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30 Minutes of Millennium Hardcore | Stricly 2002 | Mix 024 | By The Millennium Machine (2018)

I've had a dreadful couple of weeks, and there are only a few things making me happy. One of these things is music. Music is the reason I am alive. Because of it,I am who I am. And part of my youth was spent wasting money on Hardcore CDs and mixtapes. And as you probably would have guessed: on a shit day I need something rough and raw. Could have gone with Rawstyle, or Terror, but I wanted to go back to the early 00s. I needed pure Hardcore.

This is not the first time I have reviewed a mix by The Millennium Machine. But the old website got destroyed by God knows what, so all of it is lost. But no worries, at least you know your friend TCD knows good music, and when I say to you all to follow Raving Madness on Soundcloud, you know you should actually do what I'm telling you.

These Hardcore mixes focussed on the Millennium Hardcore are an absolute bliss. The forgotten age, when Hardcore was developped into this beautiful creature. The 90s were the younger years of this creature, but it became a proper teenager after 2000. And the development led to something great. And The Millennium Machine has made this short but exciting mix, to get us all excited for a long gone era.

01. Menace II Society - Into The Dark

02. DJ Niel & DJ Kristof - The Judgement

03. Ectomorph - Heartbeat (Endymion Remix)

04. Dione - War Against The Machines

05. Rotterdam Terror Corps & The Headbanger - Chaos On The Dancefloor (E-Noid Remix)

06. The Masochist - Chemistry

07. G-Town Madness & The Viper - Here It Comes

08. Neophyte & MC Ruffian - Muil Houwe

09. Enzyme X - Opbokken

10. D'Spyre - 6.48 Minutes To D'Spyre (Meagashira Remix)

A good selection of records, it has to be said. I like it that they have selected records which aren't in the playlist of many DJs anymore, but they should. Especially the one which has blown my mind away when I purchased it on actual vinyl. Enzyme X.

But let's focus on the whole mix. It's only half an hour long, but it does contain some serious ear damaging records. Like ' Chaos On The Dancefloor' ' Muil Houwe', but the one with the filthiest bass and beats, ' Opbokken', is just so simple, and yet effective enough to give you permanent brain damage. The quirkiest song is ' Chemistry' by the Masochist. Such a happy song. Haven't heard that one in ages too.

It does contain cross fading errors, but they are not really that big.

Come on people, you know it makes sense. Go follow Raving Madness on Soundcloud and find out these really wicked mixes. 23 other mixes to absorb. Sadly not downloadable. But still highly enjoyable.

DJ: The Millennium Machine

Genre/Style: Millennium Hardcore, Gabber, Hardcore

Mix Info: 30 Minutes Of Millennium Hardcore | Strictly 2002 |

Length Mix: 00:32:27

Tracks: 10 (ten)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Raving Madness - Soundcloud Page

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