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90's Hardcore Vinyl Mix Vol 3 #EarlyHardcore (2018)

I'm on an oldskool trip right now. The other day I was listening to two Millennium Hardcore mixes, made by both DJ Promo and Waxweazle, and now it's time to go back in time, even further back, to the 90s. As we've seen before, Mr Scott has been uploading early Hardcore mixes, and this third instalment captures a specific sound that came out during the 90s. In this mix you can find Dutch, English and Scottish Hardcore records, released on labels such as Master Maximum Records, Evolution Records, Screwdriver Records, Rotterdam Records, and more.

With mixes like these ones you will always find records so obscure, you never even heard them before. This mix contains a lot of those. I consider myself a huge Scott Brown fan, but I haven't even heard half of what he has released on his label Evolution Records. The good thing about this sound, is that it's unique. It's not copied anymore, or sadly present anymore, but it makes the music sound so 90s. Proper early Hardcore vibes throughout this mix.

The tracklist is a beauty. Worth checking out!

01. Genaside - Fuck You

02. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Live In London

03. E-Rick & Tactic - What The Fuck (Scott Brown Mix)

04. Visa - Revenge

05. Sub Source - The Hardcore Anthem

06. Scott Brown - Slipstream

07. Q-Tex - Equazion Part 4

08. Bass-D & King Matthew - Get Dumb

09. Mindcontroller - Ohh God Damned I'm Great

10. DJ Paul - Boom Boom

11. Forbes & Cyclone - Faze

12. Scott Brown - Ready For War

13. Lords Of Hardcore - Work That Sukka

14. Bass Reaction - Technophobia

15. DJ Dell & Scott Brown - Inferno (Scott Brown Mix)

16. Marc Smith - Pump Up The Noize

17. DJ Alex - Say What?

18. King Dale - Fuck Face

19. Sub Source - Into Euphoria

20. Forbes & Cyclone - Full Force

He's got some amazing records in this hour long mix! I love these mixes, they are nice and diverse. And yet still maintain a consistency throughout. There's a specific sound you will hear from the first to the last second that we are all familiar with. This sound, I miss dearly.

How did I find this mix? Well, it happened by accident. I was looking for 'Full Force' on Soundcloud, because it's an underrated Happy Hardcore classic. And the first mix that appeared with this, was Mr Scott's 90s mix. Hence why I listened to it, and why I'm writing about it.

This mix contains a lot of excellent tunes, like 'Faze', 'Full Force', 'Equazion Part 4', 'Fuck You', and the list continues. I loved every second of this mix, but not 'Get Dumb' by Bass-D and King Matthew. Not a brilliant record if truth be told.

But which record is the best? Well, 'Pump Up The Noize' is my favourite. Yes, it's not the record that got me into this mix in the first place, but it's probably Marc Smith's finest record ever. A legendary dancefloor anthem.

You can download this mix, it's all for free. If you are up for an hour long 90s Hardcore mix. If not, please move on. Please do so.

DJ: Mr Scott

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: 90's Hardcore Vinyl Mix Vol 3 #EarlyHardcore

Length Mix: 00:58:31

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 53.5 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 128kbps

More Information: Mr Scott - Soundcloud Page

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