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8 Ball - Scott Brown Tribute Mix (2022)

I am a fan of Scott Brown. But to be fair, who isn't? Everyone is a Scott Brown fan, even those that don't know Scott. He's such a legendary producer that has made so many memorable UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, and Gabber anthems over the few decades he's been active in the scene. Such an influence to many, and he's still going strong. There are many mixes on Soundcloud, dedicated to this legendary producer, but today's mix is one that certainly has one of the highest listening statistics I have seen so far. It seems that people have listened to this mix a lot, and I'm now one of the stats.

I don't know how long exactly Scott Brown has been in the scene, but it feels like he's always been there. He's been 'in my life' as long as I can remember. Obviously growing up I listened to Dutch Hardcore, and have heard a few Scott Brown songs, which were good, but it's around 2000 when I discovered UK Hardcore, and that's when everything just changed for me. Sy & Unknown were the first two DJs I noticed, closely followed by Scott Brown. I even think that the first UK Hardcore album purchased by myself was down to the fact that I recognised Scott's name. Because of him I am now a fan of the scene.

When I discovered this mix, I saved it, to listen to it at a later stage. Today is the day I had an hour spare, and now I'm listening to 8 Ball's mix. I am not the first to listen to this mix, as it already has 14,2k+ plays within 2 years. It's a bit of an unusual name, 8 Ball, but hey ho, whatever works for you, use it. But I'm not here judging the DJ's name, but the mix. is it worth an hour of your time, or is this something you need to ignore, and never listen to?

  1. Plus System - This Is How We Do It (Intro Mix)

  2. Plus System - Let's All Get Down

  3. Scott Brown - Life As We Know It

  4. Scott Brown - Wakey Wakey

  5. Scott Brown - Heaven In Your Eyes

  6. Scott Brown presents Plus System - Rock Tha Beat

  7. Scott Brown - Blue Anthem

  8. Scott Brown - We Don't Give A Damn

  9. Plus System - Commence

  10. Scott Brown - Do It Like We Do

  11. Plus System - God's Child

  12. Scott Brown - Memories

  13. Scott Brown - Neck Breaker

  14. Scott Brown - The Stranger

  15. Scott Brown - Definition Of A Bad Boy

  16. Sy & Unknown - Bring Me Round To Love (Scott Brown Remix)

  17. Scott Brown - Hardcore U Know The Score

  18. Scott Brown - We Can Dance

I've seen and heard these songs a million times, and they have not annoyed me once. Some records have got the power to remain energetic and powerful. Some become dull after 10+ plays, but not any of Scott's songs. They are all solid as a rock.

Oh how I love a full on Scott Brown appreciation mix. It's the best of the best. UK Hardcore's finest producer songs in one mix. How lovely. But I have to admit, maybe the tracklist is a bit off, as it only came with track titles and not the 'artist' name. We know it's Scott, but is it Scott or one of his million aliases? If I made a mistake, apologies.

The mix, well, that's another story. It's GLORIOUS. I love it. From the wicked intro to the last Gabber track. It's really good. The selection is great, but to be fair, most of these appreciation mixes would use the same tracks. But I don't give a fucking shit. They are all solid anthems. Well, besides one that I genuinely 'hate'. 'Do It Like We Do'. Cringeworthy. That's a bad song.

But which is the best? My go-to-song is always 'Wakey Wakey'. One of the best Scott Brown songs ever made.

A wicked mix. Definitely worth your time. Check it out!

If this is your first introduction to Scott Brown, it's a good representation of what the man can do. He can make timeless classics!

DJ: 8 Ball

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: 8 Ball - Scott Brown Tribute Mix

Length Mix: 00:56:39

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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