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200% Nu Energy - Kevin Energy & Sharkey - 2002 CD Album

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

A few days ago, someone I follow on Soundcloud posted something special. I follow a lot of people on Soundcloud, and every day it's like being in a candy store: you never know what is going to presented to you. Could be something new, something reposted or favourited, or something new that is actually something old. The mix you are about to listen to, is actually 20 years old! But don't you worry: it might be a mix by Kevin Energy and Sharkey and originally released as a CD, but it is now shared by Kevin Energy himself. So no need to worry that what you are about to listen to is shared illegally. The legendary Freeform DJ and producer has given this to us, and for that we thank him!

I think this was released just before I discovered the UK Hardcore and Freeform sound. I think it was maybe 2003 I discovered it, and before that, I'd never encountered Freeform music at all. Nor did I know of Kevin Energy of Sharkey. This Freeform, or as it was known as Trancecore, was something completely new to me. And I think that I only discovered it because I purchased a few UK Hardcore CDs that had a dedicated Freeform CD on it.

To be honest, I was never a fan of Freeform or Trancecore when I first discovered it. Only with age did I appreciate it more, and became a fan of it. Obviously Kevin Energy, being who he was/is, became one of the names I'd follow, but also other artists such as Sharkey, A.B, Douglas, and more. And even though I prefer the newer sounding Freeform, every so often I like to go back in time and listen to this early Freeform sound. A sound that I've never delved into very much, but I should do. Hence why I was happy when I discovered this DJ mix.

If you were one of those who purchased this disc, you know what's on it. If not, let me show you the tracklist:

  1. Safe n Sound - Mantra

  2. The Preacher & John Paul - Power

  3. Kevin Energy - Beat For Me

  4. Safe n Sound - Lost Souls

  5. K Complex - Battle Star

  6. Kevin Energy & DJ S4 - Evil Returns

  7. AG Systems - Unda Ground

  8. Rez - Rez Out

  9. Kevin Energy, Sharkey & K Complex - The Baptism

  10. The Omen - Bust It (Fast Mix)

  11. Cynista vs Safe n Sound - Cascading Minds

  12. Safe n Sound - Synergise

  13. Kevin Energy, Sharkey & K Complex - Turn Up The Heat

  14. Just Rich, Kevin Energy & Safe n Sound - Visions Of Infinity

So, if you didn't purchase this CD back in 2002, you will not know of its existence? Like myself, if I'm being honest. And the names on this mix are a mixture of known and unknown artists. Didn't even know Safe n Sound was a Sharkey alias! The things you learn (thanks to Discogs though)!

It gives me another opportunity to listen to Freeform, or Trancecore, whatever you might call it. And I'm still new to this scene. Discovering these mixes on Soundcloud or any other platform always brings a smile on my face.

And it was still a 'new' style as such. It was still growing into Freeform as we know it. More Hard House/Trance sounding, but still ace. Not quite there yet, compared to the present day Freeform, but you could tell it was trying to distinguish itself from these already existing styles. And Kevin Energy at the helm, you knew it was going to reach the desired outcome!

I am really loving this mix, and have had it on for hours now. The last one in this mix does the most to me, 'Visions Of Infinity'.

All in all, a great mix, and thanks to mr Energy for sharing it with us! And also Sharkey, for his input as well!

DJ: Kevin Energy & Sharkey

Genre/Style: Hard House, Hardcore, Hard Trance, Trancecore

CD Info: 200% Nu Energy - Kevin Energy & Sharkey - 2002 CD Album

Length CD: 01:11:40

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Release Year: 2002

Label: Nu Energy Records

Product Number: NRGCD002

More Information: --------------------

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