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2005 Is Still Alive! - Mixed By Pat B (2018)

When you think of Jumpstyle, you think of many things. Stupid kids on TMF trying to impress absolutely no-one, or ridicilous artists just making music to get some money out of it. But for me it's a completely different story: I do love the early Jumpstyle sound. Not the cheesy Top40 records, but the proper ones (you know the records). And nowadays when I hear the word 'Jumpstyle', I immediately think of the legend that is Pat B. Come on, name another DJ/producer who is still pushing Jumpstyle forward as he is doing. Name one.

Pat B is a very busy bee. Maybe that's what the B in his DJ name stands for. Pat Busy? Anyway, you go on his Soundcloud page, and nearly every week you find something new and refreshing. He's even done a mix containing his worst records! Now name me one who has done the same! Pat B is unique, and just what the dance scene needs. And you have probably seen the image above the review, so you know he has uploaded yet another amazing mix. This time we go back to 2005, one of the golden years of Jumpstyle.

Before you get all angry and start to troll me, don't worry: he also made a 2004 mix, which you can get on his Soundcloud page too. What are you still doing here? Start streaming the shit out of these mixes. And bookmark his page. You must. Unless you dislike Jumpstyle. But I don't consider someone who dislikes it to read this review....

01. DJ Coone - The Return

02. Club St D - Dopamina

03. Cousins Inc. - What's So Funny

04. DJ Gio presents Fishbone - Gods Of Hell

05. Scorp - Dance To The House

06. Dave Davis - Transfiguration (Lethal MG Bootleg)

07. DJ Coone - Love

08. Redshark - Big Orgus (Furax Remix)

09. Trancescape - Producelast

10. Sybian vs DJ Tony - The Sybian

11. Candyman - My Beat

12. David Guetta - Love Is Gone (DJ Pat B Bootleg Mix)

13. Madstyle - Madstylerz

14. DJ Francois - Orcheal

15. Binum - Infinity

16. DJ Massiv & The Rebel - Like This

17. DJ Pat B - Love Of My Life

18. Binum vs Lobo Inc - Combination 4

19. Lethal MG - You Eternal

20. DJ Merlin's - Lick The Plate

21. DJ Yargo - Jump Phony

22. DJ Tony - Wipe-Out

23. Kings Of Porn - Brand New Track

24. DJ Promo - I Come Correct

25. DJ Tony - Afraid Of The Dark

26. Binum - Cafe Del Mar

27. DJ Duro - Cocaine MF

28. DJ Zany vs Duro - Our Power

29. Donkey Rollers - Immeasurably

30. Apshai - Transe Mutation (Goodnight Ravers)

Will you look at that! That's beautiful! This has made me look up my Jumpstyle collection, and see if the discs are still playable, which I highly doubt (too many scratches). But if none of the CDs work, I've still got Pat's Soundcloud page, And on it is hours of fun. It's pornography, that's what it is.

2005 was a good year. Can't believe it's 13 years ago. And these anthems did rule the scene. I LOVED each and every compilation, even those compilation for the car tuners (which I was at the time, and my speakers/subwoofers did like Jumpstyle). This is a trip to memory lane, and I'm happy that I took the plunge on this mix. But truth be told, Pat never disappoints. Never.

One record stood out from the rest: 'You Eternal'. I think it was on one of the Decibel CDs from 2005, and I fell in love from the first time I heard it. And still, 13 years later, it's a solid classic.

And also ending this mix slightly harder is just what I needed. A bit of Hardstyle can't do you any harm!

Another rock solid mix. And for those haters, this should prove that 13 years later people still appreciate Jumpstyle. It might cross over nowadays into Freestyle, but it's still alive and kicking. And the damage done during the early noughties, that did not last. Jumpstyle is here to stay, eternally. Fact.

Thanks Pat B for yet another amazing mix.

DJ: Pat B

Genre/Style: Jumpstyle. Hardstyle

Mix Info: 2005 Is Still Alive!

Length Mix: 01:01:44

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 141 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

More Information: DJ Pat B - Soundcloud Page

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