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100% Nu Energy - Kevin Energy CD - 2001

Toward the end of last year I went onto Kevin Energy's Soundcloud channel, to find a CD mix he did many years ago, when he and his label dominated the underground Trancecore/Freeform scene. The label was called Nu Energy, and you might think that's all done and dusted, but you are wrong. The label is still going strong, according to their Discogs page. Kevin started the label in 1998, which is coincidentally 25 years ago, and has had some great releases over the years, and also a few albums. The series I'm talking about, was called 'xxx Nu Energy'.

The first one was mixed by Kevin Energy, the second by him and DJ Sharkey, and the last one I could find, was mixed by Kevin again (no Sharkey). As far as I can tell, those were the only three albums in this mix series, am I right? If I'm wrong, I stand corrected. But I simply cannot be arsed to browse through their Discogs page for ages. I think there were only three albums.

Not the only albums on this magnificent label, but the albums I'm talking about now. Why? Well, back in October of 2022, I reviewed the second instalment, and only now did I find the first disc on Kevin Energy's Soundcloud channel. I should have noticed it before I wrote something about the second disc, but things the way they are.

The CD starts with some Hard House anthems, and transfers into some Millennium sounding Freeform/Trancecore anthems, most of them made by DJ Energy himself. And I'm under the impression now that you want to see the list?

  1. Rez - Beef Cakes

  2. Kevin Energy - Come On

  3. DJ Energy - Mentazm

  4. Neuron - Where Am I (Kevin Energy Remix)

  5. Neuron - Past For The Future (Kevin Energy Remix)

  6. Sharkey & K Complex - One Consciousness (Fast Mix)

  7. DJ Energy - Take Me Up (Sharkey & Energy Mix)

  8. Safe 'n Sound & Johnny Prophet - Guns N Hardcore

  9. Safe 'n Sound - You Got Dat Rush

  10. Sharkey - Lotek (Sharkey Remix)

  11. K Complex & DJ Energy - Free The Brain

  12. DJ Energy - Waves Of Desire

  13. DJ Energy - Twisted Sanity

  14. Marc Smith - Encounters

  15. Helix & Fury - Insane Asylum

An easy tracklist to type. Not too difficult to type. But yeah, as mentioned before, you can see Kevin's own productions. It's a good showcase album to not only promote the label Nu Energy, but also Kevin's own records and let's not forget, DJ skills.

The mix starts off a bit slower than expected, but as said on the cover, it starts with some Hard House anthems, and slowly transfers into Freeform/Trancecore anthems. The BPMs go up slowly, and this gradual change is rather pleasant. As much as I love Hard House, I wouldn't listen to it for hours on end. Slowly build it up into a different style/genre is much better, and it works.

It's a solid mix, and a blast from the past. Back in 2001, when this was released, I wasn't into Freeform, or even UK Hardcore. It didn't exist, as there wasn't a huge market for it in NL. So I hardly know anything from the early years. It's all still fairly new, but I'm catching up. I'm not a huge fan, but I can appreciate the early sound. It's growing on me, but it does take some time. I would prefer the present day Freeform, but that's just me.

It is still an awesome mix CD, and have to give mr Energy credit for it. A solid mix, and a throwback to the early years. If you were around, why not relive the past with this mix CD?

DJ: Kevin Energy

Genre/Style: Hard House, Hardcore, Hard Trance, Trancecore

CD Info: 100% Nu Energy - Kevin Energy CD - 2001

Length CD: 01:13:56

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Release Year: 2001

Label: Nu Energy Records

Product Number: NUNRGCD1001

More Information: --------------------

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