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140 BASSMIX 2020

I've been listening to some Bassline music lately, and it has raised my enthusiasm in the sound again. The other day I listened to a mix by Burgaboy, today it's a mix by WillJC. Not sure who's behind the name and what he has done so far, but for now let's focus on the mix he has uploaded 4 days ago. A 140 Bassmix. Not just Bassline, but also Dubstep, and a bit of Rave music in it too. So if you love 140 BPM, this is just what you need to hear.

According to the info underneath the mix on Soundcloud, this mix contains a few old and a few new records. Interesting. I've not been focussing on the scene that much lately, so its nice to hear some new anthems. But is Bassline the same as it was back in 2009-2010? Well, there's only one way to find: press play!

It has already received good feedback on Soundcloud, so why not give this mix a go? This is obviously if you don't like Bassline music, or Dubstep. If that's the case, just leave the page right now, and go somewhere else. But those who love it, check out this tracklist:

  1. WillJC - Intro (Dub)

  2. Mintnite feat S4 - Calling

  3. Piddy Py feat K Dot - I'm Twist

  4. Mr C - Sticky VIP

  5. Dua Lipa - New Rules (Matty C Bootleg) (DUB)

  6. Kryphon feat Window Kid - Og Wow

  7. Palize - Jump In The Middle (DUB)

  8. Vandull - Blatant Banger M8 (Deadbeat UK Remix)

  9. Burt Cope - E Numberz (Phatworld Remix)

  10. Bru-C & Thorpey - Get On Your Bike

  11. Palize feat Kase - Overdose (DUB)

  12. Maroon 5 - Payphone (Phatworld & Squire Of Gothos Remix)

  13. Venz - Do Dem Tingz (DUB)

  14. J.G. - Killa Dub

  15. JMZ - Untitled (DUB)

  16. WillJC x Spliff Richard - Calypso Riddim VIP (DUB)

  17. Gin x Spliff Richard - Big Man Ting (DUB)

  18. Venz - What's Love (DUB)

  19. Phatworld x Thorpey feat Forca - Latency

  20. Superior Cornrows - Mugshot (Phatworld Round)

  21. Venz feat Mr Flo - Mek The Gyal Buss Gunfingers (DUB)

  22. Burt Cope - Weapon (DUB)

  23. Aweminus - Fried Piper

  24. Motus - Know Me (DUB)

  25. JG DUBZ - Modulator Skank Spesh 2 (DUB)

  26. Fix - Headshot (DUB)

  27. Motus - Monsters Secret Anthem 2019 (DUB)

  28. EMI ICE 6K - Harley Quinn (Emilian Wonk VIP) (DUB)

  29. JG DUBZ - Sosa (DUB)

  30. Aweminus - Frosty Witch Nips

  31. Gin - Going In (DUB)

  32. Takio - Raid

  33. Argo - Daredevil

  34. Motus - WUBBER MEISTER

  35. Jandi - Evolve (BLVNKSPVCE VIP) (DUB)

I really liked the diversity that you can hear throughout the mix. Halfway through the mix it goes full on Dubstep mode. And it has put me in a difficult position: do I prefer Bassline/4x4 or Dubstep? Don't ask me that question, because the answer might astonish you.

OK OK, peer pressure. Bassline is the style that I really love. Even though I'm the whitest person on God's given Earth, I do like it. I can't dance, I can't rave, I can't even buss (don't even know what that means), but the bass is just sick. So damn cool. And the one record that remained in my head the longest has to be 'I'm Twist' by Piddy Py feat K Dot. What a dancefloor slammer. I'm guessing that the dancefloors will be destroyed when DJs play this anthem.

Don't get me wrong, Dubstep is ace too, but in this mix the Bassline anthems did more for me.

I do like WillJC's mix. Fast paced, dancefloor slammer after dancefloor slammer. And ending with Dubstep, always a good thing. A few small mixing errors, but nothing major. I would urge you to give this mix a go. Again, if you don't like those styles, you can f*** off. But if you do like 'em, press play right now!

DJ: WillJC

Genre/Style: Bassline, Dubstep, 4x4

Mix Info: 140 BASSMIX 2020

Length Mix: 00:57:09

Tracks: 35 (thirty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: WillJC - Soundcloud Page

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