazy As Fuck Promo - Tunnel Vision Promo - Tester Of The Hard Shit Promo - So Sick Promo - Unbreakable Promo - Spineless Promo - Eradicate Promo feat Minckz - True Tonez D-Passion feat Promo - Deepest Fear Tha Playah & Promo - Down Below (DJ Mix) Broken Minds feat Promo - Northlands Promo & Catscan - De Pure Vorm Promo - Paid My Dues Promo feat Ophidian & Myrean - Born To Break Promo - The Memory Dither & Promo - Strictly Hardcore Promo - Everywhere I Go Promo - Crunch Time D-Passion & Promo - Last Track Of The Night Promo - Vergif This is a list of records you do not see together that often. And that got my attention. And there are plenty of under appreciated records in this mix, which should get more recognition. Sapher has done an interesting job, and it a nice ode to the legendary producer and DJ Promo. The mix is an hour long, and it's got some big anthems in here. The best one that stands out for me, is 'True Tonez'. That's a beast mode record. Whenever I hear 'this is true tonez', I instantly become happier due to the fact that this record is one of my favourite anthems of all time by Promo. Not my number one, that's one of his Millennium songs, which isn't in this mix. The mix concept is interesting and the majority of records are really amazing. Not a fan of the records where there are Dutch lyrics, funnily enough. Those are the lesser Promo records. The mix itself is OK, and it's not flawless. It is still enjoyable, and if you are into Promo, you will love this mix. It's nice and compact, what else could you ask for? DJ: Sapher Genre/Style: Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore Mix Info:The Core Of Madness EP167 - Promo Tribute Hardcore Mix Length Mix: 00:59:29 Tracks: 26 (twenty-six) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: unknown Release Year: 2024 More Information: Sapher - Soundcloud Channel

  • Hardcore Love (Part Two) (2023)

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Today is the most romantic day of the year, and yet the weather is atrocious, and I'm all alone at home (wife is in the office). It doesn't feel like Valentine's Day, but we will try to remain happy, cheerful, and in love. Because no matter where my wife is, I still love her to bits. And this review is dedicated to her, even though she really doesn't like the music I listen to, which is in this mix. She doesn't understand my obsession with it, but she still loves me, unconditionally, with or without my love for Hardcore music. I hope you all have a fantastic day. But whatever it is you are doing today, let me introduce you to this mix, made by one of my favourite DJs of all time, Selectabwoy. This mix was released 4 months ago, so it's not a true Valentine's Day mix, but it has a pink heart on the image, and it has the word 'LOVE' written in it, like a little love heart. That makes it perfect for a day like today. I've got only love and appreciation for the DJ, even though we've never met or spoken to each other, but his mixes always appeal to me, and he speaks to me through his mixes. And he keeps on providing us with new mixes on a nearly weekly basis! How does he find the time to make these perfect mixes? He has made so many mixes, which you can all find on Soundcloud, but they are too many: if I were to only review his mixes, I would be reviewing until I'm a 100 years old! He's got so many, but they are good mixes though, and the reviews will become very boring. The mix is as tight as you want it to be. It's a good hour-ish session of the finest Hardcore anthems. With some well known and obscure anthems, it's a rollercoaster ride, that's for sure. N.R.G. - I Need Your Love (Original Mix) Project One - Can't Take The Heartbreak Open Skies - Deep In Your Eyes Jonny L - Hurt You So (Alright) Ruff Rider - You And Me Out Of Orda - Plimpy Ed Addiction - You Don't Know My Heart (Remix) Tango - You & Me (Remix) Mastersafe - Tarzan Meets Jane Jumpin Jack Frost - Pornography Spectral - Touch Somebody (Cerebral Mix) Spectral - Close Your Eyes Studio 2 - Dirty Games Manix - Try To Love Me (Remix) Fruit & Veg - Love Of The Bongos Urban Shakedown - Bass Speaker Origin Unknown - Losing U (Mix 1) Rainbow Country - It's U Run Tings - Back Again (Austin Remix) Bad Influence - Never Too Much (Remix) Natural Instinct - Pressure Nookie - Give A Little Love Citadel Of Kaos - It's Not Over The Prodigy - Your Love The mix is really good, but leave that to Selectabwoy: he always delivers excellence. The mix is roughly an hour long, but you go through these tracks like a knife goes through butter. Quick, easy, and it spreads easily. Unless you've got butter that lied to you. In that case, this mix might not be your cup of tea. How did I just compare this mix to butter? Looking at the list, only a handful of songs I know, or artists but the majority are a bit obscure, underground. And even though I don't know, I still like the songs massively. Especially when 'Dirty Games' hits. It hits very hard, and I loose myself completely. A great selection. It's not your standard 'Valentine's Day' mix, that's for sure, but it can be highly enjoyable if you and your partner like this kind of music. If you two do, enjoy this mix. Selectabwoy has put a lot of effort in this mix, and it shows. It's an excellent mix, but I wasn't expecting anything else. He's a boss, a definite boss! This mix slaps. And I freaking LOVE it. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! DJ: Selectabwoy Genre/Style: Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore Mix Info: Hardcore Love (Part Two) Length Mix: 01:03:39 Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 146 MB File Type: mp3 Audio: Stereo Bit Rate: 320kbps Release Year: 2023 More Information: Selectabwoy - Soundcloud Channel

