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24/7 Hardcore Mixed By DJ Kore

I've not been active a lot lately. That's due to medical reasons. But don't you worry: I have been listening to some great mixes, and you will see some amazing reviews coming up shortly. The first one had to be this one: a dedication mix by DJ Kore, focussed on one of the greatest labels in UK Hardcore history: 24/7 Hardcore, run by the mighty Al Storm. I could have picked any other mix, but I simply couldn't let this one slip by.

This dedication mix was made by DJ Kore, and contains his favourite 24/7 Hardcore records, released over the years. This hour and a half mix is fire. And that's a statement before I've even written down the tracklist. It's common sense that everyone likes dedication/appreciation mixes, and if you are into UK Hardcore and like your Hardcore rough but slightly happy, this is the mix you need to check out.

Al Storm is a legend, and he knows it. Still active in the scene, and if you keep your eyes peeled you might see his 'Dark Shadows' volume 5 being released soon, but until then you might appreciate this mix. And trust TCD, it's a big one!

01. Al Storm & Amy - Surrender (Clubland Mix)

02. Al Storm feat Taya - Stars Collide (Original Mix)

03. Al Storm & Malaya - Every Single Night (When I Close My Eyes)

04. Al Storm, Euphony & DJ FX feat Vicky Fee - What's Going On

05. Al Storm vs Hardforze - Dont'Go Breaking My Heart (Original Mix)

06. Black & White - Follow Me

07. IYF & Nobody feat Roxie - Crystal Clear

08. Al Storm & Euphony feat Vicky Fee - Give A Little Bit Of Love

09. Al Storm feat Taya - So Much Stronger

10. Bang vs Al Storm - Sailaway (Seduction & Al Storm Remix)

11. Bang! vs Al Storm feat Nikki Mac - Breakin Thru (Original Mix)

12. Al Storm & Euphony feat Mandy Edge - Hasta Manana

13. DJ Bishop - Darkest Knight

14. Chris Fear - Hair Razor

15. Skinny & Darwin - Bitch Goes Crazy (Original Mix)

16. ID - ID

17. Bishop, Robbie S & Jam - Like It Better (VIP Mix)

18. Ultravibes - Tell Me Why (Original Mix)

19. Draft & Method - Like A Dream

20. Scott Brown & Al Storm - The Blob (Original Mix)

21. Black & White - Never Forever

22. Al Storm feat Fraz - Every Step (Everyday) (Original Mix)

23. ID - ID

24. Al Storm feat Malaya - It's Over (Original Mix)

25. Sy & Al Storm - Lonely (Abused Mix)

26. Unique - With Or Without You

27. ID - ID

If you have not reached a box of tissues after reading this beautiful tracklist, there's clearly something wrong with you. Mate, you are not UK Hardcore. Well, not Hardcore enough. Or too young. Whatever the reason is that the tissues are not near your genitals, please do us all a favour and listen to this mix. You don't know how good music can be if you don't listen to one of the biggest pioneers in the scene.

Al Storm's label has released so many great UK Hardcore anthems over the years, and still does to this day. His label is so succesfull and his records are embedded in Hardcore history. He seems to have a knack for good music, and it pays off. I reckon that his label is undoubtfully the best label in our scene nowadays. There are a few other labels doing great things, but come on, 24/7 Hardcore is just our past, present and future.

DJ Kore's selection is interesting. A few minor tracks (basically too cheesy for me, like 'What's Going On'. and 'Lonely'), but all the others do kick ass. They pack a punch, and once they hit you, you are captured by its spell. Like 'Hasta Manana', 'Sailaway', 'Stars Collide', and more. I can't give Al Storm enough credit for his label and his musical input. And DJ Kore agrees.

Besides the cheesy records I've got nothing to complain about, and that can be seen as a good thing.

The best record? That was difficult. But once I've actually listened to it again, it was obvious: 'Sailaway'. Simple. A fucking epic anthem. A classic. And one damn good remix!

The weekend is coming up. Let 24/7 Hardcore dominate your weekend. I know it will dominate mine (does that mean I am on the sesh? Is that what the kids nowadays mean by that?)

DJ: Kore

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Bounce

Mix Info: 24/7 Hardcore Mixed By DJ Kore

Length Mix: 01:27:31

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: 24/7 Hardcore - Soundcloud Page

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