  • DNB Classics 60 Minute Mix (2024)

    Sunday has arrived, and hopefully you had a nice weekend so far. The weather might have been a tad shite, but at least it's not snowing. But it's Sunday, the most 'relaxing' day of the week, and the majority of people are just chilling, doing nothing, or little chores. Nothing major. We need our batteries to be recharged again, for the upcoming working week. And have I got something special for you all: a very nice Drum and Bass mix, with only classics in them. Isn't that something you want to listen to? If the answer is no, please leave this page right now. The mix was uploaded onto 10Inchpress' Soundcloud channel, and when I noticed it contained the words 'Drum & Bass' and 'Classics', that's when I jumped straight on it. And it did come with a tracklist, which is always an added bonus. I am unfamiliar with the DJ, but if you do know a bit more, please leave a comment below! The mix is just short of an hour, but it's long enough for us to hear a lot of amazing classics that are still love, adored, and played at many raves all over the world. I grew up listening to this, and it still makes me happy, hearing these timeless classics. It brings me joy and happiness, and it also gives me a lot of energy. These songs are powerful as fuck. The selection is really great. Got to give credit to 10Inchpress for this list. It's awesome! Dillinja - The Angels Fell Doc Scott - The Unofficial Ghost Adam F - Metropolis (Remix) Splash - Babylon Dillinja - In The Grind Vromm - Bees (BKey Remix) Souljah - Fade 2 Black D-Bridge - True Romance VIP Break - Ringing Ears Commix - Talk To Frank (Break Remix) Spirit - VIP Dial Marcus Intalex - Nebulus Dillinja - Hard Noize (Break Remix) Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds - Hide The Tears (Remix) Dom & Roland - Industry Lenzman feat Kevin King - Starz (LSB Remix) D Kay & Lee - Tuning VIP Digital - Deadline Asylum - Da Base II Dark Calibre feat Singing Fats - Drop It Down The songs selected all take me back in time. They all take me back to my youth, and I can still remember how I felt, the first time I heard these songs. I still have the same feeling to this day! I am in awe with all these songs, and still find them as powerful as the day I discovered them. I've heard these songs a million times, but I'm still not getting bored of them. They are literally timeless classics, and no matter how often you hear them, or how you are feeling, they will always make you feel good, especially when my favourite record of this mix hits. When 'True Romance VIP' hits, it hits HARD. Whoever is behind this mix, they have made a wicked mix. 59 minutes long, 20 records. It's filth from the start to the end, but the good kind of filth. A solid mix, with only classics. They weren't lying when they stated it was a DnB mix with classics. The only lie was that it's 60 minutes, but it was only 59 minutes. But 60 sounds better than 59 minutes. All in all a wonderful mix. A very powerful trip down memory lane, with some hard hitting anthems. Go and check it out! And you can also download this bad boy! DJ: 10Inchpress Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Liquid Drum & Bass Mix Info: DNB Classics 60 Minute Mix Length Mix: 00:59:08 Tracks: 20 (twenty) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE File Size: 596 MB File Type: wav Audio: Stereo Sample Rate: 1411kbps Release Year: 2024 More Information: 10Inchpress - Soundcloud Channel

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